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Will Butler

The first solo album from Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Will Butler in five years. With a more epic scope than the snippets that characterised Policy back in 2015, Generations is a searching record that finds its author questioning his place in American society, and where that society is going in these troubled times. 
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Bob Mould
Blue Hearts

Bob Mould's previous album Sunshine Rock was a slab of feel good upbeat alt rock which saw the former Husker Du and Sugar frontman in buoyant mood. Not this one. Mould is inspired by the absolute state of things and has produced his most visceral and angry work in decades. Blue Hearts is explosive and confrontational but as always contains the big super loud hooks he has always been so adept at. 

Hiss Golden Messenger
Terms Of Surrender

MC Taylor returns with his latest Hiss Golden Messenger album, and his fifth in just under four years, Terms of Surrender. A rumination on upheaval and loss that Taylor has experienced over the last 12 months, his new effort includes old collaborators and new ones, including Jenny Lewis and The National’s Aaron Dessner. 

Hiss Golden Messenger
Let the Light of the World Open Your Eyes (Alive at Spacebomb)

Spacebomb is a studio which has been producing a series of releases in which bands record a session with the in-house orchestra. The latest is by rustic folkies Hiss Golden Messenger who re-record tracks from their 2019 album Terms of Surrender in the setting. The band have long been favourites in the alt country kinda field and even attracted the attention of Dame David Bowie. 

Cup Of Sand

Cup of Sand is a super-sized compilation of Superchunk singles, B-sides and rarities, originally rounded up in 2003 and now made available on vinyl for the first time (with a few extra songs appended). Loads of quality Superchunk treats here, including covers of David Bowie and Adam Ant! Three LPs of superlative indie rock, reissued by Merge.

Wye Oak
No Horizon

The latest Wye Oak EP, No Horizon, shows Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack in a state of transition. Originally composed over a year ago and then performed as part of the Ecstatic Music Festival in New York, the five tracks here stand apart from any of their five studio albums, yet are still recognisably Wye Oak. Released on opaque hot pink vinyl. 
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Redd Kross
Beyond the Door

Redd Kross released their first album in 1982. Their new album, Beyond The Door, is only their 7th album in all that time. Anyway, quality, not quantity is what’s important. They return for the first time in seven years with an album of hard-edged power pop with Melvins drummer, Dale Crover, recording with them for the first time. Fellow Melvins, Geré Fennelly and Buzz Osborne guest, with Anna Waronker from That Dog and current Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer also putting in appearances.

Reigning Sound
Home for Orphans

Originally put together in 2005 for release on Sympathy For The Record Industry, Home For Orphans saw Reigning Sound founder Greg Cartwright pull together a selection of rarities and out-takes from the band’s past. Now with additional tracks, Merge re-issues the compilation for its 15th anniversary. 
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Archers of Loaf
Talking Over Talk / Cruel Reminder

US indie legends Archers of Loaf return with their first new single in five years. Frontman Eric Bachman rates A-Side Talking Over Talk as the 26th best song the band have written. He rates the B-side, Cruel Reminder, as the 25th why is it hiding on side B? Oh, hang on...infighting. Good to have ‘em back.
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The Mountain Goats
All Hail West Texas (Remastered)

Reissue of the seminal 2002 release by Californian indie folk group The Mountain Goats. Part folk, part raw indie rock,part 1960s pop, this is considered to be one of the band's most respected and lo-fi albums. Recorded with a condenser mic and a boom box, with most tracks laid down immediately after being composed. Available now remastered and as a pleasing gatefold.

