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Experimental Colours

I'm not sure what's going on here, all i'm aware of is that Ai records is 10 years old & they're commemorating a decade in the biz with, amongst other things, a totally lush picture disc. This features radical updates of tracks from the first ever Ai EP from back in the day. As you can expect, this is a collection of sumptuously presented hi...view item »

Sinner DC

Sinner DC are on Ai records, purveyors of modern electronic sound, classy house, techno & electro grooves. 'Crystallized' is a new CD by him/her/them. It begins as an atmospheric ambient techno treat, then come the waves of drifting, emotive synths, calling like electronic whales whilst a 4/4 pulse pins it together. By 'Anyway' we're enterin...view item »

The Third Man
Before We Begin EP

The Third Man: 'Before We Begin' (Ai) This is deep four to floor techno/house, well produced with all the key references: warm washes and keyboard lines, driving beats, handclaps that utilise all the right presets provided by Mr Roland and others.I'm guesssing the third man is of Scots origin, with titles referencing the Lothian region. T...view item »


Datassette: S/T (Ai) Nine track LP that starts out all electro with wheezes, spurts of air and a hint of a melody fighting to break out of the electric maze.One can't fault Ai for their continued championing of all things electronica, most of their releases come cutely packaged and with the addition of Datassette makes it a label keeping ...view item »

Grey Sky Cracks

Plant 43: 'Grey Sky Cracks' ep (Ai) Four tracks of very well produced bedroom electronica for fans of Warp, Skam to name just two labels that are regarded as above the mountains of so-called IDM pioneers. If you like the 'artificial intelligence' era of B12, Black Dog etc then you'll love the lush warm pads, carefully constructed beats and textures...view item »

Sinner DC

Sinner DC "Montage" (Ai) Collects various artists (Sonic Boom, Piano Magic to name two of the four) to re-interpret tracks from his Mount Age cd. Ambient, drifting, abstract electronica that owes as much to what hardware/software is being used as to the very polite moods evoked on listening. If you want to be challenged listen to...oh, I ...view item »

Jacen Solo, Michael Manning, FZV, Various
Split 3

Ai records unleash thier 16th EP combining tracks from some real legends. Blimey. A host of names, old & new from the esteemed roster. FZV stun with a brilliant melodic electro cut, beatifully programmed with a fresh whipcrack beats & haunting, dreamy synths & spacey bloops. Wicked gear. Jacen Solo...view item »

Sinner DC
Mount Age

Sinner DC's latest EP 'Mount Age' on Ai is before me and it's a blend of 4/4 dark atmospheric techno with vocals, electro beats with gorgeous Detroit inspired melodies. This has a real epic feel to it, really quite dramatic. There are some lush melodies on here and the production is warm and polished. Not in a commercial way but y...view item »

Plant 43 / Datassette

More electronic fun..... courtesy of AI Records who at one time seemed like they could do no wrong (with some folks anyway). Their stuff seems to be less popular these days for some reason or other. Don't ask me... I'm not getting involved..... So we have a split 12" by Plant43 and Datassette which comes immaculately p...view item »

World Fuels EP

First up, proving that electronica has finally eaten itself, is Normal (no, not the Warm Leatherette ones) with a Boards of Canada tribute 12" on AI. This borders on out and out plagiarism. Track 2 is exactly the same in sound and structure as 'Everything You Do Is A Balloon' off t...view item »

Built In Anger

Next on the list of shame is a new CD by Confutatis on the electronic label AI, This is minimilist bleeps and bloops and atmospherics topped on track 1 by what? Come on guess.....a bloody saxophone. For Christ's sake are these people trying to wind me up? Anyway, skipping to track two you...view item »

AI Sampler 2000-2005

AI Records are back with a new distribution deal and a new cheapo sampler CD to get you to remember those old greats an to inform you of some newies. Featuring new and old tracks by Claro Intelecto, Yellotone, FZV, Normal, Confutatis, Montag, SWF, Yunx, Subside, Jacen Solo, Sinner DC and Mike Manning. It's blinking cheap ...view item »

Tar File Junction

New from Yellotone. The search continues for the new Ulrich Schnauss. Nearly but no cigar. This is good indie stroke electronica. Great fluent beats, BOC style bass melodies and the thrashing of a ....what?.... a guitar. Its very chirpy this. I do feel I've heard this before...oh some it has been out before. Has it?  T...view item »

New Town

AI Records is the the place to be for all things electronic at the moment. They seem to be terribly popular and everything we have by 'em shits out right quickly from the back of the towers. We have a lovely new complication in called New Town showcasing a load of new folks I've never heard of and Claro Intelle...view item »