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Hot Thoughts

Released especially for Record Store Day is this special Spoon 12” single, which contains two new and exclusive tracks! On the A-side is a remix of Hot Thoughts by Dave Sitek, of TV On The Radio and general super-producer fame, while the B-side contains a cover of the Elvi...view item »

Yo La Tengo

"Electr-O-Pura" is from the heyday of Yo La Tengo albums: it's the one after "Painful" and the one before "I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One" and it's bloody brilliant. All the hallmarks of what makes Yo La Tengo great are here. There's the dreamy, shoegazey opener "Decora" which is followed by the mid-fi Krautrock groove of "Flying Lesson" an...view item »

The Switch

Free noise rock duo Body/Head are Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Free Kitten) and Bill Nace (X.O.4, Vampire Belt, Ceylon Mange). They bring together numerous oxymoronic terms: dark/light, black/white, emotion/analysis. Hence, the name of the band 'Body/Head'. Not necessarily oxymoronic, but you get the idea. The Switch is their second full-length stud...view item »

Liz Phair
Girly-Sound To Guyville: The 25th Anniversary Box Set

It seems we reference Exit to Guyville in every review we write of the new breed of American singer songwriter which makes us either incredibly lazy or that it really is a true landmark album. Bit of both probably. After being out of print for almost ever we now get it back in on a 7 (!) LP box set or 3CD with the bonus of her previously un...view item »


Posh punks Iceage continue their champagne toasts to Nick Cave and fellow goth brooders with Beyondless. Further deconstructing the form of their early hardcore tunes, they continue to ramble their way through their new aesthetic style, this time sharing runtime with Sky Ferreir...view item »


A baker’s dozen of tunes from the mid-2000s indie bands who have grown old with the most grace. Marauder’s lead single ‘The Rover’ kind of sounds like Preoccupations having a go at covering ‘Mr. Blue Sky’, and in its own way it’s a charming post-punk ditty. They should have...view item »

Snail Mail

The very young guitarist and songwriter Lindsey Jordan released her debut EP under the name Snail Mail two years ago at the age of sixteen. Two years later, she’s added bassist, Alex Bass and drummer, Ray Brown to the mix and Lush, Snail Mail - the band’s first album is upon us. This is pretty classi...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2)

Back in the nineties, Belle & Sebastian were renowned for the extraordinarily high quality of their EPs, so what a pleasure to see them returning to the format with a new trilogy of EPs.. How To Solve Our Human P...view item »

Liz Phair
Exile In Guyville

You could get the super-duper 7LP re-issue or simply re-live the sounds of 1993 with this standard revamp of Liz Phair's classic work. A whip-smart out-of nowhere classic of lo-fi songcraft and lyrics which explored sex from the female point of view. Something that (believe it or not) was a rarity even then.   ...view item »

Yo La Tengo
There’s A Riot Going On

I think this is as good a time as any for a new Yo La Tengo record. The world could do with a little bit of the soothing balm they put into their music. Unlike many other bands of their vintage who rely on collaboration and guest stars to ice their records, Yo La Tengo did this all themselves....and that's the way we like it.&nb...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 3)

Belle & Sebastian have always excelled in the short format of the EP, so it is excellent to see them returning to the format with a new EP trilogy, named How To Solve Our Human Problems. This is the final on...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1)

Back in the day (eg in the nineties), Belle & Sebastian were renowned for the extraordinarily high quality of their EPs, so what a pleasure to see them returning to the format. How To Solve Our Human Problems (Pa...view item »

Lucy Dacus

Indie-rock sensation Lucy Dacus returns with her second album, Historian. She feels as though, she left every bit of herself on the tape, saying everything she wanted to say. A fuller sound than debut record, No Burden, has been brought about with mixing input from producer John Congleton...view item »

Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy

Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo originally recorded Twin Fantasy as a nineteen year old, but it remained unfinished. Not because he didn’t want to finish it, but because didn’t know how to. Now, with his band in tow, the use of a proper studio, and most importantly, time, he’s managed to complete the albu...view item »

The Magic City + No Guitars

Nineties alternative-rockers Helium have had their catalogue out of print for longer than is really decent, but this wrong is now being righted with a run of vinyl reissues on Matador. 1997’s The Magic City comes served up on a 2LP platter along with Helium’s No Guitars EP, making t...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3)

