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Julie Doiron
Julie Doiron Canta en Español Vol. III

Former Eric's Trip bassist Julie Doiron has long been a much loved songwriter whose work has been compared to Damien Jurado or Bill Callahan. Influenced by the '60s and '70s songwriters who did the same and with the assistance of label boss and poet Jesus Llorente she has now tr...view item »

The Zephyrs
The Witches / The Crown Prince of Lies

Edinburgh indie-rock mainstays The Zephyrs return to the fray after almost a decade out of action. The band’s first new material since 2010 LP Fool Of Regrets sees them back on Acuarela Discos (Tigercats, The Wave Pictures) for a two-track single. Both ‘The ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Canvey Island Baby

Fresh from a Billy Childish collaboration, these true-to-life indie-rock-’n’-rollers have a bash at some Wilko Johnson standards to honour the former Dr Feelgood guitarist beating cancer a couple of years back. The link from Johnson’s idiosyncratic take on r’n’b to ...view item »

British Radars

The lo-fi indie crew known as Hood originally wanted British Radars to be released as a a 7” in 1994, but nothing came of it. In 2015 however, these 6 tracks have indeed been pressed to vinyl, in a limited edition! Several alternate versions dragged up from the archives, very exciting for Hood hea...view item »

Our Worn Shadow

'Our Worn Shadow' was the second album by Bristol native Chris Cole who has worked with Movietone, Matt Elliott, Soeza and Bracken amongst others. Following on from his self titled debut on Moteer, 'Our Worn Shadow' album is one of the true high water marks of neo-classical...view item »

Julie Doiron
Julie Doiron Canta en Español Vol. II

With an album count of twelve, Julie Doiron has well established herself as a solid part of the singer songwriter crew. This seven-track release contains some of the most relaxed and chilled guitars that Doiron has put on her albums to date. Combine this with her soft vocals in spanish and you’ve got a winning record. ...view item »

The Orchids
Beatitude #9

The poor old Orchids returned to the world a good few years after falling off the face of the earth, ready to inflict their twee pop woes onto the world: sadly, their mainstay label Sarah Records didn't exist anymore, so they had to deal with some new indie pop ventures. 'Beatitude #9' is their third record since they got back together...view item »

Okkervil River/Julie Doiron

Eric's Trip vocalist Julie Doiron joins forces with literary folk rock band Okkervil River for an unexpected but extremely logical split -- both bands, at this time in their career, were interested in making sparse, sincere and vulnerable folk songs. Okkervil River had only released two records at this point and were still an unhinged, uncomprom...view item »

Dank Jazz

Lois is a Madrid-based bedroom indie-pop artist, crafting infectious lo-fi blasts with guitar, beat-box, a 4-track, and some ingenuity. Dank Jazz is his second release, and takes a turn towards surf-rock rather than actual jazz. Surf suits Lois, with his classic 50’s-rocker baritone and bouncy gui...view item »

Lou Barlow
Mirror The Eye

This is Lou Barlow, so you already know that it's good, right? "Yawning Blue Messiah" is fairly typical Barlow but with a choir of Barlows joining in on the chorus, something I've not heard him do before this but it's a nice move. Lyrically it is has all the Barlow anxieties in place "I miss you brother but I hate your guts". "Faith Defies The N...view item »

Isle Of Dogs

From the first chords, you know this is a scrumptious indierock treat. 2012’s Isle of Dogs is finally reissued on vinyl for everybody who missed the boat the first time, right as Tigercats’ second album (Mysteries) is released. What convenient timing for all you fans of lighthearted and honest indie...view item »

Oh! Pears
Wild Part of the World

At the very least, Oh! Pears win the prize for best use of a mid-sentence exclamation mark since Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Aside from that, they share nothing with those Canadian naysayers, making delicate and whimsical chamber pop based around the crafty songwriting of Corey Duncan. On 'Wild Part of the World', he mixes contemporary folk pop...view item »

Umbra Sum
Aún No Has Demostrado Nada

Your opportunity to hear the results of of Ed Sánchez-Gómez’s (Umbra Sum) long journey through the guitar, from classical to folk to improvisation over the course of more than a decade. Aún No Has Demostrado Nada is impressively broad in the range it covers, songs growing from intimate beginni...view item »

Your Blues

Dan Bejar's indie rock eye-rolling continued with 'Your Blues', his sixth record, which wasn't a testament to how bored he was hanging about with the twee and sickeningly lovely New Pornographers, but was a wonderful bit of abandon for him. As is custom for the Destroyer project, it shows him in high-drama form, performing pantomimic songs in hi...view item »

