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Lawrence English

The story of how Viento was made by Lawrence English isn't your normal, three-days-in-the-studio-listening-to-The-Beatles-and-eating-crisps kinda story. On a trip visiting Antarctica with the Argentine Antarctic Division, the group make a pit-stop at Rio Gallegos which escalates into staying in the Patagonian capital for a few days. What to do but go around recording the diverse sounds caused by the wind on various objects - signs, abandoned buildings, trees and the like. Yet more wind sound was recorded at the Argentine bases in Antarctica during blizzards and temperatures of -40 degrees. It is from these recordings that Viento is created. I think even being in the studio with Phil Spector sounds more appealing.   The LP is cut to metal and then pressed on a whopping 200 gram LP for the clearest sound. It’s in a letter pressed sleeve with visuals complementing the harsh, austere sound of the record. Limited to 400 copies.  

Francisco Lopez

Another pristinely beautiful untitled release from Francisco López, extracting and arranging the sounds of the world with incredible attention to detail. Here we have a colony of seagulls (side A) and underwater creatures clicking and buzzing (side B), both from the Moroccan-Algerian border. Cut to ‘crystal clear’ vinyl that weighs 200g (yes, 200!).


A rather delicious reissue here from committed electronic minimalist Eleh. Homage gathers up the (out of print) trilogy of Homage to the… records into a triple LP or triple CD boxset, lavishly restored with sleek mini-sleeves for each part. Remarkably powerful works given how stripped their pallette is. On Important / TAIGA.

The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra

Japanese experimentalists Boris complete their 'The Thing Which Soloman Overlooked' series with this limited edition transparent yellow vinyl. Weird jazz-fuelled psychedelia set against a sinister drone, this is limited to 400 copies and comes with a slipcase to house the other records from the series in. 
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No Dreams

Sarah Lipstate's got a new Noveller album coming out! 'No Dreams' has eight new tracks of her smudgy ethereal ambient pop full of sleepy drones and yawning trails of gleaming guitar noise, inspired by the artist's struggles to distinguish between reality and hallucination in the moments between sleep and awakening.

Jessica Pavone
Knuckle Under

After medical problems forced her to take a 21-month break from playing the viola, Jessica Pavone returns with a new-found focus on the sounds she wants to hear herself - extended tones, wrenched forcefully from her instrument and processed, amplified, looped and layered in simple, exhilarating clouds of noise.

Jon Mueller & James Plotkin
Terminal Velocity

Oren Ambarchi/ Robin Fox/ A Lamb/ G Bradbury/ D Burraston
The Wired Lab- Wired Open Day 2009