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Vibracathedral Orchestra
Live At Total Inertia

Vibracathedral Orchestra are a wild, shamanic collective who recently reformed to continue their path of improvised psychedelic noise bursts. This limited white vinyl  10" captures them live at one of their favourite haunts, Wharf Chambers in Leeds and perfectly encapsulates the experience of their intense and raw live show...view item »
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The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume Two - The Carnival is Over

This is the nicest thing I’ve seen in a while (probably since the last one of these that came out a while back). So let me dwell on the packaging for a wee while which is rather special! You get a plush red velvet stringed up bag and inside is a CD (the cover of the disc is the inside of ...view item »
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Mueran Humanos
El Circulo

This latest one from Vanity Case comes from Berlin-based Argentinian couple Mueran Humanos, who on ‘El Circulo’ mix a tribalistic mechanised stomp with hypnotic slow-building melodies and chanted vocals, building to a churning ritual-rock fug that recalls Hawkwind and ...view item »

Frozen Geese
The Starseed

There's some strange people around these parts. One such character is Dave Lazonby, once of local experimental krauters Lazerboy, collaborator with Damo Suzuki and head of the shadowy improvisational collective Geese. They've now added the frozen prefix and released a cassette, recorded onto 4 track in a church apparently. Now, I don't ever expe...view item »
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All Property is Theft, All Flesh is Grass

The covers from this new Geese record are pretty sweet two-coloured screenprinted affairs with a kind of “Are you OK?” plaque on the back cover. On the record we've got some weird psychedelic pop from reliable ...view item »

Frozen Geese
Disclaimer Parts 1&2

S'more whacked-out cosmic records anyone? Well Dark Lord of the Cosmic order of Northern England, Dave Lazonby, has been jamming with the likes of Damo Suzuki for years and quite probably has the most mind-bendingly comprehensi...view item »
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Val Denham
I Saw Myself in Your Dreams Last Night

Bradford dwelling artist Val Denham is a truly unique proposition. Since Vanity Case issued 'Dysphoria' a couple of years ago she has had a 3LP retrospective of early musical works published as well as lots of artwork type things so it's high time to delve back into her dark, fractured world. "Val Denham is probably the only artist liv...view item »

The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume Three, Where is Tomorrow?

The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume Three, Where Is Tomorrow is a compilation that boasts artists like Neil Turpin, Lazer Boy and The Womb in its roster. The packaging for this release is ...view item »

This Spooky Shit

Spaced-out, electronic rambling from Leeds duo 3eese. Sometimes I worry that in our our age of hyper-availability and exposure there are no more really weird records and then something like this arrives. Modulated cornet playing over John Carpenter-worshipping synths, demonic vocals and drum machines, like some psychedelic mirag...view item »

The Plane's Gone Dad

Ol' Dave Lazonby (ex of the remarkable Lazerboy amongst others) is one of the most endearing & quirky people i've ever met on the Leeds scene. His band Geese have collaborated with Damo Suzuki from Can on some serious improv freeform projects in recent years & now shout out with their debut 7" 'The Plane's Gone Dad', a white vinyl trea...view item »

Val Denham

Christ what a back story. Val Denham was involved in doing artwork for the likes of Marc Almond, Throbbing Gristle back in the day and has been involved in Psychic TV and Genesis P Orridge projects, o...view item »

Frozen Geese
Geese On Ice

Here’s the latest offering from leading Leeds space-head Dave Lazonby’s Geese offshoot Frozen Geese, with eight brand new tracks of palatable krauty psychedelia to massage your earholes with after a stressful day on the treadmill. It opens with a couple of...view item »
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The Congregation

One for the stoner twitchers out there from Leeds renowned stable of the psychedelic and sublime, Vanity Case. I last heard Steve and Felix on the cosmic mindwarp that was the Frozen Geese platter a few years back. Here the duo have constructed a heady yet relaxing jour...view item »

Psychic TV/ PTV3
Mother Sky Vs Alien Sky

Vanity Case records present the second 12” of the “Alien” series by Psychic TV/PTV 3. Two epic tracks on one amazingly blue vinyl, which are huge psychedelic songs that have undulating structures, evocative lyrics and pummeling instrumentation that are by all accounts qui...view item »
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Psychic TV
Alien Brain vs Maggot Brain

I never thought I'd be reviewing Psychic TV, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti records all in the same session. Surely an act of synchronicity. When Genesis' vocals kick in on 'Alien Brain' he sounds rather disturbingly like Perry Farrell, things meander for a bit until it goes full-on psychedelic rock. The brain theme continues on the other si...view item »
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After the two-headed space-kraut mind-melt that was Frozen Geese's last vinyl outing, the band has stripped down to a duo for this latest side-project which offers here its take on more tripped-out kosmische synth worship and minimalist hypno-kraut. But o...view item »

The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Volume One

Awww man. This is ace! It comes in a gold lame bag and it's well Jimmy Saville looking! Inside you get a 10 track CD, 2 badges, stickers, photos, a paper boat, a mini lipstick and all kinds of bits of paper and that. Oh, and there's lots of little shiny stars in there. There's a plethora of goodness in there, with each artist contributing someth...view item »
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Geese/Reg Pantal

This is the second 7" release from new label, Vanity Case that brings together long time friends and collaborators Geese and Rag Pantal. The Geese track 'Kensington Terrace' is a wear your heart on your sleeve, grand piano based, tragi-ballad with interesting saxophone and drum machine elements that elevate the track from standard fair to inte...view item »
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