Back in the day (eg in the nineties), Belle & Sebastian were renowned for the extraordinarily high quality of their EPs, so it's great to see the band returning to the format, perfect for their smart indie pop. H...view item »

Lucy Dacus
No Burden

Matador introduce Lucy Dacus, whose record No Burden gets a physical pressing and celebratory launch. Having played with artists such as Julien Baker and Car Seat Headrest, you should be able to point to her sound as one that's heart...view item »

The Underside Of Power

Well this is interesting. Algiers are an incendiary new outfit who aren't content to sit back and let the revolution slide, instead they bark out politically themed lyrics over music which takes in everything from Northern Soul to grime to post punk. The lead track has been described nail on head as Suicide meet...view item »

Jay Reatard
Watch Me Fall

Time for a new long-player of mini gems from indie garage rock savant Jay Reatard which he's christened Watch Me Fall. He's got a perculiarly British sound to what he does, bringing to mind all sorts of bands at various points from the early beat groups (particularly in his odd high-pitched vocals which are also a little Devo-ish) to The Buzzcocks ...view item »

Dead Meadow
Old Growth

Compared to earlier releases this album uses less heavier/thicker/distorted guitar tones for the main body of the songs, but you will hear these tones in the solos executed to perfection. Old Growth doesn't get as deep into dark moods and atmospheres, doesn't seem to have the energy or power of the first two albums, a more folk mellow vibe, but ...view item »

Julien Baker
Turn Out The Lights

Sophomore full length from Memphis, TN based singer/songwriter Julien Baker. Two years after making her debut on 6131 she has been snapped up by Matador, and Turn Out The Light develops her delicate, intimate and vulnerable songwriting further. Life, down on record, through gorgeous Buckley esque guitar, piano and vocal...view item »

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

From it's blistering opening track berating George W. to the last tune, a haunting bonus track called "Deep Clean" (and one of the best songs on the album), Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga delivers the almost-hooks, clever songwriting, and rock 'n' roll 2.0 that more bands should be listening to for inspiration. "Black Like Me" and "Finer Feelings" are among the...view item »

Dirt Of Luck

Nineties alternative-rockers Helium have had their catalogue out of print for longer than is really decent, but this wrong is now being righted with a run of vinyl reissues on Matador. 1995’s The Dirt Of Luck was the band’s debut full-length album, and many reckon it their finest. It certainly has the sweet ...view item »

Ends With And

Nineties alternative-rockers Helium have had their catalogue out of print for longer than is really decent, but this wrong is now being righted with a run of vinyl reissues and this new compilation of rare material! Ends With And is stuffed to the gills with demos, B-sides and  unreleased tracks, sourced from vario...view item »

Hot Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen - Spoon are back! After months of speculation, they return in 2017 with Hot Thoughts - a colourful and sonically inventive episode from the weathered Texans, but written in its entirety by Britt Daniel himself. After 24 years of indie rock innovation, these Austin-ba...view item »

Kurt Vile
Square Shells EP

I struggle with these retro-tastic singer songwriter types yer know. Not always sure about this guy but when I came in the office a few months ago only to hear these wonderful, hazy songs swaggering out of the stereo, I somehow knew it was Kurt Vile. He's got that....something. He's also got a clever way with a tune that sort of mashes up countr...view item »

Perfume Genius
No Shape

Perfume Genius returns with his fourth album, and it's a big one. Over the course of its thirteen tracks, No Shape paints a bright vision of Mike Hadreas’ alternative art-pop / R&B world, sounding more pop than ever before but still maintaining the queer magic essential to Perfume Geni...view item »

Julien Baker
Funeral Pyre / Distant Solar System

Julien Baker is youthful but mature songwriter from Memphis, laying out her remarkably heavyweight experiences in stark musical forms. Funeral Pyre / Distant Solar System, a 7” released to accompany the reissue of Baker’s 2015 debut album Sprained Ankle, is a dark and slow work abou...view item »


Chavez went silent in 1996, although they are keen to point out that they never did anything as dramatic as actually break up. This first new material in two decades is a nine minute reminder of Chavez’s swaggering indie-rock power: Cockfighters sounds just the right amount of nineties. 12” ...view item »

Steve Gunn
Ancient Jules

Ancient Jules is taken from Steve Gunn’s recent album Eyes on the Lines. It’s a lovely little swaggering stroll through country-tinged American rock landscapes, with a message of taking it easy delivered alongside tasty guitar li...view item »

