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Buen Chico
The Seasons EP

Buen Chico are a long serving Leeds indie-rock staple. After two full length rekkids and a few other bits and bobs to their name, Morgan Tatchell-Evans (singing, guitar), Kirsty Dolan (bass, singing) and Alan Kenworthy (drummer and cousin of the real Kenny) have been on a short break to write songs and re-evaluate their musical direction. They r...view item »

Piskie Sits
Creature Feature

The front cover of this new Piskie Sits record is great, a big crowd of Japanese movie monsters battling it out as a crowd of people flees into the foreground. On the disc, “the British Pavement” (copyright our Phil, circa just now) lay down 10 tracks of slightly shambo...view item »
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St Gregory Orange
Midnight at the Sycamore Lounge

Not much is known about these lot and all the comparisons I’ve read seem to sound nothing like them (they don’t sound like Pulp or Arab Strap, for exa...view item »

The Do's / Fur Blend / Clandestines
Spectemur Agendo

Bargain priced little three-way split here between The Do's (can't look at that without thinking the apostrophe shouldn't be there...but if you take it away you get The Dos, which sounds like a Spanish duo...but wouldn't that be El Dos [or even Los Dos]?), Fur Blend and Clandestines. They eac...view item »

One Day, After School...
The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade EP

Ludicrously cheap lo-fi alt rock from Wakefield (what do they put in the water there? ) this is your typically raucous driving pop punk type sound with nods towards AC Acoustics, Wedding Present, Boyracer and anyone who slung a guitar in the 1990's. Interestingly, they throw a whole load of...view item »

Tiny Planets
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Remember the early '90s?  I lived in a crumbling house with a drunk, a dysfunctional band, an influx of slugs, a man next door who used to appear unannounced at our kitchen window with food no-one would dare eat and a toilet block across the road where men used to have sex with each o...view item »

Sewerpop (How The Castle Was Stormed)

Here's a newie on Wakey's own Philiphobia label. Noice! I was expecting a load of indie rock but the 1st minute is ambient noodlings... oh hang on there's the indie indie rock! 'The Timings Are All Wrong' is some skewed Yankophile indie rock along the lines of Built To Spill. Wonky rhythm...view item »

The Stem and Leaf EP

Don't think I've ever seen Protectors but they are from Leeds so it's only a matter of time before I bump into them. Incidentally, this 12” EP was recorded by Matt Peel at Cottage Road studios which is where Cowtown recorded their last LP. Can't say I'm strong on opinion from what I'v...view item »

Painted Skeletons/ Last Great Civilisation

Liking this band called Lapels. They're from Wakefield where a band called The Labels once hailed from. I was drunk perusing Myspace one night and happened upon The Labels and thought they were so awful I e-mailed them and told them just what I thought then woke up in the morning & groaned the groan of an extremely embarrassed man. I do that 2-3 ...view item »
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St Gregory Orange
Things We Said In Bedrooms EP

This St. Gregory Orange CD is a bit of a mystery to us really.. It's out on Philophobia but that's about as far as our knowledge stretches so this is going to have to be one of those stupid reviews where we actually have to listen to the music in order to judge it. Oh, and it's called Things We Said In Bedrooms. I've said some things in bedrooms th...view item »

Lapels/ Sponge Wings
Rocket Footage EP

Lapels have packaged their 7" in some sort of loincloth and we've established here in the office that this makes the record an instant solid buy since you can wipe your arse with the packaging if you don't like the music. When I lived in filthy student accomodation and didn't want to buy the toilet paper YETAFUCKINGGAIN I sometimes used to hav...view item »
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Runaround Kids
Kiss Chase

It kinda seems from reading Runaround Kids' press release (such as it charmingly is) that they must be from around here somewhere but we're all well clued-up and none of us know them so what does that mean? It means 'Kiss Chase' is a five track EP on a pleasantly cheap CD is what it means. And it also means that it's fuzzy lo-fi indie and it admitt...view item »
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The Bambinos
In Bed With...The Bambinos

Next up in retro CD jewel case (remember them?) is a CD called 'In Bed with The Bambinos' by The Bambinos. I'm sure someone else has done an album with that title? Gary Glitter maybe? Anyway there they are on the sleeve looking very lank of hair - you're gonna get dandruff all over those nice clean sheets! I was nicely surprised with opener 'S...view item »
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Above Us The Waves / Gary Gore / E.E. Viles / Daniel Lancaster
To Dare Is To Do

CD (PHOP024, £2.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Michael Ainsley
Slip Smash

Wakefield proves its mettle again with a new CD, 'Slip Smash' by local lad Michael Ainsley. I'm curious about the sleeve as it looks like the gateway to a noisy Action Beat type thrash fest but this chap actually offers up a calmer, more steady indie singer/songwriter style listen. His downpat Northern English delivery compliments the catchy, un...view item »

Piskie Sits
The Way I'd Like To Go

This new EP from Piskie Sits is a slackers call to arms. It makes you want to shuffle about in a plaid shirt. It makes you feel like wearing woolly hats in Summer. They take the best parts of such alt-rock acts as Pavement, Vaselines and maybe even Sonic Youth, and fashion four solid tracks of quality slacker rock. The guitar lines chime, the dr...view item »

Runaround Kids
No Dreams / Falling Into Better hands

The Runaround Kids really look like kids, little guys starting out in the world... One of them is even pictured on the sleeve with a broken leg which he probably incurred skateboarding or partaking in a dance-off or whatever it is kids do before they start drinking and wasting their lives on work and casual observation. 'No Dreams' reminds me of...view item »

The Spills
Smoke Signals

Wakefield kids this lot are. 4+ years they've been hovering around Myspace & they've had 55,000 views of their homepage! They specialise in an amped-up melodic slacker/college rock which sounds a lot more homely & genuine than many of their contemporaries. They sound a little akin to old Irish bands like Turn or Backwater - rough rhythm ...view item »
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The Spills
I'm Scared I Might/ Faux Pas Ha Hs

Returning back to earth The Spills have a new single out and its grunge-tastic (or grunge-azing or some other weak pun). It uses the "quiet-loud-quiet-loud" template to great effect,and has some rather tasty hooks, a bit like Mike Tyson without the assault charges. The musicianship's tight, the production's economical and the covers got a...view item »

Various (Angry Sandwich, Imp, Lapels etc.)
Some Things Still Matter

There's a rather cool little comp in this week from Wakefield based Philophobia label. If I remember rightly this is limited to 100 copies and it's a series of cheap CDs their doing showcasing local talent and whatnots. On 'Some Things Still Matter' you've got tracks by Angry Sandwich (a fella from The Acutes), Lapels, Sponge Wings, Ladybirds and l...view item »
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Do You Suffer From Philophobia?

Philophobia then.. It's what Phil's lady friend says she's got as her variation on 'I've got a headache'. They've got a new compilation out that comes in totally batshit mental packaging, it's a fold-out brown paper job with two melted 7"s bent over to hold the two CDs.. I assume that the records are different on each one, the one I've got her...view item »
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