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In 1997, after a couple of decades as the world’s premier dream-pop act, Cocteau Twins were winding down. One of the last things that core members Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde did before the group split up was form their own label. Initially more »

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The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips Onboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace

The Flaming Lips recreate seven cuts from their newest album Oczy Mlody in live performance at the International Space Station Concert for Peace, although we should warn you that this concert might possibly have been fictional… The music is tangible and real though, and bursting with psychedelic spacey life, as ever. Vinyl release on Bella Union.
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA625V)
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Laura Veirs
Fading of Stars

'Fading Of Stars' is an unreleased cut from Laura Veirs' superb eleventh album 'The Lookout'. Expect mournful Americana and folky stylings. The A-side is backed by a cover of Daniel Johnston weepy 'True Love Will Find You In The End'. Out on Bella Union. 
  • Vinyl 7" (BELLA774V)
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John Grant
Remixes Are Also Magic

Remixes Are Also Magic is a limited edition, four-track EP of beguiling, dramatic remixes of John Grant tracks, courtesy of Nik Void, Blancmange, Carter Tutti and Anna Meredith. The first two tracks are alternate takes of songs from Grant’s last album Love Is Magic, while the final two are originally from 2015’s Grey Tickles, Black Pressure. 
  • Vinyl 12" (BELLA897V)
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Dirty Three

The first ever EP by the mournful power trio of Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White, aka the majestic Dirty Three. UFKUKO, which appears here on the vinyl format for the first time ever, is an excellent example of the group’s magical sound, which seems to emanate from the very skies and seas themselves. Bella Union reissue.
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA06V)
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Dirty Three
Whatever You Love, You Are

Whatever You Love, You Are is the 6th album by Australian instrumental three-piece The Dirty Three. The band are comprised of Warren Ellis (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), drummer Jim White and guitarist Mick Turner. It was recorded in the Cocteau Twins studio back in 1999 and originally released the following year. It is a recording that Bella Union label owner Simon Raymonde has fond memories of. He is both responsible for, and happy to see, it being reissued.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA016V)
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Dirty Three
Sad and Dangerous, Mysterious and Exciting

Well this is exciting. It's very, very early recordings by the Dirty Three that they recorded on a four track machine with only three tracks working. It was initially released as a tape to be sold at shows and eventually got a vinyl release in 1994.  Now back on green vinyl, Mick Turner has raided the archives for bits and bats to add to it. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA506V)
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Joyful Death

London-based star Tony Donson returns with his latest SONIKKU album Joyful Death, which promises to be his most dancefloor-orientated effort yet. Featuring guest spots from exciting British artist Douglas Dare and the often cruelly forgotten Little Boots, the album positively loses itself in retro influences such as Pet Shop Boys and New Order, but remembers to refract them through a modern and distinctive lens. 

Tiny Ruins
Some Were Meant For Sea

Tiny Ruins is the alias used by New Zealander Hollie Fulbrook who released her debut album Some Were Meant For Sea on the tiny Spunk label in 2011. Luckily Bella Union stepped in to give it a vinyl re-issue and bring her warm textured nature-inspired songwriting a bigger audience. More stripped-back than her later work, this slow burning record should not be underestimated.  
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA690V)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Lost Horizons
In Quiet Moments

Lost Horizons is the This Mortal Coil-ish project of former Cocteau Twins and Dif Juz members Simon Raymonde and Richie Thomas. Both had not released music for some time before their 2017 debut Ojala but have swiftly followed it up with In Quiet Moments. Like with Ojala they have once again tapped into the talents of a cast of singers and collaborators including Tim Smith (Midlake) Karen Peris (the Innocence Mission), John Grant and Marissa Nadler amongst others. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA1111VX)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA1111V)
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The Flaming Lips
American Head

Working once again with their mercurial producer Dave Fridmann, The Flaming Lips unveil their 21st studio album. Featuring guest backing vocals from country superstar Kacey Musgraves among others, American Head sees them embrace a wider identity than their Oklahoman, outsider origins, according their leader Wayne Coyne.

The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin - Live At Red Rocks

The Soft Bulletin was a landmark album in the history of The Flaming Lips and to many it was a landmark album in the history of music. In 2016 they performed the album live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado with the backing of a large orchestra and choir. The result was spellbinding. 20 years on from the album’s original release, The Soft Bulletin - Live At Red Rocks is now available for your delectation. 

John Grant
Gets Schooled

John Grant - the Father John Misty it’s OK to like - has his limited edish Rough Trade EP Gets Schooled repressed by Bella Union. Each of these five tracks finds Grant dueting with a different leftfield folk luminary. Sinead O’Connor is the headline name, but we also have appearances from Villagers, Beth Orton, Conor O’Brien and Damien Dempsey.
  • Vinyl 12" (BELLAV433)
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Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith

Soundwalk Collective team up with the legendary Patti Smith once again for Peradam. The album takes its name from a crystalline stone which has profound truth-giving properties, available only to truth seekers on a spiritual journey. The album’s initial inspiration came from Mount Analogue, a 1930 novel by René Daumal. The music is built from birdsong and Tibetan singing bowls accompanied by the spoken words of Patti Smith.

