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Scandinavia has long been a rich source of inventive, soul-scouring, corrosively dark yet complex pop; here's Farao with her sophomore LP 'Pure-O' to continue the tradition. The new record is themed around those old cousins beauty and destructiveness and plays out their course throughout our human relationships. Farao u...view item »

Ava Luna
Moon 2

Yes please! Ol' arty farts Ava Luna massively impressed us on Infinite House, a record of endlessly rewarding pop music grown out of groove and bombast. On the wonderfully titled and housed Moon 2, they've tried to find nuance and restraint, going after lusher arrangements...view item »

Joseph Shabason

Yeah this is a good one. Anne was composed for Joseph Shabason’s mother in honour of her struggles with degenerative illness. The personal and familial turmoil of this experience crinkles the edges of these milky instrumentals. There is a feeling of tender, quiet sadness to the likes of ‘Forest Run’ th...view item »

Elephant Micah
Where In Our Woods

Southern Indiana singer-songwriter Elephant Micah aka Joseph O’Connell releases his 15th album on LP and CD via Western Vinyl. It’s a typically assured effort from the Americana veteran, utilising minimal instrumentation and O’Connell’s smoothly engaging voice to deliver a compelling form of countrified m...view item »


Goldmund, aka Keith Kenniff has apparently had great success squeezing his music into films and adverts and such, which makes sense in some ways: he writes very elegant, dramatic piano music. But also, most of Sometimes is just as dark as the sleeve art suggests: I can’t imagine many of these trac...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
The Kid

Winner of our Album of the Year competition in 2016 with EARS, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith now serves up a new selection which is nothing if not ambitious. She has now produced a four part album which chronicles the for defining segments of life exemplifying Smith's deep thinking ability to delve further than t...view item »

Aisha Burns

Aisha Burns is a talented violinist and singer. She has had stints in Alex Dupree and The Trapdoor Band and instrumental band Balmorhea. She released her debut album, Life In The Midwater, in 2013 to great acclaim. With her new album, Argonauta, she found a cathartic outlet in her ethereal ...view item »

Juliana Daugherty

Singer-songwriter Juliana Daugherty is back with this limited-edition, milky-clear LP, out on Western Vinyl, a dreamy record that traverses mental illness, political outrage and societal ills, all laced with Daugherty's crooning, lilting vocals. Expect motorik pulses, vaporous strumming and heartbreaking choruses. Killer....view item »

Caroline Says
There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

Apparently Austin musician Caroline Sallee AKA Caroline Says worked three jobs when writing songs for this her second LP. So if you count writing music as a job then that's four. Who says musicians have it easy? Anyway this is an album influenced by moving to a new town, living in awful places shot through with the on the road m...view item »

Jessica Risker
I See You Among The Stars

Missouri-born, Chicago-dwelling Jessica Risker has signed to the fab Western Vinyl label for the latest chapter in her lo-fi, psych-folk, DIY crusade. I See You Among The Stars is a beautiful record that takes in the influences of Nick Drake, Sibylle Baier and Broadcast at their most gentle. LP an...view item »


Goldmund’s oft-copied piano-ambient sound is rarely rendered as purely or as cleanly by his many imitators. Occasus is another LP from the Pennsylvania composer that demonstrates his composition prowess and clarity of vision. Similarly to Hauschka and Ryuichi Sakamoto, this is lig...view item »

The Skull Eclipses
The Skull Eclipses

This coming-together between Spencer Stephenson (Botany) and Raj Haldar (Lushlife) has produced an intriguing LP. While in aesthetic it skirts close to the stables of Brainfeeder and Liquid Amber, the sonics reference everything from Matthewdavid to The ...view item »

Air Waves

Third full-length from Brooklyn-based Air Waves, aka Nicole Schneit. A collection of melodious but powerful indie pop tunes, covering themes from Schneit’s mother’s battle with cancer to queerness and identity politics in the age of Trump. Out on Western Vinyl, on black LP, an indies-only coloured version and on CD....view item »

In Tall Buildings

If you're wondering who specifically is in these ostensible tall buildings, it's Erik Hall, a nerd-of-all-trades in the sphere of songwriting. His project continues to communicate a whole lot of self-reflection and deprecation on Akinetic, a record of vices shot through a shiny musical metropolis of big, busy pop music....view item »

