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Emma Tricca
Minor White

  • Vinyl LP (09EGGSLP)
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Jane Weaver
Watchbird Alluminate

  • Vinyl LP (011EGGSLP)
  • CD (011EGGSCD)

Jane Weaver
The Amber Light

Not exactly a new album from the North West's premier songwriting queen but a limited edition vinyl pressing of the bonus album that came with initial copies of 2014's critically acclaimed 'The Silver Globe'. Recorded over two long weekends, 'The Amber Light' features collaborations with very good friend Andy Votel and Tom Furse from the Horrors. Will help see us all through to the release of the actual new album which is apparently being recorded right now. 

Jane Weaver / Tender Prey
Mission Desire / Pleasure Pain Principle

Mission Desire is the second single to be taken from Jane Weaver’s critically acclaimed album The Silver Globe. Weaver mixes spacey analogue synths and krautrock with classic singer/songwriting to make an original and compelling sound. This 7” is shared with Weaver’s labelmates and noisey Cardiffian three-piece, Tender Prey who bring Pleasure Pain Principle to the party - a burst of noise with intelligent lyrics.
  • Vinyl 7" (025EGGS)

Tender Prey
Organ Calzone

Tender Prey is the solo work of Laura Bryon, making indie-punk-pop with a lo-fi aesthetic.  Some of the Organ Calzone cassette (her longest recording to date) sounds the vocals are bleeding in from the bottom of a long corridor, although tunefulness is maintained. Drums provided by Emma Thomas of Islet. On Bird Records.
  • Tape (022EGGS)

Jane Weaver / Tender Prey
Don't Take My Soul / Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart

Jane Weaver’s Don't Take my Soul is an exposition of her gentle electropop and pretty, can’t-quite-put-your-thumb-on-it vocals, delivered appealingly and at high pitch. The 7” is split with Tender Prey, whose Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of my Heart is a promising sneak preview of their upcoming full-length.
  • Vinyl 7" (020EGGS)

Jane Weaver
The Silver Globe

‘The Silver Globe’ is the sixth solo album from Liverpudlian singer/songwriter and guitarist Jane Weaver. A concept album inspired by past experiences, cosmic imagery and idiosyncratic stories, 'The Silver Glove' combines  influences of mechanical rock with retrofitted European cinema and empyrean vocals, alongside futuristic vintage synths to create something multifaceted, beguiling and truly singular. 
  • Vinyl LP (019EGGSLP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (019EGGSCDD)

The Fates

  • Vinyl LP (016EGGSLP)

Suzanne Ciani
Seven Waves

  • CD (015EGGSCD)

The Eccentronic Research Council
1612 Underture

  • CD (014EGGSCD)

Jane Weaver and The Meadows
Is Everybody Happy

Beth Jeans Houghton