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Cosmo Sheldrake
The Much Much How How and I

I'm pretty obsessed with this one track on the debut album from this Very Clever Man. It's called 'Wriggle' and it's a singalong sea shanty which starts off all  Moondog before bursting into one of those choruses that whilst catchy keeps reminding me of Spitting Image's 'The...view item »

Mutual Benefit
Thunder Follows The Light

In his Mutual Benefit guise, NYC singer-songwriter Jordan Lee has recorded with artists like Julie Byrne and covered Vashti Bunyan’s Just Another Diamond Day in full. Safe to say that you can go into his latest full-length Thunder Follows The Light expecting a light touch...view item »

Where Wilderness Grows

This is making me want to die. I’m not sure why. I think it’s the cocktail of psych pop and optimism; it would be perfect in nearly any scenario that wasn’t this exact and very grey moment I’m currently living in. This is the kind of record that organises its joy like a trifle of layers: I’m currently listening to &...view item »

Phantastic Ferniture
Phantastic Ferniture

My instinct was to tell you that hey, Phantastic Ferniture isn't how you spell anything, but then I realised I should probably lighten up, 'cos this band make garage rock that's fun and unthinking. Counting Julia Jacklin among their numbers along with Elizabeth Hughes...view item »

The Antlers
In London

One special night in October of last year, The Antlers played a show to a sold-out crowd at the Hackney Empire, much to the happiness of those in attendance. If you were there, or wish you had been, then In London, the document of that performance, will let that happiness flow right back into your life again. Double LP ...view item »

Let’s Eat Grandma
I’m All Ears

Teenage duo Let’s Eat Grandma aim to consolidate their position as creative and dynamic artists in a world of musical homogeneity. I’m All Ears is bigger and bolder than debut LP I, Gemini, whilst also knowing when to rein in the ferocity or majesty. They’ve enlisted the help of a range of renowned producers to...view item »

Let's Pray / I Will Be The World

Let’s Pray is the second track from Blaenavon’s upcoming debut album and it certainly sounds like the real deal. Some heavy bass circling around some quiet-quiet-loud guitar and stellar vocals. It reminds me of The Maccabees or a rockier Alt-J. Backed with ...view item »

POLIÇA and s t a r g a z e
Music For The Long Emergency

The interesting pairing of Polica and s t a r g a z e, (an electronics-focused pop group and a chamber orchestra respectively) return for an album of original collaborative material, following on from their recent Steve Reich album. Music For The Long Emergency fully enmeshes the groups...view item »

The Moonlandingz
Interplanetary Class Classics

The Moonlandingz are a kerrrazy side-project band, comprised of two members each from Fat White Family and Eccentronic Research Council. Oh, and members of The Village People and ...view item »


Alvvays debut was a rare beast of classic sounding indie pop and rock that had the songs to live up to the bands they were so obviously influenced by (Pixies, Throwing Muses, Breeders, Sarah Records). On this second LP the production has been notched...view item »

Songhoy Blues
Music in Exile

Songhoy Blues are a rock ‘n’ roll outfit tributing the eponymous Songhoy, a group who reside in Mali by the Niger River. On ‘Music In Exile’, the band’s influences range from the also eponymous blues and the sound of old school rock bands known for being awesome at showing off. They make a sound that unwinds around ...view item »


Another name like Chvrches to add to the easier to google, intentionally misspelt list. Although Canadian, the band sound quite remarkably Scottish. They take most of their cues from Camera Obscura and have a pleasing mid-fi sound with both jangle and strum aplenty. Fans of ...view item »

Songhoy Blues

Another album of wonderful afro-funk-pop from Songhoy Blues! Résistance features guest appearances from Elf Kid, a children’s choir, and, most remarkably, punk’s sacred aunt Iggy Pop, and the whole thing flows like liquid gold. Chanting vocals, meaty rhythms, and that...view item »

Skin Companion EP II

The meteoric rise of Australian producer Flume cannot be underestimated - a glance upon his Spotify stream statistics proves just how far the producer has come. After the resounding success of sophomore album 'Skin', the Garage and House-inspired musician returns with Skin Companion EP II - an ext...view item »

That's Your Lot

People have been waiting for this one to drop. After a slew of incredibly successful singles on Transgressive they now bring a debut album from the three lads from Hampsire - Blaenavon. A self professed reflective record of their youth, and you can bet there’s gonna be some summer smashers in there....view item »

Tiny Cities feat. Beck (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix) / Take A Chance feat. Little Dragon (Kölsch Remix)

