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Gonçalo Penas
Ego De Espinhos

Gonçalo Penas is a bit of a maverick, it would appear. Ego De Espinhos is the 22-year old Portuguese musician’s debut album. He has resolutely refused to stick to any formula or rules he has learned in his time at music college so he can fully explore the limits of electronic music. The result, following some intensive self-discovery, is a cathartic album that will blow your mind. LP on Subtext.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB027)
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James Ginzburg
Six Correlations

James Ginzburg might be better known to you as 50% of Emptyset, that most crushing of electronic music projects. This solo record, which was put together for a Berlin commission earlier this year, engages with a wider palette than that group, with folk musics of many different hues mixing with generative composition. Six Correlations is out on Subtext.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB026)


Emptyset is the first record by literal-building-rattlers Emptyset, first released in 2009. Here we get an early version of the duo’s remarkably stern explorations of frequencies and vibrations, rhythms and outright bass-noise. Very precise, very intense, and often fairly danceable. Double LP reissue on Subtext.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SUB014)

Ellen Arkbro
For Organ and Brass

Ellen Arkbro recorded For Organ And Brass on a particular kind of rare church organ which allows for certain harmonic relationships: indeed, we are into advanced microtonal territory with these two compositions. The long tones of the organ and the brass trio Zinc & Copper intertwine to create potent “slow and reduced blues music” (in the words of Arkbro). For Organ and Brass is released by Subtext.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB021B)
  • CD (SUBCD011)

Yair Elazar Glotman

Yair Elazar Glotman learned to play contrabass the way that classical music demands: practice toward an intuitive understanding of performance. As always, though, his work is critical of what we're taught to remember music as being, and Études is an aggressive exploration of his instrument free of its pre-established role. Études is the material sound of an instrument as well as the sounds it makes. 
  • Vinyl LP (SUB013)


Emptyset continue to tunnel into the nature of sound and space with Signal, a document of a live performance. The group broadcast their sounds from the venue, via radio transmitters, over thousands of miles and back to the venue again, to see how the transmission through the atmosphere altered the sound. Conceptually rigorous: also sounds amazing. On Subtext.
  • Vinyl 12" (SUB015)

Yair Elazar Glotman

Yair Elazar Glotman is a sound artist and composer and on Compound he teams up with Marcello Silvio Busato and Rieko Okuda to bring percussion and piano sounds respectively to his solo contrabass explorations. Glotman’s experimentations rely on repetition and in pushing the trio’s instruments in new directions through unusual techniques.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB024)
  • CD (SUBCD014)

Cevdet Erek

Cevdet Erek presents his first full-length LP, fully showcasing his unique approach to the large Davul drum. Erek’s technique involves re-tuning, various implements, exploitation of the acoustic resonance of a space and lessons learned from the kind of noisy electronics more usually released on Subtext. Seven entirely improvised pieces, covering a remarkably variety of sound. On Subtext.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB023)
  • CD (SUBCD013)

FIS and Rob Thorne
Clear Stones

This first-time team-up of two New Zealand talents is an intriguing one. Maori sound artist Rob Thorne generally has a more approach to sound that is more abstract and more rooted in acoustic instruments than electronics producer FIS, but the space where they meet in the middle on Clear Stones is special territory indeed, each artist working around the other. Out on Subtext.
  • CD (SUBCD012)
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  • Subtext


  • Vinyl LP (SUB005)

Joshua Sabin
Terminus Drift

Here’s an album made entirely out of field recordings of metropolitan transit systems and electromagnetic interference, with material sourced from Scotland, Germany and Japan. For his debut full-length, Joshua Sabin has taken these sources and processed them into thickly-textured and surprisingly dramatic pieces of music. Terminus Drift is released by Subtext.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB020)
  • CD (SUBCD010)

Eric Holm

Eric Holm captures incredible sounds from incredible places, and manipulates them to fully portray their original environment. His 2014 debut Andøya was sourced from contact microphones on power lines in the arctic, Barotrauma heads south to the fjords and brings us the soundscapes of the sea-bed, reflecting a busier and more industrial sound than you might imagine.

Blessed Initiative
Blessed Initiative

Deep work here from the classically trained Yair Elazar Glotman aka Blessed Initiative. This record is a piece of sound art composition built out of foley recordings, micro-tonal instrumental textures, tape manipulations and much more besides, resulting in a work that constantly twists and turns around the listener’s skull. Released by Subtext.
  • CD (SUBCD009)
  • Vinyl LP (SUB019)
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From Patterns to Details

With a couple of releases under his belt with Tri-angle records, and his debut full-length on Loopy, FIS has moved to Subtext for his follow up to 2015’s The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now. Since starting to release with Tri-angle FIS has moved into more free flowing electronic experimentations that would comfortably go alongside acts such as Oneohtrix Point Never.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB018)
  • CD (SUBCD008)
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  • FIS
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  • Subtext

James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman

The art instillation 'Nimbes' was created between James Ginzburg, Yair Elazar Glotman and Joanie Lemercier, a visual undertaking that was projected around a "360 degree dome" in Canada. Seriously, you're gonna have to turn your head a lot if you want to take the whole thing in; the music aims to be as panoramic by reverberating with the same omnipresence. The percussion is torrential and overwhelming while the sounds are largely industrial-influenced.
  • Vinyl 12" (SUB012)

Cevdet Erek
Frenzy – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Frenzy is an acclaimed new Turkish crime thriller film, with a fine original soundtrack by Istanbul musician Cevdet Erek, also known as part of the band Nekropsi. 2 side-long pieces are presented here: 1 is seething with energy and rhythm, the other is a muggy textural exploration. LP on Subtext, with a sharp image from the film as sleeve art.

Paul Jebanasam

Paul Jebanasam returns with his second full-length record, released on Subtext, the label he co-runs. Continuum has lofty aims, considering the growth of organic life throughout the universe through the medium of shimmering ambient electroacoustics. 3 lengthy tracks, with impressive sciencey track titles.
  • Vinyl LP (SUB016)
  • CD (SUBCD006)

Roly Porter
Life Cycle Of A Massive Star

  • CD (SUBCD005)


  • Vinyl LP (SUB010)
  • Label(s):
  • Subtext
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  • Subtext