Marissa Nadler
For My Crimes

The eighth LP from Marissa Nadler arrives courtesy of Sacred Bones. While this record may feature contributions from Angel Olsen, Mary Lattimore, Kristin Kontrol and Sharon Van Etten, their parts only ever act as augmentations to Nadler’s beguiling songs. The eleven tracks of For My Crimes cover ground between Murder Ballads-y gallows-song (the title track) to a sort of heartland-grunge hybrid (‘Blue Vapor’).


The long wait for the third album from neo-psychedelic rock outfit Landshapes is finally over. Coming together slowly following the exhaustive touring behind 2015’s Heyoon, the new album’s themes reflect its title, Contact, and the troubled times into which it’s being released. Advancing their fluid, shape-shifting mix of alternative rock, psychedelia and math rock even further, it’s another beautiful record from the band. 
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA1079V)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Tim Burgess
I Love The New Sky

Using his work outside of The Charlatans to explore slightly bolder textures and collaborate more freely, Tim Burgess heads in another new direction with his fifth solo record I Love The New Sky. Originating in sessions over ten years ago after a spurt of touring but lying dormant for ages, it was crafted with the help of former Spiritualized player Thighpaulsandra and Grumbling Fur’s Daniel O’Sullivan among others.

Pom Poko

Named after the enjoyably bizarre Studio Ghibli anime about shape-shifting raccoons, Norwegian punk-pop outfit Pom Poko reveal their second studio album, Cheater. Coming out less than two years after their eclectic, focussed debut Birthday, it retains the rawness but expands its pool of influences and inspirations. 
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA1110V)
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  • Coloured vinyl


The third LP from the innovative South Korean post-rock group Jambinai arrives courtesy of Bella Union. ONDA once again sees the band blending traditional Korean instrumentation and song structures with influences from heavy metal, alternative rock, ambient and noise music. The combinations make for unique and stirring listens, particularly when Lee Il-woo's powerful vocals are front and centre.

Liela Moss
Who The Power

Created and recorded during a time of personal and societal upheaval (new parenthood and lockdown respectively), Duke Spirit frontwoman Liela Moss delivers her second solo album Who The Power, more strident, dramatic and outward-looking than its intensely personal predecessor My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth. 

Laura Veirs
My Echo

My Echo is singer / songwriter Laura Veirs 11th solo album. It details the struggles of her ailing marriage - although at the time of writing the songs she didn’t necessarily know that. As the album was being finished, Viers and her husband, Producer Tucker Martine had separated. Some of the songs started life as poems she had been writing for a monthly poetry group. Guest appearances include Jim James, Bill Frisell, Karl Blau and M. Ward.  
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA1059V)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Father John Misty
I Love You, Honeybear

With a slew of understated folk records secured under his own name and a hell of a fun time had playing soft percussive noises for Fleet Foxes, J. Tillman returns to his Father John Misty project, where he mixes esoteric lyricism with brazen folk rock arrangements. I Love You, Honeybear follows on from Fear Fun.

A.A. Williams
Forever Blue

Acclaimed singer and multi-instrumentalist A.A. Williams releases her debut studio album with prestigious indie Bella Union, the end-point of a meteoric ascent that’s seen her tour with the likes of Explosions In The Sky and Sisters of Mercy. Further bolstered by her current lockdown video project ‘Songs From Isolation’, post-rock and post-classical influences inform the sound of Forever Blue. 

Emmy The Great
April / 月音

April / 月音 is the fourth album by singer / songwriter Emmy The Great. It is her second for indie label Bella Union. The album is inspired by a trip back to Hong Kong, where she was born, to visit her parents. It was inspired by what she found in the former British colony - people searching to find their shared identity with mainland China.
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA1080V)
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Mr Ben & The Bens
Life Drawing

Mr Ben and the Bens is the brainchild of Ben Hall of Sheffield who has gone the opposite way of most performers and replaced his synth-based earlier recordings with acoustic based ones. These twelve brightly lit folk tunes are inspired by Sheffield and the surrounding area and follows up the earlier Who Knows Jenny Jones release. 

