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Cromlech Chronicles III

An unconventional release format here for an unconventional group: Sendelica’s Cromlech Chronicles III is all about the number three, and is hence presented over the ...view item »


'Fuchsia' is the classic debut album recorded in 1971 by Fuchsia. Long out of print in an official version, Fruits de Mer have extended the package to a double LP -- in anticipation of their appearance at the annual FdM Summer festival. The expanded record includes early, previously unheard demos by the...view item »


Goldfish is a celebration of what the Fruits de Mer label has achieved up till now, in the form of a triple LP set (and, as if that wasn’t enough vinyl to be getting on with, they’ve chucked a 7” in there too). Goldfish is festooned with tracks from the Fruits back catalogue, with tracks from Hills Hav...view item »

Permanent Clear Light
Maurice N'est Pas La

After a few years away, Finnish weirdos Permanent Clear Light tease their next album with this three-track EP. If ‘One In Five’, ‘This Quiet, Smiling Man’ and ‘Maurice’ are anything to go by, the group will use their next LP to make a play for the endlessly hungry European psych-rock fanbase. ...view item »

The Pretty Things
The Same Sun

The Same Sun by The Pretty Things features two tracks from their 2015 album, The Sweet Pretty Things Are In Bed Now, Of Course, and two live tracks from back in their ‘60s heyday. The Same Sun was originally written by guitarist Dick Taylor in the ‘90s at which time he recorded an eight-track demo version. The song w...view item »

Always Here

More coloured vinyl psych business from Fruits de Mer featuring a new single from Barcelona group Stay. There's one original number from their upcoming album, 3 covers (of Buffalo Springfield, The Kinks, and The Bee Gees), a remix, and a bonus DVD showing how they made the album itself. What a treat for psych travellers....view item »

The Chemistry Set
Lovely Cup Of Tea

The Chemistry Set show their appreciation for our home country by dedicating their latest racket to our favourite beverage (after beer), the Lovely Cuppa Tea. Featuring a cover of The Moody Blues' 'Legend of a Mind', this one is guaranteed to be warped by fuzz. I'd like to say that I'm gonna wee myself with excitement, but that's just the tea th...view item »

Sidewalk Society
Strange Roads

For those who find joy in the bubblegum, the psychedelic and the throwback, Fruits de Mer will be a household name, as might Sidewalk Society, an old-skool group with hints of Southern rock, Grateful Dead exuberance and a solid guitar-to-piano ratio. Their songs are semi-shambolic and super nostal...view item »


Fuchsia here combine music from throughout their career onto one double 7” set. Song contains a 1967 track from the very first studio version of the band, tracks from the group’s notable '70s albums, and some unheard recordings to preview a forthcoming new album. And if that wasn’t enough of a treat, t...view item »

Sendelica and Superfjord

Fruits de Mer present another trip, re-presenting the past. A sweet 7” housing two covers of Frank Zappa Classics. With Finland’s psych-rock band Superfjord covering Peaches En Regalia in such a joyful and playful manner and the welsh Sendelica reamping Don't Eat The Yel...view item »

Us and Them
Fading WithIn The Dwindling Sun

Us And Them, an intimate-sounding Scandinavian duo, release an EP of their takes on English folk music. A Richard Thompson number and the traditional ‘Banks Of The Nile’, plus three Sandy Denny songs: this material is impeccable! Thankfully, these new versions do the songs justice, a...view item »

The Honey Pot
Ascending Scales

To mark the big occasion of the Fruits de Mer label’s 100th vinyl release, The Honey Pot have put together something special. They invited a huge array of Fruits de Mer recording artists in to collaborate, including members of The Bevis Frond, The Electric Prunes, The Pretty Things...view item »

Nite Flights

In which the Scott Walker track Nite Flights gets a thorough re-working by the space-rocking band Sendelica. Its an imaginative spin, though the original’s Walkerness still shines through. On the B-side is Swordfish’s own tabla-heavy re-working of the ...view item »


Here the excellent British label, Fruits de Mer Records give us a cover by Vibravoid of the classic 1968 psychedelic rock anthem, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. It’s heavy, organ full jamming for 15 minutes, split over two sides of the 7”. Housed in a ...view item »