Hiss Golden Messenger
Lateness of Dancers

M.C. Taylor is the folkie who hides behind the Hiss Golden Messenger moniker. 'Lateness of Dancers' is second record in as many years, and he follows on from the dark and fractured tones of 'Haw' with a warmer, more welcoming vibe. It continues his pattern of recording his records wherever he damn well chooses, made in a small barn in his home-state. 'Lateness of Dancers' features a wide roster of collaborators, including vocal duets with the help of Mountain Man's Alexandra Sauser-Monnig. Tracks: Lucia Saturday's Song Mahogany Dread Day O Day (A Love So Free) Lateness of Dancers  I'm a Raven (Shake Children) Black Dog Wind (Rose of Roses) Southern Grammar Chapter & Verse (Ione's Song) Drum

Happy Birthday

Bass, beats and Riot Grrls are the three main ingredients that make up Happy Birthday, the new album from Sneaks. Sneaks is Washington Dc resident Eva Moolchan. The album was produced by Jacknife Lee and engineered by Carlos Hernandez - the same pair who shaped her 2019 album Highway Hypnosis, only this time she’s upped the the melodic content.
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H.C. McEntire
Eno Axis

H.C. McEntire used to front the band Mount Moriah before going solo and releasing her critically acclaimed debut Lionheart in 2018. Eno Axis is her sophomore effort and is, once again, a personal album with country and gospel as its starting point. It has themes of nature and love and a broader sonic palette than her debut. A assured step forward from what was already a good place.

The Mountain Goats
Getting Into Knives

Just before lockdown, the ever-industrious John Darnielle assembled the current line-up of The Mountain Goats in Sam Phillips’ legendary studio in Memphis for six days of recording. The result is Getting Into Knives, the band’s 19th studio album, capturing the sound of a great songwriter at his loosest and most spontaneous. 
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The Clean

Anthology serves as a celebration of The Clean, a band whose influence extends so far beyond their New Zealand home that even if you have never heard of The Clean before, you have surely heard of some of the bands (Pavement, Yo La Tengo, and Superchunk, to name a few) who have been influenced by their unique blend of homemade garage rock, hook-filled melodies, and psychedelic experimentalism. The album is a compilation from across The Clean’s legendary career, which began in 1981 and continues today. Merge originally released the 2-CD Anthology in 2003, but in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we felt the time was right to release this essential collection on quadruple LP.

Lou Barlow

Emoh (see what he did there?) was the first actual solo album by Lou Barlow even though he'd recorded solo as Sentridoh back in the day. It saw the Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr and Folk Implosion man delving deep into the dark crevices of his life by way of homespun and folky acoustic pop. Originally released in 2005, this is a 2LP re-issue on Merge. 
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William Tyler
Music from First Cow

First Cow is a film directed by Kelly Reichardt looking at the nineteenth century way of life in Pacific North West perfectly capturing the feel of rural America. Who better then to compose the soundtrack than William Tyler who has created a suitably bucolic series of tracks using his array of guitars and a hammered dulcimer which create a gorgeous accompaniment to the film.  

Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

The damn near-mythologised second album from Neutral Milk Hotel. Idiosyncratic stuff from 1998. Whether you’re die-hard for this one or rediscovering, let Jeff Mangum sing to you about semen-stained mountaintops and Jesus Christ between those stellar brass sections. Reissued on Domino on LP or CD.

Mikal Cronin
Switched-On Seeker

If you are a fan of Mikal Cronin's Seeker album and (as I'm sure many of you were) wanted a synth-based re-work of the entire thing then today is your lucky day. For reasons only known to himself Cronin has re-worked the album in the vein of Wendy Carlos' "Switched-On" series. Keeps him out of mischief I suppose. One time pressing on Merge. 
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Sweet Spirit

Austin, Texas has always been a hive of musical activity and the members of Sweet Spirit play in twelve bands between them including the magnificently named A Giant Dog. Sweet Spirit is the vehicle they use to get people up off the floor and dancing. They make literary and rather brainy dance-able pop taking influence from T-Rex, ABBA, William Onyeabor and Robyn.  

Redd Kross
Red Cross

A document of their meteoric ascendancy in the SoCal punk scene, Redd Kross’s 1980 debut EP gets an expanded 40th anniversary re-issue. A then-self-titled effort, Red Cross was a six-track effort that lasted under seven minutes but made a huge impact. It now gets repackaged with five extra contemporaneous tracks. 

Cable Ties
Far Enough

Melbourne's fierce and distortive three-piece continue their ascension the politically-focussed 'Far Enough'. The 8 track record, including bangers such as 'Tell Them Where To Go' and 'Sandcastles', is characterised by its pulsating rhythms and 70s hard rock influences. Eyebrow-raising stuff from the trio. 