David Thomas Broughton
David Thomas Broughton Vs 7Hertz

David Thomas Broughton Vs 7 Hertz: 'S/T' (Acuarela) This five track CD is the sound of five musicians jamming around some loosely discussed ideas, recorded and mixed in a church in Leeds, West Yorkshire. For those unfamiliar, DTB is a Northern folky singer-songwriter acclaimed for his live improvised sets that combines his vocals with the live loop...view item »

The Wave Pictures
Watching Charlie’s Angels

The Wave Pictures next with 'Watching Charlie's Angels' which is what I'd rather be doing right now. This is one of those mundane observations of everyday life type tunes that some folks find endearing. I however don't. I'm reminded a lot of Darren Hayman and Phil has just declared that "They really are the new Hefner". I was flabbergaste...view item »

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu? How do you pronounce that? What is wrong with bands these days? The Smiths, Pixies, Joy Division. These are band names you can pronounce. Clear and precise, that's what you want from a band name. Xiu Xiu??  Once again I can spell it better than I can say it which makes me feel stupid. Not a good start when I'm...view item »

The Clientele
That Night, A Forest Grew

So last week I did a few reviews and highly recommended one record by Mt Repeater which Phil has just informed me was the worst selling record of the week. Oh well. Hopefully The Clientele have enough of a following that you will all flood out to buy this new EP thingy on Acuarela called 'That Night, a Forest Grew'. Not much to say really - I like ...view item »

Grouper and Inca Ore

'Like Enya but good' is my description of Grouper before I've heard a note. Really all reviews should be done this way, just on a vague notion conjured up by the name and the artwork.. Thing is, having listened to this split with Inca Ore I don't think it's a million miles away. Ethereal vocals and plaintive piano backings bring to mind pictures of...view item »

The Album Leaf
Seal Beach

Better Looking Records have re released The Seal Beach EP by Album Leaf (originally on Acuarela)  including 5 bonus tracks from their tour with Sigur Ros. If you've got it already which a lot of you have then you'll know what it is... Floaty prettyness with a side portion of floaty prettyness to make it extra fl...view item »

Whistle Blow

Jonquil are back with a new 7 track EP mini album, Whistle Blow, on Acuarela. I was reasonably disappointed with the last album after the infinite joy of the debut. Mind you I've had to time to get used to it and their slight change of direction. This is their first release that ain't an album as well. Two albums in and not a single...I kind of lik...view item »

The Clientele
Ariadne EP

I love The Clientele. Love 'em. I bought one record of theirs last year and very promptly bought the whole lot. I thought their last album was slightly uninspired in places despite one or two lovely songs so its nice to see that there's a new 5 track EP out on Acuarela. Oh they have a sound of their own thi...view item »

His Name Is Alive
Firefly Dragonfly

His Name Is Alive is in a perpetual state of re-envisioning their material, and on the Firefly Dragonfly EP, they bring us not only a stripped down Come Out The Wilderness (an alternate version from their full-lenth Xmmer,) but also a languid update of There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words that dissolves into the bells, cello dron...view item »

Destroyers Rubies

One of 2006's best records and one of America's best kept secrets..only musicians seem to enjoy this guy! Dan Bejar comes back with his 7th or 8th record (who knows!) and it's simply incredible. Think Bowie and Dylan clashing together, one's giving the decadent and romantic atmosphere, the other is writing some ...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Tu Mi Piaci

XIU XIU are a strange bunch indeed. I'm not gonna bang on about the name. I did that last time I expect it was tedious then. Musically it's utterly bizarre as you'd probably expect. There's a cover (of sorts) of Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me from The Pussycat Dolls which sounds like Einsturzende Neubauten...view item »


I'm right keen on this Apse album on ATP, it's called Spirit and it's a reissue of one they put out a couple of years back on Acuarela which sold sweet eff all it seems. Where's the justice? Things'd be different if Judge Judy was running this industry, I tell you. For the most part it's rhythmical, epic post-rock that straddles a satisfying middle...view item »

Roses For The Ashes

Finally Jacques, new CD on Acuarela. Has a big fat arse on the sleeve just to prepare you for the music found inside as it sounds like Neil Diamond if he was up his. Alarmingly poor. Fat Barry assures me this is not a joke. So they're obviously deadly serious then? Roses For The Ashes is CD only...view item »