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Bedroom Club III

The No Pain In Pop label have something of a showcase with this release, the third in their compilation series. Bedroom Club III contains six tracks from bright new electronic artists, including Throwing Shade, Sim Hutchins and Jire. All produce inventive tracks, slipping in ...view item »

Glaqjo Xaacsso

patten's glitchy electronic work is blunt and forthcoming, melding together the sensibilities of acts on early days Warp and contemporary Anticon with music that is better codified as avant-garde, drawing on musique concrete and dream pop. Glaqjo Xaacsso traverses many different styles to...view item »


The producer behind Jire is just 20 years old: remarkable when you hear the talent on display here. Zang pokes its head through the door of the club for a while, but mostly prefers to hang out in the abstract computer music suite next door. A cavalcade of frantic digital sonics, lovely stuff. 12” on No Pain In Pop...view item »

Sim Hutchins
I Enjoy To Sweep A Room

Occasionally tense, always emotional and beautifully constructed, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room is the debut album from Essex boy Sim Hutchins. Blurred, synthy and richly produced it’s a woozy journey into the mind of a post-grime talent. Well worth your time. Out on vinyl LP from No Pain In Pop. Included bonus CD....view item »

Throwing Shade
Fate Xclusive EP

A sparkly, reverby record from upcoming London producer Throwing Shade. The Fate Xclusive EP touches down in a few different territories: the single ‘Honeytrap’s odd-pop contains strains of 90’s trip-hop, contemporary postmodern electronics, and a strikingly direct vocal performance. 12” on No Pa...view item »

Echo Lake

We can never get enough of lush rock sounds. Echo Lake’s second album promises to be rich and unique in their special way, having recovered of first drummer Peter Hayes’ passing. The bands' members preferring planning and hard work over spontaneous combustion, Era has been years in the making and hopefully w...view item »

Kiowa Polytope EP

Here we have the debut 'noise architecture' release from cultured Londoner Jire (aka Nathan Geyer) which promises to combine elements of modern classical, screwed field recordings, and dance music. A name that jolts to mind here is the legendary Tim Hecker, so expect some weird but sublime sounds....view item »

Throwing Shade
19 Jewels EP

Almost indecently slinky, this is the debut 12” from a London producer and DJ who appears, according to the internet to be nameless. The spoken word listing of chocolate related innuendo on opener ‘Sweet Tooth’ is initially off putting but the music enveloping it is such a glacial synth wash that you soon become enveloped in it...view item »

Karen Gwyer
New Roof EP

I have a cassette by this lady on Opal Tapes that I really dig but for some reason haven’t got round to picking up her ‘Needs Continuum’ LP for No Pain In Pop. I’ll most certainly be rectifying that after hearing this 12” (her fourth release o...view item »

Forest Swords
Dagger Paths

Always a worry when you get a CD plonked into your hands with the words "you'll love this" but this one passes the Clint shit-o-meter with flying colours. Initially there's a spectacular cross fusion of genres here. Mmmmm! Fusion! It fits somewhere between what we now call witch step (sorry) and the haunting soundtrack-y atmospheres of a La Brad...view item »

The Bedroom Club II

London based label No Pain In Pop has released its second compilation of dark underground late night club tunes, artists and DJ’s from the four corners of the globe are featured here. We start with Finnish artist Ukkonen and It sets the mood for the rest of the albu...view item »

Aika EP

Finnish producer Ukkonen has a new 12" out this week with a lengthy composition on each side. On the first we have 'Luomus', a shimmering bit of euphoric dronework with a soft house beat bubbling just below the surface, full of inviting but indistinct 'A Place In The Sun' vibes. It's really floaty and layered and a bit new agey and it drifts alo...view item »

Love To Give

At 23, Sam Howard has already set himself a difficult task in following up his raptly received debut album 'Ark', which he released as a mere nipper at the end of 2012. 'Love To Give' is a record which centres around the ex-choirboy's angelic voice, but there's a lot more to it than initially meets the eye, as he deftly throws around spiritual-s...view item »

The Ancient Tonalities Of...

The excellent No Pain In Pop label presents this latest offering from Finnish electronic producer Ukkonen, to put the frankly overused label of IDM on this record just wouldn’t do it justice, as Ukkonen explains, this is a modern electronic take on the history of music theo...view item »

Torn Hawk & Karen Gwyer
Cowboys (For Karen)

Before her acclaimed ‘Needs Continuum’ LP was released, Karen Gwyer passed some tracks on to New York’s Luke “Torn Hawk” Wyatt for a remix. What Wyatt did instead was create a 35-minute &ldquo...view item »

Karen Gwyer
Needs Continuum

I’m so tired today I misread the press release of this. It says she “makes slow-burning and sexy ‘bath house’” and I read that as bath noises... Making slow-burning and sexy bath noises is a world apart from bath house! Either way she’s in the bath and cleanliness is next to godliness and you gotta love a clea...view item »

Vinyl Williams

Lionel “Vinyl” Williams is the latest wonky musician-producer type to emerge from the fertile fields of Los Angeles with this slick and often weird new album on No Pain In Pop, wit...view item »


Another of these youngsters brandishing a form of sad, soulful confessional chamber pop for these strained times, this young south Londoner looking to dust his work with something a little bit special. It's hard in this over-peopled musical climate to make a difference but he's certainly tryin...view item »

Echo Lake
Wild Peace

Gutted for this band, they’ve very recently announced the sad passing of their drummer just days before the release of their debut album. Mucho condolences from Auntie Norman to the remaining members and also the laddie’s friends and family. I’d like...view item »