Jade Hairpins
Harmony Avenue

Harmony Avenue is the debut album from Jade Hairpins, a side-project from Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk. Their first 12” was quietly dropped on the same day in 2018 as their parent band’s Dose Your Dreams, originally intended as an extension of that album’s themes, but since then their songs have taken on a life of their own, with Falco and Haliechuk pushing for their release separately. 

Ibibio Sound Machine
Doko Mien

Ibibo Sound Machine return with their third album and second for Merge Records. Doko Mie is a joyful blend of post-punk and West African electronic music, that reflects Eno Williams' own upbringing having been born in the UK but raised in Nigeria. Arpeggiated synths meet exuberant horns, always being marshalled by Williams' commanding vocals.

Hiss Golden Messenger
Devotion: Songs About Rivers and Spirits and Children

North Carolina country/folk type collective Hiss Golden Messenger, led by MC Taylor, have been quietly going about their business for a decade now, releasing 9 albums in that time. It wasn’t until Merge got hold of them and released 2014’s Lateness Of Dancers that they were noticed outside of certain circles. Now, however, their albums grace the upper-echelons of critic’s end-of-year lists regularly. Devotion: Songs About Rivers And Spirits And Children takes us back to their early years with three albums: Bad Debt, Poor Moon and Haw. This box set will also include and exclusive rarities album, Virgin Fool. 4LP box set or 4CD box set, both of which are lavishly packaged.

Silver Tongue

Fernando Torres has retired from professional football, but don’t worry, he hasn’t embarked on a musical career. No, this is Torres, AKA McKenzie Scott and Silver Tongue is her fourth album. This the first album she has produced by herself after previously collaborating with PJ Harvey cohort Rob Ellis. Expect a mix of guitars and synths, sparkling new wave sounds some irresistible hooks and the odd brooding number all about the journey of love.

Saint Cloud

It seems that there’s loads of potentially great releases coming in 2020, and here we have another. Katie Crutchfield returns with her Waxahatchee project for album number 5, Saint Cloud. It’s an album about holding on to and having to let go of things she has loved and how to move forward. She went back to her roots for inspiration and was inspired by the places and people that mean so much to her.

Highway Hypnosis

Really impressive album from Sneaks here. Highway Hypnosis may be a record from D.C. with its roots in post-punk, but this is as far as any similarities with Minor Threat, Dischord Records go. Sneaks has produced a record of lo-fi hip-hop, leftfield pop and upstart feminist punk. Such is the scope of this LP that comparisons to Shabazz Palaces, Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland and M.I.A. all feel right. Very cool.

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin, pal of Ty Segall, has done a Justin Vernon. Following a bit of a rough time in his personal life, he took off to a cabin in the woods with his cat. After getting the space he needed, Seeker became a thing. He wrote and demoed most of his fourth LP there before a forest fire made him flee. He’s also dropped the number as album name formula that has seemingly worked for him previously. The recording of the album was heavily influenced by the Beatles’ White Album.

A People's History of Gauche

Washington D.C. band Gauche make the move to prestigious indie imprint Merge for their latest album. A People’s History of Gauche also saw the band work with outsiders for the first time on production, with Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown involved with this collection socially and politically on-point material. 

The Magnetic Fields
Love At The Bottom Of The Sea

Love at The Bottom Of The Sea was a 2012 era return to the 'classic' the Magnetic Fields synth-pop sound after their various themed albums in differing styles such as the Jesus & Mary Chain aping Distortion. Singer and leader Stephin Merritt is on fine form here particularly on brilliant lead track Andrew in Drag. And how can you fail to love an album that closes with a song entitled All She Cares About Is Mariachi?

Archers of Loaf
All The Nations Airports

Indie rock mainstays Archers Of Loaf get in on the reissues act - Fire are putting out a remastered version their 1996 LP All The Nations Airports. This is a pleasingly mixed-bag from Eric Bachmann et al. Sure, there are plenty of impassioned rockers ala Les Savy Fav/Guided By Voices/Pixies, but the band also make room here for tape experiments and piano ballads.

