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Tele Music, 30 Classics French Music Library, Vol. 1

Tele Music is arguably France’s premier music library - it’s been operating for over half a century and has almost 500 (!) albums in its catalogue. Featuring work by composers like Bernard Estardy and Mat Camison, this new BMG France collection Tele Music, 30 Classics provides a fine introduction to the label’s sound. Off-kilter renderings of funk, jazz, early electronic pop and more are all delivered with an insouciant Gallic shrug.
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Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals third album Guerilla is 20 years old. To celebrate its birthday we have an expanded reissue of the original album which includes a huge 25 bonus tracks. This was the album with the singles Northern Lites and Fire In My Heart, the latter being the one of the band’s more tender moments.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Music From The Motion Picture - The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

Yeeeee-haw! Those old cowboys Nick Cave & Warren Ellis roll into town, pistols cocked and boots spurred, with their music for Andrew Dominick’s 2007 flick The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. This was only the pair’s second scoring job (they’ve since done a fair few more), but you wouldn’t know it by the confident, grand music here. Their Southern Gothic chamber schtick is highly evocative.
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The Kinks
Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)

While it was met with confusion on its original release in late 1969, The Kinks’ seventh studio album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) aged incredibly well and is now regarded as a masterwork. To mark its 50th anniversary, BMG is releasing a lavish box set containing four CDs, four 7” singles, softback book featuring essays and interviews, printed memorabilia and enamel badge. Essentially, the final word on one of the Sixties’ most distinctive records. 
  • Vinyl 7" box set (4050538513196)
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1979 was the year that Motörhead truly came into their own, releasing two of their finest albums and nailing down their sound. To mark the 40th anniversary of that vintage year for Lemmy and his men, Overkill is getting a deluxe half-speed re-mastered re-issue, coming packaged as a 20-page ‘bookpack’ and including a newly unearthed live recording from Aylesbury. 


1979 was the year that Motörhead truly came into their own, releasing two of their finest albums and nailing down their sound. To mark the 40th anniversary of that vintage year for Lemmy and his men, Bomber, their second album in 1979 alone, gets a deluxe half-speed re-mastered re-issue, presented as a triple album and including an unearthed live recording from Le Mans. 

Dope Lemon
Smooth Big Cat

Dope Lemon is a project from Angus Stone. 'Smooth Big Cat' is the second album under this moniker from Stone. You may remember him as one half of Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone. They played some laid back folk-pop. 'Dope Lemon' is also very laid back but with a little more hazy, lazy, fuzz around the edges. 

Super Furry Animals
Radiator (20th Anniversary Remaster)

Following on from the hugely successful 20th anniversary re-issue of their debut 'Fuzzy Logic' comes this expanded version of the follow up 'Radiator'.The 2CD and download versions contain B sides, alternate versions and unreleased demos whilst the original album appears on the vinyl remastered for 2017 ears. 

Super Furry Animals
Fuzzy Logic

Super Furry Animals released their lively wild-ride album Fuzzy Logic in 1996, throwing some Welsh weirdness into the Britpop mix. This twentieth anniversary reissue includes the remastered album plus a round-up of all the contemporary B-sides. Also (for the CD edition) a second disc, containing a sackful of previously unreleased material.

Perry Farrell
Kind Heaven

Perry Farrell has had a solo career alongside Jane’s Addiction since 1999. It’s just been lying dormant since 2001. At long last he is releasing his 3rd solo album, Kind Heaven. It seems he’s managed to pull in a few stars to help him too. It was produced by Farrell and Tony Visconti and features Dhani Harrison (George’s son), Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins and The Cars’ Elliot Easton.

The Fall
Medicine For The Masses - The Rough Trade Singles

Medicine For The Masses by The Fall contains the four 7” singles they released through Rough Trade in the band's early days. It includes classic tracks such as How I Wrote Elastic Man, Totally Wired and Kicker Conspiracy. Of course you want it. 4 x 7” single box set with 4 button badges, limited to 1000 copies on BMG.
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Richard Hawley

Sheffield's most 1950s man returns with the first album not named after a part of Sheffield since his stunning debut Late Night Final. I'd do anything... anything to hear Richard Hawley make music as moving and intimate as that again but later records tend to be more fully arranged efforts with big production values. Still, he's a northern national treasure and we've be desperately trying to contact him or his management to get a message to him from a customer but no-one has yet responded. Can anyone help?   

