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BC Camplight
Deportation Blues

Mental illness and addiction left Philadelphia-dwelling Brian Christinzio relocating to Manchester for a fresh start. He recorded the last BC Camplight album, How To Die In The North there with a new band. As soon as it was released he found out he was being deported. After going through a lot of red tape, his Italian grandparen...view item »

Ari Roar
Calm Down

Who doesn't love green vinyl? Bella Union continue their run of badass releases with this album from Texan singer/songwriter Caleb Campbell, aka Ari Roar, a 60's-inspired pop record that fuses languid, lo-fi vibes with garage-band energy. Nods to psychedelia amp up the energy, while Campbell's tender voice delivers intimacy and ...view item »

Hilang Child

Bella Union with another yet another record of big-room indie niceness here. This time the accused is Ed Ridman, also known as Hilang Child, and his debut LP Years. These are ten tracks of chest-puffed-out, angel-voiced electro-indie that references everyone from Wild Beasts to ...view item »

Beach House

As if this band needed to get any more content. Naming their record with a shrug, Beach House have ditched the sonically driving, well-sequenced widescreen of recent records ‘Bloom’ and ‘Depression Cherry’, offering something of a sound-sample primer for a band that now does what it wants from within its liminal aesthetic...view item »

Beach House
Thank Your Lucky Stars

Robert Pollard, Prince, Buckethead… they’re all so fucking pissed right now. Beach House might just have undercut them in the runnings for quickest successive albums, detailing surprise record ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ a meagre two months after ‘Depression Cherry’. It’s not release date alone, though, th...view item »

Dirty Three
Sad and Dangerous, Mysterious and Exciting

Well this is exciting. It's very, very early recordings by the Dirty Three that they recorded on a four track machine with only three tracks working. It was initially released as a tape to be sold at shows and eventually got a vinyl release in 1994.  Now back on green vinyl, Mick Turner has raided the archives for bits and ...view item »

The Drowning Craze
Singles '81 - '82

Cynics would say that short-lived 80s post-punk group Drowning Craze are only getting a reissue on Bella Union because bassist Simon Raymonde set up the label. Others would say that they’re there on merit. Personally we’d opt for the latter - just try to resist the zippy punk-funk of...view item »

Karl Blau
Introducing Karl Blau

Introducing Karl Blau? There goes my lede. I guess since he’s already been applauded onto the stage I should just sit and listen with the rest of you. Here he goes, he’s Karl Blau, donning his fine country boy hat as he begins to tribute every Nashville singer he can think of off the top of his head. First up is an energised, new-Ame...view item »

Laura Veirs
The Lookout

I just knew I'd like the new Laura Veirs record. Yet it took me weeks to get around to listening to it and I'm wondering if the reason it took me so long is because Laura Veirs is always good. I kind of knew it would be good. It is good. So no need to listen to it.  Here sound has developed but not dramatically since the time I got ...view item »

The Beat Escape
Life Is Short The Answer's Long

Montreal duo The Beat Escape come through with their debut LP for Bella Union. It’s an expansive, glacial synth-pop record that sounds like something from the golden age of Factory Records given a makeover for the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Tracks like ‘Seeing Is Forgetting&rsqu...view item »

The Innocence Mission
Sun On The Square

The Innocence Mission have been around a while now, but Sun On The Square marks the Pennsylvania trio’s first LP for Bella Union. You can see why the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Iron And Wine list them among their favourite acts. The group’s mix of guitar, s...view item »

Father John Misty
God’s Favorite Customer

Oh hold on, so what happened to that wife he spent hours and hours droning on about? Because the press release here says 'God’s Favorite Customer 'reflects on the experience of being caught between the vertigo of heartbreak and the manic throes of freedom'. Is it because he sounds like Elton John? Anyway ‘God’s...view item »

Field Division
Dark Matter Dreams

Bella Union didn’t need another retro-rock act, but they went and got themselves one anyway. Greedy. The debut LP from Field Division nestles neatly alongside fellow BU acts like Karl Blau and Beach House in delivering some old thrills in new clothes. Dark Matter Dream...view item »