Archers of Loaf
Icky Mettle

Icky Mettle was the 1993 debut from North Carolina avant rockers Archers of Loaf. The band shook off early Pavement comparisons to forge ahead with their own brand of indie-rock that was less obtuse, less knowing and more fun to dance around to. This re-issue comes with 14 bonus tracks (either download or on a CD depending on your choice of format) and has liner notes from critic extraordinaire Robert Christgau.  

The Magnetic Fields

Holiday was originally released in 1994 after The Charm of the Highway Strip but was actually recorded before it. Therefore Stephin Merritt's compositions were less widescreen and more insular but by God does this set the template for his later work. What we are talking about is bedroom synth pop with yearning romantic lyrics and the grumpy sense of fun that has been the Magnetic Fields thing ever since. Re-issue LP on Merge. 

Stephin Merritt

Stephin Merritt is of course the grump behind the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, the Gothic Archies etc etc. The man is a songwriting machine and Obscurities collects up all the detritus from his career, It includes material from all those aforementioned bands as well as some solo stuff. All are non-album bits and bats put into one place for your listening ease.   

The Magnetic Fields
The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees

Here is the very earliest material by Stephin Merritt’s ever-excellent ensemble The Magnetic Fields. Their first two albums 'The Wayward Bus' (1991) and 'Distant Plastic Trees' (1992) contain some real gems of dinky keyboard-pop, including the cult favourite ‘100,000 Fireflies’ (not the Owl City song. Imagine though...)

The Magnetic Fields
69 Love Songs

If you wanted to make an incredibly long album and you figured 100 songs would be too many what would be the next number you'd pick? Anyway, Stephen Merritt did a ridiculous thing and wrote 69 indie pop songs about love and actually managed to pull it off. These are songs that had to be eccentric and endearing, which they are.

The Magnetic Fields
The Charm of The Highway Strip

Always loved that title....and the music ain't all that bad too. The Charm of the Highway Strip was the third the Magnetic Fields album originally released in 1994. It was the first record on which Stephin Merritt took over all lead vocal duties and his distinctive baritone informs a bunch of songs that are clever and romantic odes to country music and life on that dusty old road. 

The Magnetic Fields
Get Lost

Get Lost was this Norman Record Description Writer (tm)'s first introduction to the wonderful swirling pop world of the Magnetic Fields. It still stands (to me anyway) as one of their finest efforts. Certainly it's one of their most covered records with the Divine Comedy (twice), Tracey Thorn and Advance Base all interpreting songs from the album. 

Archers of Loaf
Vee Vee

Originally released in 1995, first re-issued in 2012, now re-issued again in 2019, Vee Vee was the second album by Chapel Hill based slacker-rockers Archers of Loaf. They were quite the thing in the '90s battling with the likes of Pavement for the kings of off-kilter rock mantle. This luxury re-issue includes 16 bonus tracks as a download with the vinyl or on a double CD. A band not to be underestimated. 

Archers of Loaf
White Trash Heroes

White Trash Heroes, the fourth and final LP from Archers Of Loaf, gets a new lease of life on Fire. This deluxe edish of the 1998 record pairs the original ten tunes with a bunch of demos, B-sides and rarities. By AoL standards White Trash Heroes is an unusual listen, full of songs that wend through indie, post-rock, post-hardcore and even a little electronica. Bloc Party, The Postal Service and Parquet Courts can all claim lineage to this album.

Richard Buckner
Dents and Shells

Richard Buckner is a man who has always followed his muse whether that be in classic sounding singer-songwriting with a country twist or the more experimental material he recorded with Jim O'Rourke. Dents and Shells was his 2004 album and perfectly exemplifies his vaguely wandering style of songwriting. The pedal steel of stunning opener A Chance Counsel provides the perfect bedrock for this lovely flowing album.  

Acoustic Foolish

Superchunk have been mulling over how to approach an acoustic project, wanting to revisit old classics in a stripped-back fashion. Then they realised that their 1994 album, Foolish, was approaching it’s 25th anniversary and decided to re-record it acoustically. It features guest performances from Alison Crutchfiled (Swearin’), Peter Holsapple (The dB’s), Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak) and Matt Douglas (Mountain Goats).

