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Uniform & The Body
Mental Wounds Not Healing

Serial heavyweight collaborators The Body move onto their next hosts in the form of Uniform, after the two groups toured Europe together. The songs for Mental W...view item »

Zola Jesus
Okovi: Additions

Darkwave foghorn Zola Jesus releases an accompanying album to her recent 'Okovi'. Featuring four unreleased tracks from the same session there are also some remixes by some pretty impressively big names such as Johnny Jewell and Katie Gately - a combination which makes for an album that actually stands on its own.   ...view item »

Vive la Void
Vive la Void

Sometimes an album and your audience seem so destined to be with each other that writing a review about it feels pointless. I’ll be straight with you, I’ve been working here long enough to know that if you’re one of our customers, odds are, you’ll like Vive la Void. How can I be so sure? Well for one, this is the side pro...view item »

Hilary Woods

Dublin native Hilary Woods' minimalist acumen is on resounding display here, this limited-edition blue vinyl (out on Sacred Bones) also showcasing her compositional finesse. Expect atmospheric instrumentation, dreamy vocals and gentle electronica, along with a generous helping of stark piano and lyrical poetry. A glorious listen...view item »

Jenny Hval
The Long Sleep

Jenny Hval has evolved from her origins as the singer of a Norwegian goth metal band in the late ‘90s to become a novelist and creator of arty, experimental and highly acclaimed music. Her new four song EP, The Long Sleep, follows on from her 2016 LP Blood Bitch. It was recorded with Håvard Volden, whom she has worke...view item »

Amen Dunes

In making ‘Freedom’, Amen Dunes shifts from whimsical guitars and warbly melancholic vocals to a darker electronic sound. Frontman Damen McMahon calls upon his usual star-studded collaborators; drummer Parker Kindred (Antony & The Johnsons, Jeff Buckley), Chris Coady (Beach House) and let them work...view item »

John Carpenter
Halloween / Escape from New York

As both director and musician, John Carpenter is rightly held in the highest regard. This 12” release pairs 2 of his best-loved compositions together: Halloween and Escape From New York. These are brand-new versions of the themes, recently recorded by Carpenter with his band Lost ...view item »

The Men

With a workmanlike approach to skronk, the Men have released seven records in just eight years. They took one off last year and I imagine they feel immense guilt. A band obsessed with noise rock and what can be absorbed into it, their sound has passed through hardcore, surf, country, pop rock and now… a buncha retreads? I realise the last...view item »

The Soft Moon

A good alternative soundtrack to Goldeneye 64, ‘Criminal’ is a tour de force in synthetic fury. With his usual mix of psychedelic clock-punching, electronic sheen and striking industrial aesthetic, Luis Vasquez takes his latest Soft Moon record as an opportunity to simply unleash. It’s a furious, futurist record that makes ange...view item »

Moon Duo
Jukebox Babe / No Fun

This twelve-inch sees the Portland psychedelicists tackling a pair of proto-punk classics. Alan Vega’s Jukebox Babe stands as a tribute to the late Suicide singer. While this version retains the rockabilly skeleton of the track, it’s as if the song has been transplanted from Vega’s gritty New Y...view item »

Exploded View
Summer Came Early EP

Exploded View are the the group that Anika formed on the fly in Mexico, and they now follow up their splendid debut record with a four track EP. The tracklist mixes outtakes from Exploded View with new 8-track recordings, intuitively created in the studio with that delicious flavour very much intact. ...view item »

Snake Eyes

Instrumental trio Trouble made Snake Eyes especially for the return of Twin Peaks, as performed in the Roadhouse on an episode of the show. David Lynch's son Riley is on guitar, Dean Hurley drums and Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches) blows sax. Cinematic tunes for a darkly parallel ...view item »

John Carpenter
Assault on Precinct 13 / The Fog

As both director and musician, John Carpenter is rightly held in the highest regard. With this 12”, we have a classic action theme (Assault On Precinct 13) and a spooky horror theme (The Fog), both present in are brand-new...view item »

John Carpenter
Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998

Thy lord cometh. John Carpenter’s themes to his genre spanning and defining films are defining in themselves, with countless contemporary artists taking influence from them. This collection takes basically all of his biggest themes from his films including Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, Assau...view item »

Zola Jesus

That foghorn. That voice. Hated by microphones across the universe - Zola Jesus is nothing if not full on. I'm listening to a track here called 'Exhumed' which has already had enormous orchestral stabs, voices like the sound of a million piece choir, growling sub bass and drumming that sounds like the whole of Africa is hitting something at the ...view item »

