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Gruff Rhys
Set Fire To The Stars

Good isn't he? This soundtrack to a film about Dylan Thomas's first week in the USA has a warm hopeful feel with the Super Furry Animals lad effortlessly blending cocktail jazz, Americana and Atomic Age bop using vintage instruments and live takes. Recorded at the same time but in very different circumstances to his last LP...view item »

Add N To X/ Mum And Dad
Black Sabbath/ Monster Truck

Twisted Nerve madness is ensuing with the arrival of the Mum And Dad/ Add N To X split 7". This is a mail order only job and it's ltd to 500 copies. Once again it's 5 pounds and this time it comes in a nice shiny embossed sleeve. The A side is a Black Sabbath tribute and is noisey an...view item »

The Liftmen
Luftwaffe Pond

I've just written 'Life Without Buildings' on the skin of my banana. Breakthroughs come only once in a while in this reviewing lark and my brain is so scattershot that if fleeting thoughts are not noted they will be forgotten by the time I've typed out the album title. Anyway, there is so...view item »

Jean-Claude Vannier
Roses Rouge Sang

Jean-Claude Vannier is the celebrated arranger behind Serge Gainsbourg's best efforts. Known also as the French David Axelrod or the French George Martin, he produced a range of orchestral funk and rock in the 70's. Here he returns with the kind of sound you might expect full of Gallic f...view item »

Misty Dixon
Love Is Like A Butterfly

Misty Dixon releases Love Is Like A Butterfly (on Twisted Nerve) which was the old theme tune from Butterflies starring Wendy Craig, Geoffrey Palmer, Nicholas Lyndhurst and the fellla with the curly hair. What happened to him? Anyway I like this lots. Did you know it was originally penned by Dol...view item »

Voice Of The Seven Woods
Holy Harbour

Man of the moment Rick Tomlinson A.K.A Voice Of The Seven Woods has a 10" Twisted Nerve with a brill trippy sleeve. 'The Holy Harbour' has his trademark psychedelic guitar that sounds as if it was recorded 40 years ago. I'm getting a bit of a Spanish feeling from this not a million miles away from Sir Richard Bishop. Mingus say Iberian which i...view item »

All Traps Set
Their Martyred Music

All Traps Set is some dude from Voice of The Seven Woods. He's their beatmeister I believe. I'd like it if he looked like the Hoffmeister bear. Anyway here's a somewhat delayed 7" on Twisted Nerve/ Finders Keepers which was one of their limited singles club jobs. Like the last single on Poptones this is very percussive and beaty..... think Mal...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy, Alfie, Mum & Dad, Various
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About.

Carrying on with Twisted Nerve is a lovely comp thing with one track from every release so far plus 2 exclusive tracks on by Badly Drawn Boy & Andy Votel. The vinyl is a Chain With No Name exclusive dbl LP which looks lovely. The CD has an extra track and that's Whirlpool by ...view item »

Dakota Oak
Pastures Of Plenty

Twisted Nerve release a new EP by Dakota Oak. Tinged with acoustic lovelyness and that lofi charm that falls out of the chaps pants it's rather good indeed. Pastures of Plenty is full of lovely pastoral sounding instrumentals and tiny ditties.... ...view item »

Twin Kranes
Spektrum Theatre Snakes

A few seconds after hitting play on Twin kranes' 'Spektrum Theatre Snakes' and there is some uptempo kraut/ prog type stuff blasting out at me. This is super Motorik in terms of the rhythm section and the synths on the safe side of being just that bit too widdly. Repetition, check, driving bassline, check, cosmic electronics, check. These guys actu...view item »

Diane Cluck
Selections From Oh Vanillea / Ova NIL

Diane Cluck "Selections from Oh Vanile / Ova Nil" (Twisted Nerve) continues the folk theme starting this weeks reviews. Like the title says these are collected from the CD's that Important put out a little while ago. First time on vinyl these are limited editions, sewn sleeved affairs. The...view item »

The Gaslamp Killer
All Killer: Finders Keepers Records 1-20 Mixed

The Gaslamp Killer has mixed a fine selection from the Finders Keepers catalogue in the form of 'Finders Keepers Records 1-20'. The disc is indexed into just 12 tracks but in actual fact there are tons thrown into the seamless mix. Tracks from Lubos Fiser, John Hill, Susan Christie, Spectre, Chris Harwood, Vampires of Dartmoore, Ersen, Bruno Spoerr...view item »