Mercury Rev
Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited

Bobby Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited by Mercury Rev is their version of trailblazing American singer Bobby Gentry’s classic 1968 album. Although, for a band who have links with The Flaming Lips and in the past have had songs called things like Sweet Odysee of a Cancer Cell t’ th’ Center of yer Heart, you could be forgiven for thinking it has nothing to do with her and that they’d reverted back to their wonky roots. Anyway, it features a list  of female singers that is so impressive we're going to have to name them all: Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridgers, Hope Sandoval, Laetitia Sadier, Rachel Goswell, Lucinda Williams, Vashti Bunyan, Beth Orton, Marissa Nadler, Margo Price, Susanne Sundfør, Kaela Sinclair and Carice Van Houten.

Drab City
Good Songs For Bad People

Drab City are newly signed to former Cocteau Twin, Simon Raymonde’s Bella Union label. Good Songs For Bad People is their debut album. It combines the sounds of the classic David Axelrod albums, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience with dub, hip-hop, dream-pop and jazz. Lyrically, themes such as love, alienation and revenge dominate.

Modern Nature

How To Live, the debut album by Modern Nature was one of the highlights of 2019. Its blend of Talk Talk-esque post rock, Anne Briggs folk stylings and the ‘70s German supergroup, Harmonia, made it stand out in a crowded field. They’re back with a mini-album, Annual, which takes its inspiration from the seasonal observations made by main man Jack Cooper in a diary he was keeping. 

Psychic Markers
Psychic Markers

A supergroup of sorts, containing personnel from other bands, Psychic Markers announce the release of their self-titled third studio album. It’s the culmination of all of their years of experience as a live unit, taking in pulsating, electronically-enhanced krautrock and melodic psychedelic pop. 

Explosions In The Sky
The Wilderness

The post-rock veterans return to claim their rightful position. The Wilderness is a reminder of just how grand, intimate and emotive Explosions in the Sky can be. Their instrumental, and experimental, rock is formed from tight, innovative playing and the dense interplay of textures and sounds. This is their first non-soundtrack album since 2011 and comes on very fancy double vinyl LP.

BC Camplight
Deportation Blues

Mental illness and addiction left Philadelphia-dwelling Brian Christinzio relocating to Manchester for a fresh start. He recorded the last BC Camplight album, How To Die In The North there with a new band. As soon as it was released he found out he was being deported. After going through a lot of red tape, his Italian grandparentage finally came up trumps and allowed him back to his Manchester life. Then Brexit happened. Deportation Blues is fuelled by the difficulty Christinzio has suffered since his deportation. The lyrics are from an angry place, but are delivered with such grace and melodic beauty, typical of Christinzio's previous work. 

I Break Horses

Swedish indie rockers I Break Horses - named after a Nineties Bill Callahan track - finally get around to following up their 2014 breakout Chiaroscuro. Originating as a solo project of lead singer Maria Lindén inspired by film soundtracks, the recordings gradually evolved into a third IBH album with Beach House producer Chris Coady on board, bearing the semi-political title Warnings. 

BC Camplight
Shortly After Takeoff

Philadelphia-born Brian Christinzio, the man behind the BC Camplight moniker rounds off his ‘Manchester Trilogy’ with Shortly After Take Off, an album he believes to be his best to date. The trilogy has told of his move to Manchester, his deportation, leaving loved ones behind, mental health struggles and now, although settled back in Manchester, the sudden death of his father and alcohol abuse. He writes about everything with heart-breaking honesty and with a certain amount of gallows humour.

Ezra Furman
Sex Education (Songs From Seasons 1 & 2)

Ezra Furman doesn't stay still for long. After last year's Twelve Nudes it's time for the soundtrack from the hit Neflix show Sex Education. Who better than Furman to write about the perils of growing up when confused about your identity and this 19 track album is a perfect companion to the show as well as being a loud and angsty punk rock record. 

Lanterns On The Lake
Spook The Herd

Returning for their first album in nearly five years, Spook The Herd is the fourth studio effort overall from Newcastle-based indie quintet Lanterns On The Lake. Having worked with the Royal Northern Sinfonia in the meantime, the band are now more detached from their roots than ever and embracing a wider range of influences. As the pointed title suggests, Spook The Herd seeks to explore the psychological manipulation that the media is able to have on people. 

Ren Harvieu
Revel In The Drama

Singer / songwriter Ren Harvieu was discovered via MySpace when that was a thing. She was nominated for the BBC Sound of 2012 which is also the year she released her first and until now, only album, Through The Night. It’s taken a while due to a horrific injury but now she’s back with Revel In The Drama. The album was co-written by Harvieu and Romeo Stodart of The Magic Numbers, so you can expect a catchy tune or two.

Beach House
Thank Your Lucky Stars

Suprise! Don’t let the fact that Beach House’s last full-length album Depression Cherry was only released two months ago fool you: they are, nevertheless, back with a new record now! Thank Your Lucky Stars isn’t a rarities collection or anything like that, but a full-blown album of their typically lush blooming style. On Bella Union.