Zola Jesus

Big gothy bugger Zola Jesus has covered herself in oily stuff on the cover for this and it looks pretty cool. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil's best but I don't think that's what she's used unless it's really gone off or a poorly rhino has shat in it or something. This doesn't really sound like her other stuff - it's pretty much a pop EP to be ...view item »

Destruction Unit
Negative Feedback Resistor

The liner notes for ‘Negative Feedback Resistor’ keep things simple: “Destruction Unit sacrificed their ears to make this album as loud a statement as possible. Will you lend them yours?”. Personally I’ll defend my ears against an overloud Nick Drake recording, but the band’s p...view item »

EP #260

Sacred Bones love putting out albums by film people trying to make good on their rock dreams, so it makes sense they’re anointing Jim Jarmusch’s fuzzy SQÜRL project. With his pals Carter Logan and Shane Stonebeck, Jarmusch has done a handful of noisy, heartily stoned EPs, and this one continues to keep their appearances cameo st...view item »

Psychic TV
Allegory & Self

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Allegory & Self, released in 1984, is in fact one of the group’s most pop-friendly albums ever, a surprising move for the group led by Genesis P-Orridge and ...view item »

Psychic TV
Pagan Day

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Pagan Day originally came out in 1984, presenting raw versions of songs fleshed out elsewhere. Unlike the ornate full band recordings, these are four-track demos and sketches, recorded by Ge...view item »


Sacred Bones is ten years old. Think of all the pocket money it must have earned in its baby years! While we’re celebrating many an old release this week and remembering all things psych and gothic, it’s also worth keeping up with the label’s rocking present and checking in on this here Institute record, another fine s...view item »

Moon Duo
Occult Architecture Vol. 2

I was reminded yesterday that years ago everyone here just reviewed everything regardless of genre. So if your area of expertise was techno you were just as likely to be reviewing indie-pop. Now we generally stick to our areas though Robin wolfs down pretty much everything he gets given ...just like a dog. So to mix things up a bit he...view item »


Clinton handed this to me asking if I was about to have lunch, but after a cursory glance at that cover I doubt I’ll be eating for a few days. Slimy, writhing fingers on your face. An oily mass of maggoty digits near your eyes and ears and mouth and nose. I’m gonna barf. Those that know the sound of the Pharmakon won’t ...view item »

Blanck Mass
World Eater

The furious werewolf electronics of fuck button Benjamin Power are here to eat you again. The man behind the triumphantly grotesque ‘Dumb Flesh’ has here crafted a record of gabba-speed John Carpenter homage, sprinkling a techno-fled power electronics across tunes that feel kind of oddly cinematic...view item »

Moon Duo
Occult Architecture Vol. 1

Ah Moon Duo: we meet again. I’m a little older, you’re a little older… but we’re both working the same dead end jobs. These motorik malcontents have been towing the party line of Sacred Bones for a while now, impressing with the rigid sparkle tones of ‘Shadow of the Sun’ a couple years back in perhaps their b...view item »

Wake In Fright

Uniform are gonna deceive you. They sound like a hardcore band but are in actuality two dudes imitating one, with Michael Berden screaming and co-conspirator Ben Greenberg providing a mix of guitars and programming. Their second record comes billed as a concept album about war, ambiguously declaring its percussion to be “the literal sounds...view item »

Destruction Unit
Deep Trip

Here from reliable purveyors of gritty darkness Sacred Bones this week is this album from Destruction Unit. I’ve never heard of them before but I trust the label so here goes. From the off they’re making lots of nasty noise, which eventually turns into some pounding goth-punk business with a noisy p...view item »

Jenny Hval
Blood Bitch

Some use prolificacy for evil. You know what I’m talking about. Buckethead will make thirty records in October in the build-up to Halloween; Robert Pollard can make ten awful songs in ten awful minutes; Mark Kozelek exists. Thank God Je...view item »

Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2

If unfamiliar with the Death Rock movement these series from Sacred Bones are a great bit of exploration. An offshoot of punk rock that emerged in California in the late 1970s it is punk rock but infused with a load of effects (warbling reverb mainly) and horror themes. Features Veda, Middle Class, Crank...view item »

Marching Church
Telling It Like It Is

Marching Church is an unexpected side project from a member of ferocious punks Iceage: Elias Bender Rønnenfelt has essentially formed a soulful big band. There are plenty of odd touches and lo-fi production details, but Telling It Like It Is is a proper ‘songs’ record...view item »

Exploded View
Exploded View

Exploded View is the latest project of Anika, the haunted-voiced German artiste. The group is the result of a trip to Mexico, where Anika played shows with a lineup of Mexican musicians who turned out to be great creative partners: they improvised each of these dubby post-punk cuts live in one take only! Debut a...view item »

Todo Muere Volume 5

Fifth in the series (obviously) of Sacred Bones’ record store day released compilations. As stunningly broad a selection as would epitomise Sacred Bones itself, with Marissa Nadler covering Black Sabbath, and Institute taking on The Doors after being introduced by ...view item »

Spend The Night With...