Plankton - A Fruits de Mer Collection

A collection of tracks from experimental psych labels Fruits de Mer’s first 12 or so releases, all remastered and put on one CD. Covers of works by Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, and The Bee Gees, by the likes of Vibravoid, Hausfrauen Experiment, and Sidew...view item »

Beautify Junkyards
From The Morning/Fuga No.2

Hands up who would like to hear a hitherto unheard of Portuguese band cover ‘From The Morning’ by Nick Drake? Hmmmm quite a few of you it seems. I’m baffled by cover versions I really am. I mean the definitive version is out there already so unless it’s some kind of magical re-worki...view item »

Sidewalk Society
The Action / Bowie covers

Sidewalk Society love to play covers, and they especially love to play cover songs drawn from the absurdly fruitful time and place of the UK in the 60’s and early 70’s. This 7” does indeed include covers of The Action and David Bowie (two by each), performed in such a way that ...view item »

The Fruits de Mer Records Guide to The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

The Fruits de Mer Records label pays curious tribute to the Douglas Adams TV series The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with 3 different takes on the main theme. Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, Astralasia and Icarus Peel all work their magic on the 7”, which comes...view item »

Can I Go Back Again

Any psychedelia fan worth the name will have heard of July. A now folkloric band from the sixties, their eponymous album now sells for thousands of pounds and tracks such as Dandelion Seeds and My Clown have become psych classics. The band have now reformed and play the occasional gig (I’v...view item »

Ziggy Stardust

Sendelica are a gang of space-rock travellers from Wales, celebrating their 10th year with this release. David Bowie’s song Ziggy Stardust needs no introduction. The band cover it with the precise kind of psyched-out approach you’d expect from Frank Suchomel’s sleeve a...view item »

Proud Peasant
Cosmic Sound

Texas band Proud Peasant are deep into their progressive rock, and know how to snap straight into the highest grade of old-school keyboard-led deep cuts. Here they show off their credentials with impeccable covers of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and Eloy. Coloured vinyl 7” in a gatefold...view item »

Nick Nicely
49 Cigars

Nick Nicely first released 49 Cigars in 1980, as the B-side to the single Hilly Fields. But now the B-side gets promoted to the A-side of a 7" all of it's very own! Supporting it are two tracks from a newer album, one of which has been remixed by Nick himself. Grand space-pop release...view item »

Stepping Stone

Vibravoid, billed as “Germany’s leading psychedelic rock band”, give us Stepping Stone, a 3 track EP which mines that ‘Lucy in the Sky’ era Beatles. We’re talking sitar, tabla, drifting vocals, psychedelic interludes and lyrics which you probably shouldn’t read too much ...view item »

Magic Bus
Seven Wonders

Magic Bus have something of a mysticism to them, inherited from 1970's era English folk-rock along with much of their sound. Seven Wonders is taken from their latest album Transmission From Sogmore's Garden, with an exclusive track on the B-side. This 7" single release continues their relationship wi...view item »

Tir na nOg

Tir na nOg are an Irish psychedelic, progressive rock band who have been a bit quiet for 40 years or so.This is a 7” of their new single, Ricochet, from their upcoming album The Dark Dance, their first album in 40 years.It’s a dark, building slice of psychedelia and is backed with a ...view item »

Side Effects

‘Side Effects’ started with a cover of Pink Floyd’s 'Echoes' by The Soft Bombs and quickly snowballed into a four album collection of work from a host of artists including Sendelica and The Luck Of Eden Hall, Bevis Frond, Wreaths and Arcade Messiah. The result is a heavily instrumental record ranging from psychedelia to progres...view item »

Postcards From The Deep

Fruits de Mer originally hoped 'Postcards From The Deep' would be a compilation that definitively surveyed the freakbeat genre and put it on the map in the history of the British Invasion. But, you know, things change, and the record got twisted and turned into a collection of anything and everything: there's some surf, a bit of psych rock and a...view item »

Cranium Pie
Mechanisms Part Two

Some gently wafting weirdness from Cranium Pie. Mechanisms Part Two is the follow up to 2011's Part One. Keeping the spirit and sound of psyched out prog alive, these chaps evoke the sounds of the 60s & 70s with a trippy hammond, washed out guitars, groovy bass lines and samples form The Great Di...view item »

