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WaqWaq Kingdom
WaqWaq Kingdom EP

Return of WaqWaq Kingdom the collaboration between King Midas Sounds' Kiki Hitomi and DJ Scotch Egg. This is the dubby sound you know from Hitomi amped all the way up with DJ Scotch Egg's preference from gabba and chip tune. Incredibly weird in a very, very g...view item »

Kiki Hitomi
Karma No Kusari

This is officially being labeled as a Reggae album. Karma No Kusari by Kiki Hitomi could however fit into a myriad of genre - is it sweet candy pop, with songs such as Pink No Kimono having a sickly-sweet feeling. How about psychedelic pop, especially prevalent in the title track which is a distorted collection ...view item »

Roger Robinson
Dog Heart City

Roger Robinson, the authoritative vocal intoner at the core of Kevin Martin’s project King Midas Sound, here releases a powerful solo record. Dog Heart City is all about the harsh lives lived by London’s working class, with Robinson’s dub poetry sittin...view item »

Peter King
One Shot Of Vodka

Peter King threw this one down directly to 8-track in the studio, so that One Shot Of Vodka is as potent and direct as the subject of its title. No messing around, just straight to funky business. And on the B-side comes a juicy riddim from Art & Naram. 7” on the Jahtari label, in a sleeve tha...view item »

Monkey Marc
Post Traumatic Dub

This new 7” on Disrupt’s Jahtari imprint packs a pair of singular Monkey Marc productions, beamed straight from a solar-powered freight container studio in Melbourne. Following some rather bombastic recent work on Jahtari and other labels, do the titles of these two - ‘Post Traumatic Dub’ and ‘Decep...view item »

WaqWaq Kingdom

WaqWaq Kingdom is the pairing of Gameboy madman DJ Scotch Egg and other-worldly Japanese vocalist Kiki Hitomi of Black Chow and King Midas Sound. But it is nothing like you might expect, if anything it falls on the King Midas side of things. Shinsekai i...view item »

Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

Hard to believe, but already 10 years have passed since Jahtari's simple beginnings as a netlabel in 2004. To celebrate in style we cooked up this highly addictive fourth instalment in the crucial Jahtarian Dubbers series that will run your walkman batteries empty in no time. Delay experts from all five continents filled this hissy reel with psy...view item »

March Of The Gremlins

I've got a right big pile of reviews to tackle today so I'm starting off with something I can be confident won't be too brain-scrambling or depressing. I'm confident of this because it's got a mogwai smoking a spliff on the front cover. This 2LP by Naram is his debut but with it being on Jahtari it is, as you would expect, some kind of digi-dub ...view item »

Paul St. Hilaire
Nah Ina It

Here we have a collaboration between legendary Berlin-based Paul St Hilaire, aka Tikiman, meet the knob fiddlers behind the Jahtari Riddim Force. The A side sounds remarkably like Flight Of The Conchords’ ‘Boom Boom’. Almost identical in fact. It’s a deep...view item »

Soom T & Disrupt
Dirty Money EP

Top boss rekkid of the week for me is the fabulous Disrupt 12" Ft. MC Soom T, Glasgow's premier cheeky riddim riding scamp! 'Dirty Money' has her soulful, sassy flow topping a wicked dirty bassline & those irresistible bleepy commodore rhythms, a total modern classic in my book! The excellent 'Survivor' is a top notch reggae skanker with s...view item »

Black Chow
Wonderland EP

What a treat to have this EP drop just after witnessing an earth shaking set from King Midas Sound in Leeds this weekend (Big up guys if you're reading!) This is the duo of Kevin "The Bug" Martin and Kiki Hitomi of KMS and it's a belter. Martin unleashes a heavy, stoned dubbed-out dancehall/hip-hop hybrid of a rhythm with Hitomi grabbing the mik...view item »

Soom T & Disrupt
Ode 2 A Carrot

Another Leipzig / Glasgow hook up and the lady Soom T has just one thing on her mind and I mean one thing only and that is weed, every tunes lyrical theme is about toking ganja: 'Puff That Weed', 'Roll That Shit' 'They Call It Pot' 'I Need Weed' and so on. The highlight for me is 'Saved By A Ganja Leaf' where Soom T's vocal has a sort of effect ...view item »

Berzerk Dub / Echobombing

It's been a while since I've heard anything on Jahtari but here's a wee Disrupt 7" to.. Disrupt that, I suppose. The artwork's by KLF lad Jimmy Cauty too, it looks like the sumo wrestler's being bummed by a robot but it's still not really a patch on that browntastic Lord of the Rings poster he did or owt. True to form, 'Bezerk Dub' is a skanki...view item »

Soom T / Mungo's Hi-Fi
Flying High / Juicy Punch Riddim

The latest Jahtari 7" is a split from Glasgow's Soom T and Mungo's Hi-Fi and it's pretty cool. On 'Mighty Fine' Soom T's toasting is mighty fine over a rough and rugged 80's computerize style "riddim". It's a sweet tune and I dig the raw production sound on the snares. The vocal has delay in all the right places and on second spin it...view item »

Mikey Murka & Disrupt
Downpressor Man/ Version

Glasgow's Jahtari label have the first authentic looking dancehall 7" out in their new Maffi series. German producer Disrupt provides the fairly simple rhythm for Mikey Murka's excellent toasting on 'Downpressor Man'. It has an 80's London soundsytem vibe. Think of old boys like Saxon sound. It has authentic C64 gunshot and police siren sounds...view item »

Disrupt and Rootah
Jahtarian Dubbers EP

Disrupt and Rootah share four tracks and two sides (one 'Space Invader side' and one 'Pac-Man side') on the Jahtarian Dubbers EP, it's the first I've heard of any of this lot and I'll deffoes be looking for more. Not too much in the way of vocals but it's got all the dubby stuff you'd expect, masses of echo, delay and a lovely line in big swooshy b...view item »