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Ora Iso
Image Certifies

NYC duo Jason Kudo, Kathleen Delay follow their 2014 debut album on Ba Da Bing with an absolute gem of a record on Regis’ ever-reliable Downwards label. For starters, what the bloody heck is that contraption on the cover she’s nestled up next to munching on a tasty morsel? Do they make tunes with that thing? It looks more lik...view item »

Samuel Kerridge
The I Is Nothing

Samuel Kerridge returns to Regis’ esteemed Downwards label for a four-track EP that remoulds classic 90’s sounds into his own vision, think early Aphex Twin and Autechre rebooted with a heavy dose of signature Kerridge darkness and a wee bit of an increased tempo tweak. ‘Silent Notes’ gets to work with vicious drums,...view item »

Seeing From Above

Karl O'Connor aka Regis returns with a new EP under his CUB handle following a couple of records under the alias from 2010 and 2012. Except something has changed - clearly impressed with the production skills of Simon Shreeve aka Mønic, (he released two EPs by him on Downwards) they’ve now joined forces to make CUB a duo. So basical...view item »

Samuel Kerridge
The Silence Between Us

EBM influences have been around in techno for donkey’s. Old Belgian gear in particular grew out of that stuff. Folks like Regis, Terence Fixmer, Adam X etc. were all at it ages ago - incorporating it into a more modern techno sound. Now in 2017 it...view item »

British Murder Boys
Live In Tokyo

This is possibly a little austere for Friday morning; It's pooing-out the lad who's unexpectedly popped around to do some decorating. So I'm gonna put it on again a bit louder. The first side is essentially a long, unnerving trek built around dark, ominous meditative drones with the encroachment of time-stretched glossolia and spectral ephemera....view item »

JK Flesh
Exit Stance

Hot on the heels of his album on Hospital Productions, the big man from Brum - Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Final, God, Pale Sketcher, Techno Animal etc.) is back on Downwards as JK Flesh. This...view item »

Gymnastics (Special Edition)

Edition of 400 copies, 2017 edition of Regis’ utilitarian techno blueprint ‘Gymnastics’ from 1996. The title always seemed pretty apt, because 21 years ago this used to give dancers a bloody good workout, I tell ya. This differs from the original album and the later remastered edition in that it ...view item »

Various (DVA Damas, Autumns, Grebenstein & Seefried and Layne)
The Immortal Eye

Here we have a tasty four track various artists 12” EP from ever reliable purveyors of electronic gloom, Downwards. ‘The Immortal Eye’ has been compiled by Regis and includes cuts from the labels new school; ...view item »

Strong Proud Stupid and Superior

Gritty industrial power electronics of Pharmakon played in a minimal Inga Copeland manner, with understated vocals, that are more like spoken word monologues creeping under the surface. If you like Blackest Ever Black stylings, dark and minimal that gets under your skin, you want Grebenstein in ...view item »

Simon Shreeve
Lust Product EP

Since Kryptic Minds split ways in 2013 Simon Shreeve has kept himself busy putting out deep brooding techno productions under Mønic through the Tresor label and Osiris. Now releasing under his own name his productions continue to bury as deep as possible, and mixing his production techniq...view item »

My Disco, Regis, Lustmord
Severe Remixes

This is a quintessentially Downwards release: take original tracks from a tightly-austere post-punk group like My Disco and hand them over to tough industrial producer Regis on the one side and lord of ambient darkness Lustmord on the other. All that leaves very little room for light: perfect. ...view item »

DVA Damas
Clear Cut

Marvellous minimalistic industrial techno from LA's 'techno mutants' DVA Damas (aka Taylor Burch and Joe Cocherell). Released on the Downwards label (DVA Damas are currently one of their most original and exciting artists), this one's strictly limited so get your hands on the lovely vinyl and do it now. ...view item »

JK Flesh x Surgeon
Nothing Is Free

Techno brutalist Surgeon meets guitar brutalist JK Flesh for what can only be a relentless assault. And so it proves: 2 blown-out solo JK Flesh tracks bearing the heavy lineage of his work in the likes of Godflesh, as well as a fierce Surgeon reworking of one of...view item »

Simon Shreeve
Healing Bowl

Simon Shreeve steps out from his solo alias Mønic and his group work with Kryptik Minds, to really show what he can do. Dark, looming techno structures tower above the listener, undercut with whipcracks of noisy sonics...view item »