Gone Glimmering

Chavez frontman Matt Sweeney is probably better known than his cult '90s band. He recorded the album Superwolf with Will Oldham under his Bonnie Prince Billy moniker and was a member of Zwan with Slint's Dave Pajo and the ...view item »

Ride The Fader

Wannabe grit-rockers Chavez took after all the bands of the early indie generation who had guitars, knew how to use them and were still miserable. In their early days, they took the riff squalor of Slint and added it to the heavyweight math grunging of Don Caballero...view item »

Julien Baker
Sprained Ankle

This is a reissue of Julien Baker’s 2015 debut album, recorded when she was a mere 21 years of age. It’s a very emotionally direct record: Baker just pours everything into her tender songwriting, and the effect on the listener can be very powerful. The LP edition comes packaged with a brand new 7&rdq...view item »

No Waves

Body/Head is Kim Gordon and Bill Nace, each hunched over their avant-guitars and using all their experience from Sonic Youth, Ceylon Mange and so on to whip up feedback storms and heartfelt noises. Gordon also donates some of her beat poetry voc...view item »

The Show Is Over

Here is a new 7" from Sonic Youth lady Kim Gordon and pal Bill Nace. I tried to listen to it earlier but found it an impossi-listen. Still, it was easy to detect Sonic Youth styled guitars and that distinctive chilling low end whisper amongst the debris. Scary stuff. Kinda sexual. I think sex is what she's singing about now Thurston is out of th...view item »

Turn On The Bright Lights

The formidable debut from Interpol, Turn On The Bright Lights, which turns 15 this year. In that early-2000s city environment, the New York post-punk revivalists dished out generous helpings of gloom, brooding vocals and those headily dark basslines that we’re still enjoying now. LP or CD on Matador....view item »

Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Car Seat Headrest is the project of a man (Will Toledo) who is only 23; and yet this is his thirteenth album under the name. With a production ethic like that you know Toledo isn’t messing around, and indeed ...view item »

Lucy Dacus
No Burden

Debut full-length from the inquisitive voice of Lucy Dacus. Young Dacus (currently 21) writes and sings of self-identity, difficult friendships and other tricky matters, over some classic indie-guitar. This is mature-grade music-making, an impressive and confident start. No Burden is released by Matador...view item »

Steve Gunn
Eyes On The Lines

Steve Gunn presents a sun-strained album of American songcraft, big on invented characters and the natural environment. The band he’s managed to assemble here is impressive: Norman harp favourite Mary Lattimore for starters, but also major talents like Nathan Bowles and Hans Chew...view item »

Adore Life

Savages return! Second album Adore Life is just as ferocious as their debut, but the intervening touring has allowed them to be even better at it. Jenny Beth’s lyrics and vocal performance are scouringly energetic, especially in the particularly relentless single and leading track ‘The Answe...view item »

Fuckers / Dream Baby Dream

Its a bit daring Savages calling their new EP ‘Fuckers’ when the average age of their fanbase is about 12. Look away now, children. This is recorded live somewhere or other. ‘Fuckers’ begins in a moody kind of style and threatens to be ruined by an ill-timed whoop from a particularly excitable audience member...view item »

Full Circle

Debut album from the London trio Haelos after a short run of singles and EP on Matador. They have quite the resume between them, individually being from Get People, Born Blonde, and singer Lotti Benardout being featured on tracks by Redlight and Kidnap K...view item »

Pray / Dust

Haelos develop their sultry, computerised R&B on this extremely limited white label 12” vinyl on Matador. Drawing on the most paranoid trip-hop and the most ecstatic house, the group strike a strange atmosphere similar to that FKA Twigs is mining. The three-way vocals on Pray/D...view item »

Car Seat Headrest
Teens Of Style

Car Seat Headrest is the lo-fi indie rock project of Will Toledo, and although he has released before, this is his first full record with a whole band behind him. The extra beef behind the songs on Teens Of Style is very welcome, as are the extra touches (a little synth hovering here, a little counter-m...view item »

Majical Cloudz
Are You Alone?