Empire Sound

Now that I've opened up and admitted the thing that all readers of these reviews over the past few years will ave known for a long long time, namely I don't have a fucking clue what I'm talking  about, the pressure is off. Giving me this record is like giving it to Syd Little and asking...view item »

The Proper Ornaments
The Proper Ornaments

The Proper Ornaments are one of those new slacker pop bands with Real Estatey indie pop shuffles aplenty. They've got pedigree, too, by way of members of Veronica Falls and Let's Wrestle, although I'd say that their sound falls closer to the former band than the latter. It's gentler than ...view item »

Echo Lake
Another Day/ Breathe Deep

Winsome style shoegazery from these Kansas pups. It contains these following elements;1) reverb2) vocals that sound like an asthmatic hamster3) a drum track with tambourines on the snare beat4) reverb5) guitars that gently pluc...view item »

Geidi Primes

Montreal's Claire Boucher has surprised me here with her album. I was so utterly stumped and perplexed by her split with D'eon that I didn't actually know what was going on. On 'Geidi Primes' her wonky ethereal folk with beats initially sounds like old Too ...view item »

A Grave With No Name

I was expecting something dark and gothy with a name like that. I was right on the first count but it's dark in a pleasant way. Their sound is a very simple thing, distant, hazy piano and androgynous vocals and that's about it. It sits somewhere between Plush's gentle piano excursions and something ...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
Mr No/ Someone Great

Banjo or Freakout? There comes a point in everyone's lives where they must ask themselves this question. 'Mr. No'/'Someone Great' is a 7" featuring a nicely relaxed and floaty bit of indie on the A-side, maybe in the style of a more distinguishable Animal Collective whose new album YOU ALL MUST BUY, with its echoey vocals and electronically ma...view item »

Forest Swords
Fjree Feather EP

It says EP on the blurb but this would pass for an album in most people's minds. What we have here is an incredibly limited, white vinyl, soon to be out of print collection of early demo material from the man who wowed us with his excellent 'Dagger Paths' opus. This was previously released on very limited ...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Streams / Feathers

"This is a real keeper...proper dazed pop scree. killer". Not my words the words of an over excited press release. A proper keeper eh? Neville Southall there was a good one. Anyway's as they say this one is a 'keeper', a 'killer' if you like. One side sounds like a lo-fi re-work of Mercury Rev's 'Holes', the other a Spector-ish take one of Danie...view item »

Echo Lake
Young Silence

Brain was kind (slack) enough to leave me this Echo Lake 12" to review because he's feeling all disorientated and confused boo hoo. I think he's got something in his eye or his stubbed his toe or something. Anyway, whatever it is he's in no fit state to review a 12" EP (It's got six songs on it and everything....'bloody hell') so I've elevated h...view item »


This is the debut album from Atlanta, Georgia's Matthew Jackson Johnson. The 22 year old musician has crafted a wonderful selection of luscious drum propelled pop tunes. The melodies are warm and inviting with sparkly synth tones and an overall sort of tropical/balearic feeling emanating from deep within the grooves. There's even or sort of down...view item »

Forest Swords
Rattling Cage

After the roaring success of the debut Forest Swords LP on Olde English Spelling Bee I should imagine expectations are high in anticipation of this little bad boy of a seven inch. Rest assured though, you kids won't be disappointed. This is mint. A-side 'Rattling Cage' (I'd have preferred 'Rattling Cages' like you would down at city hall but eac...view item »

Veronica Falls
Beachy Head/ Staying Here

Again more impressive C86 style indie pop. They kind of sound like Black Tambourine or the Shop Assistants. There's have a lovely dark twist to their songs that hints at The Cramps. The guitars are murky and the drums barely veer from the floor tom and snare Bobby Gillespie thing and the female vocals belt along nicely struggling to fight throug...view item »


HEALTH have a new 7" out featuring '//M\' off of their rather nice debut LP. As with most of their gear it's accessible noisy stuff that owes a big debt to Liars and Boredoms, with satisfyingly tribal drum-pounding and chanting vocals that are kind of ambient if that makes sense. On the other side we've got a Captain Ahab remix of 'The Power ...view item »

Deep Sht
Weird You

Bitchin' 7" on No Pain in Pop by Deep Sht. Fitting in nicely with all this sludgy disembodied haunt-o-pop and ghostly lo-fi that's coming out on Woodsist, Captured Tracks & the like, this 'Weird You' 5 tracker merges drowsy shoegaze elements, dissonant no-wave & the kind of muddied space-pop textures that Flying Saucer Attack pioneered...view item »

Trailer Trash Tracys
Candy Girl/You Wish You Were Red

Trailer Trash Tracys.. The name didn't bode well and I volunteered for reviewing duty fully expecting it to be dreadful but these two tunes, 'Candy Girl' (a vaguely swaying ballad based around a simplistic reverbed-up drum beat, a slow and surfy guitar riff and a bassline straight out of the Twin Peaks soundtrack) and 'You Wish You Were Red' (essen...view item »

No Pain In Pop

'No Pain in Pop' is a compilation of super hipster bands who are in some way connected to the London label No pain in pop and thus it is simply titled 'No Pain in Pop'. I don't think all the bands are actually on the label but they are most certainly connected to the labels activities somehow be it via a gig, blog or some other favour. The majority...view item »

Telepathe / Sunni-Geini
Chromes On It / Sunni Geini Main

Brian was supposed to review this here Telepathe /Sunni Geini split 7" but he's so lazy he didn't do it. I've picked it up instead and it is a cool single. The Sunni Geini side reminds me of Modeselektor with its cut up electronic beats and dirty bass and vocal snippets. Nice glass smashing sounds and all. I suspect the Telepathe side is why m...view item »