Little Scream
Speed Queen

'Speed Queen' is the third album by Little Queen AKA Montreal-based Laurel Sprengelmeyer. It sees her reflecting on the social divisions in America, with many of the lyrics written whilst touring through the country. Coming from a low-income background herself, she has observed how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and she's not happy about it.

David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights
Bobbie's A Girl

David Kilgour, as well as being a member of New Zealand's magnificent post-punk crew the Clean, has also had a long and storied solo career. Bobbie's a Girl is his latest offering and eschews the noisy garagey sound of his youth for a more gentle and pastoral work that recalls some of his favourite '60s musicians such as the Byrds and the Velvet Underground. Expect warm, understated psychedelia and laid back jangle.  

Release the Dogs

Wye Oak’s Andy Stack comes through with a record of thoughtful, widescreen rock as Joyero. Release The Dogs (Release The Hounds, surely?) harks back to that period in the late-2000’s when the likes of The Antlers, The National and Grizzly Bear were turning out LPs full of tender and emotional indie tuneage. It’s a welcome return to a sound we wish we heard more of these days. ‘Dogs’ is the hit.

Martin Frawley
Undone at 31

Martin Frawley (previously of The Twerps) has suffered a break up and needs someone to talk to about it. It turns out that person is you lucky listener! Undone at 31 is a chronological journey along with Frawley as he adjusts to the next stage of his life told through the medium of incredibly catchy indie rock and pop.

The Love Language
Baby Grand

Extremely big rock music from Stuart McLamb’s The Love Language. Baby Grand (more grand than baby) is a product of McLamb picking up sticks and moving from Virginia to California, where he found the light to be particularly inspirational. Soaring choruses and huge production makes this built for the stadium. On Merge. 

Mac McCaughan

Superchunk fans rejoice because Mac’s back! This time with a solo album under his own name, Mac McCaughan delves into the soft-focus nostalgia of ‘80s introspection. Non-Believers is a sweet collection of personal songs about the ambiguity of transition. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Merge.

Imperial Teen
Now We Are Timeless

Now We Are Timeless is the sixth album by US indie-rockers, Imperial Teen. The band feature Roddy Bottum, formerly of Faith No More. This is their first album in 7 years, so all you fans out there may have been missing them. I, on the other hand, assumed that their 1996 debut, Seasick, featuring the catchy single, You’re One, was a one-off event. How wrong I was.

Fruit Bats
Gold Past Life

Gold Past Life by Fruit Bats is the final part of a cathartic trilogy which included singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson’s 2014 solo album and 2016’s Absolute Loser. The thematic arc that joins the albums involves personal loss and political dissatisfaction, culminating in Johnson working on projects out of his comfort zone whilst recording this album. Neal Casal, Meg Duffy and Greta Morgan are among the guest performers.  

Titus Andronicus
An Obelisk

An Obelisk is the the sixth album by Shakespeare-monikered New Jersey-ites, Titus Andronicus. This time they chose the legendary Bob Mould to produce their album. It was recorded in Steve Albini’s Chicago studio. All this has led to the band making a more concise, rockier record which clocks in at an efficient 38 minutes.

Apex Manor
Heartbreak City

Ross Flournoy’s second Apex Manor album Heartbreak City arrives a whopping eight years after the project’s indie-power-pop debut, The Year of Magical Drinking. In the meantime, he’s been getting sober, scoring the occasional movie and helping out with his father’s homemade cheese business (really!). 

Reigning Sound
Abdication... For Your Love

New edition of Reigning Sound’s 2011 LP Abdication… For Your Love here, courtesy of the good people at Merge Records. If you like your garage rock full of dinky organ melodies and delivered with a whole hunk of Southern charm, then this is right record for you. Reigning Sound main man Greg Cartwright has some serious songwriting chops, you know.