7 and 7 is

Compilation by Fruits de Mer bands covering (sorry, 'reinterpreting') tracks from seminal bands from the 1960s (see tracklisting). This innovative and exciting recording is available as a box set of 7 x 7" singles (which explains the name) and includes songs by 13th Floor Elevators and The Byrds. Groovy!...view item »

The Chemistry Set
Elapsed Memories

Nothing will prepare you for that sleeve. It's like the Flying Lotus one isn't it? Here is a rarity, a Fruits de Mer record containing original material. However, what starts off folky and wistful soon turns horrid rock. DON'T EVER LOSE THE FOLK, MAN! But if that's all a bit much for you 'Mer' fans, they swiftly go back in time in order to cover...view item »

Superfjord / Earthling Society

The fluorescent sounds of Superfjord continue to have their day in the sun with yet more jazz interpretations. Following on from his version of 'A Love Supreme', he's joined by Earthling Society (who've tried their hand at jazz harpist Alice Coltrane's 'Journey In Satchidananda' in their time. Here, they offer up a tribute to the jazz couple wit...view item »

Majic Ship

Fruits De Mer have released this 7" single from elusive psychedelic pop guitarist Al Simones. Both tracks taken from his 1999 album 'Balloon Ride', the label wanted to release 'the single that should always have been a single'. Simones has released just 4 albums in the past 25 years, all home recorded. For fans of The Bevis Frond and similar. Av...view item »

Wind On Water

Astralasia are "one of the UK's best-loved festival bands". I haven't come across them before but then I don't get to many festivals. It does make me wonder how many festivals a band must play in order to qualify for the tag though. As their name suggests, this lot play cosmic psychedelia with an Eastern tinge courtesy of many drones and occas...view item »

Tor Peders
Brev Fran Ederstorp

Fruits De Mer are really treating us this week, with two excellent releases from two of their sub-labels - I just wrote about Craig Padilla's kosmische 2LP that continues their Strange Fish series, and now I'm having a go on this Tor-Peders LP on their Regal Crabomophone sub-label. Those who regularly read m...view item »

Craig Padilla

"Planetariums were meant for music like this," gushes the press release for Craig Padilla's 'Sonar' - a full double LP exploration of classic kosmische vibes which is out on Fruits De Mer as a follow-up to their mammoth 4LP & CD cosmic comp 'Strange Fish'. It's pretty fair to say that if you've managed to digest all of that one already, th...view item »

The Pretty Things
Honey, I Need (Live) / I Can Never Say (Demo)

Big day for the lads at Fruits De Mer as they’ve managed to secure the release of two previously unreleased cuts by probably the UK’s best R&B/Psych band of the ‘60s. Now, I’m...view item »

Nick Nicely
Hilly Fields (1892 + The Mourning)

Nick Nicely recently had a load of his classic tracks polished up and re-released on the excellent ‘Elegant Daze’ collection, of which the track ‘Hilly Fields (1892)’ was a clear highlight, coming over like ...view item »

The League Of Psychedelic Gentlemen

Wow. The best of this week’s three Fruits De Mer records was hiding, unreviewed in the stockroom when my eye wandered to its place on the shelf. To my utter surprise I saw that it contained a new unreleased track by the legendary ...view item »

As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still

More psychedelic covers from Fruits De Mer. This one's by Schnauser, which sounds appealing to me, like a cross between a much loved synth twiddler and a friendly domestic dog. It's got a Soft Machine cover on one side and a Yes cover on the other. I'm on the ...view item »

Schizo Fun Addict

The first rule of covers is to be wary when approaching an iconic piece of music - there's already a definitive version and most likely already a long list of people who've done it badly. On this 7" Schizo Fun Addict laugh in the face of such rules, going straight for one of the most iconic pieces of film music ever made - ...view item »

Shrunken Head Music

Ok then lovers of all thing psych and all things 60’s, we have 5 (five) new singles by Fruits De Mer in stock, all in bright, garish sleeves, all featuring modern day people doing old songs. Annoyingly,  we don’t have time to write about them all but I’m going to link them all to this page so you have NO EXCUSES ya hear me...view item »