137 Avenue Kaniama

Congolese artist Baloji works as a sort of stylistic lightning rod on his latest LP. Bringing together pop stylings from all over Africa - he even goes so far as to jack the instrumental of Dur Dur’s mighty ‘Dooyo’ for lead single ‘Soleil De Volt’ - Baloji turns 137 Avenue Kanai...view item »

John Grant
Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

Welcome to The Review, wherein Clint gets scared of not digging a lauded indie pop artist’s music in the way he always does and instead parses him off to me. Who’s afraid of John Grant? I’m bloody not. He’s got a haughty voice, a witty repertoire and a lot of fuckin’ problems, but he’s also got a bleep bloop s...view item »

Ezra Furman
Big Fugitive Life

I was really mean to Ezra Furman last time ‘round and I feel kinda bad because I was probably meeting him at a bad corner of the day, several albums into reviewer’s purgatory. I’m in that spot again right now, but “Teddy I’m Ready” is getting me pumped, a song a lot more considered than you’re avera...view item »

Creep Show
Mr. Dynamite

Creep Show is a collaboration between John Grant and dark, electronic funksters Wrangler. Their debut album, Mr. Dynamite, is a surreal and experimental journey through the brooding underbelly of pop and funk. They throw together sounds from every imaginable analo...view item »

Jonathan Wilson
Rare Birds

Must we?  It may be complex, it may be rich but on opener 'Trafalgar Square' LA super producer Jonathan Wilson has decided the world is ready for a Genesis revival. In fact he's used all his production skills to manage to make his voice sound exactly like Phil Collins....view item »

The Flaming Lips
With A Little Help From My Fwends

To be fair it looked like a bad idea from the get go. Running-on-fumes psychsters Flaming Lips invite a bunch of their ‘fwends’ including Miley Cyrus, Moby and Tegan and Sara to collaborate on a reworking of The Beatles classic ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band...view item »

Beach House
Depression Cherry

If you didn’t like ‘Bloom’, that’s okay: I don’t think Beach House did either. The dreamer duo’s last record amped up their sound and stretched it out against a widescreen; where their combinative organ/guitar melodies used to melt into each-other, they now crashed under the weight of expectation and, um, ...view item »

Ezra Furman
Transangelic Exodus

Ezra Furman presents Transangelic Exodus, a somewhat epic queer song-suite following a narrative about being in love with an illegal angel. Furman is a real showman and a dramatic songwriter, and his personality drives these songs on and on. Transangelic Exodus is a powerful statement made in d...view item »

Xylouris White

Roll up for a third Xylouris White record, if you can believe it. If it feels like they’re churning them out, you’re forgetting how simple these records are: the Dirty Three tinkerman and Cretan lutist come together to make records that feel like they’ve been dusted off by virtuosos, frenetical...view item »

John Grant
Queen Of Denmark

Despite always standing in the shadows of her Shakespearean significant other, the Queen of Denmark has her own story. And John Grant, formerly of the Czars, has taken it upon himself to tell that story in his debut solo effort, available only on limited edition tape. Better get it before the play moves to another town ...view item »

Father John Misty
I Love You, Honeybear

Wearing the folk rock curse on his back -- doomed forever to be that drummer for Fleet Foxes, a band he claims he never really had that much involvement in anyway, and by the way, how is S. Carey doing? --  J. Tillman has actually released an endless slew of solo records, riva...view item »

Lanterns On The Lake
Live With Royal Northern Sinfonia

Documentation of Newcastle’s Lanterns On The Lake performing a remarkable live show with the forty-piece Royal Northern Sinfonia orchestra. Ten of the band’s tracks have been expanded and spun out to incorporate the full scope of the orchestra’s power, offering we listeners grander versions of ...view item »

Lost In Light

Bella Union issuing a wonderful gem of a record from Sumie, a Swedish born singer-songwriter with a magical knack for intimate storytelling and dream weaving. With her voice a core of immense clarity and richness, Sumie is joined by a number of guests to bring further nuances and shades to the overall beautiful and involving sou...view item »