Peter Oren

Peter Oren identifies one of his major influences as Bill Callahan, which is a good way to get interested attention round here. Oren does have a whole lot of baritone character in his voice, and he uses it to sketch out songs about our present era, the Anthropocene. Also on board are a ...view item »

Exit Index

New Grooms! The New Yorkers haven’t been spotted in full-length format since 2015, but when they decided to rectify that, they didn’t waste time: apparently Exit Index ...view item »

Rivers Arms

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Clear Language

A ten track record from US based duo Balmorhea. The album is full of beautifully written pieces of music, mainly using the piano to its full advantage, and cleverly crafted soundscapes. Clear Language is available on limited white Vinyl LP with a poster, black Vinyl LP and CD, and is released on Western Vinyl. ...view item »

Joseph Shabason

A nine-track release from Joseph Shabason entitled Atyche. This release is a true experimental record that Shabason himself has spoken out about and the difficult struggles with mental health and the theme of assisted suicide. A mix of gentle electro-jazz and ambient drones in the background allows this album to help yo...view item »

Caroline Says
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

Soft vocals and chilling rhythmic melodies are what start to bring this entire record together piece by piece. Caroline Says is a cracking addition to the singer-songwriter scene, bringing with it a collection of experimental pop and folk-style indie in this nine-track release. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong is av...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Euclid from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith was written around the concept of Euclidean geometry, with points representing time signature and planes resembling a scale. Also influenced by mbira music and written on her Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, this album is bouncy and playful. On vinyl and CD from Western Vinyl....view item »

Art Feynman
Blast Off Through The Wicker

It’s definitely the time of the decade for lo-fi, bedroom-recorded, four-track, hyphen-loaded psych-rock records, but we still think you should give Art Feynman’s debut album a spin. Loaded with afrobeats, harmonic ninths, and shredding guitar solos, Blast Off Through the Wicker basically sounds like Mac DeM...view item »

Abram Shook
Love at Low Speed

Love at Low Speed is an especially personal collection of songs by Abram Shook, delving into the end of an eleven year relationship with all the serious song-weight you’d expect from that. The music is gorgeous and fully-detailed, packed with sweet strings, groovy bass and Shook’s impressive...view item »

RG Lowe
Slow Time

RG Lowe, of Balmorhea, has produced a fully-fledged vocal pop album in Slow Time, which might surprise fans of Balmorhea’s instrumental music. Slow Time is centred around a Wurlitzer electric piano and the Lowe’s dramatic vocal moves, adding up to a...view item »

Lava Diviner (Truestory)

On Lava Diviner (Truestory), Botany offer a record of sparkly IDM wonder as informed by cresting seas of New Age -- shimmering and echoing outward, these songs feel like they're on the edge of the earth about to find out it's not flat. The beats help ground the record, taking it away from its cosmological...view item »

I Can Feel The Night Around Me

When he isn’t playing bass in The War On Drugs, Mr Dave Hartley is making his own hazy synth-indie under the name Nightlands. Third album I Can Feel The Night Around Me appears to have an image of a desert at dusk, which represents the record’s sound fairly neatly. This is l...view item »

Dimming Awe, The Light is Raw

A new album of rich sampledelica from Botany, spinning all manner of musical and non-musical sources into a thick jazzy collage. Guests on Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw include Milo and Matthewdavid...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s EARS is a dense, swirling explosion of samples, synthesizers and chanted vocals that reminds us of Panda Bear’s Person Pitch at its most playful and ecstatic. Since her previous album Euclid, Smith’s songs have become looser, but also mo...view item »

Deepak Verbera

On the edges, with Fennesz in tow, and you want to make a psych record, oh, too late, Botany has beaten you to it. Using mixtures of genre defining equipment, from MPCs and samplers to trippy guitar dronings and choirs he crafts free-form psych soundscapes, that sound like Leyland Kirby may have...view item »

Christopher Tignor
Along a Vanishing Plane

Christopher Tignor feeds his experiences of computer music (a masters and a PhD) and instrumental music (Wires Under Tension) into the kind of melodic minimalism experimentalism that we hear on Along A Vanishing Plane, which uses a system for live solo electric performance that seems to reap great rewar...view item »

Moon Bros.
These Stars

Chicago has always been a great city for improvisers, and this project, led by Matt Schneider, takes full advantage of that fact. On These Stars, Moon Bros. is Schneider plus members of Iron & Wine, Tortoise and Cairo Gang, with the...view item »

