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Drifting My Folklore

Well worth reading the press release for this one: two paragraphs and no sense whatsoever of what Drifting My Folklore might sound like. I highly approve of this, but should probably tell you a bit about the sound. It is difficult to be fair… Scrambling energetic electronic weirdo-pop sounds about right. Really good fun!
  • Vinyl LP (ST1038)

Plastic Palace People
From The Host of Late-Comers

Jim O’Rourke keeps on slipping them out, sneaking releases like this one out underneath your very nose… Plastic Palace People is the name of his long-term duo with Christoph Heeman, and the two collaborate so well that who’s making which sounds is hard to say… As enigmatic and enticing a piece of audio as that painted cover suggests.

Nicholas Szczepanik
Please Stop Loving Me

Nicholas Szczepanik is one of recent years' most proficient drone artists, crafting long-form works inspired by personal experiences that can be formalised in crystalline musics that can extend their reach outwards and resonate with listeners. Please Stop Loving Me is one fifty minute track of impossibly slow drone. 

Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann, Timo Van Luijk
Macchia Forest

Every Hidden Color

  • Vinyl LP (ST1033)
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Jim O’Rourke & Christoph Heemann
Plastic Palace People Vol. 2

Jim O'Rourke & Christophe Heemann
Plastic Palace People Vol. 1

  • Label(s):
  • Streamline

Charlemagne Palestine and Christoph Heemann
Saiten In Flammen

Lee Ranaldo, Jim O'Rourke & Christophe Heemann
Bloomington, Indiana... Autumn

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  • Streamline