The Heavy

Bath's The Heavy are one of those bands you know songs by but didn’t realise it. The best example is probably their song 'How You Like Me Now' from 2009 which seems to be everywhere on TV and film. Sons is their fifth album and like their other material, happily blends funk, hard rock and soul. On BMG.

You and Me Both

You And Me Both by Yazoo is the epitome of the difficult second album. Vince Clarke didn’t want to make it and Alison Moyet was struggling with the fame their debut album brought. Clarke and Moyet recorded their parts separately. Whilst is may not have the earworming hooks of Upstairs At Eric’s, singles such as Nobody’s Diary showed that the essence of Yazoo was still very much intact. It was, however, their last album. Vince Clarke formed The Assembly with Mute label boss Daniel Miller before having massive success with Erasure. Alison Moyet went on to record the hit pop albums Alf and Raindancing.

Popol Vuh
The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1

Prog rock-electronica outfit Popol Vuh probably reside in the shadows of Can and Neu when it comes to staking their claim as the most influential ‘70s band to come out of Germany in the 1970s. Nevertheless, they are still trailblazers when it comes to the use of the Moog synthesizer. They also hit it off with German filmmaker Werner Herzog, recording soundtracks to several classic films. 'The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1' includes; 'Affenstunde' (1970), 'Hosianna Mantra' (1972), 'Einsjäger & Siebenjäger' (1974), 'Aguirre' (1976), 'Nosferatu' (1978) 2LP.

Upstairs At Eric's

Upstairs At Eric’s was the debut album by pop duo, Yazoo. The band featured ex-Depeche Mode synth guy Vince Clarke and singer Alison Moyet, very much the Adele of her day. The album included the hits Only You and Don’t Go. The duo made one more album before Vince Clarke formed Erasure with Andy Bell and Alison Moyet embarked on a successful solo career. This album  was originally released in 1982. Their influence has rumbled through the world of pop ever since.

The Cranberries
In The End

Ah this is sad. The Cranberries were working on a new album at the time of Dolores O'Riordan’s untimely passing but she died before they could play it to anyone. The remaining members have decided to finish up the music and release it both as a tribute to the late singer and for fans who have waited years to hear new music from the band. 

Popol Vuh

After 40 years, Popol Vuh’s 1972 soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, released originally in 1975, is available to the public again. This release of the hypnotic and engrossing soundtrack to that dystopian and intense film shows how good the music was: uplifting with an underlying sense of dread, but, thankfully, not as terrifying as Klaus Kinski. Also features a bonustrack.

Karen O & Danger Mouse
Lux Prima

Look who has got together to collab? It's just Karen O lead singer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and 'super' producer Danger Mouse who has worked with pretty much every musician ever. Together they've made a record which, reading between the lines, pushes each others sound out towards the furthest limits with the duo have inspiring each other to take risks. 

Popol Vuh

Werner Herzog and Popol Vuh had a wonderful and long-running creative relationship, Herzog’s curious cinematic visions matched with Popol Vuh’s exploratory (and consistently beautiful) instrumentals. Nosferatu actually contains two discs, with material that both soundtracked and was inspired by Herzog’s vampire picture. On spooky red and black transparent vinyl.

Strange Creatures

The Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party’s favourite band return with their third LP and first full-length since 2015’s Undertow. Strange Creatures is a ten-track affair that sees Drenge’s muscular brand of hardcore indie-rock refigured for the night-time. Not in a they’ve-gone-disco sense - in the eerie, uncanny, nocturnal sense.

The Hold Steady
Stay Positive

Was it only ten years ago we were following Craig Finn and pals down to Minneapolis/St Paul and their breakout record 'Stay Positive'. Finn is basically a gossip over lots of catchy chunky Springsteen-ish rock with tittle tattle about what people are up to on the party scene. It was the soundtrack to my divorce which I'm still not properly over so I might as well give this another listen.     