Lymbyc Systym
New Varieties

Lymbyc Systym is a pair of brothers, putting in the commitment to make things work over long distances. The New Varieties EP is another step into brightly-coloured synth lands, with heartfelt melodies played out in all kinds of textures over a dance beat. 3 original tracks, rounded out neatly with a remix by Bot...view item »

Young Moon

This new music from Young Moon looked at one point like it might never come into being, after the relationship the initial 2012 debut was rooted in fell apart. But some new blood in the band (Syam Zapalowski) got things moving again, and the moody confessional songs of Colt were born. Out on Western Vin...view item »

Ava Luna
Electric Balloon

Stumbled upon these guys while checking out bands from SXSW 2012. I was not expecting something even more addicting and polished than their Ice Level album . These guys seemed to have really found their sound and they are having a blast. Without trying to explain their sound I would say the first track "Daydream" and "Electric Balloon" gives you...view item »

Oren Ambarchi
Stacte Motors

Often the process of art is more relevant than the final piece and that could be true for Aussie experimentalist OREN AMBARCHI with His LP Stacte Motors on Western Vinyl. The concept is using only motors to trigger his guitar and cymbals which creates a pulsing repeating apocalyptic soundscape that's turning Ant's trousers wob...view item »
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Carter Tanton
Jettison The Valley

The second solo work from ex-Tulsa frontman Carter Tanton. The gorgeous folk and pop songs on Jettison the Valley were all written whilst Tanton was visiting England and he also recruited Marisa Nadler and Sharon Van Etten to lend him some vocals. These beautifu...view item »

Lushlife + CSLSX

Lushlife produces and raps, and duo of CSLSX, whose name is apparently pronounced ‘Casual Sex’, co-produce. The results are cinematic, grand, shiny, like a well-washed humvee sliding down the midnight streets of Los Angeles. Some especially impressive material from Lushlife here: ...view item »

Lymbyc Systym
Split Stones

Lymbyc Systym is the work of two brothers (Michael and Jared Bell), which would explain the perfect synchronicity they display in the music they make. Split Stones is a colourful electronic jaunt made up of tracks that aren’t afraid to pile layer on top of layer: they have the ski...view item »

Air Waves
Parting Glances

Nicole Schneit's Air Waves project returns with a second album drawing on an array of Brooklynite talent including  friends from Hospitality, Ava Luna, Woods and Crystal Stilts alongside Jana Hunter (Lower Dens...view item »

Diane Coffee
Everybody's A Good Dog

Shaun Fleming, from Foxygen, is also known as Diana Coffee. His/her new album is recorded in a proper studio. Fans would know that’s special, because that means that Everybody’s a Good Dog is not hampered by instrumental limitations. The result is a bombastic, joyous, soulful rock record with moody lyrics....view item »

Heather Woods Broderick

‘Glider’ is the latest LP release from melancholic, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Heather Woods Broderick. The album is comprised of richly textured, atmospheric dreamscapes crafted from Broderick’s, uniquely ethereal, wall of sound vocals, carried by untreated, exposed piano and layers of hypnotic guitar sounds....view item »
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Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair

This ain’t your regular barbershop-quartet. In fact, these are not barbers nor are there four of them. But they’re still tight. With a new line-up, Grooms newest album has a new sound that should please the old fans as well. Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair is the product of change, both forced and volunt...view item »

Abram Shook
Landscape Dream

Following up last year’s Sun Marquee, an album called Landscape Dream was always going to furrow similar sunny and soulful territory for Abram Shook. Abram spreads his yacht-chill over 12 tracks that would sound ridiculously exotic yet enjoyable if blaring from a boombox during an afternoon of barbecuing ...view item »

Ava Luna
Infinite House

Third full-length from New York’s compositional tricksters Ava Luna. Crisp production from Dave Friedman allows them to fully realise a sound they seem to have been searching for since the start. Soulful psychedelic funk with joyous crescendos and head-turning structures abound. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Western Vinyl....view item »

Stone Jack Jones
Love & Torture

Darkly lustrous Americana on West Virginian Stone Jack Jones’s second album, the follow-up to last year’s well-received ‘Ancestor’. The fact that Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) drops by to lend his tones to “Circumstance” should offer some idea of the songwriting chop...view item »