The Mountain Goats
In League With Dragons

In League With Dragons is the seventeenth album by The Mountain Goats. This one sees John Darnielle and co. continuing their 28-year quest to convince us that monsters are okay, really. It comes in a number of increasingly fancy vinyl versions (some of which are limited editions, so be quick) and CD on Merge.

Ex Hex
It’s Real

Ex Hex are back with their second album , It’s Real. Mary Timony (Helium, Wild Flag) is joined by Bat Fangs’ Betsy Wright and Laura Harris. It’s Real is the follow-up to 2014’s Rips and like its predecessor, will provide riffs and hooks galore, but this time they’ve used the studio to make their sound bigger, stretching beyond what they thought were their previous limits. One to look forward to for fans of unbridled guitar fun and tunesmithery. LP and CD on Merge.


For his fifth album, Michael Benjamin Lerner wanted to do it alone. Though previous Telekinesis albums have seen Lerner playing everything, Effluxion is the first where he has handled everything up to the production. A power-pop record with a spectacular sense of intent, and is filled with the catchy hooks and uplifting choruses we expect.

William Tyler
Goes West

Go west! William Tyler’s there! The title of Goes West is to be taken both literally and figuratively: literally in the sense that the former Silver Jews/Lambchop guitarist moved to California to write the record, figuratively in the sense that there is a distinctive dose of West Coast sunshine to this collection of instrumental alt-country. We could quite easily see these deft tracks cropping up on the soundtrack for Bojack Horseman one day - a compliment indeed (have you seen that show’s Metacritic scores?!).

Bob Mould
Sunshine Rock

Just look at that sleeve. Bob Mould is obviously in a better place than where he was around the time of his 1990 album Black Sheets of Rain. But there's a point to the all the happiness. Bob is content in Berlin and instead of a raging anti- US administration album as you might expect, he's celebrating the good things in life as a means to stay alive during these dark years. 

Mike Krol
Power Chords

Garage-punk upstart Mike Krol returns to Merge with his fourth LP Power Chords. This one is very much a record that does what it says on the tin. Cuts like ‘An Ambulance’ and ‘Little Drama’ are blown-out rockers that recall Wavves and Colleen Green. Swearin’’s Allison Crutchfield, Sleeping In The Aviary’s Elliott Kozel and Enon’s John Schmersal all guest.

Fucked Up
Dose Your Dreams

Fucked Up have pulled out all the stops to make, arguably, the album of their career with Dose Your Dreams. Whilst it kicks off in a familiar punk fashion, they then take unexpected turns into psychedelia, groove work-outs and even doo-wop before is brought to a close with a Krautrock epic. LP and CD on Merge.

Redd Kross
Teen Babes From Monsanto

Teen Babes From Montasano was the critically acclaimed second EP by Redd Kross, originally released in 1984. The EP features covers of songs by Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kiss and The Shangri-Las along with one original composition. Jeff and Steve McDonald were a relatively baby-ish 21 and 17 respectively when they made this EP. LP and CD on Merge.

The Spinanes

26/11/18 was the 25th birthday of The Spinanes’ college rock classic Manos. Merge felt something ought to be done to mark the occasion, so they’re re-releasing the LP. Many groups to subsequently emerge from The Spinanes’ home town of Portland, Oregon owe quite a debt to the band’s melodic post-grunge sound.

Redd Kross
Hot Issue

Redd Kross are a Californian punk/power pop band led by brothers Steve and Jeff McDonald. Hot Issue gathers together rarities and other unreleased nuggets from the band’s archive. The songs date from 1980, when they were known as Red Cross, and go as far as 2007. Reissue vinyl LP and CD on Merge.

Fall Into the Sun

Back after a two-year break-up, Swearin’ are releasing their first album in 5 years. Somewhere halfway between Wavves and Alvvays (but without v’s, for some reason) you’ll find Fall into the Sun. Come and get your fix of girl-fronted, clever and noisy indie-rock. Comes with a tiny hint of tasty self-deprication. 