The Regal Crabomophone Annual For 2014

Two tracks from Fruit de Mer which need to be heard but that that the chaps in charge of the label haven’t gotten round to sorting yet. This year features two tracks – one by Finland's acid-folk band Octopus Syng and one baroque pop number by a new name to the label  – Mark McDowell. 7&rdq...view item »

Jack Ellister
Within You, Without You

Three track 7” vinyl from Jack Ellister. Here he has recorded some contemporary takes on a couple of songs from old favourites - Mr. George Harrison of the Beatles (like you needed to be told that) and the loopy Syd Barrett, as well as one of his cult heroes, Mark Fry, who also recorded sounds from Fruit De Mer way back in...view item »

Me and My Kites, with Tony Durant of Fuchsia
The Band

Collaboration between psychedelic pop group Me and My Kites, and Tony Durant who was the lead singer of '70s prog band Fuchsia. Me and My Kites were named after a song by Fuchsia, and Durant sings on their cover of 'The Band', which is pretty cool. Nice harmonies and a cheerful hippie vibe. 7" vinyl on Fruits De Mer....view item »

White Sails
Laguna Sunrise

From Fruits de Mer's Regal Crabomophone label somes this great record from Mellow Drunk's Leigh Gregory with Ville and Jaakko Vilpponen - White Sails - with two track from the duo and a couple of covers of Black Sabbath which are as far from the original as one could possibly get. 7” vinyl, just the way you love it....view item »

Strange Fish

Those lovely people at Fruits De Mer have gone all-out this week with the introduction of their new krautrock-themed compilation series Strange, I mean Strange Fish! This mammoth 6LP + CD set is a celebration of all things kosmische featuring a mammoth 29 artists all contributing their take o...view item »

The White EP

Fruits de Mer - you’ve really done it now. You wait all year and someone finally releases an EP of songs from ‘The White Album’ - you know the album The Beatles did? Anyway, electricity and oil, ...view item »

Temple Music / Vespero
Pegasus / Jennifer

New single from the phenomenally popular Fruits de Mer label. As usual what we have here are cover versions. On the A side Temple Music do a messy, slightly shambolic take on the excellent Hollies track ‘Pegasus’. It weighs in somewhere be...view item »

Permanent Clear Light
Higher Than The Sun

Like buses, Fruits De Mer singles all seem to arrive at the same time. There’s three in this week and the one I’m holding is by Finland’s Permanent Clear Light with their single ‘Higher Than The Sun’ which I was hopi...view item »

Jack Ellister
The Man With The Biochopper

What is a biochopper? Is it a double penis? New from the popular Fruits De Mer Records it’s a schizoid blast of 21st century pop psych referencing The Pretty Things, T-Rex and The Darkness full of squealy guitars, sci-fi sound effects and ...view item »

Sorrow's Children. The Songs of S F Sorrow

Psych revivalists Fruits De Mer have a couple more of their trademark covers comps out, including this one in which a succession of bands who wouldn't sound out of place on the Old Grey Whistle Test cover The Pretty Things' psyched...view item »

Us & Them
Summerisle: Songs From The 'Wicker Man'

Another essential offering from the ever popular Fruits De Mer label. These old hippy dudes are at it again, paying homage to '70s cult classic The Wicker Man and Paul Giovanni's outstanding score. Us & Them are obviously big fans as 'Corn Rigs', 'Gentle Johnny', 'Fire Leap' and 'Wi...view item »

Earthling Society
The Green Manalishi

In case you didn't know everything on Fruits De Mer are covers of classic psych tunes. This one is no different as this is a cover of Fleetwood Mac's The Green Manalishi, which I'm not familiar with but Ant here is as it's one of his favourite tunes. Appare...view item »

Vibravoid, Cranium Pie, Various
Roqueting Through Space

I can never remember what year it is. I can't even remember how old I am half the time. Useless.... And things like this album don't help. It's a brand new album featuring cover versions of classic kraut and psych tunes from the 60s. I don't know whether I'm coming or going. On the album you get cover versions of songs by Neu, Joe Meek, Hawkwind...view item »

Fruits De Mer Annual For 2011

Covers - four of them! On two pieces of coloured vinyl and complemented by some kitsch insert things! 'Tomorrow Never Knows'.. aka The Beatles song that everyone thinks is amazing even if they don't really like The Beatles all that much. Probably one to leave alone as far as cover versions go but Stay do a respectful enough job on it, keeping fa...view item »