Sam & The Plants
The Eft

Another day of chaos in the office as we pluder through our daily tasks and the Sam and The Plants 'The Eft' CD is playing. Among the folk elements which dominate are all kinds of unexpected twists and turns and curious little sounds are revealed. Although the songs do have tunes and are deeply rich in melody, it's an album that's pushing some expe...view item »

The Lift Men
The Lift Men

Now then, The Lift Men - this is much much more like it. I'm not sure how to explain how this album is so much enjoyable than the last one - it has the same ingredients but the songs kind of come out of a much more obtuse place. Its not singer songwriter stuff with added instruments - it emerges fully formed - the guitars twist around in ever shift...view item »

Guide To Personal Happiness

Really glad to see Twisted Nerve still in fine fettle with all these curious Finders Keepers releases landing every few weeks like.....A ten year anthology of the bedroom recordings from a lady called Julie next. She goes under the name Lispector and writes these beautiful shambling keyboard & recorder flecked folk pop songs...view item »

But I Won't Do That EP

One of the my faves of the week is the Sirconical single on Twisted Nerve which is banging. 30 mins long and mostly brilliant. Some jazzy things on there, some electronic things, some beaty. A big fan me..... But I Won't Do That is on CD and 12"....view item »

The Valerie Project
The Valerie Project

The Valerie Project: 'S/T' (Finders Keepers) This is an ensemble re-interpretation of a Czech film score, the players are gathered from various bands including Fursaxa, Espers, Fern Knight, Timesbold etc...the sounds conjure up a rolling rambling, space age folkway made up from a combination of percussion, vocals, bells, electronics, harps (co...view item »

Voice of The Seven Woods, Badly Drawn Boy, Various
A Kind Of Awe And Reverence And Wonder

Twisted nerve are having a bit of a renaissance on the back of the B Music prog revival thing courtesy of the Finders Keepers mob. That and of course the huge success of folks like Voice of The Seven Woods. They have a new comp out called A Kind of Awe And Reverence And Wonder featuring said Vo7W. Toolshed, Samandtheplants, All Traps Set and 8 more...view item »

Voice Of The Seven Woods
Voice of The Seven Woods

Well The Voice of The Seven Woods Self titled album is here finally and a right ole psychedelic toolbox it is. Hey don't get me wrong. I love a bit of psych nonsense. It kicks off with a great opener called Sand And Flames.... very opium den sounding... hints of Jack Rose, Morocco all shrouded in the biggest cloud of hash smoke you've ever smelt. I...view item »


New on Twisted Nerve a mini album  from Toolshed. This is Graham Massey (808 State) plus a few comrades. Its nothing like anything Twisted Nerve has released before. The first track is best, sounding like an even more disturbed Theme from Roobarb and Custard. Completely dera...view item »

Sam & The Plants

Am pleased Twisted Nerve have gone back to their roots and are bringing out quirky little odd singles here and there. The 2nd Sam & The Plants Ep is in (cunningly called EP2) and it's a lo fi mix of eccentricity and melody. The last single I wasn't enormously taken by but on this there's 12 tracks of joy to be had. There is something ...view item »

A Word In Your Ear

Carrying on the Twisted Nerve theme we have a new Alfie album which sounds remarkably like Alfie. They don't really sound like anyone else. I can't think of anyone who really sounds like them. This is quite a satisfying listen in a folky nice pretty way. I think Alfie are my least ...view item »


Unsure what to make of Toolshed. After a lengthy lay off, Graham Massey's imPROG collective have an incredibly daft, inventive & over the bloody top & down the other side full lengther out on the relatively forgotten Twisted Nerve. Billed as both Massey's mid life crisis that must be exorcised & "an undo...view item »


Joy! A brand new Sirconical thing. How long has he taken to do something new?? Well we have a 2 track 12" promo from the forthcoming album on Twisted Nerve and it's totally ace. Think of a more twinkly Wagon Christ with a thing for John Barry and that's what you get here. There's bits of Squarepusher in t...view item »

Team LG, Rebelski, Various
Now Is The Winter Of Our Discount Tents

Compilation of the week comes from a label that appeared to run aground years ago. Twisted Nerve have been most quiet of recent times, with only the occasional whisper & gurgle emanating from those hallowed Mancunian corridors. It's a cheapo sampler, showcasing the organic & vital talent that resides on the label today. Great tu...view item »