Jonathan Wilson
Dixie Blur

Jonathan Wilson follows his hugely critically aclaimed 2018 album 'Rare Birds' with 'Dixie Blur', a far more intimate collection of songs that were written in response to isolation and loneliness. Although Wilson usually crafts recordings alone in his LA studio, on his seventh solo record he recorded and cut the entire LP with a Nashville session band in just six days. Expect unbridled emotion and plenty of fiddle. 

A Situation

Wrangler are a supergroup who probably don’t want the tag of supergroup. They are made up from Ben Edwards from (Benge/The Maths), Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire and Phil Winter from Tuung. They make new music from old gear. They have had two previous albums, 2014’s LA Spark and 2016’s White Glue. They also formed Creep Show with John Grant. A Situation is their new album.

Kefaya + Elaha Soroor
Songs Of Our Mothers

Elaha Soroo is an Afghan singer and activist who arrived in London as a political refugee. There she connected with Kefaya, a musical collective and together they made Songs Of Our Mothers. An astonishing album that takes traditional Afghan women's folk songs and fills them out with thrilling, psychedelic arrangements. 

the innocence mission
See You Tomorrow

See You Tomorrow is the 12th album by Pennsylvania indie-folk types The Innocence Mission. It is their second for Bella Union after 2018’s beautiful Sun On The Square. Sufjan Stevens is a big fan of the husband and wife-led three-piece and has even covered their song ‘Lakes of Canada’.

Ezra Furman
Twelve Nudes

Ezra Furman, whilst always sounding like Ezra Furman, tends to dabble in different rock sub-genres. With new album Twelve Nudes, he claims it is a punk record. He hurt his throat through singing so hard whilst making it, so there is blood on the tracks here. It was recorded in Oakland, CA under the influence of booze and cigarettes. The title refers to the songs on the album being there with nothing to hide.

Modern Nature
How To Live

Modern Nature took their name from a phrase in filmmaker Derek Jarman’s diaries. Group leader, Jack Cooper, wanted new album How To Live to reflect the point where town and country meet - their mix of Can, Caravan and Talk Talk influences allows the music to flow between motorik beats, pastoral folk rock and experimentalism.

Odyssey: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde Vol. II

Ivor Raymonde is the father of Bella Union owner and former Cocteau Twins bassist, Simon Raymonde. He was a musical arranger, musical director, producer and songwriter. He was involved in some huge ‘60s hits by the likes of Billy Fury, Dusty Springfield and The Walker Brothers. Odyssey: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde Vol. II follows on from Paradise is rounding up his amazing career. It features tracks by The Alan Price Set, Randy Newman, Dusty Springfield and Frankie Vaughan.

Dog In The Snow
Vanishing Lands

Even men with steel hearts love to see a dog in the snow. We all do, presumably so does Brighton based artist Helen Ganya Brown who has created this dreamy debut from her home studio and subsequently presumably rejoiced when told it was going to be released by Bella Union. It's a haunting collection of electronica, dream pop and arty rock music that was made when she says she was having some very strange dreams. Possibly ones involving dogs and snow. Clear vinyl if you are quick. 

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith
Mummer Love

Mummer Love - one of three collaborative albums by Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith - sees the New York avant garde ambient/jazz group following in the footsteps of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. During a lesser known period of his life, Rimbaud found himself in Ethiopia learning about Sufism, a branch of Islam. The group went there and recorded the chants of the Sufi leaders, using them as a backdrop for Patti Smith’s poetry.

Modern Nature
Nature EP

Modern Nature brings us members of Beak>, Mazes, Woods and Sunwatchers, working together to do make something new, and outside of those groups’ prime territory. The Nature EP is the exciting sound of a group of musicians figuring something out together, allowing us to hear things like the atmospheric spiritual drone-folk of the 12-minute track ‘Supernature’, for example. On Bella Union.

Penelope Isles
Until The Tide Creeps In

Brother/sister duo Penelope Isles hail from Brighton and make fuzz-tinged dream pop. If you have a liking for such things, the likelihood is that you will fall head over heels for this. Until The Tide Creeps In is their debut album. Check out the track 'Chlorine' for a good example of what they do best. On Bella Union.

Do You See The Falling Leaves?

Experimental Swedish quartet Broen are Bella Union's next big hope. Their debut 'I Love Art' was a very modern kind of record mixing jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop and everything in between into their great melting pot. They push that vision even further on this album on which they attempt to find new ways to connect with the listener. Indeed the title 'Do You See The Fallen Leaves' is said to reference whether we all see lonely people and can we offer friendship. Nice sentiment.   

The Flaming Lips
King's Mouth

King’s Mouth is The Flaming Lips fifteenth album. It is named after, and based on, Wayne Coyne’s mind-bending art installation. According to Coyne, it comes from the same nucleus as the band’s live performances. Needless to say, it’s a typically odd/beautiful mix of sounds and words. Mick Jones of The Clash keeps popping up and narrating bits of it too.