The amount of talent contained on this 12” is so weighty, it's amazing that the record can even be lifted. Producer Flume has enlisted Beck and Little Dragon to contribute vocals to Tiny Cities and Take A Chance respectively, and those tracks have then been tastily remixe...view item »

Peter Silberman

Leader of Brooklyn indie rock band the Antlers, Peter Silberman developed a hearing issue which prevents him from being around loud noises (never let him near this office then). He has though turned this potentially crippling impediment into a positive by moving out of Brooklyn and going away to play quiet mus...view item »

Hippo Campus

Poor old brave Hayden Thorpe. I wonder whether when he was getting the piss taken out of him in Cumbrian pubs did he think that one day everyone and his dog would copy his quivery vocal style? There's something of the Wild Beasts front man in the neighing voice of Jake Luppen's voice on this the second album fro...view item »

Johnny Flynn

In the pantheon of contemporary crooning poshos that ranges from the excellent Laura Marling to Marcus fucking Mumford, Johnny Flynn’s songwriting chops and knack for an arrangement has ensconced him firmly in the upper-reaches of the list. He doesn’...view item »

Mutual Benefit
Skip a Sinking Stone

Mutual Benefit (aka Jordan Lee) got thrust kicking and screaming into the mainstream when his previous album 'Love's Crushing Diamond' became the first Bandcamp only release to be awarded Pitchfork's Best New Music. Although a fine album, it was hard for it to live up to such hype  - I mean what was it they saw that justified such excitemen...view item »

Julia Jacklin
Don’t Let The Kids Win

The year’s most photoshoppable album cover goes with a pretty great record, actually, don’t you know. Julia Jacklin just knows. She knows how to make good, lilting, twanging, feeling songs, how to make soft rock sound big and significant, through melodies and melancholy and the occasional out-of-line climax. If it was my tur...view item »

Let's Eat Grandma
I, Gemini

Coming on like some kind of eerie musical equivalent of the Cottingley Fairy cousins, these two identikit friends have masses and masses of curly hair from through they sing rather experimental little pop songs which on the first part of this album hit the mark. The opening ‘Deep Six Textbook’ proves that there is something u...view item »


Another set of main-stage big tunes from Australian producer Flume. Skin is an example of the consummate modern electronic pop album, pulling in bits and pieces of different dance musics to make a banging whole. The range of vocal guests is very impressive, including Little Dragon, Little Dragon...view item »

Neon Indian
Psychic Chasms + Mind CTRL

Psychic Chasms crosses genres and sub-genres and kind of ends up mostly electronic, but very psychedelic chill-wave. Don't think about it too much, it's lovely and that's all that matters. What I most appreciate about the music is that each song is very distinct, a fully realised idea with a sort of beginning, middle and end. No mucking about he...view item »

Neon Indian
Era Extrana + Errata Anex

Era Extrana is very different, but it has grown on me since I first heard it. The first few goes around the songs blend together without any real instant connections, but soon they worm their way into your mind and you find yourself looking for them. Errata Anex contains re-workings from the Era Extrana - The Boyd Rice remix is fantastic. It is ...view item »

Powder / Bathed in Light

Wannabe indie rock spooks Gengahr keep their listener at arms length with faraway acoustics and a flurry of chords thrown your way like a strong gust of wind. "Powder" weaves its way through placating guitar riffs and the sound of hands sliding down the frets, which are articulated pretty loudly in the mix, like a breath of fresh air. It's an im...view item »

Stargaze & Greg Saunier
Deerhoof Chamber Variations

At first I was like, who in their right mind would organise Deerhoof’s songs into orchestral arrangements, and for what purpose, and why, and what exactly is the deal with this? But then I realised: it’s Deerhoof. Suitably, the person behind the arrangements is one of the people from Deerhoof, also know...view item »

Hippo Campus
The Halocline EPs

Hippo Campus are a quartet of young guns who are proud to hail from Minnesota. Their sound is a fresh, upbeat-sounding indie rock that glistens in the sunlight. The Halocine EPs bundles up their debut EP Bashful Creatures with the brand new, Alan Sparhawk-produced South. CD on the Tran...view item »

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus are a quartet of young guns who are proud to hail from Minnesota. With the deep talents of Alan Sparhawk of Low producing them, what could go wrong? Their EP South is a set of upbeat-sounding indie rock that glistens in the sunlight. The 12” vinyl is released by the T...view item »

Neon Indian
VEGA INTL. Night School

Neon Indian has only been sighted in one-offs and collaborations for quite a while now, so it is more than welcome to see the release of VEGA INTL. Night School, his third full-length. Partly recorded on a cruise ship(!!!), the record is suitably trash-groovy and fun, pulling in influence from Palomo&rs...view item »