Look at these dang punks. Leaning on a slab of concrete. Reclining, if you will, in the dark of night. Yep, Cheena are a right bunch of whippersnappers; when they’re not on your darn lawn they play in garage bands like Hank Wood & the Hammerheads and hardcore outfits like Crazy Spirit. The missing piece of the puzzle is of course Marga...view item »

Wymond Miles
Call By Night

This is Wymond Miles’ third solo album for the esteemed Sacred Bones (oh and by the way, there is a free label sampler CD included with this record!) and it finds him paring back his sound a little, while he delves back to his youth lived in small working class towns; wide expanses, clear horizons and endless roads were his common environm...view item »

Psychic Ills
Inner Journey Out

Here are some cool folks who sound like they’d quite like to make a psych rock album while simultaneously discussing the merits of the Calexico discography. Psychic Ills, who I’ve long had pegged as a Sacred Bones standard bearer (noisy but accessible, psychedelic but festival-lite), start off ‘In...view item »

John Carpenter
Lost Themes II

The horror master returns with a swiftly followed up sequel to his 2014 album 'Lost Themes'. Several collaborators from that project remain including Carpenter's son Cody but this time the composers had the luxury of spending time collaborating in the same city. This has led to a more focussed work with a wider palette of sounds. Next stop for C...view item »

Jenny Hval
Apocalypse, Girl

Despite arguably being Jenny Hval’s most accessible record, ‘Apocalypse, Girl’ is anything but linear. Hval continues to obsess with how songs are sound and words are utterances, and how these things can appear when reiterated and realigned. Like changing the sound of a chord through the sequence around it, she reuses phra...view item »

Marching Church
Coming Down

Marching Church started life as an experimental solo project for Elias Bender Ronnenfelt, the Iceage frontman and one half of Danish punk duo Var. The project morphed into a band for the 2014 LP The World Is Not Enough. The extra band members did not quell the urge for experimentation, ...view item »

Pop. 1280

Sacred Bones are pretty much the Digimon of record labels. Traversing the ruins of whatever ancient city (or, you know, doing the indie rock thing in Brooklyn), they let artists dabble in temporary evolution, stretching their palette beyond breaking point before bringing them back to the osmosis of their sound. Remember when ...view item »

Blanck Mass
Dumb Flesh

Much of our office discourse surrounding ‘Dumb Flesh’ has been about what flesh in particular we’re looking at on the front cover of the record, but it’s since become clear to me that Benjamin John Power doesn’t want us to know. Since day one, Sacred Bones have been doing a fine job of mixing something totally ephem...view item »


The number III printed on the front of their new record like three identical towers, Föllakzoid betray their love of symmetry, their ability to take spaced out, kraut-leaning rock music and park it perfectly. They’ve already proved themselves to be aficionados of the slow, repetitive build, using little more than ominous guitar tones,...view item »

John Carpenter
Lost Themes

This man needs no introduction. His films more or less speak for themselves, sharing the traits of being unbearably tense (Assault on Precinct 13) and borderline cheesy (Snake’s peril in Escape from New York). More common is the accompanying music - dramatic, moody pieces that hold still until you can take it no more, exploding into synth-...view item »

Bestial Burden

Margaret Chardiet follows up her excellent 'Abandon' with 'Bestial Burden' On Sacred Bones. Anyone that heard the previous record will be fully aware that Pharmakon's sound is not for the faint hearted, but those that submit to it will be rewarded. 'Bestial Burden' recalls Chardi...view item »

Amen Dunes

The press guff compares it to Plastic Ono Band and War on Drugs but the opener here, ‘White Child’ more resembles a lo-fi out-of-key Oasis. Dreadful. Lets skip to track 2 then and this is much better. Its a lo-fi 3 chord fireside strumalong which resembles ...view item »

Wymond Miles
Passion Plays

Former Fresh And Onlys guitar player Wymond Miles releases this single on the Sacred Bones label. 'A' side ‘Passion Plays’ is a gritty slice of goth/post-punk that sounds amazingly like an Interpol song. 'B' side ‘Bat...view item »

David Lynch & Alan R. Splet
Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack

Another holy grail soundtrack reissued in fine style. This has been out of print for some time since its issue on Alternative Tentacles. The film and the soundtrack have long been a personal favourite and I really never thought I&r...view item »

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