The Soft Cavalry
The Soft Cavalry

The Soft Cavalry are a brand new duo featuring Steve Clarke and his wife who just happens to be the rather talented Rachel Goswell from Slowdive. Their self-titled debut is filled with dreamy and dramatic songs that takes its cues from Pink Floyd, Talk Talk and Mansun. Double LP and CD on Bella Union.

Daughter Of Swords

Break up albums have a habit of being mopey and sad. And that's okay! But these forget the other kind of break up. The kind that offers a fresh start and a new beginning. Daughter Of Swords' Dawnbreaker is just that. Optimistic, hopeful, and grounded. Alexandra Sauser-Monnig captures that hope, and the fear, with this collection of comforting indie-folk songs.

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith
The Peyote Dance

The Peyote Dance is an album inspired by French poet Antonin Artaud's book of the same name. It was created by Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith on improvised spoken word vocals. The album whips up a drug-fueled storm with only Smith as our guide. Indeed it's meant to, Artaud's book details his experiences of peyote in Mexico. On Bella Union.

Liela Moss
A Little Bit Of Rain

Such is her desire to have things neatly categorised, Leila Moss follows up her impressive debut, My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth, with an EP of songs about rain. A Little Bit Of Rain features her versions of tracks by Eurythmics, The Cure, Scott Walker and Ann Peebles. The title nods in the direction of ‘60s folk icon Karen Dalton, who has been a huge influence on Moss.

Let Yourself Be Seen

Toronto trio Doomsquad are here with their third album Let Yourself Be Seen, a funky engagement with the world as it is (climate change, Instagram et al). For music made by three siblings, its impressive and great that this album is so sexy, with a fun / funky party pulse backing each track. Dancefloor utopianism on Bella Union.

Hannah Cohen
Welcome Home

Welcome Home is the third album from Woodstock, NY singer/songwriter Hannah Cohen. It follows Child Bride (2012) and Pleasure Boy (2015). It would seem that this is maybe her most dynamic album to date. Her usual slow-burning, hazy style is augmented by soulful swells and dramatic turns. Light blue coloured vinyl and CD on Bella Union.


Hifalutin is the second album from Denmark's Lowly. After their debut the band wanted more and so with the help of a large warehouse and huge amount of microphones have created an album as dreamy as anything fellow Scandinavians Sigur Ros have done. But there's more to them than being dreamy, as they tackle R&B, spoken word and the more abstract musics too. On Bella Union.

E.B. The Younger
To Each His Own

E.B. The Younger is Eric Brandon Pulido, the frontman of Midlake. To Each His Own sees him stepping out on his own for the first time, although it’s not his first album without his Midlake bandmates. He was part of BNQT, a supergroup including members of Franz Ferdinand, Band of Horses, Travis and Grandaddy. Pulido sees the album as a way to diplomatically solve artistic differences within Midlake. LP and CD on Bella Union.


Marvellous times here for fans of shoegaze alumni as Miki Bereni (Lush) hooks up with KJ McKillop (Moose), Modern English bassist Mick Conroy and former Elastica drummer Justin Welch is a new group which, though hard to get away from the distinct sound of Miki's vocals, offers a fresh start for all four. They explore the usual modern day concerns about news, the world and stuff.  

Pom Poko

Norwegian group Pom Poko drop their debut LP on Bella Union. The group cite a pretty mixed bag of influences - Death Grips and Ali Farka Toure are both name-checked in the press release for Birthday, but unfortunately so are Vulfpeck, so this could really go either way. As it is they don’t really sound like any of that lot - groups like Deerhoof and The Mae Shi spring to mind as Pom Poko power through a collection of zany power-pop-punk numbers.

Pavo Pavo
Mystery Hour

By the time Brooklyn group Pavo Pavo’s Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg were writing new album Mystery Hour, they had ended their romantic relationship. This is sad. Nonetheless, they managed to harness the emotional rollercoaster of separation for creativity, leading to a dreamy, moving indie pop record. This is good.

Go Dark
Neon Young

Bella Union, home to Beach House, Horse Thief, Mercury Rev, Pom Poko, Psychic Markers and many other two-word bands add two-word band Go Dark (Crash Gallegos and Anticon veteran Doseone Drucker) to their roster. No doubt the label was delighted to discover that the album too boasts a two-word title, Neon Young. Moreover it’s a fine wodge of cyberpunk synthpop, full of aggressive energy and razor production.