Fatal Light Attraction

Samuel Kerridge lands back on Downwards for his third album - a predictably intense and brutal assault of power electronics meets crumbling apocalyptic industrial techno/ noise. Punishing, aggressive, pummeling beats - check.Harsh/ explosive synth racket - check....view item »

Angel Plague

Some classic party techno remastered here on a sweet limited double vinyl LP, Angel Plague is the 1999 album from Female. It has all the components you want from good techno; a driving bass, precision percussion and a sea of bubbling electronics above it all. Great stuff and a party must have surely? Rem...view item »


Autumns present their self-titled album, a delving into the past sound of hazy, weird and noisy guitars. The rhythm section’s activities are forward-driving but also happily loose: this is an old school indie group, truth be told. Only 300 copies of this LP on Downwards, pressed to 180g vinyl and packaged with a postcard!...view item »

A New Sacrament Of Penance

Marshstepper present five tracks of nastiness, a descent into negative emotion expressed via the time-honoured means of howling into a void of dark synths and brutalist drum machines. A New Sacrament Of Penance is a very Downwards record really, a big industrial thing. Limited to 300 LP copies only....view item »


Characteristically dark and heavy Downwards material, just how you like it! Oake’s Industrial drums and shimmeringly tense atmospheres build up to a pretty dense soundscape, though with no lack of detail in there. Half of Auferstehung is built for the club, the other half for the nameless dread that engulfs you af...view item »


Pure corruption from Talker on their self-titled 12" vinyl. Talker contains 8 tracks, illustrating the duo's multifaceted approach to writing and producing. They take pure dread to a new level, with techno dungeon freak-outs like "Phalanx" and "Anthony". They also exhibit their pensive ambient meditations on "Hari" and ...view item »

DVA Damas
Wet Vision

DVA Damas releases her latest on the consistently firm Downwards label. Wet Vision is a sort of dark, twanging post-punk creation, Damas creator Taylor Burch’s detached vocals just visible through the haze. A technoish undertow pushes it all forwards, making for an interesting mix. A really compel...view item »

Ugandan Methods / Prurient
Dial B For Beauty

Hard, dark Techno and tortured screams from the kind of people you’d expect to be involved in this kind of thing. Prurient’s Dom Fernow (also of Vatican Shadow) has been sinking deeper and deeper into Techno territory over the last few years, so it makes a lot of sense to see this collaboration emerg...view item »

Grebenstein EP

Dark dustbin lid clanging with little respite from Gerbenstein. Akin to the '90s Birmingham Sound originally pushed by Regis and co, this self titled EP release beats a life-sucking industrialist drum. Metallic, cold and uncompromising. Don’t turn out the lights. Out on 12” vinyl from Downwards....view item »

Samuel Kerridge
Fallen Empire

I’ve been really looking forward to this LP after really loving Kerridge’s pair of 12”s for Downwards and I’m happy to report it doesn't disappoint. Bleak atmospherics and gloomy futuristic dystopian soundscapes are the order of the day. A huge sense of impending doom lurks from every groov...view item »

Cut The Weight

Stave’s ‘Reform’ and ‘Trust’ records have been getting some hammering round at mine so when news that the man behind Stave, Jonathan Krohn had a 12” coming on Downwards collaborating with Karl Meier the day of release could...view item »

Samuel Kerridge
From The Shadows That Melt The Flesh 1-4

Almost 20 years ago the Downwards label began its roots in Birmingham supporting, creating and nurturing its local emerging underground techno scene. It would then expand globally with key artists (Regis, Surgeon) becoming the biggest ...view item »


These guys seemingly appeared from out of nowhere when Downwards first introduced them to the world at large via their ‘Offenbarung’ EP back in April 2013. I totally got into that record so when news of this clear vinyl follow-up emerged, my anticipation levels were high to say the least. Thankfully ...view item »


Two decades of the Downwards label is cause for celebration and certainly deserves a commemorative release. Downwards has forged its own path with zero compromise, from it’s beginnings in Birmingham as an outlet for experimental electronic music through to becoming somewhat of...view item »

Cut Hands

Former Whitehouse speaker shredder William Bennett returns as Cut Hands following last years 12" for Blackest Ever Black and album for Very Friendly with the scorching Madwoman EP for none other tha...view item »

Russell Haswell
Remixed by Regis, William Bennett, Kevin Drumm

When the sales notes for this 12” came through I almost had to scrape myself off the floor. It’s like a techno / noise fiend’s wet dream! Regis kicks things off with his remix of ‘Chua Rave’. It has a quite early period Regis feel to it with a ridgid 4/4 monotone...view item »

