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Mermaid Chunky

Post punk performance art duo Mermaid Chunky make their music from Casio keyboards, drum machines, sax and pretty much anything they can get an acceptable sound from that they may find around the house. Whilst this all may seem very DIY, they are trained in classical and jazz music. Vest was produced by Capitol K. 

Capitol K

Capitol K aka Kristian Craig Robinson has been operating under the radar in the world of Folktronica for over 20 years now. In that time he has released 7 albums and a handful of EPs alongside his roles as a producer, recording engineer and label manager. His sound has continued to evolve and branch out. Birdtrapper is his 8th album. On Faith and Industry.

Champagne Dub

Capitol K’s Faith And Industry drops an LP by psychedelic groove-jazzers Champagne Dub. Given that the band contains members of Melt Yourself Down, Acoustic Ladyland and The Comet Is Coming it was always likely that Drops would be an intense affair. The band’s trick is to keep things fun even when it gets heavy - ‘Gatito Ven’, for instance, combines the weight of Free Nelson Mandoomjazz with the propulsive rhythms of Boredoms’ drum period.

Capitol K

Now a producer of some note (The Comet Is Coming, Ibibio Sound Machine), Kristian Craig Robinson returns to his original incarnation which through the nineties and noughties splurged out some pretty brilliant bold and inventive electronica. This latest album was inspired by a trip to his native Malta where he built a studio in a cave. 

John Johanna
I'll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes

Kristian from Capitol K has had a hand in this latest release from spiritual rocker John Johanna. Bringing together four previously cassette-only tracks with four exclusives, I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes is psychedelic in the proper sense. Bringing together Eastern tonalities, drone, blues rock, raga and more, the tracks here have a propulsive and hypnotic quality that is only accentuated by Johanna’s chanted spiritualist texts.

Super Best Friends Club

A true indie record from Super Best Friends Club sees frontman Jonah Brody take a whole new approach into his vocal style. The whole band has seen a vast improvement to give a  much more mature style of musicianship that creates a psych and country mix entitled Loveblows. Available on vinyl LP from ‘Faith and Industry’.

Capitol K
Notes From Life On The Wire With A Wrecking Ball

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Blue House

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Capitol K
New York/ Playground

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Capitol K
Andean Dub

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Capitol K
Go Go Go/Libertania

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