Marianne Faithfull
Negative Capability

Negative Capability is the 23rd album Marianne Faithfull in a recording career that spans 54 years. This time she has hooked up with a stellar cast of real cool dudes to express her feelings on loneliness, love and loss. Warren Ellis, Nick Cave, Rob Ellis, Ed Harcourt and Mark Lanegan all make appearances with Warren Ellis and Rob Ellis also turning their hand to production duties. Available on LP and CD in 4 different guises.

Confessin' The Blues - Compiled by The Rolling Stones

There's a school of thought that all the best music was made between 50 and 100 years ago and humankind’s sonic capabilities have been in steady decline ever since. As if to prove this theory the Rolling Stones (no less) have compiled this exhaustive collection of all their favourite blues people and includes tracks by pioneers such as Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and of course Robert Johnson. 
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The Kinks
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

Now regarded as their finest moment, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society is now seen as the highlight of the band's long career and certainly the high water moment of the pastoral English phase of their development. Now you can get the album in an enormous box set with 2 LPs, 5 CDs, 3 7"s a book and all kinds of memorabilia. For those with smaller pockets the 2 x CD looks quite tasty with 49 tracks altogether or you can get the standard original LP as it was meant to be heard.  

Richard Ashcroft
Natural Rebel

I mean... will you just look at him. This 'natural rebel' was of course best known for being the frontman of the Verve until they multi imploded. "My strongest set of songs to date" says Ashcroft about his latest collection. Not a hard achievement I suppose given the quality (or lack of) seen in his solo career to date.  Someone get this man a tin of prunes.  

Echo & The Bunnymen
The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon

Ian McCulloch and co. have never been timid or averse to grand gestures, so this album of “improved” studio re-recordings of past highlights is well within character. The track list hasn’t been disclosed at the time of writing, but is said to include some new songs alongside the reworked hits. It seems safe to say that if you’re in the market for something new by legendarily mouthy and self-confident northerners you could very easily do a lot worse. Available on double vinyl, CD and cassette.

Art of Doubt

Big Band Metric release their new collection of Big riffs and smooth vocals on a collection of 12 songs which is possibly the first record in 2018 to tap into the cultural and political anxiety. But are Metric going to be quashed by Trump etc? No they bloody well aren't.  Instead they've created the most Metric album yet. 

Cypress Hill
Elephants On Acid

Elephants On Acid. Eight years to name your record, and that’s what you come up with. Cypress Hill are old enough to know better. Anyway, the group’s ninth LP is … well, it’s Cypress Hill. There’s a lot of nasal shit-talking, a lot of bars about weed, and beats that don’t really care for none of that new stuff son thank you very much.

William Patrick Corgan (aka Billy Corgan)

William Patrick Corgan is indeed the same Billy Corgan who fronted both Zwan and the Smashing Pumpkins and like a lot of fellow musicians has spent much of his later years having Twitter spats.  This first album under his full moniker was recorded by Rick Rubin and is said to be his most intimate body of work yet.  

The Damned
Stiff Singles 1976-1977

The Damned are punk legends, and Stiff are the legendary punk label that enabled them to become punk legends, so really this is the a perfect compilation for one of punk’s great singles bands. Stiff Singles 1976 - 1977 rounds up all of The Damned’s singles from that white hot early period, presenting them in the form of five facsimile 7”s in a box with a patch. Thanks to BMG.

The Charlatans
Totally Eclipsing

Now with their own exhibition, these indie veterans are having a pretty nice later career burst thank you very much. 'Totally Eclipsing' is a mini album released here as a standalone vinyl edition but also comes as part of a special expanded version of their most recent full length effort 'Different Days'. 

Richard Thorncroft
The Unadorned Truth

Aptly described as “Erotic Power Rock”, and that pretty much sums it up, throw in every possible 80s cliché and you’ve got this three track single from Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barrett), also known as Mindhorn, the detective from Barrett’s latest film of the same name. With tracks like You Can’t Handcuff The Wind you can’t really go wrong for a laugh.

Young, Dumb And Full Of...

Cabbage are a group of five young white men. The band has a horrible name their album has a horrible title and a horrible cover. The music on the album sounds a bit like The Fall, and also a bit like Slaves, and also a bit like The Sex Pistols. Maybe you’ll like the music. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll be able to look past what they’ve done. Maybe you won’t.

