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You + Your D. Metal Friend

Cico Beck and Markus Acher of the Notwist have teamed up as You + Your D. Metal Friend to create something of consistent, delicate beauty, in “Sonnier”. Tickled analogue synth, gently tinkling percussion under soft mallets and warm, undulating bass all combine over the course of the six ‘Sonnie...view item »

Music Exists Disc 3

This is the third time now they've told us that music exists. We know it does; we just think it sucks. We don't think psychedelic, folksy and avant-rock duo Tenniscoats suck, though -- especially not on this collaboration with members of Swedish post-rock band Tape, who expand their song...view item »

Music Exists Disc 4

For over twenty years, Japanese experimental folk band Tenniscoats have been making music however barring a few releases, including the beautiful Two Sunsets, a collaboration with The Pastels, the band haven’t released anything outside Japan. Music Exists Disc 4 is the fourt...view item »

Le Millipede
The Sun Has No Money

Alien Ensemble member Matthias Goetz drops the second LP of his Le Millipede project. Though his work in AE sees him sticking to the trombone, there’s a far wider range of instruments being employed across The Sun Has No Money. As well as some Peter Zummo-indebted...view item »

Music Exists Disc 2

Here lies part two of Tenniscoats’ quietly epic Music Exists project. As ever, the little-known Japanese outfit weave magic out of the simplest of ingredients: subtle guitars and keyboards, hushed vocals, delicate melodies. Music Exists Disc 2 is a special suite of music and no mistake. Vinyl release on A...view item »

Music Exists Disc 1

Tenniscoats are a very special band. Operating out of Tokyo, they are little known to non-Japanese-speaking audiences. Their simple melodic songs have something wondrous about them, something to hold on to tightly. Music Exists is to be a quadruple album, but it is being rele...view item »

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra are a Berlin behemoth of a band, featuring eighteen members working under leader Daniel Glatzel. New fourth album Vula is a thrilling ride through stacks of international rhythms, melodies and textures, the whole thing unfolding in great detail over the course of an hour...view item »


1115 are a bit of an enigma. Vocalist Fehler Kuti teaming up with the mysterious “Grey” (Julian Maison/G.E.F.) for their Post-Europe “Opera”. Dark, psychedelic, distubing yet playful, their debut full length is an artistically fr...view item »
Selected Tracks For Nacht Damonen

This compilations acts as a sort of peak under the sheets of the underground Korean music scene. A collection of works from a collective from Seoul called Compiled by the collective’s director TaeSang Cho and Markus Acher of The Notwist the music itself ranges fr...view item »

Jam Money
A Gathering Kind

A Gathering Kind is built from half-instruments - charity shop keyboards, damaged guitars, music boxes, family heirlooms and that. Where such projects can descend into  amateurism and half-arsedness, it’s an impressive feat that Kevin Cormack and Mathew Fowler have fashioned such a friendly and beguiling record. It’s ti...view item »

Alien Ensemble
Alien Ensemble 2

Micha Archer of The Notwist (along with drummer Andreas Harberl) set up Alien Ensemble to explore instrumental arrangement, to take it down a gear, and strip things back. Their second album is further stripped back with it sounding like a backing band to jazz pieces without the ...view item »

The Notwist
Superheroes, Ghostvillains & Stuff

German indie weirdos The Notwist present their first ever live recording. Performing tracks mainly off of their albums Neon Golden, The Devil, You and Me, and Close To The Glass. Sounding somewhere between Efterklang’s off kilter pop, and Radiohead electronic exp...view item »


The experimental trio Saroos have once again confounded expectations with their fourth album Tardis. By incorporating modular synthesizers into their luscious kraut and math rock-inspired sound they create a rich and ever-changing instrumental music. Mangled samples, the Japanese koto instrument and that strange...view item »