Liela Moss
My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth

It’s been a busy couple of years for Liela Moss. After releasing two records in as many years with main group The Duke Spirit, Moss keeps her foot on the gas by dropping her debut solo LP. My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth is an LP of stirring, folkish and vaguely psychedelic songcraft that will appeal to fans of Jane Weaver and Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Two Medicine

Peaceful psychedelic rock is a genre underrepresented in between all the endless distorted guitar solos we get to listen to here at Norman HQ. Two Medicine, created by Paul Alexander from indie/psych rockers Midlake, are taking a much more poppy approach to psychedelia. Named after a part of Glacier National Park, the album flaunts a romantic sound, something of an appreciation of quiet, peace, and natural beauty.

John Grant
Love Is Magic

John Grant feels that album-by-album his music is becoming a truer reflection of who he is. Judging by the cover of his 4th solo album, Love Is Magic, he’s really coming out of his shell. The former Czars frontman debuted with Queen Of Denmark, an album of sublime soft rock with unflinching and, at times, humorous lyrics. Since then his music has become increasingly more electronic and more experimental. His brutal and confessional lyrics remain.Love IS Magic was Produced in collaboration with Benge, AKA Ben Edwards from Wrangler who collaborated on the Creep Show project earlier in the year.

Beach House

Beach House get to the stage in their career where they name the album after how many records they have released. So 7 is their 7th record and shows a bit of a creative rebirth for a band who never seem to stop. They had a more fluid way of working with this one which has taken them into new areas particularly as they were helped along the way by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom).  

And Nothing Hurt

The new Spiritualized album really is just the work of one man, Jason Pierce, who wrote and recorded the album on a laptop in a small room in his east London home. Yet Pierce is so meticulous that he found a way of making the record sound like a studio session, and only things bigger than he could get up his stairwell were recorded in a studio. So, it's going to be interesting to hear how a band with such grandiose ideas as Spiritualized sound with such severe constraints on the recording process.  

Mountain Man
Magic Ship

In this, the age of instant content, an eight year gap between album can prove utterly deadly. Fortunately for us Mountain Man were able to survive such a gulf to bring us Magic Ship. As on their debut, this is an album which celebrates not just the voice, but voices. The genius of Amelia Meath (of Sylvan Esso), Molly Erin Sarlé and Alexandra Sauser-Monnig lies in the control of their own voices, and their awareness of their bandmates'.

John Grant
Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

Following collaborations with the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Goldfrapp and Elton John, as well as sell-out European show and a recent US tour with the Pixies, ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ is Brit award winner John Grant’s third album release. The tone of the record is heavy with Grant’s dark humour and features an eclectic mix of ecstatic electro-pop, rich, cinematic ballads and desolate synthscapes.


Award-winners in their native South Korea, Jambinai’s debut LP Differance now gets its first U.K. vinyl release. The scope of their sound is vast, shifting from Eno-esque etherealities and throbbing drone to harmonica-led rumbles that are pitched somewhere between lights-low Dylan and a drunk-at-the-wheel Augustus Pablo.

Paradise: The Sound Of Ivor Raymonde

Not many people are in the position to release records by their dad but head Bella Union honcho Simon Raymonde had a most unusual childhood. From seeing Scott Walker in his back garden to watching dad on 'Hancock's Half Hour' the boy didn't realise at the time the range and influence of his dad. But now he does and here is a lovingly compiled compilation of dad's best bits from hits with Dusty Springfield and the Walker Brothers to obscurities, unearthed gems and everything in between.   

Hilang Child

Bella Union with another yet another record of big-room indie niceness here. This time the accused is Ed Ridman, also known as Hilang Child, and his debut LP Years. These are ten tracks of chest-puffed-out, angel-voiced electro-indie that references everyone from Wild Beasts to Death Cab To Cutie. Will sound great as you crack open your fourth can of craft cider during the late-afternoon slot at Latitude.

The Drowning Craze
Singles '81 - '82

Cynics would say that short-lived 80s post-punk group Drowning Craze are only getting a reissue on Bella Union because bassist Simon Raymonde set up the label. Others would say that they’re there on merit. Personally we’d opt for the latter - just try to resist the zippy punk-funk of debut single ‘Storage Case’, which was NME Single Of The Week when it came out. This compilation collects their entire discography (three singles), and for a limited time will also come with a cassette of their 1982 Peel Session.

the innocence mission
Sun On The Square

the innocence mission have been around a while now, but Sun On The Square marks the Pennsylvania trio’s first LP for Bella Union. You can see why the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Iron And Wine list them among their favourite acts. The group’s mix of guitar, strings, ukelele and Karen Peris’ lovely voice has clearly had a strong influence on the work of both of those artists. The band stick to their guns on this album, but why change when you’ve got a good thing going?

Field Division
Dark Matter Dreams

Bella Union didn’t need another retro-rock act, but they went and got themselves one anyway. Greedy. The debut LP from Field Division nestles neatly alongside fellow BU acts like Karl Blau and Beach House in delivering some old thrills in new clothes. Dark Matter Dreams draws from Fleetwood Mac, classic Americana and … you know, all that other stuff that bands like this are influenced by. The harmonies are very nice, the the songwriting is tight, vinyl is silver, and they're going to be massive.

