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E.L. Heath
Smiling Leaf

The first album in five years for rural sound practitioner E.L. Heath who is now resident and Wales and inspired by the hills and things it has. 'Smiling Leaf' is the result of having escaped from one life to another, a psychedelic exploration of rural life. Guest appearances by members of fellow travellers Epic 45...view item »

A Sentence

Have any of our customers ever been to prison? Well Mike Rowley AKA Component #4 used to work in one and this EP is inspired by the sounds and smells of what goes on behind bars. It is a concept piece about young person frustrated by their life taking in real events and mirroring Rowley's own thoughts and feelings.&nbs...view item »

Field Harmonics

Field Harmonics is the solo project of Epic 45's Rob Glover and here he deconstructs the sound he's been building up to on his earlier two electropop influenced LPs. This has led to a new sound more fluid and more abstracted. A deconstructed take on where he was heading. Let's call this a fresh start.  ...view item »

Mark Van Hoen
Electronic Music (1982 - 1987)

Mark Van Hoen is the guy that went on to create such things as Seefeel and Locust but here we have an excellent collection of his home recordings from the 1980's when he was nobbut a lad living in Staffordshire. The tracks are from '82 to '87 vintage and they seem strangely out of time&n...view item »

Oliver Cherer
The Myth of Violet Meek

On the sort of coloured vinyl that would look wonderful on top of an apple pie,  this is the second release by Oliver Cherer but you'll also know him from Dollboy and more recently Gilroy Mere on Clay Pipe. It's an album of wood carved folk music that at times has an eerie Lewi...view item »

Charles Vaughan
Pylon Reveries

When we were kids and on family holidays me and my brother would photograph pylons resulting in aghast grandparents. "We've taken you bairns all the way to Castle Douglas and all you've done is take photos of the damn pylons".   Whether Charles Vaughan did similar is possibly a moot point as we are not actually sure he exis...view item »

Against The Pull Of Autumn

This lavish double album re-issue of one of the Staffordshire pastoralists high water moments is well worth picking up if you fancy a bit of melancholy sighing to your new year. With titles like ‘Where the Holiday Went’ and ‘You Said Nothing’, the band are never in danger of out thugging Wu Tang...view item »

May Your Heart Be The Map

Epic 45: 'May Your Heart Be The Map' (Make Mine Music) Is an endearing collection of songs that are composed to evoke memories of a long lost childhood. This they do by combining an array of acoustic and electric guitars, samplers, drums, bass, field recordings and a collection of assorted tools. At turns pastoral, reflective and nostalgic it remin...view item »

My Autumn Empire

Here at Norman we’re rather fond of Epic45, and as far as we can tell you guys are too, so it’s a treat when something like this comes in from their Wayside ...view item »

Into Memory

Imagine if Stephin Merritt was English, had stood at bus stops in the rain for the last 20 years, was extremely depressed and worshipped early ‘80’s synth pop and you'll get close to the sound on this latest release on Wayside and Woodland (Epic 45 etc). On opener ‘Back 2 Basics&rsq...view item »

My Autumn Empire
The Visitation

There's some very pretty pastoral psychedelic pop business on this new CD from My Autumn Empire, the one out of Epic45 who's not EL Heath, whose previous 'II' album was quite popular if I remember rightly (nor the one who Field Harmonics - Clint). H...view item »

E.L. Heath

Wow, El Heath has really upped his game on this latest offering. The Epic 45 lad has previously churned out some thoroughly charming pastoral psych-pop under his own name, but this new album seem an altogether more ambitious. With a wide cast of friends assisting him, the Shropshire-based songwriter has put together...view item »

Field Harmonics

In a sign of the audience-splitting effect that this new album from Epic 45's Rob Glover is likely to have it fell on me, by far the least experienced of our venerable reviewing staff, to offer my services as an objective gun for hire. Or, as Phil put it, "you can be the review bike". I think it's fai...view item »

Barbed Wire Sunday

Here’s the new EP from Component#4, aka Mike Rowley, a Wayside & Woodland regular cropping up on various people’s records and formerly drummer from The Arm. There’s six tracks on the EP its...view item »


Well the band that probably keep dear old Auntie Norm afloat more than most is E45 and here is the companion piece to the multi-million shifting and Stewart Lee endorsed Weathering. Like remix albums usually do, this is a collection of friends and fellow musical journeymen reworking various songs from that very album attempting to put a hazy...view item »


P. Manasseh is an artist who divides his time working with renowned Brum post-rockers Epic45 and 4Series, apparently “a dub act”. This here CD is a really nicely packaged thing that is comprised of some scintillating hypno-tones, shimmering ambience, subtle field recordings and...view item »

E.L. Heath
Shropshire Hill Country

Epic45 man Eric Heath returns with another slice of pastoral beauty in the form of 'Shropshire Hill Country', a collection of songs that reflect on Eric Heath's adventures meeting country folks and playing gigs in Shropshire and the surrounding counties of Powys, Herefordshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. Now you'll have some idea of what to exp...view item »

My Autumn Empire
The Village Compass

My Autumn Empire is Benjamin Thomas Holton from pastoral superkings Epic 45. My Autumn Empire is Mr Ben's side project which he does when Epic 45 are on fag breaks or something. Hey we all need a vice. Mine? I like watching people put shoes on and then taking them off.... it's brilliant. Anyway here sees Ben on a more singer songwritery/ folky t...view item »

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