The Drowned World

High-tempo electronic experiments from the search engine-unfriendly 1115. On Drowned World the duo bring together analogue gear and looped and modulated vocals. Their aim is to create an updated form of traditional percussive musical forms. This is like a dense, repetitive and extremely great kosmische drum circ...view item »

Rayon (Markus Acher)
Il Collo E La Collana

Rayon, the solo-project of The Notwist’s Markus Acher, is mostly concerned with the production of soundtracks. For Eleonora Danco’s newest movie N-capace, Acher made the music: Il Collo E La Collana. Like we’ve come to expect from the Alien Transistor label, the sound...view item »

Le Millipede
Le Millipede

Le Millipede is the work of one of those impressively capable characters, making whole records himself out of a smorgasbord of instruments. On this self-titled record, he lets his skills go wild, piecing together intricately twinkling percussion lines, with harmoniums, trombones and stylophones carrying the tunes on top. On Alie...view item »

The Notwist
Messier Objects

Messier Objects by The Notwist is a compilation of music recorded by the band for various theatre productions and radio plays. The music was recorded between the release of their 2008 album, The Devil, You & Me and 2014’s Close To The Glass. It was a period when the band also worked on solo p...view item »

Alien Ensemble
Alien Ensemble

Attempting to contact other intelligent life forms with the Alien Ensemble. Their self-titled record is the bands own take on improvised music. Taking ideas and concepts from the history of jazz, their sound blends Gil Evans-ish arranging techniques, Sun Ra harmonic forays and contempo...view item »

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
Live On Planet Earth

The Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra is one of Alien Transistor’s craziest and biggest acts, always going their own path, somehow defining a route between the 18 of them. Known for their work on label buddies the Notwist’s work, they also draw their own weight: Live On Planet Earth was recorded live and is m...view item »

Joasihno & Jel
Lay Down / Hypnotize

Neat little 7" from The Notwist’s Alien Transistor label. Anticon man Jel constructed ‘Hypnotise Us’ out of fragments sourced from Munich duo Joasihno, while ‘Lay Down’ is a brand new track from the German pair. Looped acoustic strums, somnambule...view item »


I’ve not crossed paths with this trio Saroos before, but this is in fact their third album and their members have played in bands like The Notwist and Lali Puna so I guess that’s more my fault than theirs at this point. They make a strangely wo...view item »


A limited 10” from the prolific and always good value electronic maestro, Machinefabriek. Our man Zuydervelt performs alchemy with cheap synth presets here on Vergezicht 1 & 2, tracks then brought to life with sax, piano and voice. Conceptually similar to some of Daniel Lopatin...view item »

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
Bum Bum

Isn't it delightful when you find a record that doesn't sound like any of the records you've already heard? That's what happened to me just now spinning this newie from Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra...view item »


Something that you don't need a TV for. The new Chronomad CD/LP on Alien Transistor. Which if you don't know is either the Notwist's label or some chuffer from said band. You could argue that this is the new world music albeit with some electronics. Fusing lots of different s...view item »

The Notwist
Storm (OST)

The Notwist have soundtracked 'Storm' a movie by Hans-Christian Schmidt. I know nothing of the film but I do know that the LP comes in a posh screen printed sleeve complete with CD copy of the album and 24 page photo booklet. It's a pleasant sounding record but I'm kind of struggling to visualize any kind of moving images. That's probably a good th...view item »

Boy In Static

There's a new release on Alien Transistor by Boy In Static. The singer sounds a bit like that chap from Snow Patrol. It's more indie than previous releases on the label and we think it's gonna appeal to folks who like Styrofoam. Indie music with a few blips, tweaks and beats. Nice enough stuff like.......view item »

Chronomad 1

New in on Alien Transistor (which is a chap from The Notwist's label) is a 12" and CD by Chronomad which is a lovely listen. Very pretty instrumental music with lots of tablas and lush sounds. It's possibly like the mellower end of Asa Chang & Junray. I think if you liked Fourtet...view item »