Majical Cloudz make grand pop songs with a more-than-ordinary production sensibility. So the tracks are structured like pop, but have elements like jarring synth choirs and voids of electronic ambience cropping up all over the place. Good. Are You Alone also has some guest appearances from the wonderful Owen Pal...view item »

Kurt Vile
b’lieve i'm goin down…

b’lieve i’m goin down… is album number six from troubadour Kurt Vile. What he has for us is a rich new collection of twelve songs, a kind of country-indie-rock that Vile is obviously extremely comfortable making. CD and 2LP editions, and also available as a triple-LP with six extra tr...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Stuff Like That There

Yo La Tengo have been making some of the best American indie music for 30 years now. Their new album, Stuff Like That There is a sort-of companion piece to their classic album Fakebook which contained re-imagined Yo La Tengo songs and selected cover versions. For this new album, the concept is ...view item »

Earth Not Above EP

A sound that borders on trip-hop here from Haelos, a London group making their debut with Earth Not Above. They have a good ear for texture, warm synths filling the background while dusty breaks clatter around at the front. Two (or three?) part vocal harmonies carry the urban narratives of the tracks along. 12” on...view item »

Psychic Live

Very limited edition release of live footage of Darkside performing their acclaimed 'Psychic' album live. Almost 2 hours long, Nicholas Jaar and Dave Harrington's vision is expanded with 7 tracks given unique, extended interpretations. Darkside live at Stereolux - Nantes was recorded on March 21st, 2014. The live audio is properly ...view item »


Cornelius is that little Japanese prodigy who, we're to believe, can conduct a symphony to the gods from an arse spanner & chocolate flute. In his lavvy. Here, in my sweaty mitts, is a DVD containing videos for all 10 videos to the tracks on 'Point' PLUS a bonus CD of re-mixes by a whole host of Japanese elect...view item »

TV Casualty
‘TV Casualty’

This is part of Matador's ELO series and sees Ted Leo team up with Brian Sokel (Franklin, AM/FM), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black), Atom Goren (Atom and His Package) & Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists) for a run though a bunch of Misfits covers with all proceeds going...view item »


Algiers, who don’t come from Algiers, release Algiers, their debut album. What they do is a kind of no-wave via Southern gospel, a mixture that certainly sounds strange on paper, but that actually comes together. Unhinged energy and wild spirit are at the core of both genres, so Algier’s str...view item »

The L-Shaped Man

You don’t usually get break-up albums from hardcore bands, but the recent break-up of Ceremony’s singer, Ross Farrar is the driving force behind their new album, The L-Shaped Man. Lyrically, the album charts the experience of losing someone you love and coming out the other side a changed person. Musically, ...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

Great music; terrible album titles. That's the golden rule of Belle & Sebastian's output, a band notorious for popularising a smart and lyrically persuasive version of pantomimic twee pop. Stuart Murdoch's song-writing gets more intimate here, occasionally losing its show-boating and cheeky feel for songs abou...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Extra Painful

'Painful' was something of an early blueprint for another of Yo La Tengo's more beloved records, 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out'. Beyond their sickly blue covers, both are full of mumbled vocals, twilit riffs that slide seamlessly through the night, and romantic shoegaze outbursts. 'Extra Painful' compiles this old, understated effor...view item »

Fucked Up
Sun Glass

The trendiest punks around Fucked Up have another 7" out. Sun Glass is a psych drenched punk rock tune with folky pop overtones. The title is sung through as a response to all of Damian Abraham's kaleidoscopic poetry. Full of their signature euphoric layered guitars and propulsive drums. Out on 7" vinyl on Matador....view item »

Fucked Up
Paper The House

Canadian punks Fucked Up have another 7" release from their Glass Boys record. Paper The House is an angst fuelled monologue from front man Damian Abraham, about the realities of being in a punk rock band, growing up and the existential issues he faces. His signature wail is spilled over Fucked Up's ...view item »

Thurston Moore
The Best Day

What's been going on with Thurston Moore? Aside from release a new cassette of experimental space rock, it looks like he got a pet dog. 'The Best Day' is the Sonic Youth frontman's first solo record since he released 'Demolished Thoughts' in 2010, a year after Sonic Youth distributed their final document, 'The Eternal'. The record shows off Moor...view item »

Plowing Into The Fields Of Love

Copenhagen punk outfit Iceage's third studio album. Relying less than previously on straight-up guitars and classic punk abrasiveness, 'Plowing into the Fields of Love' sounds more well-rounded and introduces a fiddle / horn player, who apparently looks strange and has a beard. Which is important to know. This double vinyl LP (or shiny round CD)...view item »