Sidewalk Society
Sidewalk Society

Now as far as 60s covers & the bands who ply that trade go, i'm usually not that arsed. I'll happily roll around in the dewy grass of my mind to the originals thanks, preferably with a miniskirted fox for company blowing dandelions in my face & rolling me huge jazz fags into the equation ;0]. This American band make the prospect of 60s c...view item »

Hausfrauen Experiment
Fruits de Mer Volume 12

Which begs the question do we really need another cover of Eno's 'Baby's on Fire'? Yes??? Well heres one in electronic stylee complete with synth and guitar wig outs. We also get a Broadcast style visitation of The Silver Apples 'Oscillations'. On the other 7" (its a doubler) theres a Cockney Rebel song done in synth-tastic electro future United...view item »

A Phase We're Going Through

With the current obsession for all things psychedelic & mind-bendingly 60's (a bit like all the other trends based around the most exciting musical periods of a particular decade), a random album full of Underground trip-heads interpreting various esoteric classics from back in the day is par for the course. Given that it's on Fruits De Mer ...view item »

What Colour is Pink?

Easy one that one. Pink. Do I get a prize? In case you've not been paying attention Fruits de mer have released quite a few singles over the last year or so and they're getting rather popular. On this new Vibravoid EP (on pink vinyl as well you'll be pleased to know) you get 3 Pink Floyd covers from the Saucerful of Secrets album. Hence it being...view item »

Us & Them
Julia Dream (Of All The Pretty Little Horses)

Us & Them are the swedish boy/girl duo of Anders and Britt who create a warm, almost paganist style of traditional folk littered with psychedelic references and canterbury prog-folk tendencies. The second side a reworked Tudor Lodge track; 'Home to Stay' and Jackson C Frank's 'Dialogue'. Slow burning and eerily atmospheric in approach this tracks a...view item »

The Flaming Gnomes
Fruits De Mer Vol. Four

Now I know I'm out of touch. I've been away in the US for three weeks and since then have spent the remainder of the time attempting to slip back into the rut that is my normal life. So anything good happened? Anyone died? We have a new 7" record here by Flaming Gnomes on Bracken Records called 'Fruits de Mer Vol Four. From their promo photo B...view item »

Cranium Pie
Baby You're A Rich Man/ Madman Running Through The Fields

I love pie. I had a small pie yesterday that cost me 4 pounds. Pricey but worth it. Sometimes in your life you've got to treat yourself and spend over the odds on pie. I once spent 5 quid on one in Brighton... After the feeling of being ripped off, I ate my pie and enjoyed it. I didn't think it was worth the 5 pounds.....AND YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE...view item »

Alison O' Donnell w/ Head South By Weaving
Day is Done/ Frozen Warnings

Alison O Donnell has a new 7" out on Fruits De Mer. She used to be in a progressive folk band from the late 60's called Mellow Candle apparently. Here she is with her first record in ages (I think) perhaps hoping for a Vashti esque revival. For starters this is signed by her and it comes on clear vinyl or blue opaque wax. The artwork is by Aritomo ...view item »

Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow

Strawberry Alarm Clock were a totally great pychedelic band from the 60s and they once did a tune called 'Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow' that's covered here by some Spanish people called Stay. I'm having to review this from a Youtube video but from as far as I can tell it's very faithful to the original - hazy, organ-led, wah-wah business that hits t...view item »

Schizo Fun Addict
Theme One / Ogden's Nut Gone Flake

And the last thang from me is a buzzing little 7" number by Schizo Fun Addict which just about describes my lifestyle. Or is that Shitzu drug addict? Anyway, this marbled green wax contains two very diverse tunes, both hotwired into the deviant soul of the 70s. Side one is like a kitch exploitation soundtrack number spliced with Tony Hatch (wh...view item »

Mark Fry
Dreaming With Alice

We got a new single on Fruits De Mer by Mark Fry. I don't know who is he is but I'm enjoying his surname. Apparently he's some acid folk legend but I can't find much info on him on the internet. I thought the internet was supposed to be the fountain of all knowledge! On this 7" are a couple of tracks from 1972 which have been produced and arra...view item »