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Bjarni Gunnarsson

Not gonna lie, the heart of this particular description writer sinks when he gets a record in by an ‘Icelandic sound artist/composer’. You can thank the Olafur Arnaldses and Sigur Roses of this world for eroding any confidence he once had in that particular phrase. As such, his hopes weren’t hi...view item »

Max Bondi

Max Bondi sounds like a cool jet-set actor from the 70s. Imagine my disappointment on finding he's merely another drone/experimental musician and not some perma-tanned, ice-white toothed Remmington advert guy. I'll let him off though cos not only does he run the amazing Tartaruga records of Bleeding Heart Narrative & Quinta fame but he's the fo...view item »


Glottalstop is the latest project from Petrels' Oliver Barrett, and quite possibly the weirdest record I've heard so far this week. The bulk of the sounds here are sourced from a 20-year-old collection of tape recordings, but they're collaged together into a dense, muddy fog of slowed-down sounds. Over the top of th...view item »
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Max Bondi

The name's Bondi, Max Bondi. I'm soooo funny.  Max has a new album out, his 2nd to be precise and it's called Convolution. It's on the Tartaruga label which means it's a thing of beauty. It's packaging in a brown hand stitched digipack thing which has been screen printed and there's a...view item »


Utilizing a combination of bowed strings, bent electronics, found percussion and occasional vocals,this is the artists debut release. Things slowly unfold with the evocative 'After Francis Danby' which paints a mental image of a ship lost at sea emerging inland through the fog. Lots of pretty chiming sounds on this one which is massively dramati...view item »
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These Feathers Have Plumes

Some quality droney dark ambient type stuff here from the good people at Tartaruga. I'm sure you all know what to expect with their lovely hand-stitched packaging. But wait! This one's got a feather in it! You weren't expecting that one now, were you? Right so this is definitely the darkest, heaviest, most dissonant release I've heard on the lab...view item »
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Brassica's got a new thing out on Tartaruga packaged in their signature hand-stitched digipak loveliness, it's called Microvictories and we all think it's rather good. A lot of it reminds me of Semaphore-era Fridge, it's got a cool mixture of electronic and acoustic going on with lots of happy sounding melodies a la Boards of Canada. There's a go...view item »

Bleeding Heart Narrative
Tongue Tangled Hair

Well the last Bleeding Heart Narrative CD was a monster hit for us, many, many months ago and now 'Tongue Tangled Hair' is a fresh offering from Oliver Barrett & friends so 'tis time to get proper excited!! Beginning tentatively with stately organ drone switching into a choral barbershop piece with charming minimal percussion, that then blossom...view item »

My Sister Boudicca

Right. I'm a little in love with Tartaruga recordings. Those lovely folk who dazzled & confounded us with the Norman smash by Bleeding Heart Narrative have done it again with their 3rd release, 'My Sister, Boudicca' by the amazing Quinta. Opening with a charming classical chamber piece that manifests itself as an excursion into Riley/Reich styl...view item »
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