Stickers On Keys

First up Rebelski. This is the bloke from Doves doing the Its on Twisted Nerve and its quite a nice record. There's hints of Baby Bird on one of the tracks and it sometimes slips into the nu-classical tyype thing on others. Track 3 is my favourite sounding somewhat like the post rock groups that...view item »

A Thousand Dreams

Reeling from the most unfair NME review in the history of music come Jukes. Yes Tim Jonze of NME stand up in front of the class and explain yourself. He seemed to use his review to go on a rant about how much he hates Guardian readers and Dido. Well that's got absolutely nothing to do with the music that is presented here. Its a l...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy
BDB DVD The Video Collection

I took home the new Badly Drawn Boy DVD collection to watch cos our dvd player is up the swanny (hence part of the above repairyness thing) and it's quite enjoyable. All the videos from Road Movie to All Possibilities and with excellent animated menus. Not something that usually impresses me but this one did. And there's some other shite...view item »

Misty Dixon
You're So Cruel To My Heart

Why on earth have Twisted Nerve decided to release a single off the last Misty Dixon LP now? I mean the album has been out ages......a year ago maybe? It has more fluffy kittens on the front cover. The kind you would describe as "too cute" i.e. they go beyond cute and therefore are starting to get back towards evil. The ...view item »


D.O.T (aka Dakota Oak Trio) have a new album out. Their last album should have been strangled at birth and this new one has a really awful sleeve which puts me off immediately. The music features more vocals and electronics and sounds quite slight at first but half way through the first side it ...view item »

Aidan Smith
At Home With Volume 2

Aidan Smith is Twisted Nerve's latest protege with popular debut mini LP already tucked firmly under his big fat belt. So now he lets us have Volume 2 of 'At Home With...' to savour or scold as is our want. Is he the new BDB you ask?? Well his scratchy & eclectic home recordings seem ...view item »

Andy Votel

We have a new 7" by Andy Votel on Twisted Nerve. Two tracks (new I think??) both instrumental type affairs with neat drum loops and what they tell me is a funky vibe. Thoroughly pleasant. Oh and it's called Komedahead...view item »

Aidan Smith
At Home With Vol 1

Twisted Nerve unleash the bizarre spectacle that is Aidan Smith's debut mini LP this week. Called 'At Home With' it's like early Badly Drawn Boy dabbling with exotica & Bob Dylan bootlegs. Or something....It's laid back stuff anyway, with nice piano flourishes and a folk-ey cir...view item »

Andy Votel
All Ten Fingers

First up today we have the new full length from Badly Drawn Boys mate and label cohort Andy Votel on the Twisted Nerve imprint. (My! they've been busy recently....) Called 'All Ten Fingers', it veers from loungy funky soul stricken stuff to more percussive beat laden workouts.In fact it's...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy
Have You Fed The Fish?

"Have You Fed The Fish?" is the second proper studio album by Badly Drawn Boy, that is if you don't count the soundtrack he did to "About A Boy". I regard it as his follow up to "The Hour Of Bewilderbeast". So, to follow-up such a commercial and critical success was going to be difficult but I like what he's done. There's certainly a confidence ...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy, Votel, Various

Twisted Nerve fetch us a new compilation called Zoo which is an album rammed with songs about animals. Hence the title. Am doing well at explaining things this week. you can't disagree. This features tracks by Andy Votel, Little Miss Trinitron (his track is called Birds Of Canada.......), The...view item »

Little Miss Trinitron
CPU Song

Twisted Nerve bring us a new single by Little Miss Trintron on 3" CD and 12". Slightly reminiscent of Sirconical but more electro sounding. The lead track is an astounding track of electronic electro pop. This is really really good. The flipside is a cover of Hotel California which is c...view item »

Mum And Dad
Mum And Dad

The Mum And Dad album is great. Absolutely damned fine. Sounds like it was made in the 60's by devil workshippers on really big shiny bikes. Albeit with some modern activity. Shirley Bassey on crackpipes with an orchestra of those little pan pipe playing devils in the background (there are no pa...view item »

Badly Drawn Boy
About A Boy OST

Just got the Badly Drawn Boy album in this morn for the About A Boy soundtrack. I've had chance to play it once so far. I would have played it again to get a better feel of it but the smirking face of Hugh (schlong) Grant on the cover is enough to put any self respecting human/ animal off this. The cover aside I...view item »