Lost Horizons

Despite having a sleeve which looks like a black metal opus, Lost Horizons is the new project of Simon Raymonde once of Cocteau Twins now of Bella Union. He's teamed up here with former Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas. Guests are aplenty including Marissa Nadler Ghostpoet and most fascinating...view item »

Philip Selway
Let Me Go

This is the third solo album from the Radiohead drummer but differs from his previous albums in that this is the soundtrack to the film drama Let Me Go. Mirroring the film's haunted nature the soundtrack is made up from melancholic strings and piano alongside more unusual instruments such as musical saw and glockenspiel. ...view item »

I <3 Art

Norwegian indie pop group Broen’s second full length album is one of those that goes to show “indie-pop” can mean just about anything. The group, made up of members from acts such as Atomic...view item »

Explosions In The Sky
The Wilderness

Music aside, I’ve always liked the way Explosions In The Sky explain themselves: their album and song titles have often read like textbook post-rock, but the second-gen pioneers deftly used the genre’s convoluted language to create real pretty images. I mean, come on: ‘All Of A Sudden, I Miss Everyone’? What a horribly lo...view item »

Susanne Sundfør
Music For People In Trouble

Astonishingly, Music For People In Trouble is already Susanne Sundfor's seventh album. The celebrated Norwegian singer-songwriter promises now to take us on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Inspiration for the record came from her globe-spanning travels across diverse environments and politically contrasting worlds. A ...view item »

Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith (featuring Patti Smith)
Killer Road

Soundwalk Collective were pleased and surprised to end up working with Patti Smith after a chance airplane meeting. Together with Patti’s daughter Jesse Paris Smith, the ensemb...view item »

Karl Blau
Out Her Space

Karl Blau is a busy musical man, and has been for many years, but it is only recently that his solo material has started getting wide distribution. Out Her Space is a new album of all-original material, recorded...view item »

My Sad Captains
Sun Bridge

Lustrous dream pop is the name of the game for My Sad Captains who after a line up reshuffle continue to make their vast and expansive music. Though there are elements of kraut rock and psych wibbling in place this promises to be an album for fans of beautifully realised intricate shoegaze and guitar pop. ...view item »

Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities

A self-acknowledged serving of mediocrity from the most emotionally milquetoast band of all time? Don’t mind if I do. Few bands can make me want to cry as soon as I hear a song of theirs open, and boring old Beach House do it every time. This collection of discarded tunes is no less beautiful than usual, offering cut tunes that beam as bri...view item »

Dirty Three

The first ever EP by the mournful power trio of Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White, aka the majestic Dirty Three. UFKUKO, which appears here on the vinyl format for the first time ever, is an excellent example of the group’s magical sound, which seems to eman...view item »

Father John Misty
Pure Comedy

Stop telling me Father John Misty sounds like Elton John. I don’t care; that doesn’t make him good. That’s just a comparison. You can’t just tell me a thing is like another thing and add a quantifier to it. Father John Misty is terrible and having a slow piano is not going to make him meaningful. He is terrible and ever s...view item »

The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips Onboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace

The Flaming Lips recreate seven cuts from their newest album Oczy Mlody in live performance at the International Space Station Concert for Peace, although we should warn you that this concert might possibly have been fictional… The music is tangible and real though, and bursting with psychedelic spacey l...view item »

Kinder Versions

If you’re a fan of the Icelandic sound (there definitely is one) Mammút bring it in spades on their new album on Bella Union Kinder Versions. Post rock meets psychedelic, not as far or ethereal as Sigur Ros, but the gentleness is there, topped with the Björk meets ...view item »

Will Stratton
Rosewood Almanac

As stipulated in my birth certificate, my name obliges me to give any record that begins with the sounds of bird chirping at least a 7/10. So there you go; ‘Rosewood Almanac’ is already on to a winner. An endearing and gently rockish folk record lives within the corners of that title, Will Stratton emerging from the friendlier parts ...view item »