Black Sabbath
The Ultimate Collection

A heavy compilation for one of the heaviest bands: 4 full LPs worth of classic Black Sabbath material, spanning all the hits and some of the deeper cuts too. The packaging folds out into a crucifix shape, lovingly decorated by vintage 70’s snaps of our heroes. Heavyweight 180g vinyl too. On BMG.

Einstürzende Neubauten

Blixa Bargeld was in Leeds doing his thing with Teho Teardo the other day and it was quite extraordinary, and now here he is doing what he does best with his legendary avant-garde noise outfit Einsturzende Neubauten, whose new album commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. With such harrowing subject matter I'm expecting something pretty sombre and hard-hitting from these mallet-wielding mood masters.

Nina Simone
Mood Indigo (The Complete Bethlehem Singles)

Undisputed legend of piano and performance Nina Simone gets yet more of the dues she deserves with this collection of her early recordings, many of which will be familiar even to the unfamiliar -- "My Baby Just Cares For Me" features, as does the monolithic mash of melody and solo "Love Me Or Leave Me". The LP version comes with a 7" replica of her very first single, "Porgy", which is exceedingly nifty.

Nihilist Glamour Shots

It feels like Cabbage - pronounced like Farage, probably - should have left us alone long ago. As such, it’s quite a surprise to find out that Nihilist Glamour Shots (Christ) is their debut (!) LP. The ‘songs’ here come with titles like ‘Molotov Alcopop’ (ffs), ‘Reptiles State Funeral’ (wow) and ‘Disinfect Us’ (stop). Considering that they have so clearly decided to rip off Fat White Family you’d think they’d know better than making a song called ‘Gibraltar Ape’, which is basically just FWF’s ‘Special Ape’ and also has pretty much the same video. But this is Cabbage - and if there’s one thing they don’t know, it’s better.

A Secret Wish

A Secret Wish is the debut LP from German synth pop group Propaganda who were taken under the wing of producer Trevor Horn and signed to his ZTT imprint. The album yielded a superb timeless hit in 'Duel' but also contains much more inventive synth pop including an inspired cover of Josef K's 'Sorry For Laughing'.  

The Charlatans
Over Again

The Charlatans are still going strong and here unleash a Christmas present to all their remaining fans in the form of this funky patchwork quilt of a song taken from their recent 'Different Days' opus. Not sure what is on the B-side as we haven't been given any information. Hopefully a life sized 3D hologram of Tim Burgess's head.

The Charlatans
Different Days

The Charlatans release their first single from their recent 'Different Days' LP and it's the title track and it includes a rather decent remix by those elder statespeople of electronica and industrial music Chris and Cosey. They add a disco pulse to the track and take almost everything else off. 

Full House - The Very Best of Madness

There’s been no shortage of Madness comps over the years, but none more comprehensive or revelatory than this up-to-date career-spanner. Almost evenly split between their initial chart-dominating 80s run and post-reunion highlights, it presents the (occasionally still) Nutty (former) Boys as a British institution of 40 years standing. No less than 42 tracks on a double CD, or 4-LP set with a pop-up gatefold sleeve.

Kele Okereke

He just can't decide what he wants to be can he? The singer in worn out Brit band Bloc Party, fun electronic troubadour and now folk influenced confessional singer songwriter. Whichever style he pursued once thing is for certain  - his lyrics (and his music for that matter) never seem to get any better. 

Marc Almond
Shadows and Reflections

If anyone is perfect for singing an album of 1960's torch songs and baroque pop it's Marc Almond. He has previous in the genre (and has scored huge hits too) but here he covers some of his favourites by the likes of Burt Bacharach, The Action, The Yardbirds, Bobby Darin as well as a couple of original compositions for good measure. 

Hercules & Love Affair

The member swapping, shapeshifting beast that is Hercules & Love Affair move to BMG for their third album after a few releases on Moshi Moshi. Known for their left of centre disco pop Omnion goes a step further into leftfield electro pop and features guests Faris Badwan of The Horrors, Sísý Ey, Gustaph, and Sharon Van Etten.

Gary Numan

With hair blacker even than David Gedge, long term electronic pioneer and goth rocker Gary Numan is back with his 22nd album 'Savage'. Expect the normal terrifying electronic rock that could only be performed by looking menacing and being ladled with dry ice on an enormo stage. Long term fans will rejoice bleakly.  