Karl Blau
Introducing Karl Blau

Karl Blau chooses to introduce himself with a carefully-selected array of country covers, each taken from a fertile period in Nashville’s history. Townes Van Zandt, Tom T. Hall and The Bee Gees are all interpreted in new directions, with help from Steve Moore and Tucker Martine. Thoughtful modern country. Introducing Karl Blau is released on Bella Union.

Father John Misty
God’s Favorite Customer

Oh hold on, so what happened to that wife he spent hours and hours droning on about? Because the press release here says 'God’s Favorite Customer 'reflects on the experience of being caught between the vertigo of heartbreak and the manic throes of freedom'. Is it because he sounds like Elton John? Anyway ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ was produced by Tillmann....blah blah...... features Jonathan Wilson blah blah.*Fingers in ears* *not listening. 

Ari Roar
Calm Down

Who doesn't love green vinyl? Bella Union continue their run of badass releases with this album from Texan singer/songwriter Caleb Campbell, aka Ari Roar, a 60's-inspired pop record that fuses languid, lo-fi vibes with garage-band energy. Nods to psychedelia amp up the energy, while Campbell's tender voice delivers intimacy and immediacy. 

Laura Veirs
The Lookout

When she’s not teaching kids to play the guitar, Laura Veirs is a singer/songwriter. A good one too. The Lookout is her tenth album and first since her collaboration with like-minds Neko Case and K.D. Lang. The Lookout is inspired by wanting to take care, be aware and look after each other. This need was fired in Veirs, like so many things these days, by the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming president. The velvet voices of Jim James and Sufjan Stevens feature. Gold coloured vinyl LP and CD on Bella Union.

The Beat Escape
Life Is Short The Answer's Long

Montreal duo The Beat Escape come through with their debut LP for Bella Union. It’s an expansive, glacial synth-pop record that sounds like something from the golden age of Factory Records given a makeover for the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Tracks like ‘Seeing Is Forgetting’ and opener ‘Sign Of Age’ marry near-ambient synth work to minimal drum patterning and vocals so cloaked in reverb they might have been recorded in a canyon.

137 Avenue Kaniama

Congolese artist Baloji works as a sort of stylistic lightning rod on his latest LP. Bringing together pop stylings from all over Africa - he even goes so far as to jack the instrumental of Dur Dur’s mighty ‘Dooyo’ for lead single ‘Soleil De Volt’ - Baloji turns 137 Avenue Kanaima into a celebration of Pan-Africanism and continental resilience, all married to a disco beat.

Ezra Furman
Big Fugitive Life

Ezra Furman has done a lot for our office unity in that we all hate him. However outside of these four walls he's very popular what with his squeaky songs and disregard for saxophone conventions. This is a collection of songs that seem to have all found a home here and Ezra touchingly dedicates it to all the refugees of the world.

Creep Show
Mr. Dynamite

Creep Show is a collaboration between John Grant and dark, electronic funksters Wrangler. Their debut album, Mr. Dynamite, is a surreal and experimental journey through the brooding underbelly of pop and funk. They throw together sounds from every imaginable analogue drum machine and synth you can imagine. John Grant’s penchant for dark humour in his lyrics is present and reinforced by Wrangler vocalist, Stephen Mallinder, of Cabaret Voltare fame. LP and CD on Bella Union.

Jonathan Wilson
Rare Birds

Super-producer, maker of very long albums and friend to the stars Jonathan Wilson is back with his third full length album. Though his previous two records harked back to the Laurel Canyon scene of the late 60s, this his third full length is enamoured by 80's production of the likes of Peter Gabriel and Talk Talk. Thus making his widescreen music sound a lot like that of War on Drugs.   

The Flaming Lips
With A Little Help From My Fwends

In absolutely horrific news, Flaming Lips have seen fit to re-make 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band' with a selection of people they call their 'fwends', the thought of which makes me puke with the whole matey celeb pointlessness of it. Miley Cyrus is on there as is Juliana Barwick and My Morning Jacket. Sometimes the worst ideas turn out ok but I have visions of the Bee Gees still despairing appearance of the film version of the album back in 1978. Flaming Lips have done some good music over the years so I hold out some kind of hope. But on paper a terrible, back-slapping,  vapid idea. 

Ezra Furman
Transangelic Exodus

Ezra Furman presents Transangelic Exodus, a somewhat epic queer song-suite following a narrative about being in love with an illegal angel. Furman is a real showman and a dramatic songwriter, and his personality drives these songs on and on. Transangelic Exodus is a powerful statement made in defiance of contemporary America. On Bella Union.

