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Suction Records follow up their reissue of D’Arcangelo’s 1996 Rephlex Records EP with this new archival release. Four of the six pieces on II were tracked around the same time as the Roman duo’s self-titled debut, though they have never seen the light of day until now....view item »

Hypersensitivity EP

After a few years of lying low (pun very much intended), Lowfish returns to the fray with six fine-tuned electro jams. The tracks on Hypersensitivity aren’t out to reinvent the wheel, just offer good old fashioned club fodder to get loose to of an evening. Perky synths and crisp 808s abound, and the likes of &lsqu...view item »


Reissue of D’Arcangelo’s debut EP from 1996, originally released on the now defunct Aphex Twin run label Rephlex. There’s a lot of Aphex Twin’s Caustic Window era to be found here. The first three tracks present distorted techno-come-IDM through industria...view item »

Somewhere In Time

Suction Records have been combing the archives of Roman braindance legends D’Arcangelo recently, reissuing their eponymous 1996 EP as well as putting out a record of contemporaneous, largely unreleased material entitled II. Somewhere In Time collects those two vinyl on one CD as well as o...view item »


The CD editions of the unearthed RX-101 archive compile parts of the vinyl series together. 'Transmission' draws from parts 3 and 4, adding bonus tracks and producing a cohesive album. This journey into late 90s Warp electronica celebrates all the innocent wonder and patchwork beats of IDM's golden age....view item »

EP 4

Well here's a nostalgia trip. RX-101's approach to electronica is most certainly of its time, with this series of vinyl releases all taking material from late 90s tape recordings. The childlike keys and pads, combined with the kind of metallic percussion favoured by μ-Ziq, point towards classic IDM....view item »

Snow Robots Volume 4

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Canadian IDM label Suction Records have returned with their fan-favourite Snow Robots compilation series, weaving together deep electro, '80s electro and New Wave tracks with sizzling performances from label veterans (Digital Poodle, Ceramic Hello, June) and ...view item »

EP 3

RX-101 is an acid producer who really wears his machines on his sleeve. Yup, this one's got an SH-101 on AND a TB-303, but not playing any of that hip modern slo-acid nonsense, no sir. This is heavy, speedy, rave acid in a classic Rephlex style. Well, it had better be, since it was made circa '97-99, a genuine vintage....view item »

EP 2

RX-101 is a producer new to the scene, and yet the material now being released actually dates from the late 1990s. Seems he’s pulling a ‘Selected Techno Works’... Actually, the sound of EP 2’s six tracks definitely have the warm flavour of some of Aphex Twin’s works, and ...view item »

EP 1

RX-101 is a producer new to the scene, and yet the material now being released actually dates from the late 1990s. Seems he’s pulling a ‘Selected Techno Works’... The six tracks of EP 1 are a great time, fizzing with direct energy pushed straight from drum machines and synths onto cassette. Thanks due ...view item »


The modest sounds of producer Roger Semsroth usually go under his Sleeparchive moniker, where techno goes to get minimised. Lesser known, though, is his Skanfrom project, which has been defunct for over a decade now. Here, he goes more for IDM and electronic meditation. 'Postcards' is the first sighting for Semsroth's second project since 2...view item »

June / Lowfish

June and Lowfish share this 12” on the Suction Records label, with two tracks from each producer sitting cheerfully side-by-side. Everything here is bright and boldly melodic: absolutely lovely electro pulsing all over the shop. C.D.S.N is pressed to orange vinyl and released in a limited edition ...view item »

Digital Poodle
Revision! Vol.2: Soul Crush

Digital Poodle produced music in the 80’s and 90’s, boldly crossing the borders between Electronic Body Music and techno. Soul Crush became a scene staple back in the day, and is presented here alongside a remix by techno producer Adam X and a remarkable in-studio jam version by :zov...view item »

New Ways Remixed

Solvent mainly plays analog, but he selflessly ditched his IDM leanings for the soundtrack to 'I Dream Of Wires', a documentary about the darkside: modular synths. Four of the tracks he scored for the film are now being remixed on 'New Ways Remixed', by four of the artists in the film, in one of many ever-so-slightly meta...view item »

New Ways

This is the 6th full length album from Canada based synth botherer Solvent. The music was originally used as incidental music in the documentary I Dream Of Wires which explores the history of the modular synth. As you may expect the album excels at producing epic synth minimalism and headphone electronica. Previously on Ghostly International and...view item »


Now this is of major interest, primarily because, as stated in the press, “Every sound on this record was generated by the Yamaha CS5 monosynth, previously owned by Richard D. James” So the tracks, although more derivative of the vintage melodic electro variety have an unmistak...view item »

Hello Tinnitus / A Little Thing Gets By

Now forgive me here but I thought Suction, the ace Canadian electro imprint ran by Lowfish & Solvent folded a few years ago?? But here is a brand new 7” with a cosmic catalogue number and some totally wonderful old-skool melancholia-infused electro pop!! Both Phil and I were mor...view item »

Memories Are Uncertain Friends

Super awesome to have some new Lowfish material on his always fantastic Solvent Label. Well, this isn't exactly new material but a collection of unreleased tracks selected from old DAT's, Cassette's and Mini-Discs dating back to 1995 through to 1999. I've been digging this man's stuff for many years now (on Satamile, Ersatz Audio, Awkward Silenc...view item »

Hand Picked Fragments

In on Suction is a new Skanfrom LP which is a hybrid of Kraftwerk/ Boards Of Canada with a vulgar 80's pop twist. Bits sound like early Depeche Mode (the music that is) and it's all very melodic but I can't do with the 80's sounds. Hand Picked Fragments is all very tuneful and probably ...view item »