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Protestant Work Ethic
The Jar And Shock

Protestant Work Ethic, as well as having a great name, has a rather pleasing sound: folk songs nestled amidst detailed arrangements. Not quite as dour as you might expect Protestant folk music to be, but that may be for the best, depending on how bleak you like your folk. The Jar And The Shock is released by Valeot....view item »


First up i got to draw your attention to the beautifully constructed hardback case that the Milhaven record is packaged in, it's a beauty! CD packaging has come a long way in recent years i tell thee. On to the music, Milhaven are a post-rock group in the very traditional sense of the word, i'm talking precise, whimsical, floaty post rock of the li...view item »

The Pattern Theory
The Pattern Theory

Blooming post-rock time now. I'm unsure how to accurately describe this, it's a very melodic and sweetly executed instrumental rock album with progressive and electronic undertones. Lots of dynamic, playful percussion; woozy old analogue synths adding a really spacious, exploratory dimension; inspired splashes of...view item »

Towers of Sparks

Now for some Austrian free-post-classical-rock-jazz. Oh yeah baby. You know you want it. Right in yer ears, all the way. Easy does it! There! How do you feel? What? Your blinking brain hurts? Oh dear, I think I pushed it in too far. Now let's see, if I can just ease it out a tad.....there we go! How's that? Better you say? You like the violin? W...view item »

Memories of Bjorn Bolssen

Tupelov: Memories of Bjorn Bolssen is an achingly slow paced nine track CD on Valeot Records. At once jazz driven- which drives our man at the helm crazy, it's just as well he's away as we've got it on full blast today. Played at huge volume levels brings out the marvelous attention to compositional details, which take in elements of contemporary c...view item »


I was drawn to the simple line drawing on nice textured black card of this new Dirac release on Valeot. If nothing else it's supremely tasteful. It also reminds me a wee but of Vib Ribbon if anyone remembers that. It's been on for a good 20 minutes has this album and it's starting to sink in. Drones, loops, tones and feedback are building up to ...view item »