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Mantra / Various
Mantra Knows House

'Mantra Knows House' is mixed by Mantra (Bunker) aka Myraidd (Creme Organization) - a seventy minute mixtape of squelchy acid house basslines, stuttering drum machines and spoken vocals. Digging deep into the foundations of classic/ oldskool (mostly) Chicago trax. Cataclyst release this limited yellow C70 cassette with laser-cut 303 circuit diagram packaging. Funky, messy house music in the mix and impeccably packaged.
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Cataclyst is honored to present Seas - Liesma. A new work from Chris Douglas aka Dalglish/ Scald Rougish/ OST etc. Limited edition CD in DVD case. Hand-numbered edition of 110 copies. For fans of Coil, Nurse With Wound, Autechre, Thomas Köner. Tracks: 01. 04.6.02. 04.8.03. 10.504. 04.4 05. 08.9.06. 08.6.07. 03.208. 04.509. 02.8.10. 08.1211. 04.8. 12. 08.11 http://cataclyst.net     |     http://amhain.net  

Wander & Seethe

Chuch is the solo project of Anglesey based artist, Jim Knight, who has been making uncategorizable guitar based music since 2008, with tracks featured on Fourier Transform’s ‘Brave New Wales’ compilation, a CD (‘Facelessness’) on Twilight Luggage and a string of digital releases with Warm Data, a North Wales based electronic music collective. Using a bass VI guitar through labyrinthine FX and a wall of amplifiers, Jim builds up layers of loops to create immersive, linear soundscapes and songs, occasionally augmented by drums and vocals. Chuch music incorporates elements and processes of abstract electronica, experimental rock, the extended techniques of free improvisation and atmospheric textures of Lofi Black Metal, all combined intuitively to create an original soundworld that eludes genre. The 8 tracks for this cassette were recorded at home in a bungalow overlooking the Irish Sea between May 2011 and October 2013.BludspurtHaemorrhaging feedback loop and rhythmic pulse spasms ebbing into sublimity.CrepusculeEvocation of the fleeting moment of liminality that occurs at dusk when the weight of darkness becomes palpable as it descends and merges with the light.The Rise To PowerA parallel excursion in which the upper registers, representing public respectability, trawl a nourishing root mired in an underworld of corruption and squalor – momentarily flowering as a sensation of moral aloofness and illusory immortality.Soul Ship MasterAlternative funerary rites.Field HospitalMixing heroism with horror.OutskirtsTransience, anonymity and boring ugliness.Vipers’ NestThe more I perceive this term as apt to characterise the lurking, malign intent of the various social networks I encounter, the more like the rest of the vipers I become.Space Engrossing RejectSome of the most aggressive and oppressively hierarchical empires of humanity drew their initial impulse from the aggrievement of outcasts and deserters.

Dave Noyze
Automata 52

Tracks: 1: Watch That Sprouts Watches 2: Oware 993: The Memory Addressability Principle4: An Electric Cowstorm 5: A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Feline Activity6: Spacetime Hoover 60th anniversary for John von Neumann's lectures : “PROBABILISTIC LOGICS AND THE SYNTHESIS OF RELIABLE ORGANISMS FROM UNRELIABLE COMPONENTS”. Lectures delivered at the California Institute of Technology, January 4-15, 1952. Notes by R. S. Pierce, Caltech Eng. Library, QA.267.V6 kitsch in the title on the technology of self criticism or, towards the idEa of self criticism .. for listening to be other than completely carcinogenic it needsI mean Knowns we knOw to be deleterious, so .. like remEmber when knowledge was the model Therapy, when white noise was some aryan squabble over Time (as if this short sentence was the key, the Legitimation of the Next (actually the lAst) short sentence, a gIft. and for gifts to be gifts they have of course to be banal. (for the subject to be a Character but (boredom rehearses chance like a subject rehearses cOde), for the subject to procEed, theres more than a bang of gratuitous Repetition. the past i mean is not your Friend (i mean only one those sucker slEbs would start in the pAst, the itOldyousO stick narrative of (the present, the excess which proved unnecessary to the past (it Is it appears On the Game ( .. the prob of course with odds that nothings left to chance) .. less as gAme maybe, more as Interface .. that way youre not always behaving Winning. (and as twos but the Toy of three .. (you know, as the Horses come in .. the glitchy stores of Twitch Snippet (error four oh four) Whatsit, a game is a compUter. its ambition but is not so much to lOse, but to Record the loss (the aesthetitisation of Data (as Stuff, as, Ends, the .. The bastards stole our War. - Chris Mann (January 2012)Source material recorded 1996 - 2013 Composed during the 60th anniversary year Jan 2012 - Jan 2013 Dave Noyze: analogue & digital synthesizers, synton syntovox 221 vocoder, field recordings, cellular automata, digital sampler, modified digital delayline, radioisotope disc sources (cobalt-60 & strontium-90), geiger-muller tube and pulse detector Special Thanks: Garry Bradbury: synth burble (bradbury.bandcamp.com)Chris Watson: field recordings (www.chriswatson.net)Russell Haswell: modular synth badger (www.haswellstudio.com)Dave Phillips: field recordings (www.davephillips.ch)Chris Mann: poem for Automata 52 (theuse.info)Sarah Last: research assistance (wiredlab.org)aNt: ^_#_^ 

Triumph of the Will

60 minutes of noisy, distorted, lo-fi, naïve Musique concrète/ tape music. Black sonics from the void > An obsession with the fragility of existence. B-side is the A-side in reverse. Edition of 23 copies. Tracks: A: Is There a Heaven?  29:29 B: ?nevaeH a erehT sI  29:29 cataclyst.net | zydol.tumblr.com
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Dave Noyze
Generative Compositions 1998 - 2006

A completely black CDr hand numbered edition of 50 in black clamshell case with wraparound 200gsm card sleeve housed in heavy duty PVC wallet.