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Technology + Teamwork
Small Victory

Oh God we have three copies in of this. Its one of those records which sound wrong at both speeds despite it having vocals. No 45rpm is far too fast. Its 33rpm. The whole thing is very wrong sounding anyway. Its a slice of electronic pop that nods towards Hot Chip and so it should, the lady half has performed wit...view item »

Acrobat EP

Straddling the mid ground between Franz Ferdinand and Haircut One Hundred, Acrobat produce the kind of disco-influenced indie music that was de rigeur amongst the class of ‘82 with their white boy funk and arran sweaters. The basslines could have been playe...view item »

Woman's Hour
To The End

A nice little single from Kendal (home of the mint cake!) band Woman’s Hour. A side ‘To The End’ is a smooth soulful number that kinda floats past without any real mind blowing qualities but get on to side B ‘Our Love Has No Rhythm’ and I’m interested, this is a lovel...view item »
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Yola Fatoush
Yola Fatoush EP

Lots of 7”s this week but this must surely be one of the best. Opener ‘Celine’ is a kind of Shangaan Electro mashed up with Washed Out blast o...view item »

Chips for the Poor
Fistula / Mobility Plaza

This is ace! Chips for the Poor appear to be going up in the world, recording this new seven with none other than Bobby Conn. 'Fistula' has got a drum machine beat, an afrobeat guitar line, and then a wall of fuzzy jangle and ...view item »
7" (PLR13, £5.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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A Medic

First up this week is 'A.Medic' by Disconcerts, a heavily tipped post punk group from London town. These guys are tearing it up '78 style! The drums sound like tin pots played by some hyperactive teen fueled by cider and cheap speed, the bass player serves up the the melody that perfectly compliment the aggravated vocal outbursts and razor sharp gu...view item »

Project Komakino

12" (PLR02, £2.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Maria & The Mirrors
Omar/From Egypt With Love

I wasn't expecting this single to sound anything like this. The group photo implies that this girl/boy/girl three piece are some kinda Nathan Barley-esque London fash-victims but that's not the case at all. These kids have got mad style!! 'Omar' sounds like a glamorous Foot Village with a vocal not to dissimilar to Cominachi's Akiko or OOIOO's Yosh...view item »
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Fresh Pleasures

Plug are the latest hopes on Parlour Records, home of Le Tetsuo & Factory Floor amongst others. A double header of post punk femme fronted minimalism with a real nod to Au Pairs & The Slits. You know, sparse tub thumping, conversational spiraling bass patterns & tribalistic vocal harmonies topped with one of those cute wurlitzer style o...view item »
7" (PLR03, £3.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Ill Ease
The Whole Sha-Bang!

The lovely Ill Ease is back with a 7" on the reliable Parlour records. I recall she used to drum in New Radiant Storm King and her slightly wonky, infectious take on indie reminds me of Life Without Buildings a bit, crossed with her old band. That's on one side at least, I can't tell which is which as the labels are maps, with little or no inf...view item »

Le Tetsuo
Sometimes I’m walking around I feel like I’m going to open up and crack

Le Tetsuo, Le Tetsuo, where for art thou Le Tetsuo...Ill tell you where Le Tetsuo is… on a really fashionable street corner in London being extremely fashionable. This song 'Sometimes I'm Walking Around I Fell Like I'm Going To Open Up And Crack'' isn't too bad though and doesn't outstay its welcome, it's quite minimal and punchy, but why do...view item »

Electricity In Our Homes
We Agree Completely

Electricity In Our Homes new EP 'We Agree Completely' is a total winner. I think i've heard a couple of singles but they've not quite sunk in as effectively as this 12" EP. They've got the whole post punk style well down!!! Message of Joy reminds me of the bands like Gang of Four, ESG, Contortions and The Slits. On a contemporary note they als...view item »
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Le Tetsuo
Your Elbow EP

Le Tetsuo are one of those delightedly frenetic angular 3 pieces who, when you hear them for the first time, have you wanting to do cartwheels across the room in delight. Such is the chaotic, rumbling art school racket spitting out the speakers. It's taken them 6 years to get a debut vinyl waxing out into the public realm and oh, what a tre...view item »
10" (PLR01, £6.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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