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:zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
Flexible Pooling

:zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project continue exploring their fruitful collaboration following last years Patina Pooling album. This flexidisc (yes, you read that correctly) consists of two new tracks in scuzzy lo-fi. Released in conjunction with the Baltic 39 exhibition. Out on limited 33rpm white ...view item »

Liz Allbee & Burkhard Beins
Mensch Mensch Mensch

Liz Allbee & Burkhard Beins are composer-improvisers residing in Berlin, and the fertile improvisatory electro-acoustic scene of that city is audible in this LP on alt.vinyl. Mensch Mensch Mensch contains Allbee’s trumpet and Bein’s unorthodox percussion, as well as fiel...view item »

Hen Ogledd

Check this hot combo: experimental harp extraordinaire Rhodri Davies, the magical folk hero Richard Dawson and Dawn Bothwell aka Pentecostal Party. There is even a guest appearance from Laura Cannell hiding in the mix somewhere… Bronze is a highl...view item »

Short Fuse

Akatombo’s Short Fuse is a heavyweight electronic exploration of sheer texture and ferocious rhythms. Everything has been twisted and tweaked by Akatombo’s intuitive feel for sound processing. Short Fuse is spread across both a vinyl disc and a CD, pressed up in a rather limited edi...view item »

Air Cushion Finish & Lichens
Live in Biesenthal

A special recording of a special concert by the duo of Air Cushion Finish and Lichens. This all took place at Wokule!, an old GDR holiday camp in Biesenthal, where the artists apparently played in the kitchen! It’s a lush and floaty session that must have been a treat to witness. Released by alt.vinyl on h...view item »

Winter Family
South From Here

Winter Family is Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine’s dark pop project. South From Here, which was written in Brooklyn and recorded in Tel Aviv, engages in a critique of Israeli society through thickly textured walls of synth-throb and submerged vocals. Rich and dramatic and cool. R...view item »

Warm Digits

Ooh, the brilliant Warm Digits are back with some super-fancy LP packaging. This one comes with two different silkscreened sleeve variants, with each sleeve containing frameable prints of the other cover’s designs, so either way you get all the screenprints. Both CD and vinyl versions also come with a DVD ...view item »

Spires That In the Sunset Rise
Beasts In The Garden

180 gram green vinyl, limited to 250. On alt.vinyl. The perhaps verbosely named Spires That In the Sunset Rise have spent the last two years drawing inspiration from the Jazz improv players in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Gathered loop pedals and effects, an alto sax and a flute, and created this “Beast” of hypnot...view item »

The Family Elan
Bow Low Bright Glow

The Family Elan release a new album out this week courtesy of those nice folks at Alt Vinyl. If the name doesn't ring a bell then let me enlighten you... They had an album out previously on the rather ace Locust label and the band consists of Chris Hladowski (has played with Hawk & A Hacksaw, Nalle, Ashtray Navigations. Daniel Padden and prob...view item »

C Joynes
33 Chatsworth Rd

Dinked (Large centre hole) 7” vinyl in card picture sleeve, recorded at 33rpm. C Joynes records 4 tracks based around field samples taken from across Africa and South-East Asia. Stunning crunchy electric guitar blues, plays out like something by Ignatz with the distotion toned down. Extremely limited press...view item »

John Butcher & Gino Robair
Bottle Breaking Heart Leap

A Californian and a Londoner do the live thing in this performance of Bottle Breaking Heart Leap from a Leeds church in 2012. John Butcher and Gino Robair have worked together extensively in a variety of exciting jazz capacities, always with intriguing results. Out on vinyl LP from alt.vinyl. Limited to 250 copies....view item »

Rhodri Davies
An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance

It's been a busy year for Welsh composer and avant garde harpist Rhodri Davies. His recordings provide a pretty exhaustive panorama of the vast expressive potential of the harp combined with his own rigorous sense of pushing the boubdaries of musical form in general. After a series of stunning albums that showcase the electric harp, for this alb...view item »

Rhodri Davies

‘Pedwar’ is a comprehensive retrospective covering Welsh harpist musician Rhodri Davies’ career from 2002 to the present day. Presented in a beautiful deluxe vinyl box set, the set contains three completely remastered versions of the ‘Trem’, ‘Over Shadows’ and Wound Response’ LPs, alongside the new...view item »

:zoviet*france: & Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
Patina Pooling

