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Yawning Chasm
Songs from Blue House

Yawning Chasm claim that they recorded the bulk of new cassette Songs From Blue House in a shed during a storm. When you listen to this thing you start to believe them. The songs here are folk, more or less, but with the quiet charm that characterises the best bedroom indie. The group frequently back up their acoustic-a...view item »

Music for Dead Birds
And Then It Rained for Seven Days

Music for Dead Birds. What a cheery moniker. They've a 3" CD out on that Rusted Rail, one of those hand assembled jobs. I'd like to assemble some sleeves for them. They look like the greetings cards I make for folk. These folks squeeze 8 songs onto this tiny disclet and name it "And Then It Rained For Seven Days" As i'm off to Scotla...view item »

Good Shepherd
Her Darke Aspects

Good Shepherd is the solo project of Cambridgeshire-based musician Duncan Poyser, who keeps things folky and acoustic, apart from when he allows electronics to disrupt him. Her Darke Aspects, his second release for the Rusted Rail label, fills a 3” CD with 6 songs, and is packaged in a hand-stampe...view item »

The Driftwood Manor
Dominican Black Abbey EP

It’s a while since Rusted Rail have chucked some 3” CDs our way but this week three hit our saggy shelves. Much excitement! And if you’re one of those people who buy 3” CDs to listen to (unlike me who ...view item »

Half Forward Line
The Back of Mass

I’m already interested in an album when it was recorded over two days in a Derelict Irish Rural Pub. Was it derelict at the start of the sessions, or just at the end? I also like short sharp albums, so Half Forward Line’s half hour stomper - a jangler, a power-popper, a sharp dose, a pounder - has lots going for it. We’...view item »

Loner Deluxe
Songs I Taped Off The Radio

Heavily bearded man about town and Rusted Rail head honcho Keith Wallace returns with the first album in ages from his folk/electronic/sci fi project Loner Deluxe.  This promises to be a varied opus which is said to play like a mixtape from the artist himself. Wild and wondrous creativity plus you get a bit of his shirt wit...view item »

A Lilac Decline
The Mountain Rages

A Lilac Decline is the solo project of Cecilia Danell, of both Cubs and Loner Deluxe. The Mountain Rages is an atmospheric suite of intuitive folk music recorded with a brace of traditional instruments, field recordings, wine glasses, shortwave radios etc. for a intimat...view item »

Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon
The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea

The third album by Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon arrives after seven years away, but it seems that time has only allowed the Irish group to sound more like themselves. Third album The Statue of The Hunter is Lost at Sea has a special feel to it: something in the way that folk songs become swathed in wisps of shoegaze and...view item »

The Big Eyes Family Players

Not heard much from The Big Eyes Family Players recently and their brand of gentle, absorbing music. 'Donkeysongs' changes all that with a sweet 8 tracker on Irish imprint Rusted Rail. Beginning with 'Snowflake Runt', a tentative Bluegrass-esque musing underpinned with a melancholy reedy keyboard and shuffling percussion that's as disorientating as...view item »

The Declining Winter
Goodbye Minnesota

Very limited vinyl re-issue.180 gram vinyl packaged in a discophile sleeve with stickered artwork designed by Craig Boats, insert and unique postcard in each one. Amazing! A long suffering customer of ours popped in yesterday, marveling at how we keep going & complementing us for our enthusiasm, even posting reviews in from the oth...view item »

Perpetual Light EP

Here’s a cute little 3” CD by folk pop types Cubs out on Rusted Rail Records in a hand assembled and stamped card sleeve, loosely followed on from their last EP ‘Willowfield’. ‘Perpetual Light’ is a collection of 10 songs of folky niceness influenced...view item »

Good Shepherd
Ah... Good The Sea EP

A lovely little 3” CD from Ireland’s fine Rusted Rail imprint. Fitting perfectly with the label’s gently undulating folky releases this features gorgeously glacial acoustic guitars, bowed cymbals and gentle h...view item »

Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon
The Trees, The Sea in a Lunar Stream

Here's a long overdue new thing on Ireland's super Rusted Rail label (or maybe I just haven't been paying attention). In lovely handmade arigato packaging and containing a 12 track bonus CD (I mean what else could you ask for?). The music is mysterious home spun folk music. Long drawn out dusty distant songs that at times recall a more p...view item »

The Driftwood Manor
Same Figure Leaving

I like these guys. I like them a lot. Well it's mainly one guy called Eddie Keenan along with a bunch of likeminded musicians and peers helping him along the way. 'The Same Figure' was originally released as a limited CDR on Ruralfaune a while back and now ...view item »

Songs of Green Pheasant
Soft Wounds

This CD is immediately bringing to mind the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (and so by default the modern comparison here would have to be Fleet Foxes). Gently-paced and slickly arranged folk pop with totally smooth harmonies usher us into the collection on opene...view item »

