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Show Me Your Hands

Fupper. 'Show Me Your Hands' has some really interesting percussion with melodic guitar and a trippy vocal that sounds like it was recorded underwater. It's a decent tune, really atmospheric and dreamy. The flip has a humble acoustic number which is also really dreamy, and a more experimental guitar piece with layers of gentle plucked a...view item »

Go Live

Go (LIVE) brings to life the sprawling and angelic songs on Jón Þór Birgisson's solo debut Go under the guise Jónsi. While the other members of Jón's primary band Sigur Rós were preoccupied "making babies" as Jón described, he took to his studio and produced one of the finest pop album's of the dec...view item »

Hey Colossus/ Dot
Kittens/ Black Acid

Also on the label in collaboration with Blind Date records and Shifty Records is a split by Hey Colossus and Dot(.). You may remember Hey Colossus from the split 10" they did with Part Chimp and Todd on Rock Action. 'Kittens' starts off with slow drones and builds into a big hea...view item »

We Lowered A Microphone Into The Ground

There's a bunch of great albums out at the moment, while hardly groundbreaking or life changing, are extremely pretty, poignant works of instrumental bliss. Next in line is Reigns. This album comes across as a mixture of Rachel's and Sigur Ros.  The melodies are beautiful neo classical things whilst the guitars recall ...view item »

Laughing Man / Search For Gold

Why have I never heard a Lovvers record before until now? Brian put 'Laughing Man' on the deck and I almost shit myself. A slab of prime Butthole Surfers inspired primal gutter rock that twats you in the head like a juggernaut. It begins with a slow intro and then the drums kick in and a disorientating filthy riff does the business.The vocal has a ...view item »

Styne Vallis

Ho ho ho.... what  a beauty this be. From the off this hits you where it hurts. Where to start eh?? Well it's a cross breed of electronica and post rock. I can hear bits of Lucky Pierre (without the cheese) and it reminds me a lot of some of the early Melodic records before they started releasing records by Nine Black Alps ...view item »

Meets Guitar, Charlottefield, Various
The Two Minutemen 2

and the last one I've got time to do is the 2 Minutemen 2 comp 7". Sequel to the last smash double pack. This one features 2 minute long tracks by I'm Being Good, Bilge Pump, Montana Pete, Old Time Relijun, Twinkie, Meets Guitar, Maquiladora, Joeyfat, Charlottefiled, Wolf Colonel, Lo Fi Sucks, Fupper ...view item »

000-0 / Threatenings

Epideme are a bunch of lovely Brighton lads who make a jagged schizoid racket on Jonson family & are good buddies with Lovvers, former SOTW champs. They're offering up a squalling punk rock double header this week. '000-0' has cascading drums collapsing all over the shop, death punk guitars that sound like the strings are getting all tied up in...view item »


LOVVERS have a 7" out on Jonson Family. This has a lovely picture of 2 horse on the cover. They look like they're in love. In fact it's kind of painting you can imagine on your grandparents wall. Though play this to them and they'll more than likely have a heart attack as it's a right old racket!  It sounds like...view item »

The Blank Tape / Frozen Acid

REIGNS 7" is pretty. Really pretty. Doesn't say what speed it is so I'll have to do it at 33. 'Frozen acid' is spectral mid tempo stuff that reminds me of acts such as FortDax or Tomcats in Tokyo. A slowed down vocal interrupts a beautiful rhythmical track, harnessing the chasm between glacial electronic synth frequ...view item »

Hey Colossus

Play the new album by Hey Colossus at 45 & you get a really bad Melt Banana. That's what I've just done. Play It at the correct revs of 33 & you get emo blended with seriously groovy stoner rock, maaan. Following on from the likes of Gonga, I assume. For the Kyuss & ...view item »

Billy Mahonie, Grover, Left Hand, Various
The Two Minutemen

Jonson Family records are proud to announce the birth of their latest CD, a top compilation of the twominutemen 7" double packs with a bargain 7 extra tracks taking the total to a cracking 39 perky short 'n' snappy guitar growlers. Bands included are: Billy Mahonie, Cove, Stanton, Meets Guitar, Charlottefield...view item »