In Tall Buildings

How’s the view from up there? It’s fine, but nobody asks about what goes on on the inside, what happens In Tall Buildings. If this record is any indication, there’s a lot of pretty indietronica composed over there. Driver is filled with slightly melancholic pop songs that will strike a chord....view item »


Post-rocky chamber neoclassically duo Balmorhea are not only making their self-titled debut LP from 2007 available on vinyl for the first time, they've also got a 7" of brand new material to let us know they're still keeping themselves busy. 'Heir' is split into two pieces, full of sweeping strings and delicate textures, wistfully easing their w...view item »
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Post-rock/chamber pop group Balmorhea consits at its core of duo Rob Lowe and Michael Muller. This self-titled debut showed off a very young incarnation of a band interested in serene arrangements and plenty of supplementary orchestration, and while it was initially self-released by the band, their friends at Western Vinyl now offer it up as a f...view item »

Glass Ghost

Indie pop band Glass Ghost is host to singer and master of the keyboards Eliot Krimsky and drummer Mike Johnson, who made their new record 'Lyfe' with a sprinkling of indie rock royalty: from Sharon Van Etten to members of Here We Go Magic. Glass Ghost's idiosyncratic take on indie and synth pop styles -- throw in some harp for good measure -- m...view item »

The Rosebuds
Sand + Silence

After recording some initial demos in North Carolina, The Rosebuds headed to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to record with their old friend and former band member Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Their comfort and connection with Vernon allowed them to stretch their creative limbs, as Vernon gently teased out some of the band's most stellar musical performances...view item »

Alexander Turnquist
Flying Fantasy

I loved Hallway Of Mirrors so much that it was my favourite album of 2011. I was 40 then and I still did things like that. Anyway his new album sounds like a return to form and it's more lush orchestration and 12 string guitar wonderment. I 'need' to spend more time with this fella but I reckon it's an absolute winner (on first listen!)....view item »

Diane Coffee
My Friend Fish

California-spawned Shaun Fleming, aka Diane Coffee, is perhaps best known as the sometimes drummer in avant-garde rock outfit Foxygen. His debut solo album 'My Friend Fish' was recorded in his Manhattan apartment shortly after he fled sun-soaked Agoura Hills in search of new inspiration. Following a bout of 'flu, ...view item »

Stone Jack Jones

Stone Jack Jones is the descendant of four generations of coal miners and here he explores the hardness of the coal mines amongst other mysteries of suicide and dogs. It features many a Lambchop on backing duties but its a dark album as you may imagine from the subject matter. Jones plays a kind of off-ki...view item »

Secret Cities
Walk Me Home

After nine long years of making music together, Secret Cities have finally made an album with all three of them in the same room. 'Walk Me Home' is a gentle bit of indie rock with boy/girl vocals and a chameleon-esque changeability, although the songs are without exception smooth and pleasant. Sometimes they're opting for windswept ...view item »

Nat Baldwin
In The Hollows

If you were to tell me that someone played low-key indie rock with falsetto vocals and understated violins it’d probably be enough to keep me from checking them out, but Dirty Projector Nat Baldwin’s latest effort is actually something a bit special. It has the clarity and purity of focus that ma...view item »

Christopher Tignor
Thunder Lay Down In The Heart

This is Christopher Tignor's second record (after Core Memory Unwound) under his own name - after recording - Slow Six & Wires Under Tension. (it's his 7th full length release) This is a good record, I think it might be a very good one. Excellent restraint, build up, and release. Some of the most beau...view item »

Dawn Landes

Just yesterday as we listened to Angel Olsen’s album plodding along, Phil announced that he’d never be old enough to enjoy music like it. I can see where he is coming from, the youth that is still clinging on to my soul can struggle to relate to albums which are full of pleasant confessional singer songwritery stuff....view item »
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Abram Shook
Sun Marquee

Another retrospective review as its already in the shops and available to purchase, you lucky, lucky  people. This is the debut album from a lad who has been all around this great big world but he can’t find his baby and only on occasion here has his full muse intact. What we have is another variation on the ‘chill-wave&...view item »

Nat Baldwin
Dome Branches: The MVP Demos

Western Vinyl release 'Dome Branches' by double bass/singer-songwriter Nat Baldwin, a collection of demos from his 2008 album ‘Most Valuable Player’. As well as performing with such critica...view item »

