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The Silence Was Warm Volume 1

Also on Symbolic Interaction is a compilation CD called The Silence Was Warm and this features the genius that is Library Tapes (a fantastic track by him), Modern Institute, Weave, Dollboy, Maps & Diagrams, Aus, The Retails Sectors and lots more....Well not lots more but there's 12 tracks in total. If I'm honest it's a fucking sterling compilat...view item »

The Silence Was Warm Vol.2

The Silence Was Warm Volume 2 CD is here!! Volume one shat out of the towers as you all loved it's chilled out mix of electronica and neo classical tracks. Volume 2 continues the same formula but this time it's a 2 disc set!! This one features Bitcrush, Ontayso, Absent Withut Leave, Yellow6, D_rradio, Aus, Cheju, David Newlyn, Quiroga, Lowriders De...view item »

The Silence Was Warm Volume 3

The third installment in this ever popular series from this consistent Japanese imprint collects twenty two tracks over two discs compiled by Kentaro Togawa. Expect the usual pretty and twinkley electronica and moody ambient soundscapes from an impressive selection of artists: Melodium, Taishin Inoue, Talvihorros, Hakobune, Teruyuki Nobuchika, S...view item »

The Silence Was Warm Vol.4

Here’s the latest instalment of Symbolic Interaction’s consistently marvellous ‘The Silence Was Warm’ series, with a host of great contemporary bliss-mongers lining up to offer exclusive passages of somnolent near-nothings, shimmers, drones and chimes. Particularly soothing on my first run-through are the acoustic...view item »

The Silence Was Warm Vol. 5

Another indicator that life is quickly slipping away from us all is that we are now up to Volume 5 of this popular compilation of ambient beauties. The preceding four have sold very well and with a retail price of just £2.99, putting yourself in the mood for a nice sleep of a night has never been so cheap and easy. 14 tracks in tot...view item »


Symbolic Interaction issues another low-key release in its CLR series, where packaging consists of just a CD and a postcard (talk about restraint). This time it’s Sunderland’s Weave, aka Barry Leake. Besides the computer, Weave’s bedroom electronica is heavy on acoustic sources: various guitars, kalimba and bel...view item »


Noam is a new project from a certain Kentaro Togawa, who you might know from Hopeless Marching Band or The Retail Sectors. Overdramatic features ten tracks of explorative sonics. This is a very affordable CD release: and you even get a postcard thrown in too! Courtesy o...view item »

Lift Music

Chris Tate of D_rradio’s second full length as Score. With dashes of Tortoise, Mogwai and Helios, Score always stays soft and keeps the post rock vibes under a sheen of sweet electronic manipulations, glitches and ambiance...view item »


Husband and wife Chris and Jill Tate are musical duo At. Their debut album, One consists of music that uses field recordings as the starting point. The recordings were made whilst traveling over the past year or so in places as disparate as the west coast of Scotland, Chicago, Illinois and in their kitchen in Newcastle....view item »

Test Card
Start Up Close Down

Test Card is the new musical project of Canada-based Brit Lee Nicholson. Nicholson has previously spent time in Preston’s Formula One and Brighton’s Domestic4. By mixing ambient synths, guitars, drum machine samples and field recordings on Start Up Close Down, Nicholson crea...view item »

The Retail Sectors
The Starlight Silent Night

The Retail Sectors are a Japanese band who make decent catchy guitar music. Not the shit stuff neither.... think The Workhouse with hints of Pixies in there. It's what I call great indie guitar pop music. All instrumental..... no ones rubbish voice to chatter inane babble over simple melodies. I've heard this album a good few times now and it's wel...view item »


Another stonker in this week from Japan's Symbolic Interaction label. This one is a brand new 2CD opus from d_rradio. Double cripes! Despite 2 disc sets taking up a lot listeing time when there's so much music to listen to out there I'm quite into them at the mo. It's like double the fun... especially when they're only 8.19 which is about the sa...view item »

Izumi MIsawa
Speaking Behind The Raindrops

These's been some wonderful old sounds out of Japan in the last year few months, ranging from delightful quirk-tronica to mad as badgers neo quality post-rock. They're making some of the smug Pitchfork endorsed rubbish look seriously dull. Look, i'd rather have my ears bitten off by a randy squirrel and made into a Cornish pastie t...view item »

Rudi Arapahoe
Echoes from One To Another

Some more goodness from the Symbolic Interaction label in Japan which is rapidly shaping up to being one of the best new labels we've been dealing with. Here's a great CD by a chap called Rudi Arapahoe who I know nothing about whatsoever aside from he's a sound artist working from Helix Branch Studios. I don't even know where they are. They could b...view item »

Psar Dymog

Funckarma are back with their brand new album and it's their first ever ambient record apparently. Wonders will never cease. As far as ambient albums go this is one of more interesting ones as there's plenty going on. It's not an ambient droney one either... it's got samples and things happening left right and centre. It's very lovely actually. I g...view item »