Eyeless In Gaza
Butterfly Attitude

Back in the 90's when I was buying records on Downwards by Regis and Surgeon if you would have told me they'd be putting records out by cult post-punk act Eyeless In Gaza I'd have choked on my Tab Clear but here we are in 2012 and that's exactly what's occurring. Martyn Bates and Peter Becker have been around for li...view item »

Antonym / Collin Gorman Weiland
Curse / Cinnamon Air

Collin Gorman Weiland returns to Downwards following his excellent ‘Price of Leather’ 7”, this time on a split 7” with original Downwards artist Antonym. Weiland...view item »

The Vivids
Mt Radiant / Hangman

At last the semi-mythical Vivids single turns up in the afternoon mail, and a corker it is too. They pursue a sound which will be instantly familiar to those who worshipped at the altar of slightly gothy eerie early '80s raincoat rock. Coming in somewhere between early Cure, The Chameleon...view item »

Into The Night

Intoxicating downer sounds from these guys on clear wax. I've been loving this 10" series on Downwards and this four tracker is no exception. The tracks on offer here are deliciously dark, the first of which 'Into The Night' has a really lush synth which could have been lifted straight off of John Foxx's classic 'The Garden' LP. Part goth, part ...view item »


The second disc in the Regis retrospective trilogy covers the years 1997-1998 and consists of fourteen heavy techno stormers. Karl O 'Connor's experiments in repetition and minimalism would continue into the late 90's and in some ways felt even more brutal than what had come from the artist previously. The ridged loop based approach w...view item »

Collin Gorman Weiland
Price of Leather

Downwards pull out another A&R move that's a stroke of genius with this monster 7" slab from Collin Gorman Weiland. Side one has a classic electronic music synth melody with slamming yet understated industrial beats while some disembodied vocals shriek and growl. Both primal and gorgeous. Flip over for 'Despair & Confession' again the be...view item »

Tropic of Cancer
The End Of All Things

This CD sees this loveable duo move on from Downwards and onto Blackest Ever Black. The disc compiles tracks from 'The Dull Age' and 'Be Brave' 10”s. Here is what I had to say about Be Brave upon it's release ” This is the duo of John Mendez (Silent Servant) and Camella Lobo an...view item »

Pink Playground
Ten/ Come Find

Houston two piece Pink Playground are a floaty rush of fresh air, with more than a passing nod to MBV and mebbe even JMC. They are a romantic sounding band that look about 12 years old bless 'em. They sound really floaty, so floaty that the vinyl is made from cottonwool balls and air. They have a tight sound though and a navel gazing attitude th...view item »

Karl O'Connor
White Savage Dance

A nice little retrospective for this artist, best known as Regis but has created and collaborated with loads of folks under a plethora of pseudonyms like Your Health, Sandra Electronics, Public Information Film, Sandwell District, Portion Reform, O/V/R, Diversion Group, British Murder Boys...view item »

Tropic of Cancer
The Dull Age/ Victims

God, the atmosphere on the 'A' of this record really reminds me of 'Garlands'-era Cocteaus but with no gothic guitar scree or possessed Liz Frazer histrionics. On 'The Dull Age' a ghostly drum machine waltzes in the background while an absorbing wall of warm thrumming melancholia wrap...view item »

Tropic of Cancer
Be Brave

This is the duo of John Mendez (Silent Servant) and Camella Lobo and previous to this they did a corking 10" called 'The Dull Age' which I've caned a fair bit so when this dropped I was twitching with excitement. It totally hits the spot too with a delicious post-industrial/new-wave/goth darkness emanating from the grooves. The barely decipherab...view item »

Six Six Seconds
She Can't Say

I'm really digging Downwards' latest releases, shifting away from the relentless techno of previous records and into Regis' love of post punk, shoegaze etc. The roster so far has been impressive; Sandra Electronics, DVA Damas, Tropic Of Cancer and now the excellent Six Six Seconds who conjure up a timeles blend of post Velvets/ Marychain drums, ...view item »

DVA Damas
Dva Damas

We're very lucky to score copies of this delicious white vinyl 10". I'm totally digging this obscurity from Downwards with it's ultra-catchy bassline and infectious rockabilly guitar and bleak drones on 'Brand New Head'. A curveball for Downwards, releasing some dark garage rock/ new-wave from this Californian bunch but a welcome one nonetheless...view item »