Aisha Burns
Life in the Midwater

Violinist and vocalist Aisha Burns is from San Antonio, Texas. A former member of folk rock bands Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band, and Balmorhea, this is her debut solo release. Dealing with the themes of love, loss and the loss of feeling immortal that comes with hitting your mid-twenties. Vinyl or CD on Western Vinyl. ...view item »

Infinity Caller

Nifty shoegaze vibes are exhaled from Grooms, a band who meld the stark melodies of Film School with the subtle fuzz of dream pop bands, as well as the best conventions of '90s alt rock kids. It is nice, and Infinity Caller is a certifiable step forward for all concerned. Awesom...view item »
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Ola Podrida
Ghosts Go Blind

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White Mountain

White Mountain is a minimal mix of pastoral ambience that would interest fans of the ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ project of Sigur Ros’s Jonsi and Alex Somers, particularly as this is mixed by Alex himself. ‘So Very Strange’ has washes of acoustic guitar and cello with a floating vocal l...view item »
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Lymbyc Systym

From the very opening seconds of this album, when Prairie School bursts exuberantly from the speakers, you can tell you're in for something special. This is electronica (or is it post rock?!) at its most accessible - I could try and describe it as a more energetic version of The Album Leaf, or Ratatat with more varied instruments, but neither of...view item »

All Will Prosper

As I trudged into work this morning, worn down by the overbearing November bleakness I was immediately cheered by the loving sounds on this collection of very very nice music from Goldmund. Its a collection of 'Civil War' era songs done in his trademark kind of tinkly piano/music box style...view item »
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Callers / Delicate Steve
Further Out / Perfect Pairs

7" (WEST096, £5.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Carter Tanton

I listened to the rest of this album after catching the waning moments of the opening track on satellite radio. The last few chords struck me, and I was optimistic that there was more attached to them. Damn, was I right. The first track, "Murderous Joy," should have been all over the radio, but I do not recall having heard it anywhere. The songs...view item »


Is Balmorhea a sudden, urgent shifting in the bowels when visiting the country home of our gracious Queen? Like, OMG does she have gold leaf bog roll or what? What if I use a full roll? Will I get billed? What if the bailiffs come round and kick my door in? Just because I've had a dump on Lizzie's throne!!! Worries aside for now as I investigate th...view item »

EDM (Formally Early Day Miners)
Night People

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Nat Baldwin
People Changes

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Candor / Clamor

Ethereal post folk rock from the Austin, Texas miserablists. The two tracks on offer have also a sort of neo-classical feel. They sound minimal one second then grandiose the next. It has an epic swelling feel. The tracks sound rich and well produced and the playing is super professional and tasteful. The best thing about this band is the fact th...view item »
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Secret Cities
Strange Hearts

I've not heard this band before, just picked this one out of the review box on the strength of its art, which is proper '70s-style psychedelia like I've not seen in a while. Turns out it's actually pretty great, so that's a nice surprise. These guys play drifty falsetto-voiced psychedelic pop, kind of like a much more polished Ariel Pink's Haunt...view item »
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Life of Love

These guys are doing something a little unusual. They're an NY based outfit who blend folksy art-rock, gospel, Americana & and an abstracted form of psychedelic blues into something that sounds much more appealing than what I just said. The lady singer is the main draw here. Somewhere between the Karens Dalton & Carpenter with maybe a bi...view item »

Gary Wilson
Electric Endicott

This is, I think his strongest collection of songs yet. The album flits back and forth between jazzy avant garde piano tunes against a floating rhythm but the pop tunes are just magnificent. Very loudly mixed bass but flawless lines... that trademark 'Gary sound' is present. Based on this, I hope he doesn't stop making new ones. Not many people kno...view item »
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J. Tillman
Wild Honey Never Stolen / Borne Away On A Black Barge

J Tillman fell on his feet when he joined the Fleet Foxes. It meant that the extra publicity could allow him to coninue his solo career which had been plodding along unspectacularly for a few years. We have a new 7" single in by him called 'Wild Honey Never Stolen'. His solo stuff sounds exactly what you'd imagine a solo Fleet Fox to soun...view item »
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Slow Six
Tomorrow Becomes You

Tomorrow Becomes You is an astonishing record, combining elements of post-rock, modern classical & ambient composition. The cast of musicians wheel their way around Christopher Tignor's song structures with the interplay between violin, drums, guitars & electronics in places is as close to prefect...view item »
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