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Roger Robinson
Dog Heart City

Roger Robinson, the authoritative vocal intoner at the core of Kevin Martin’s project King Midas Sound, here releases a powerful solo record. Dog Heart City is all about the harsh lives lived by London’s working class, with Robinson’s dub poetry sitting atop potent rolling rhythms. Very strong stuff. Out on Jahtari.
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  • Jahtari

Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

Hard to believe, but already 10 years have passed since Jahtari's simple beginnings as a netlabel in 2004. To celebrate in style we cooked up this highly addictive fourth instalment in the crucial Jahtarian Dubbers series that will run your walkman batteries empty in no time. Delay experts from all five continents filled this hissy reel with psychedelic dubs, soundsystem grenades and everything inbetween: from Australia to London, from Canada to Shanghai, from South Africa to Scotland. Tracks: 1. Monkey Marc - Danger Earth 2. Pupajim - Nobody Can Stop We (Dub At The Pub Dubplate) 3. EarlyW~Rm - The Dub Deal 4. 7FT Soundsystem feat. Mentor Irie - Shut Ya Mouth 5. El Fata - Good Foundation 6. disrupt - Chrono Trigger 7. Jah Screechy - Love We A Deal With 8. Jahtari Riddim Force - Total Protonic Reversal 9. Chacha - Black Eyes Stranger 10. Diggory Kenrick - Stranger Flutes 11. Rootah - Dancing Coords 12. Mungo's Hifi feat. Shanti D - Know Your Roots
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  • Jahtari

Omega Station

Here’s Jahtari boss Jan Gleichmar aka Disrupt’s first solo full-length since 2009’s The Bass Has Left the Building. This time the bass actually has left the building, along with most of the electro-reggae at which our lad Jan so excelled. Instead he’s gone all-out sample librarian and created an electro-ambient soundtrack to a retrofuturistic space voyage. Faultless production, as ever.

Kiki Hitomi
Karma No Kusari

This is officially being labeled as a Reggae album. Karma No Kusari by Kiki Hitomi could however fit into a myriad of genre - is it sweet candy pop, with songs such as Pink No Kimono having a sickly-sweet feeling. How about psychedelic pop, especially prevalent in the title track which is a distorted collection of sound. Check this one out and decide for yourself.   

Monkey Marc
Post Traumatic Dub

This new 7” on Disrupt’s Jahtari imprint packs a pair of singular Monkey Marc productions, beamed straight from a solar-powered freight container studio in Melbourne. Following some rather bombastic recent work on Jahtari and other labels, do the titles of these two - ‘Post Traumatic Dub’ and ‘Deception Dub’ mark a turn towards moodier territory? Or is Marc monkeying around again? Nab one of these 300 copies and you’ll soon find out.
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  • Jahtari

WaqWaq Kingdom

WaqWaq Kingdom is the pairing of Gameboy madman DJ Scotch Egg and other-worldly Japanese vocalist Kiki Hitomi of Black Chow and King Midas Sound. But it is nothing like you might expect, if anything it falls on the King Midas side of things. Shinsekai is driven by incredible world and tribal sampling, a trimba and heavy dub production, but is far from straight up.