This unusual double LP release on alt.vinyl is heavy. As in literally heavy: each copy, constructed from rust-scarred steel and fire-damaged fabric, weighs about two kilograms. The music, crafted in Newcastle by :zoviet*france and Illinois by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, is likely to be as mys...view item »

They Were Made of White Cloth

Coldwave for a cold country in what is the coldest and cruellest month of them all. Eostre released They Were Made Of White Cloth earlier this year but its wiry synths, sleepy industrial percussion and chilly natural sound effects make for an excellent, chilling December trip. Evil and fragmented, Eo...view item »

Richard Dawson
The Glass Trunk

Richard Dawson has changed in the many years since I heard a kind of singer-songwriter type album by him. He was probably about 12 at the time but has now grown to become a noted folk musician based out of his (and my) native North East. This is a double album (the packaging is, of course, utterly tre...view item »


I see Alt Vinyl are spreading their wings of late into different types of musics... This is the album of the debut recordings of this Argentinian duo (though one of them looks suspiciously like the ex Razorblade Smile drummer). Everything was recorded live to 8-track ...view item »

Winter North Atlantic

Office favourite Ed “Winter North Atlantic” Carter moves to the unlikely home of Alt Vinyl for this, his third album under the WNA moniker (although he’s been a busy lad since the last record with projects including ‘~Flow’ - “a floati...view item »

Dawson-Davies: Hen Ogledd
Dawson-Davies: Hen Ogledd

Two of the UK’s most fascinating outsider musicians, avant-harpist Rhodri Davies and post-folk troubadour Richard Dawson, have both been doing the rounds for some time now, earning the respect of a dedicated following of people who like something a bit different. No g...view item »

Midnight Doctors
Midnight Doctors

Three new LPs from alt.vinyl have arrived in our shop today, one of which is this self-titled effort by The Midnight Doctors, an LP which boasts 19 tracks and a mammoth 26 contributors. The press release informs me that it contains you should expect a confused mess, right? Well, wrong in this case. Phil Begg created this album as a studio ...view item »

Atom Earth Mother
Ancient Faith

Well, this is one of the most extravagantly-packaged albums I’ve come across in a while! Enclosed within a branded wooden box from Alt. Vinyl we have two LPs (one of which is etched on one side), a CDr and a colour printed 12x12 insert. It looks really classy and weighs quite a lot. On the vinyl itself...view item »

Control Unit
In The Frame

Control Unit, the duo of Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia, have another LP of their curious post-industrial analogue shudderscapes out, this time on Alt. Vinyl after previous offerings on ...view item »

Zoviet France

:zoviet*france:, continuing to work closely with Newcastle’s alt.vinyl, release a slightly more accessible version of 7.10.12 (the previous edition was pressed to transparent vinyl, this is on black wax). The set contains a 7”, a 10” and a 12”, a conceptual and physical neatness I don’t thi...view item »

Rhodri Davies
Wound Response

Phil has handed this to me telling me that The Wire like it, so by my educated guesswork it’s probably the least unpalatable thing on the little stack of morbid bum-outs that’s found its way onto the reviews pile at this early point in the week. It’s by ...view item »

Targeted Killing

Limited release (80 copies only!) on that rarest of formats, the lathe cut 8” record! This alt.vinyl release by the enigmatically named BRB>Voicecoil is a crafty bowl of clinking percussive sounds and distant crackle, and its textures are only enhanced by the rough lathe vinyl. Have a listen. Now....view item »

Invisible Sports
The Future Tastes

How many guys out of Volcano the Bear are releasing solo albums this week? I think this is the third and possibly the weirdest - though the others are not exactly chart fodder. This is basically a jazzy romp through the neth...view item »

Nick Mott
The Visitors

On lovely vinyl, a crazed, inexplicable menagerie of found sounds, squeaks, rattles, hums, ticks, drones, tweaks that starts like the soundtrack to some madcap children’s party but by the mid point of the 13 minute ‘Intricate Metals’ morphs into a gorgeous loop of guita...view item »

Hapsburg Braganza
Recurring Dreams

Gorgeous double album of drifty, psychedelic guitar explorations sometimes taking on a stoner rock vibe but more often drifting into a fug of stretched out fingerpicked bliss. A bit of Earth here, some ...view item »

The One Ensemble

This LP sees Daniel Padden's One Ensemble laying down some Eastern European-sounding folk business with accordions and fiddles and stuff. It's all quite dusky and repetitive and there's sometimes some vocals. It's not a straigh...view item »