Wounded Healer

In what amounts to a dreamy record, drenched in psychedelic surroundings, Wounded Healer is the stunning 2017 release of Maryland-based trio Celebration. In personifying what the group describe as a "contrasting" three recent years, the release tackles an array of emotions - remaining consist...view item »

Volume 1

Initially BNQT are everything that is wrong with everything. First up that vowel-less name  - you are supposed to say Banquet. Who knew? I thought it was like NRBQ. Secondly it's the sort of thing that's sold into us as a 'supergroup' featuring members of Band of Horses, ...view item »


Award-winners in their native South Korea, Jambinai’s debut LP Differance now gets its first U.K. vinyl release. The scope of their sound is vast, shifting from Eno-esque etherealities and throbbing drone to harmonica-led rumbles that are pitched somewhere between lights-low Dylan...view item »

Live In Denton

Midlake love their hometown don't you know, and with their now rather famous brand of indie pop, they come in for a victory lap in the place they once blossomed from. Live In Denton is the band doing the delicate thing they do on stage, so chances are it is recommended if you like Midlake. ...view item »

Lydia Ainsworth
Darling Of The Afterglow

'Darling of The Afterglow' is the sophomore album by Lydia Ainsworth. She knows just exactly what to surround her dramatic voice with: trap beats and shimmery R&B as well as grand quasi-classical arrangements. The record contains a collaboration with Toronto’s up-and-coming progressive musicians, and encompasses synth-pop ...view item »

Holly Macve
Golden Eagle

Total and quintessential Americana written by a musician from Yorkshire? Dishonest! Sad! Apologise! With her gloriously countrified acoustic pieces and her Southern croon, Holly Macve certainly sounds like she just stepped out of an NPR stream or an American Songwriter interview, but I guess she’s probably just been practicing it all from ...view item »

Deep Throat Choir
Be Ok

No sniggering at the back. Deep Throat Choir are a collective of female singers and musicians based around Landshapes member Luisa Gerstein and formed with an aim to bring music back to the basic elements of voices and percussion. Although there are elements of Gaggle and to a lesser ...view item »


The more decrepit amongst us will remember when to hear an album you had to buy a CD which would cost you £16 or so (manufacturing cost about 5p.... and the music industry wonders where things went wrong). Anyway this is the sort of record that would have driven you mad back in those days as it’s another example of a record front l...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Oczy Mlody

Fewer band's have remained so deliciously weird and consistently influential in the universe of alternative rock than The Flaming Lips. Led by the eerie and pounding The Castle, Oczy Mlody becomes the latest addition to a bulging catalogue - which continues to reinvent and surprise o...view item »

Horse Thief
Trials & Truths

Horse Thief are a roaming band of Oklahoma fellas, making earnest and Americana-flavoured indie rock with a friendly face. Trials & Truths is their second full-length album, with songs that cover some of the subjects that inevitably spring from being a young band breaking the scene: touring life, relationships etc. ...view item »

Lola Rennt / Run Lola Run - Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Run Lola Run is as memorable and atmospheric as the film itself, pulsing with the energy and drama of 1990’s Berlin. More techno-influenced than most film soundtracks, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek and Twyker did a great job pumping up the action of the film, and ...view item »

Do Easy

Who Is the new Kate Bush then?  There are plenty of choices but Former Austra types Tasseomancy should not be ignored as a possible replacement. The vocals is quite remarkably similar with ll the same vocal inflections, the sweeping and swoo...view item »

The Trouble With Templeton
Someday, Buddy

The Trouble With Templeton are an Australian band with the strong flavour of old-time Southern USA: those regions' folk traditions seem to have seeped into the band. Someday, Buddy is a very direct record, as though Thomas Calder is staring right at you as he sings his tender songs. CD and white vinyl r...view item »

The Czars

More proper emotional indie music this time from The Czars on Bella Union which sounds a little like earlyl Radiohead but without the quirk that made them Radiohead. Thus making this sound quite average. Only it's quite a good tune really. Even after one listen bits of it had stuck...view item »

