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Machinefabriek & Sanja Harris
Machine Rooms

This week’s runner up in the elaborate packaging stakes is this album of minimal drones from the twin behemoths of Machinefabriek and Sanja Harris. Housed in a brown sleeve it contains four beautiful photographs of pipes and two downloads of films. The music is gorgeous - bell like drones and low end ...view item »

Unrecognizable Now
Two Rooms

This should appeal to all the drone fanatics out there, it’s a limited edition handmade CD on Simon Scott’s label, filled to the brim with gorgeous textures, undulating atmospheres and late night melancholy. &nb...view item »

Kane Ikin + David Wenngren

Here's a new thing on Simon Scott's Kesh label by Kane Ikin (Norm single of the week the other week on 12K from solo 'Solo Andata' dude) and David Wenngren (Library Tapes dude and he's had album of the week as well!). High hopes for this baby! They recorded this without even meeting or t...view item »

Lorenzo Senni
Early Works

Lorenzo Senni is a new name to me. Here's his debut album on Keshhhhhhhhhhhhh Recordings. I can't be arsed to count the H's... I know there's more than 1 and less than 10. It all seems un necessary to me though undeniably 'H' is a under rated letter. It's always about 'S's and 'T's around here which pisses me off. Anyhoo on with the show.... Early ...view item »

Complex Tone Test

An album by Autistici has crashed into my ears, released on CD by the Kesh label. I'm loving the haunting, atmosphere drenched opener, the melancholy keyboard conjuring up images of still horses in breezy late autumn fields. Are they sleeping? Are they depressed? Are they made from card? What kind of madness is this? Flickering, pulsing evocative e...view item »

Christopher Bissonnette, Aus, Various
88 Tapes

88 Tapes is a compilation CD on Keshhhhhh records. 14 tracks in total....and it comes in one of those fancy ejector case package jobs which I like mainly cos they double as weapons if you eject them hard enough. I remember going to the martial arts shops when I was a nipper and getting chinese throwing stars to lob at the garage. Them were the days...view item »


Hannu is back with his 2nd album on the ole Kesh label ran by Televise guru and head honcho Simon Scott. Hannu's previous album was a lovely mess of melodic electronica and electro acoustic gubbins all lovingly crafted together like a well laid out dining table. Mmm... Dining... We like a bit of fine dining here.... Hintergarden continues the l...view item »

From Anywhere To Anyone

Televise have a collection of remixes out by an allstar cast of shoegaze/electronica artists who are all generally responisible for floaty drifty pretty music and are well selected to remix Televise's sounds. Called to duty are Ulrich Schnauss, d_rradio, Library Tapes, Simon Scott, Sebastien Roux, Isan, Praveen, Zegunder, Port Royal, Zegunder, Yell...view item »

Volume 3

Televise are great. They make some lovely music they do. They're part of that whole Nu-gazing scene and Volume 3 includes key tracks from the previous 3 releases on Drifting Falling and Distant Noise which makes it a great entry point if you're looking for somewhere to start with Televise. Also if you want to get your hands of that Secret Valentin...view item »

Mole Harness
All Your Memories Return At Once

Mole Harness: All Your Memories Return At Once (Kesh) Instrumental un-rock with dashes of, at times, orchestral sounding synthesised treatments and FX. Dramatic swathes of string washes, reverbed, percussive textures and dubby atmospherics. Kesh is the new imprint from Televises' Simon Scott and there's elements of that band's shoegaze style fixa...view item »