Skeleton Birds and The Number of God
These Dark Roots of Heaven

Skeleton Birds and the Number of God is a new project from Volcano The Bear founder Nick Mott. Apparently he 'resigned' from Volcano The Bear with the intention of doing pretty much the same esoteric stuff he did before, which is a bit odd. 'These Dark Roots of Heaven' was recorded in various outdoor locations including an abandoned quarry and a...view item »


Diva Dompe has been a busy lady in recent years, with the former Pocahaunted bassist now busying herself with solo records, but before Pocahaunted she and sister Lola (both progeny of Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins, fact fans) were in a wonky little experimental indie band called Blackbla...view item »

We Are All One, In The Sun - A Tribute To Robbie Basho

Previously available on CD through Important Records, Alt. Vinyl do this release justice by pressing it up on 180g wax. This collection is of course a tribute to Robbie Basho who was one of the pioneers of the acoustic steel string guitar in the US. There are eight tracks in all, each one a fine tribute to his legacy. With wondrous contribut...view item »

Spectral Armies
The Vanished People

I picked this one up totally at random from our latest batch of Alt.Vinyl releases and have subsequently delighted myself by discovering that it features Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan of the ever-peculiar Jazzfinger, joining Nick Mott (ex of the equally ace Volcano the Bear) to make a load of fantastically odd sounds, ranging from what could ...view item »

Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith
The Line Across

What on earth is this Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith 'The Line Across' LP sleeve made of. It's like a weird thick plastic/card hybris, like some kitchen flooring sample. Super fine quality! This is the second time this pair have collaborated, following an LP on Important records. Together they conjure up two long sides of heady guitar and clari...view item »

Arcana en Cantos

Well, the ladies Tara Burke AKA Fursaxa & sometime Espers member Helena Espvall have their 2006 Deserted Village collaboration CDr out on the champion's format at last, courtesy off those mysterious North East-dwelling musical outsiders Alt. Vinyl. If this was the kind of music you heard in a church people would flock there in droves, surely...view item »

Winter Family
Red Sugar

This is a doozy! Brooklyn based duo Winter Family release their third album on Alt Vinyl. Never heard of them before so it's always interesting checking out a new artist you've not heard before. It's a sprawling opus spread over 2 albums of weird dreamscapes. The music is weird drones and synths, tinkles, piano and all manner of strange noises a...view item »

Kinit Her
The Lord Of Power

Looking at the artwork and song titles I fully expected this to be some kind of black metal record, but it isn't at all. The first side is glacially-paced psychedelic ceremonial music with a flat one-beat and lots of chanting and drones. The second side is even trippier and seems to involve some kind of tape manipulation or something. After seve...view item »

Bishop Allen/ The Microphones/ Golden Boots And Paelo
Collaborations With A 1940s Webster-Chicago Wire Recorder

This is a really fascinating record! Each of the artists on this split has recorded their track live onto a 1940's Webster Wire Recorder which, as the pretty artwork explains, were originally invented in the late 1800's and recorded sound to a hair-thin strand of stainless steel wire, as a predecessor to magnetic tape as a recording medium. "The...view item »

Marcia Bassett & Helena Espvall

I'm totally gonna play to Norman Records type here and begin by saying that this record comes in the most heavy duty sleeve I can remember seeing in all my days. And then I'll reveal that Phil's been playing to John Peel type by playing the entire first side of it at the wrong speed just now. OK so now I'll get to the stuff that's actually impor...view item »

Wilder Shores of Love

Driving the boys in t' office wild with excitement this week is the new album by Nalle. Fronted by a woman (Hanna Tuulikki) who sounds like a cross between that bird out of The Knife, Stephanie Hladowski, the little girl from Mum, that old bag Diamanda Galas and both of the lasses from CocoRosie with their voices arcwelded together to create one...view item »

Burial Hex/ Kinit Her
Vedic Hymns

These guys are doing interpretations of Gustav Holst's Vedic Hymns in a sort of black medievil folk style. The line up in various incarnations on different tracks is of corse Clay Ruby, along with Troy Schafer, Nathaniel Ritter, Vincent Wachowia and Dani Dahlke. The style works well and suits the darkness of the lyrics. It's a tad Dungeons and D...view item »

Second Family Band
Good Blood

Man these are tasty. The sleeves are well nice. The artwork is done by the chap who did the drawings on the 2 Brethren of the Free Spirit albums (Wouter Van Haelemeesch). Anyway I'd not heard of The Second Family Band before now but after a quick look into their history I can see they formed from the ashes of Davenport and they've released about...view item »