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I Smile To My Eyes

Medicine used to be a creation band but no tedious, bloated washed up has been status for these guys (& gal) With Bruce Lee's daughter as yer vocalist, how can you go wrong?? Like a mashed up psychedelic Garbage with lovely harmonies, this is where Brad Laner keeps his pop gems stored...view item »

Wet On Wet EP

Medicine have made a comeback. On Wall Of Sound! How strange is that? People as old as me might remember them from being on Creation in the early 90's before the main bloke went onto form Electric Company. Its really a cross between the old Medicine sound (noisy shoegazer ea...view item »

Grace Jones
Hurricane / Dub

What can anyone expect from Grace Jones but beauty and perfection and this record is no exception. To my surprise this album hooked me from the beginning and I consider it one of her best. The only thing I can complain about is that I didn't like the "dub" versions so much because there are barely any vocals and I expected a more dub into "dance...view item »

The Human League
Night People

Its worth mentioning to all today's bands ripping off music from the 1980's that if The Human League at their inception looked so far back, they would have sounded like George Formby. These days they earn a nice little living as a retro act touring every December to those looking to remember where they were when our Phil chatted to that waitress...view item »

The Human League

Credo is not The Human League's best work but it is also not their worst. It falls somewhere in the middle. At first listen, I did not like Credo, but with repeated listening, I began to hear the hooks. The production isn't nearly top notch as Secrets is, but it isn't horrendous. This is a great album from Human League, more modern but matured. ...view item »


Oh, Mogwai. So much to say after all we've been through.. But I'll save all that for the album. It's preceeded by this 'Batcat' EP which is a real mixed bag. If you loved the immense 'Glasgow Mega Snake' from Mr. Beast and hoped for more along those lines you're shit in luck because 'Batcat' is it's closest relative, it's not right up there with it...view item »

Grace Jones
Williams Blood

Would you believe that Grace Jones is back on the scene strutting her disco diva prowess on Wall Of Sound of all places. She's a disco original without a doubt and her return to the limelight is well timed with the current disco revival. 'William's Blood' is the first single to be lifted from her new album. I heard it a few weeks ago while the miss...view item »

The Shortwave Set
Glitches N' Bugs

Shortwave Set. I remember they used to be quite good fun in a funky acid jazz hobo psychedelic blues way. Now they've put out this new 'Glitches n Bugs' 7" on Wall of Sound which is possibly the worst British label of all time, bar Skint records. Or Weekender. I've played it twice & it's a plodding indie-soul abomination with dull lacklust...view item »

The Hawk Is Howling

The new Mogwai album is here complete with cover art that's either horrendous or brilliant depending on which of us in the office you happen to be asking.. Personally I just can't make my mind up. 'The Hawk is Howling' is a good record but one or two departures aside it's really just the same one they've been making since 2000. The standout for m...view item »

The Shortwave Set
No Social

The Shortwave Set: No Social (Wall Of Sound) Sixties spy movie theme intro leading to further explorations of sixties styles: female vocal choruses, hammond organ twirls- or is it a theremin?, bursts of noise and a retro sounding beat.The lyrics feature the classic line that 'a dog dressed in clothes is still a dog'. Production is by that man D...view item »

Reverend and The Makers
Heavyweight Champion of The World

The Reverend And The Makers 7" is the most contrived piece of garbage I've heard in ages with the naffest lyrics I've heard in ages. It sounds like Hard Fi. I listen to Gina G... oo ah a little bit the other day. I couldn't believe how filthy (and crap) the lyrics were.Well the lyrics on this aren't filthy... just crap. Like a disco Hard Fi wh...view item »

Reverend and The Makers
Open Your Window

Reverend And The Makers - Open Your Window. (on Wall of sound) Its hard to find anything remotely interesting to say about this song… I mean at least with there last single you could say it was catchy?! The only thing I could think of when I heard this mainstream, indie/techno tune was that it sounded like an 80's version of Kasabian. But if...view item »

Reverend and The Makers
He Said He Loved Me

OK onto Reverend & The Makers who appear to the the latest pop sensation to come into my ears. 'He Said He Loves Me' is their moving 2nd single which is stirring rousing pop music. Lyrics by Vicky Pollard of Little Britain this is a right ole pile of radio friendly banal tosh ready to invade your sub consciousness. It's annoyingly cat...view item »

Can't Get Enough/ One Of These Days

Infadels are another bunch of hopeless twats on Wall Of Sound. They make the most crass, lumpen & pointless music in the world, like the worst parts of the more recent Radio 4 stuff , Hard-Fi indie disco mixes & Kasabian's collective sweaty post baggy jockstrap. The Jagz Kooner m...view item »

Set & Drift

Diefenbach release their first album on Wall of Sound. It starts off sounding uncannily like Gary Numan. Once they've got that out their system they get all maudlin and shimmery on your ass. Good post rock with interesting vocals. As we said last time, American Analogue Set spring to mind. There's interesting bac...view item »