Xylouris White

Mother is the third album by drum and lute combo, Xylouris White. The duo consist of Dirty Three drummer, Jim White and lute-playing Crete native, George Xylouris of Xylouris Ensemble. The album forms the third part of loose trilogy of albums with 2014’s Goats and 2016’s Black Peak. Jim White is known for collaborating with a number of artists including Smog, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and most recently on Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett’s Lotta Sea Lice.

John Grant
Queen Of Denmark

Despite always standing in the shadows of her Shakespearean significant other, the Queen of Denmark has her own story. And John Grant, formerly of the Czars, has taken it upon himself to tell that story in his debut solo effort, available only on limited edition tape. Better get it before the play moves to another town or something.

Roy Harper
Man And Myth

Roy Harper has been through some tough times since the release of this 2013 era album but now that we are allowed to enjoy the music of this venerable British folkie again then Man and Myth should not be underestimated within his sprawling catalogue. It sees the singer in reflective mood, offering up sage-like advice alongside dreamy folk-rock and romantic orchestrated beauty. 

Lanterns On The Lake
Live With Royal Northern Sinfonia

Documentation of Newcastle’s Lanterns On The Lake performing a remarkable live show with the forty-piece Royal Northern Sinfonia orchestra. Ten of the band’s tracks have been expanded and spun out to incorporate the full scope of the orchestra’s power, offering we listeners grander versions of the material. Double LP release from Bella Union.

Lost In Light

Bella Union issuing a wonderful gem of a record from Sumie, a Swedish born singer-songwriter with a magical knack for intimate storytelling and dream weaving. With her voice a core of immense clarity and richness, Sumie is joined by a number of guests to bring further nuances and shades to the overall beautiful and involving sound.

Lost Horizons

Despite having a sleeve which looks like a black metal opus, Lost Horizons is the new project of Simon Raymonde once of Cocteau Twins now of Bella Union. He's teamed up here with former Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas. Guests are aplenty including Marissa Nadler Ghostpoet and most fascinatingly Karen Peris of the horribly underrated Innocence Mission 

Philip Selway
Let Me Go

This is the third solo album from the Radiohead drummer but differs from his previous albums in that this is the soundtrack to the film drama Let Me Go. Mirroring the film's haunted nature the soundtrack is made up from melancholic strings and piano alongside more unusual instruments such as musical saw and glockenspiel. 

I <3 Art

Norwegian indie pop group Broen’s second full length album is one of those that goes to show “indie-pop” can mean just about anything. The group, made up of members from acts such as Atomic, Mummu, and Your Headlights Are On fuse funk, jazz, twee pop and electronic experimental freedoms into such a joyful record. LP and CD on Bella Union.

Susanne Sundfør
Music For People In Trouble

Astonishingly, Music For People In Trouble is already Susanne Sundfor's seventh album. The celebrated Norwegian singer-songwriter promises now to take us on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Inspiration for the record came from her globe-spanning travels across diverse environments and politically contrasting worlds. A soundtrack to modern day existential anxieties; sounds fun. On Bella Union.

Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith (featuring Patti Smith)
Killer Road

Soundwalk Collective were pleased and surprised to end up working with Patti Smith after a chance airplane meeting. Together with Patti’s daughter Jesse Paris Smith, the ensemble pay tribute to Nico, reinterpreting her lyrics and sonically representing different aspects of the Killer Road on which Nico had her fatal bike accident. An eerie and woozy stretch of semi-ambience and spoken-word, out on Bella Union.

Karl Blau
Out Her Space

Karl Blau is a busy musical man, and has been for many years, but it is only recently that his solo material has started getting wide distribution. Out Her Space is a new album of all-original material, recorded with a band of MegaFaun and Fleet Foxes members. Perfectly produced good-time country-soul, out on Bella Union.

My Sad Captains
Sun Bridge

Lustrous dream pop is the name of the game for My Sad Captains who after a line up reshuffle continue to make their vast and expansive music. Though there are elements of kraut rock and psych wibbling in place this promises to be an album for fans of beautifully realised intricate shoegaze and guitar pop. 

Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities

Beach House present a comprehensive selection of their B-sides and rare tracks in one handy compilation, with recordings that stretch from 2005 to 2015. Treats include a surprising cover of Queen’s ‘Play The Game’ and a slowed down ‘Cough Syrup Remix’ of ‘10 Mile Stereo’, as well as tracks that have been newly mixed and mastered to suit this release. B-Sides and Rarities is out on Bella Union.

Father John Misty
Pure Comedy

Here he comes again 'The Dancing Man' whose varied folk stylings on 'I Love You Honeybear' sent him from folk also-ran to beard of a generation. That album's mix of confessional songwriting, daring lyricism and evocative and diverse production made it more than just another folk album. I wonder how many songs on this much anticipated follow up are about his wife?  

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