The Beat Escape
The Beat Escape

Starkly immediate and organic, is the self-titled record thought-up by Montreal duo - The Beat Escape. Naked drum machines sit alongside haunting harmonies and faint chord progressions, that conjure up both nostalgia and melancholy. Lo-fi, yet smooth - this is the height of chilled. Close your eyes, and escape into thi...view item »

Pavo Pavo
Young Narrator In The Breakers

As otherworldy and retrofuturist as its utopian record sleeve, Young Narrator In The Breakers is the 2016-born brainchild of Pavo Pavo. The Brooklyn-based five-piece flex their weightless off-kilter pop into a multitude of spaces in what amounts to a thoroughly inquisitive yet enjoy...view item »

Xylouris White
Black Peak

For those about to Lute we salute you.  This is a collaboration between Jim White (the Dirty Three)and George Xylouris, the Cretan lute player. Their line up is the lesser spotted fusion of lute and drums which generally brings for unique, shapeshifting sounds. I'm not sure about the vocals...view item »

Arc Iris
Moon Saloon

The Big Music. It’s a lot of things, from Sufjan’s ‘Age of Adz’ to every album M83 has ever made, from U2 to London Grammar, from Jon Mueller to the War on Drugs. It’s the music that’s so disproportionate from the modest of your surroundings that you keep looking around to find the crevices of sound. On their ...view item »

Scan The Blue

exmagician thrown together a heady swirl of influences and sources for new album Scan The Blue. Field recordings and synthesisers all play their part in adding flavour to the sturdy garage rock tunes that propel the record. Songs of “hope, trust and revenge” the band assure us. Released by Bella Union....view item »

Dirty Three
Dirty Three

Gorgeous reissue of Dirty Three’s self titled second album on heavyweight 180 gram double red vinyl. One of many outings which see long time collaborators Warren Ellis and Nick Cave showcasing yet another string of their collective bow. If you like Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds...view item »

Explosions In The Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

I have only been into EITS since July, but it's been a magical journey so far. This was the first album that I got and once I listened all the way through, I proceeded to get the rest of them (with exception of the very first one). For me, listening to this album along with the rest, each song tells a story. The titles are appropriate in th...view item »

A Hermitage

Riffs that’d make Converge weep and publication on Bella Union? It just doesn’t make sense, dammit. Jambinai don’t sound like the usual musical middlemen we’d be hearing on the fabled indie pop label, veering towards the recessing shadows of metalcore and post-rock and any genre that has might. ...view item »

Fiona Brice
Postcards From

You’ve probably heard Fiona Brice’s violin, piano, composition or arrangement skills on some of your favourite artist’s recordings: Beyonce, Midlake, Jarvis Cocker all qualify, although BBC News doesn’t (it's Brice, not Bruce...view item »

Marissa Nadler

I’m unfamiliar with Marissa Nadler, but in her world, it doesn’t seem to matter. ‘Strangers’ is the kind of record that immediately prepares a table for you at its world; it pulls up a chair and you fall through the void in the floor, falling out onto a world of quiet, abandoned and ever-so gothic architecture. Obviously ...view item »

Total Time

Doomsquad is a Toronto-based art project made up of siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas. Hypnotic pulsating analogue synthesizer ladened beats akin to The Knife and vocal delivery that wouldn’t go amiss in dancier counterparts. The list of guest play...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Plays the Music of Twin Peaks

This is, disappointingly, not Jamie Stewart covering the music of recent indie pop band Twin Peaks; instead, he sinks deep into the waters of David Lynch's weirdo soap opera, interpreting his inappropriately sentimental and hilarious score with the usual Xiu Xiu magic: a kind of grotesque prettiness that would surely appeal to the Crazy Clo...view item »

M. Ward
More Rain

M. Ward occasionally gets to produce his own melancholy as opposed to others’, and ‘More Rain’ is one such moment. Using his usual delightful ironic mix of upbeat, sweetly harmonised major-key pop tunes and devastated lyrics, he gets up in your lifeworld and makes you feel giddy with The Emotions. “Time Won’t Wait U...view item »

Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

After two sparkling albums of ’80s indie (‘Gemini’ and ‘Nocturne’), Wild Nothing head Jack Tatum has had to decide where to take his sound next. Though there’s nothing actually wrong in keeping things the same (Cleaners from Venus/...view item »

Emmy The Great
Second Love

Second Love is the third album by English singer/songwriter Emmy The Great. The title suggests a connection with her debut album, First Love on which she showed a gift for stirring the emotions with her storytelling. On Second Love, Emmy The Great balances the warmth of human natu...view item »

Suicide Songs

Money are serious guys. On the sleeve is pictured a man with a knife in his head, the album is called ‘Suicide Songs’... as I say, serious. They straddle the kind of dead serious singer songwriter territory also explored by the likes of I Am Kloot. They have a folkier edge though and recent si...view item »

John Grant
John Grant and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra : Live in Concert

Lucky John Grant got to perform with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in October and now Bella Union are releasing the recording into the world. The double cd set features a range of his material rearranged with help from Fiona Brice (Placebo, not the newsreader) ...view item »

Ballet School
The Dew Lasts An Hour

One of Bella Union’s newest signings Ballet School really impressed me with their last EP ‘Boys Again’ so I’ve been quite excited about their debut album ‘The Dew Lasts An Hour’, surprisingly It’s an altogether more commercial sounding record with the emphasis on big anthemic choruses and soaring synths....view item »

Marissa Nadler

Its always amusing to watch Phil all a quiver at even the mention of Marissa Nadler’s name. Get her swooping voice coming out of the stereogram and he’s a puddle on the floor. I’m not sure what he thinks about this her 6th album (he usually has something to declare on the subject) but it sounds at first rather like business as ...view item »

Jonathan Wilson

I’m starting to get what you might want to call ‘senior moments’,  not least when my dad asked me if I’d heard the new Jonathan Wilson record and I replied that I hadn’t but then again I’d not heard the first one either. He reminded me that I had heard the first one and that I’d liked the majority o...view item »

Girls Like Us

Manchester post-punkers Pins caused a rare moment of Norman controversy when their last 7” came out and our Mikey may have inferred that he thought they were like a less good Savages. It is up to MugginsBot here to clean up the mess and give a fair and respectful hearing to their deb...view item »

Father John Misty
Fear Fun

"Fear Fun" is ex-Fleet Foxes drummer, J. Tillman's first album under his new pseudonym Father John Misty and his first solo outing since his departure from Fleet Foxes. To my ears it marks a bit of change in sound. The J. Tillman stuff I'd heard was rather dull so I didn't investigate much further than one album...view item »

Jonathan Wilson
Gentle Spirit

This is not a bad effort for a debut album and is most certainly authentic in it's attempt to create a Laurel Canyon style '70s singer/songwriter record. The title track which opens the album has a dreamy, ethereal vocal and recalls Essra Mohawk's "I Am The Breeze". "Can We Really Party Today?" continues the la...view item »

Beach House

Mingus would wish he was here to review the Beach House 'Devotion' CD. In his absence I'll give it a whirl... Okay this is sophisticated late night lounge pop that makes me think I'd get the best out of it wearing a polo neck in candle light with a fag in one of those big cigarette holders and a smoking jacket. The lads are comparing this dreamy or...view item »

Explosions In The Sky
All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY are a new grime act from Cleethorpes I believe. Thier use of sinister B-boy stylings over grumbling quarter-step sludge beats is sick maaaan. Razor sharp social comentary over screaming bass shards, prolapsing seagull yelps & cement mixer distortion make this compelling listening. They even have a voice over on 2 tracks fr...view item »

Our Broken Garden
When Your Blackening Shows

I'm getting a lot of gentle music this week which soothes my hot Bradford head a great deal. Danes Our Broken Garden are a true Bella Union band, coming somewhere between Portishead & Devics with a lovely wurlitzer organ, yearning, classy female vocals, a rather cinematic approach to sound. It's very accessible but beautifully presented music w...view item »

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