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Kashiwa Daisuke
April. #02

April #02 straddles the divide between contemporary classical-using pianos and string sounds- and electronica, which indicates a use of digital signal processes to edit, programme and arrange an array of synthesized sounds. There's a tremendously acute attention to the detail of the sounds used and the way they're placed throughout the field of p...view item »

Kashiwa Daisuke
April. #07

Kashiwa Daisuke's April #07 continues the contemporary classical mode. Opening with a piano led piece, this collection contains remixes from April #02 by Dj Olive Oil, Takeshi Nishimoto aka I'm Not A Gun and lem, with further pieces by Daisuke and Jean-Michel. Now I've turned the volume up, the sounds are fuller and the pianos, strings, p...view item »


Got a fairly zany CD of messed up broken electronica from Kyoka on the Onpa label. The sleeve is crackers and gives some indication of what's on offer. From deranged backwards vocals to mangled beat-gibberish and ants in yer pants hyperactive rhythm spasms. 'Test My Taste' is like hearing a breakcore party from 2 streets away. Then the twisted twan...view item »

Watanabe Takashi

I'm reviewing 'Slider' by Watanabe Takashi purely because it's got an awesome digipak sleeve and the music is mental. It's got that gorgeous neo classical thing going on but the spirit of a giggling drunkard. It sounds like it's walking in 20 different directions all at once but get this, it doesn't disorientate you, just delights! If you like Phil...view item »