The Driftwood Manor
Holy Ghost

Six tracks squeezed onto this teenie weenie disc, all bursting with passion and mourning from Eddie Keenan who sings, plays guitars and bouzouki, and all very well too may I add. With tracks like 'Bury Me Alive', 'Gone Devil', 'I would Lose You Still' and 'The Devil Is My Brother'; it's apparent that this isn't one to rock a party. So instead ge...view item »

Autumn Grieve
Terra Infinita

I like 3" CDs. They're so cute! You can put one in a letter to a loved one without having to get a bigger envelope & you can file them in that shallow drawer that usually only holds old batteries & paperclips. 'Terra Infinita' is a dinky EP by Autumn Grieve who supplies my tired ears with some very gorgeous ethereal celtic folk flecked w...view item »

The Whispering Woods

This is the newest release on Galway's Rusted Rail imprint and is a collaboration between members of Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, United Bible Studies, C Joynes, Plinth, Agitated Radio Pilot, Yawning Chasm amongst others. It flits around on the folky margins, indistinct rural acoustic plucking married with stretched out electronic drones, dream...view item »

Brigid Power-Ryce
You Are Here

I can't believe the snow is back.... Am looking out of the window wondering if I'm gonna get home tonight. I wish I had some spare undercrackers. Here's a brand new 3" Cd on the ever dependable Rusted Rail label. It's by Brigid Power Ryce and it's been recorded by the UK and US by Liam Watson and Eric Carbonara (mmmm...) She's a singer songwri...view item »

Loner Deluxe
Must Not Sleep Must Warn Others/Lost & Found

Here's a cute dbl 3" CD set entitled 'Lost and Found' by Loner Deluxe on the Rusted Rail label (they released the Declining Winter album). Co incidentally this features a Declining Winter remix which sounds so much like the DW it's untrue. Spread across the 2 CD's you get 8 tracks of nice ethereal sounding electro acoustic experimental indie a...view item »

Loner Deluxe
The Plinth Tapes

'The Plinth Tapes' sees Loner Deluxe exercising his creative freedoms on source material provided by Dorset's Plinth. This is a fine example of the kind of organic yet sequencer based folktronica pioneered by the likes of Kieran Hebden Soft ambient synths and subtle melodic guitar patterns are carefully crafted and manipulated to from vast sound co...view item »

Yawning Chasm
The Shadow Is That Hidden

We've got a couple of 3" cd's from the excellent Rusted Rail label this week. I've been assigned 'The shadow is that hidden' EP from Yawning Chasm, a one man bedroom producer and songwriter (and one half of Mirakil Whip) Aaron M. Coyne. This is beautifully crafted, hypnotic folk of the like you don't hear much nowadays. Simple guitar motives a...view item »

Agitated Radio Pilot
A Field Day

Agitated Radio Pilot (David Colohan and cohorts) has a limited 3" CD called A Field Day out on Ireland's Rusted Rail label and it's a 6 track EP of earnest singer songwriter gear that straddles a folkish vibe. Our Business Lady is laughing at the lyrics, I heard a mention of watching Withnail and I which is always good. The musicians play pian...view item »

So Cow
Best Vacation Ever

'Best Vacation Ever' by So Cow covers a lot of ground considering it's the work of one young Irish fella and his trusty 4 track recording device. Listening to 'Best Vacation Ever' is pretty much the sound of a man with a schizophrenic mentality toward songwriting and the an immense amount of freedom to explore different ideas due to his choice of r...view item »

The Dovetail Consort
East & West EP

Oh nice one, more irritatingly hard to identify 3" CDs on Rusted Rail! Just what our stockrooms need! It's a good job their releases tend to be of a very high standard innit. Otherwise I'd have to start windmilling. They do good press releases too, I've just read the one for this Dovetail Consort release and it's a beauty - leaving me totally ...view item »

C Joynes
LHR Twins

Rusted Rail once again has sent us some of his greetings cards posing as musical implements, this one by CWK Joynes - "LHR Twins". The opener sounds like a Mandolin is being mauled (lovingly) by talented fingers whilst zither, piano, cello & musicbox are employed in varying degrees of audibility. It gets quicker to the point where you...view item »

Leaving The Moors

It's review central this week and a week wouldn't be complete without a 3" CD from Rusted Rail to coo over. Directorsound is Nick Palmer, his 7 tracks here, housed prettily in one of those dinky greetings cards, are of a very gentle nature. A bass string thrums, a harp style affair is caressed, ambient drift forms the backdrop. That's the esse...view item »

Phoenix Trees

This 3" Phoenix Trees CD from John Cavanagh's Phosphene is a curious beast. Blowtorching satisfying analogue synth tones to oddball lyrics and sound effects, it's a bit like listening to the music for some sort of nature programme about space fish that went out on the BBC in the 1960s. Like much of the best electro-acoustic stuff it somehow pu...view item »

Stonewater EP

Moving onto Cubs on Rusted Rail. It's a (rather) cute 3" CD called The Stonewater EP and it's got a whopping 8 tracks on it. I can't even work out how much tracks per inch that is as the numbers aren't even. It's a lot though. Probably at least 10 (ish). Cubs contains folks from Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, Mirakil Whip, Agitated Radio Pilot ...view item »