Oba Masahiro

We have 2 CD's in this week in the Symbolic Interaction fancy coloured ejector case pack series (actually called The Pragmatism series...). The first one comes in a green case and it's by Oba Masahiro. It's name is Prot and there's nine tracks on the beast. The 1st 5 tracks are ambient techno new classical tracks which sound pretty varied to me but...view item »

We Left The Window Open Sometimes

The other CD in The Pragmatism series is by Hakobune and this one comes in a fancy orange ejector case. It's well exciting.... I like orange. I tried to eat it but it didn't taste very nice. I'm often fooled into eating orange things.... Hakobune is actually Jason Hakobune and he makes music of the drifty floaty variety. Constructed with affected g...view item »

Joseph Auer

Joseph Auer is a newish face on the scene with recordings released on Boltfish and possibly else where but importantly, he has a new album out on the progressively important Symbolic Interaction, a spot-on Japanese imprint who've just provided us with one of our albums of the week. Taking it's cues from the Artificial Intelligence series and mell...view item »

Degrees, Integers

Joint album of the week is one that came up stealthily and twatted us blindstyle a week or two back while we were dutifully ploughing our way through stereo fodder. We get an awful lot of this homely electronic ambient post-rock kind of thing and for the most part it leaves me bored shitless but even I joined in the praise for this Konntinent C...view item »


There's a pawn shop round the corner from us here and outside it's blazened with pictures of beautiful looking women parting with their goods and happily smiling at the fat wodges of cash they're getting thrusted into their hands (presumerably so they can buy some more coathangers for their mouths). Step inside though and suddenly the shit on your ...view item »

All Apologies
Nine Stories + Remixes

'Nine Stories' is an album by All Apologies on Symbolic Interaction. I'm not gonna play it as it's sealed (check the sound clips) and I thought it'd be more fun to try the remix CD which is housed in one of those odd ejector case things that isn't sealed! Maps & Diagrams feature twice on here but so does Makoto Yamaguchi with his stuttering gli...view item »

Ard Bit

The latest offering from Japan's Symbolic Interaction is a CD by Ard Bit called 'Spanon'.Ard Bit is the work of Ard Janssen who as far as I can tell has only had a couple of tracks out on compilations for On Records and N5MD. So it would appear that this is his debut album and it's a thoroughly enjoyable listen. Essentially it's an album of well cr...view item »

Out In a Field

Why not sip some chamomile tea and chillax with Melorman and his 'Out In a Field' CD? Especially since it's on Symbolic Interaction and for a limited time we've got some free label sampler CDs (!) and stickers (!!) to give away (!!!) for free (!!!!) when you buy something on the label (!!!!!). This album features some high quality electronica of th...view item »

Offthesky + Darren Mcclure

Ooooh this Offthesky + Darren Mcclure collaborative/split effort 'Suspended' is sounding really bloody nice from the off. A brief overview of a couple of tracks is all that's needed being that you all got sexy soundclipz an' all. I hear some tasty chinking spiralling percussion with a humming drone below, and sweet loops mixed with some ambience &a...view item »

Hopeless Local Marching Band
Repeating Myself

Hopeless Local Marching Band are from Japan and this is the latest release on Symbolic Interaction, also from Japan. This is a double CD (one a remix CD  - more later) retailing at the low, low price of £6.99  - labels  - it can be done. Anyway the music contained is twisty turny mathematic progressive rock with lots of ...view item »

Vic Mars

Vic Mars up next with the 'Kanransha' album on Japan's Symbolic Interaction. Housed in a slick ejector case and backed up with some fine remixes from Akira Kosemura, d_rradio, Dollboy and Cheju, this is making me feel all festive. It must be the bells and the warm childlike charm that oozes from the playful melodies. Producer Matthew Davies success...view item »

Lowriders Deluxe
Future Deluxe

Those of you that have been feeling the vibes of Japans excellent Symbolic Interaction label (Silence Is Warm compilation, The Retail Sectors, Yaporigami) will lap up the ace Lowriders Deluxe 'Future Deluxe' CD. Lush electronic warmth fills the air with a feel of Warps Artificial Intelligence series. I'm reminded of Aphex Twin's Polygon Window 'Sur...view item »


What to say about Melodium that hasn't been said in our reviews before? I dunno 'cos I can't be arsed going back and actually reading them all so apologies if I'm just repeating things. On Palimpse he's adeptly displaying his twinkly pastoral electronica skills, evoking all manner of scenes - woods with glitter floating through the air, memories of...view item »

Saryu Sarva

The 1st one is by Yaporigami and it's called 'Sarya Sarva'. This one is a 2CD set each packed with mirth, girth and merriment. The 1st disc is a 15 tracks of Merck ish style electronica along the lines of Proem, Tim Koch, Lackluster or the kind of stuff that used to be on Defocus.... There's possibly some elements of Joseph Nothing in there but it'...view item »