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A CD on Turgid Animal by Voltigeurs is currently yawning grainy fuzz & sinister metallic frequencies, not to mention flecks of doom style low-end into the offices' dusty orifices (and the corners of the room) This is the new-ish project from Skullflower's Matt Bower & Samantha Davis' of GYR/Harm. His distinctive psychedelic dirge/squall is ...view item »

Skullflower / Utarm

I’ve no idea who’s playing in this incarnation of Skullflower. I’ll hazard a guess at Matthew Bower (obviously), Lee Stokoe and Samantha Davies. Skullflower get things going with ‘Beneath its Shady Lash a Sudden Lightning Hid’ and they...view item »

Hard + Low

West Yorkshire's own Turgid Animal label have done the “noise” underground a major service in reissuing a remastered CD edition of 'Hard + Low'. Originally released on Broken Flag some 26 years ago. This was the first solo cassette released by Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Sunroof!, Hototogisu, Pure, Mirag, Voltigeurs etc.) ...view item »

Phythogenetics: Collection

Not only is properly nasty Harsh Noise, it is also reportedly the very cream of the Gelsomina crop of Harsh Noise. On wrapping up the project, main man Pekka PT contacted premier merchants of harshness Turgid Animal with a carefully curated selection of Gelsomina’s best work. The result is Pythogenetic...view item »

Valley Of Fear
Valley Of Fear

I almost shit myself when I saw this was out. I've been enjoying Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies collaborations on Skullflowers 'Malediction'' and as Voltigeurs  so anything bearing their name on it gets me interested. Then I discover that they've introduced Justin Broadrick into the fold which makes for a seriously ferocious t...view item »

Minus The Divine

OHHHH yeaHAhahah this 'Minus The Divine' CD on Turgid Animal by Norway's Utarm sounds ultra-wicked. There are some amazing things happening these days in experimental underground black-metal. Sadly I don't get to hear anywhere near enough of the stuff. This really is doing it for me, it has a very nice raw and primitive sound but it's packed wit...view item »


I’ve barely had a chance to catch a breath and recover from Voltigeurs flooring ‘Carrion’ full length on ...view item »

Pure Imperial Reform

I'm chuffed to land another Skullflower album to rinse my head into the new year. Matt Bower seems to have been particularly prolific over the last 18 months or so what with the brilliant 'Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver' LP, The apocalyptic menace of 'Desire For A Holy War' and now 'Pure Imperial Reform'. Like the previous record Bower is joined b...view item »

Voltigeurs / Dark Bargain

A killer split 7” right here from Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies’ Skullflower side-project Voltigeurs and Newcastle’s Dark Bargain. Voltigeurs head up the A side with ‘Strangled Angels (In Our Hedgerows)’ superb darkly hypnotic, mes...view item »

Ashtray Navigations
The "o" Mouth Direct Input Raygun

Natty little four track 7” here on Turgid Animal, from the reliable duo of Ashtray Navigations. On The ‘O’ Mouth Direct Input Raygun, distorted shimmer and hovering droneishness are the order of the day, with plenty of little tweaky bits around the edges for extra freshness. Straight outta Leeds....view item »

Skullflower/ White medal
Great Hunter/ On't Borough

Skullflower is one noisy bugger. His appearances on the vinyl format are very rare these days, to say the least, so we must rejoice the union of himself & White Medal sharing a split 7" on the ever stubborn Turgid Animal of West Yorkshire. His style is always effective, a kind of yearning, viscous gothic industrial strength fuzz, pitched a...view item »

Voltigeurs/ Horseback

Matthew Bower is a man. A noisy man. A dark man. He's known primarily for coaxing dense, filthy walls of evil, chaotic fizzing sludge out of every rocker's favourite appendage (apart from the obvious unremovable one down their pants) This project has a sort of doomy black metal edge with faintly industrial leanings. The frequencies sound torture...view item »

Japanese Royal Blue

Always great to have some action from Hiroshi Hasegawa... This LP is two sides of pure synthesizer noise where both tracks are live recordings. The first from Tokyo in 2007 and the B side from Stockholm in 2008. A master of his art Hiroshi gets some truly mind blowing sounds from his machines, totally futuristic and psychedelic shards of sound a...view item »

Aaron Dilloway
Chain Balled

I've just heard that Aaron Dilloway is playing in Leeds tomorrow. That's news to me. I never get to hear shit about anything these days. You'd think in this day and age of telecommunications a Wolf Eyes fan like me would have heard that was happening in my local area.... Hey what happened to OJ? Did they lock him up??? Anyway I like a bit of Aaron ...view item »

Faux Pas

Damn!!! This 'Faux Pas' 7" is fucking loudy loud!!! Entitled 'Stoy=Gull' and available on the Turgid Animal label, this is a crazy ass, feedback intensive assault on the senses. Completely unforgiving in every way, this is the kind of tune you might listen to if you wanted to upset everyone who loves you; insanely grotesque, brain frying compo...view item »

Cloama/Mutant Ape

Gonna melt my brain with this here Cloama / Mutant Ape 'Dementia' split 7” on Turgid Animal. Cloama are / is first up with some looped up guitar and vocal racket. Not the full on mayhem I was expecting but suitably evil sounding nonetheless, A slight industrial feel, with possessed frequencies and guitar. Mutant Ape kick off in brooding style...view item »

Culver/Murder Book
Night Of The Killers Moon

Another split release on Turgid Animal... This album twins Murder Book & Culver. Murder Book is George Procter on electronics/ tape and saxophone. This side long epic “Trials Of Hex” begins with some totally bleak drones and heavy atmospherics, with an enormous sense of impending doom, then some disembodied vocals enter the mix and ...view item »

Mutant Ape
Live And Proud

Mutant Ape bring the noise with orange vinyl 7" 'Live And Proud' with 2 tracks of explosive racket to drop at the local over 70's bingo hall annual tea and scone 'Save the Hedgehogs' fundraiser party. One track was recorded live in the Toon and the other in Glasgow. It's the sonic equivalent to a hand grenade enema. Extremely harsh, powerful n...view item »

Victorian Photography

Hmm, Prurient! Just what you want first thing in the morning. As usual, this sounds like the mind of a Nazi war criminal. The A-side is a terrifying version of 'London Bridge is Falling Down' which cements the notion with audio that probably would make it crumble a bit if it was played loud enough.. Static, screaming and drilling noise-horror. Mint...view item »