Hippo Campus
Bashful Creatures

Hippo Campus are a Minnesota quartet of bright young fellows, now presenting their debut EP to the world. Bashful Creatures was produced by Alan Sparhawk, though this group are brighter and swifter than his Low. The EP (or mini LP, the press release can’t make up its mind) is rele...view item »

Songhoy Blues
Al Hassidi Terei

Having been banned from playing music by Islamic extremists in Timbuktu, Songhoy Blues moved to the Malian capital where they met Damon Albarn and things have been going up since then. Some classic African folk/rock with crisp guitar and beautiful vocal sounds, it’s fun and defiant. Debut album to come, watch this space....view item »

She’s A Witch

Big love in the world of hype for London-based Gengahr. She’s A Witch is a catchy little number that could quite easily be an MGMT B-side. Memorable hooks and a subtle inflection of prog stylings to the guitar work. They’ll no doubt soundtrack an advert and get massive. Out on 7” vinyl from Transg...view item »

A Dream Outside

Gengahr are one of those weirdly spelt bands. Their name has letters in such an order that you’d probably end up ignoring the word altogether and move onto something more enlightening. A quick glance at their upcoming tour dates though suggests that they are hitting every summer festival before embarking on a headline tour so I’d bet...view item »

You Stay Cool/ Stage Fright

Burningpilot now. I always get these retro berks 'cause I adored the debut 'cause it made me wanna grab a girl by the hand & do the rude boy twist. I think it's the fact they always sound like a deranged Squeeze fronted by a mentally stunted Gruff Rhys that charms me. The songs are really quite good fun with a ska-lite ...view item »

Becoming Real
Pure Apparition

This album is the debut full-length of Becoming Real, a Glasgow-based producer turning out simmeringly bass-loaded tracks that dabble in grime / post-grime. Pure Apparition leans more towards dancefloor instrumental tracks than the MC-fronted material he’s often leaned towards in the past. On Transgressive....view item »

Africa Express
Africa Express Presents...Terry Riley's In C Mali

Terry Riley's In C Mali by Africa Express is the first ever recording of Riley’s minimalist work by an African ensemble. In C Mali was originally written by Terry Riley in 1964. Upon hearing this new version the composer said that he was “overwhelmed and delighted”. T...view item »

We Fam Econo

FAMY make huge, soundscaped pop music that wants the all caps HEAVY POP genre tag Wu Lyf took up. Their latest record, 'We Fam Econo', utilises a range of instruments -- from blasts of organ to soft uke strumming - that ornament their strong guitar melodies. 'We Fam Econo' promises to be widescreen indie rock for a band with lofty ambitions....view item »

Dry The River
Alarms in the Heart

The press release says "For fans of Mumford & Sons, Dog Is Dead and Stornaway". Oh, Phil, why do you let this stuff in our office? Apparently I'm the office Dry The River expert because I saw them by accident once at a festi...view item »

The Antlers

Familiars is the fourth studio album by Antlers after a relatively fallow three years which saw the release of just two EPs: Together and Undersea. Familiars was self-produced but the talents of Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Future Islands) were utilised to mix the album. Familiars is available on indie...view item »


Here’s some soaring indie pop business from London quartet Famy, who’re rocking a bit of an epic pop aesthetic like Alt-J with yelpy and strained vocals that will divide opinions right from the start I suspect. They do help contribute to the epic aesthetic, particularly with ganged-up whoa-ohs backing him ...view item »

School of Night
School of Night

School of Night is the solo project of Antlers dude Darby Cicci, and on this debut EP he’s showing off five tracks of impeccably polished darkpop with an emotional falsetto (Phil points out he sounds like Chris Martin). It’s moody and downbeat but smooth and soulful, with warm round bass tones and flutte...view item »

At The Drive In
Relationship of Command

This lightning bolt from the year 2000 is now widely available on sweet 180 gram vinyl. At the Drive-In teamed up with nu-metal’s Ross Robinson to visceral effect, turning a generation of the mislead on to music that was any-good. Replace your scratched old cd copy of Relationship of Command...view item »

Pulled Apart By Horses

So 'Tough Love' has dropped and apparently it's make or break time for the band. The name itself may even be a dig at industry pressure to succeed? I don't know? Little fanfare is being made of it but they've managed to secure the production skills of Gil Norton (Doolittle dude) which has help...view item »

Neon Indian
Era Extrana

Neon Indian is back! In fairness though I didn't really get on the boat first time round so I'm having to rely on what Business Lady says about the previous record to some extent. She says it was a totally great slice of bedroom pop from around the time that Washed Out and Passion Pit were also putting out their high quality debuts. She also...view item »

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