Yo La Tengo

This limited edition triple 12” set includes previously unreleased multiple versions (live and acoustic) of Yo La Tengo’s first track ‘OHM’ from 2012’s critically acclaimed 'Fade', along with the original album version of the song. The three 12” singles are only available as a set and they come in a 4-box poly...view item »

The New Pornographers
Brill Bruisers

The New Pornographers are a twee pop supergroup from Canada that brings together the indie rock stars Neko Case, Dan Bejar (Destroyer) and A.C. Newman under one banner. Their new record, 'Brill Bruisers', is their first since 2010's 'Together', which was stuffed with orchestration and additional players, such as Okkervil River's Will Sheff. 'Bri...view item »

Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica

The third full length album by the popular American group was their first for a major label. Here it is repressed on lovely vinyl.  ...view item »

Seek Warmer Climes

Just a quick one this as I'm tired - ok? And hot. Sounds pretty good on first flip through  - angsty raincoaty punk pop that reminds me of loads of people from the early 80's era; Killing Joke, Siouxie and her Banshees, Southern Death Cult, early U2 and The Skids. Add in some raging post hardcore dy...view item »

Fucked Up
Glass Boys

Toronto stadium punks Fucked Up are back this week with another ambitious LP of melodramatic three guitar epic-core and they’re sounding as cavernous as ever on ‘Glass Boys’. Every song sounds like a big compressed wall of guitar distortion, pounding drums and roaring vocals. It’s not bad, but aesthetically seems not to r...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Super Kiwi

New seven incher by the mighty Yo La Tengo, released just ahead of the Deluxe Edition of the John McEntire produced album ‘Fade’. Not much to say. Simply two more songs of greatness from these American indie legends. Side A, ‘Super Kiwi’, is the fuzz-drenched indie/rock song that they do so well. The B side featur...view item »

Cold Cave
Life Magazine Remixes

Hey, this is my favourite tune of theirs! Let's see what people do to it. Arthur Baker starts off doing a totally blaring, jackhammer job on it that doesn't sound a million miles away from something you'd expect from a Mika Vainio mix. Eventually the tune proper emerges, as sweet as ever, only more beefed-up and muscular for maximum dancefloor s...view item »

Mission Of Burma

Mission of Burma is without a doubt one of the most exciting, intense, cerebral, enticing, and genius groups to ever live. Even their equals couldn't cover the breadth of material these guys effortlessly spun on a regular basis. This album dwarfed all that came before & altered all that would follow, leading the way for bands like Husker Du ...view item »

Kurt Vile And The Violators
it’s a big world out there (and i am scared)

After this year's something-of-a-breakthrough album, ‘Wakin On A Pretty Daze’, it has been a good year for Mr Vile and his friends. This 12" is a mixture of new songs, like the fingerpicked ‘Feel My Pain’ (which is the standout track I might add) and ‘The ...view item »

Kurt Vile
Wakin On A Pretty Daze: Deluxe Daze (Post Haze)

Titled the Deluxe Daze (Post Haze), Kurt Vile releases a 69 minute album packed with impressive, ambitious and explorative songs. Vile seeks a sound both intimate and forward looking in nature, which accompanied by the equally fascinating artwork of Steve Powers, creates a stunning record. This is an artist at the top of his game. ...view item »

Coming Apart

Body/Head, in case you’ve not been reading Elle lately, is Kim Gordon’s first post-Sonic Youth musical offering. I’m approaching it with caution because it’s a collaboration with noise guitarist Bill Nace and Gordon’s been pretty open about approachin...view item »


I’m stupid enough to note the release of this album in the paper this morning and think to myself how Darkstar have wasted no time in following up their last album. Of course this is Darkside, who are not to be confused with Northside either. Instead it's a collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harringt...view item »

Queens Of The Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

I’ve a bit of a soft spot for these Californian rockers. ‘...Like Clockwork’ is their sixth studio album on Matador as they appear to have parted company with Interscope. There’s some decent tunes on here, certainly radio friendly such as obvious single ‘My God Is The Sun’. T...view item »

Majical Cloudz

Majical Cloudz is the alter-ego of Montreal’s Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, who play minimal electronic pop with bold vocals and understated rhythmic patterns and synth melodies. The two of them seem to have a kind of Pet Shop Boysy symbiosis, with Welsh taking care of the vocals and Otto dealing...view item »