Once an absolutely amazing band Sparks have been pretty much smooth sailing through the last decade of their career with the sort of quirky operatic nursery rhyme-like compositions exemplified by 'Hippopotamus' the lead track from this their latest opus. Strangely for such an odd band they are much loved by 6 Music. It's fair to say that if this were by a new band it wouldn't be anywhere near the playlist. Stay odd guys. 

The Charlatans
Different Days

It's hard to fathom but as well as tweeting on a secondly basis Tim Burgess also manages to help make regular bursts of music both solo and with his beloved the Charlatans. It was hard to be anything but nice about their last album as a) it was genuinely good to have them back and b) if you did so the entire Twitter community would gang up on you. Anyway this is a brand new album from the band and the first since the sad passing of drummer Jon Brookes. Features guest spots from Anton Newcombe (the Brian Jonestown Massacre/Twitter), Johnny Marr (the Smiths/Twitter) and Paul Weller (not on Twitter). 

Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Revolution Dub

Say no more, this is Lee Perry operating at the peak of his super-dub powers. Along with his Upsetters, the master-man crafted Revolution Dub in 1975: since then, it’s been damn hard to find. But this BMG vinyl reissue gets the weird vibes of Perry back into proper circulation: especially crucial as this is considered one of his finest.

Super Furry Animals
Zoom! The Best Of (1995-2016)

Featuring songs off every album they have released, Zoom! Is a best of put together by the band themselves with every single they released and some of their personal favourites as well. A great way to go through the highlights of Super Furry Animals’ 13 year long catalogue. Comes on double CD on BMG.

Peter Doherty
Hamburg Demonstrations

Erstwhile Babyshambler and Libertine Mr Peter Doherty comes back with a solo record, put together in Hamburg. Hamburg Demonstrations skims across an array of pop culture and political references (Graham Greene, the Paris attacks, Amy Winehouse), offering the listener the opportunity to witness the world from Doherty’s particular perspective. Out on BMG.

White Lies

Friends is the fourth album by synth-rockers White Lies. The album is centred around the theme of changing relationships. With their three previous albums breaking the top 5 and the fact that they’ve re-signed with music industry behemoths BMG, big things are expected from the Ealing three-piece’s new long-player.

The Associates

Sulk was The Associates crowning glory. Originally released in 1982 it mixed David Bowie and Scott Walker influences with the New Romantic pop of the day. It was widely critically acclaimed and was named Melody Maker’s album of the year for 1982. It was the last album to include the founding members Billy McKenzie and Alan Rankine. Contains the instantly recognisable hit Party Fears Two.

Band of Skulls
By Default

New rock action from Band Of Skulls, with their fourth album. By Default is maybe not a super-wise name for a rock band to choose for their album, although actually the group get into some not-so-generic territory at times, switching between big arena rock moments and tight power-trio grooves. Out on BMG.

Mayer Hawthorne
Man About Town

Mayor Hawthorne has built a reputation making ridiculously earnest, fun and groovy 80s-inspired funk and On Man About Town he has refined his sound into a slick, synthetic pop. This is Hawthorne’s fourth album and he not only plays most of the instruments, but handles production duties as well.

Girl At The End of The World

It has apparently been 32 years since James formed: hard to believe eh? After such a long stint, they’ve elected to make a brand new record (their fourteenth). The Girl At The End Of The World is an electronically tinged set of excited indie numbers, the band obviously still enjoying the creative process. CD or double LP.

Smashing Pumpkins
Monuments To An Elegy

Now that Billy Corgan is done composing and performing eight-hour tributes to Herman Hesse novels -- and making Oneohtrix Point Never laugh in the process -- he's decided to return to that little side project of his, also known as the Smashing Pumpkins. Monuments To An Elegy is their eighth record and hold the indie rock: we want it as pretentious as we know you can make it, Billy.

You Me At Six
Cavalier Youth

You Me At Six just get bigger and bigger with their new album Cavalier Youth set to send them stratospheric. Prior to the release of their new album they have just completed their first headline US tour and had their biggest UK chart hit, things are on the up for this young rock band from Surrey. Available on vinyl LP with download code, CD+DVD set and CD.