Silence Yourself

These four wiry Londoners  have been experiencing some serious hype of late for their gritty post-punk pop posturings, looking to be the darlings of this summer’s festival circuit with their theatrical brand of Joy Division-meets-The Kills darkpop. Minimal pound...view item »

Kurt Vile
Wakin On A Pretty Daze

I learned something today. I learned that Kurt Vile is not a pseudonym but in fact the actual name of popular singer and songwriter Kurt Vile. I know! Me neither! Anyway, Mr Vile’s got a new album out this week and he wants me to tell you about it. It’s called ‘Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze&rsq...view item »

Chelsea Light Moving
Chelsea Light Moving

It’s supergroup time again! This time round we’ve got veteran Sonic Youthite Thurston Moore joining forces with Keith “Hush Arbors” Wood on second guitar, John “Pegasus” Moloney on drums, an...view item »

You're Nothing

I really enjoyed Copenhagen youngsters Iceage’s debut ‘New Brigade’, a great midpoint between the clanking paranoia of Joy Division and the unhinged noise rock of latter-era Black Flag. Someone in the office wh...view item »

Esben And The Witch
Wash The Sins Not Only The Face

Matador...Matador???? Just another example of how, despite having somehow reached the age of 40, I know utterly nothing. My life is a series of terrible mistakes and unfortunate events. I am tempted to adopt the George from Seinfeld trick of doing the opposit...view item »

Yo La Tengo

I was massively MASSIVELY into Yo La Tengo for many, many, years. Pretty much from ‘New Wave Hot Dogs’ through to ‘I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One’, they were one of those bands I’d buy their new record on day of relea...view item »

Turn On The Bright Lights: Tenth Anniversary Edition

I was a casual fan of Interpol for the longest time, it wasn't til I was in a Record Exchange in Pittsburgh that I picked up the new tenth anniversary edition of Interpol's first album Turn on the Bright Lights. I feel like a fool that it took me so long to find this album, truly a debut that the group will never be able to top. This version com...view item »

Paul Banks

Main Interpol slightly strange man Paul Banks finally releases his debut album although he seems to have changed his name back from Julian Plenti. What on earth goes on in the man’s head? Who knows? Any...view item »

Cat Power

A month or so ago a strange thing happened at Norman Towers. Instead of sending out promos of the new Cat Power album, Beggars group sent a man along with a copy of the CD and we had to sit quietly and listen to it whilst he made sure we didn...view item »

Kurt Vile
Childish Prodigy

Kurt Vile has signed to Matador!!! What a bad ass!!! Ok, Vile put out an awesome record earlier in the year on Woodsist which i thought was mint-os. Now he's kicking it with the big boys and it shows. 'Childish Prodigy' sounds both ambitious and energized whilst maintaining a lo-fi sensibilities. The tracks presented here cover a spectrum of influe...view item »

Kurt Vile
Smoke Ring For My Halo

Celebration time kids. It's time for a new Kurt Vile rekkid! Upping the ante significantly since his last outing on Matador ('Childish Prodigy') 'Smoke Ring For My Halo' is chocker with instantly enjoyable material. This is only my second spin of the LP and I already feel very much at home with the music presented here. Vile's sound brings t...view item »

Gimme Fiction

I read a few reviews of Spoon's new album that made me want to go out and buy it. Luckily I get to hear records at work and after one listen I relegated it to the increasingly huge 'disappointment'  and 'its nothing like how they've described it in the reviews' file in my head. It kind of sounds like everything else. Its a bit funky...view item »


Here we go. You know those Interpol guys? They made one of the best albums EVER a couple of years back. Out of the blue. Totally flattened The Strokes with their dark & doomy take on 80's overcoat rock smeared in New York grime & stunning claustrophobic production. Like Pixies & QOTSA, a band who'd made...view item »

Cat Power
What Would The Community Think

Of course all albums worth reviewing are five stars, and every "best of" is so personal as to be meaningless. Cat Power is so insular as to be beyond review. You either feel her pain, or you don't. If you have ever seen Cat Power live, you have been treated to either the most moving or most embarrasing performance of your life-- sometimes both i...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Popular Songs

I've not really followed the works of Yo La Tengo since 2000's 'And then nothing turned itself inside out'. The record is pretty good but doesn't touch previous greats like 'I can hear the heart beatingh as one' which led me to stray from the Yo La Tengo camp. I wanted to spend some time re-familiarising myself with the band but the Cribs have...view item »

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