Titus Andronicus
Home Alone on Halloween

Special releases for Halloween now, eh? That’s what we have with Home Alone On Halloween, the new 12” single from New Jersey's favourite Shakespeare aficionados Titus Andronicus. The three tracks here were recorded at the same time their last album, A Productive Cough. The title track is remix of the epic Home Alone from said album and is presented along with an obscure Bob Dylan cover and a 17-minute verbose spook-fest. Orange vinyl 12" on Merge, limited to 1300 copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (MRG666LP)
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The Clientele
Strange Geometry

Strange Geometry was probably the Clientele's most realised LP  - helped no doubt by the production touches of Louis Philippe. He added strings, horns and a general bit of arrangement class to their compositions which are as autumnal as ever on this, their third album. For the uninitiated think a dusty remake of Love, Nick Drake and the Zombies. They truly should be national treasures. 

City of Daughters

Not satisfied with being a critically acclaimed prolific singer/songwriter Dan Bejar, AKA Destroyer is also a member of Canadian band The New Pornographers along with AC Newman and Neko Case. Destroyer, however is his main focus. City Of Daughters was his second album proper, and is getting the reissue treatment to celebrate its 20th anniversary. City of Daughters marks his first leap forward, introducing more instruments and production techniques to his previous efforts which consisted of voice and acoustic guitar. Opaque red vinyl LP on Merge.


Destroyer AKA Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Bejar used a backing band for the first time on his third album, Thief. At the time of its release in 2000 it was considered his best to date, the sound of an artist hitting his stride, and remains a jewel in his back catalogue to this day. Bejar is also a member of The New Pornographers. Orange vinyl LP on Merge.

Great Thunder

Katie Crutchfield returns with a mini album of recordings she started whilst making her previous albums Cerulean Salt and Ivy Tripp. These were more experimental jams recorded with a collective called Great Thunder that is no longer active. Fascinated by the material Crutchfield took it into the studio and reworked it resulting in a stripped down collection closer to her folk and country roots than to her recent more pop/rock material. 

Eric Bachmann
No Recover

Former Archers Of Loaf/Crooked Fingers mastermind Eric Bachmann drops the third LP under his given name. No Recover isn’t a title that screams positivity, and despite the many gentle acoustic treatments and ringing vocal harmonies that crop up here the overall feeling of the album is bittersweet. It’s not exactly a sad record, but there’s certainly a lacing of melancholia to the tracks here. Imagine Fleet Foxes if they’d been through the ringer a few times.

The Lost Record

Escape-ism is of course ex Make Up, Nation of Ulysses and professional irritant Ian Svenonious. With this latest project he has decided to make an album that could be considered a 'lost' record. However he doesn't want to go through the usual process 'lost' records have to endure such as poor initial sales, critical panning etc. No he's headed straight to the moment when they are rediscovered and reassessed.  

Spider Bags
Someday Everything Will Be Fine

Nice sleeve, nicely raucous garagey rock and roll but.... Spider Bags? Spider. Bags. Anyway the Bags have gone back to basics by using a vintage Tascam machine to record this second album giving the record a better punch to it leading the band to make a record that makes you think about all the worlds problems in so much as 'ah fuck it, let's rock, let's roll'. 

The Essex Green
Cannibal Sea

The Essex Green were a part of that much-loved Elephant 6 collective, though this grouping was all gone by the time they released their third album Cannibal Sea in 2006. Positively lovely psychedelic pop to make you happy and the sun come out. Here reissued on vinyl by Merge, with a download code that also adds in three rare cuts in digital format.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG278LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Essex Green
The Long Goodbye

Fifteen years after initial release, here comes The Long Goodbye again, reissued in all its glory. This is the second album from The Essex Green, and their sound on it comes pouring through the speakers in waves of lovely joy. Psychedelic pop music just like they used to make it. Reissued by Merge on vinyl with a download code that includes some rare bonus tracks.

The Essex Green
Hardly Electronic

After taking a break of nearly a decade to pursue other interests, Brooklyn-based Elephant 6 Collective associates, The Essex Green are back with Hardly Electronic - their first album since Cannibal Sea in 2006. If lead track Sloane Ranger is anything to go by, expect some delicious, catchy pop synonymous with other Elephant 6 bands such as Apples In Stereo. Red & orange swirl vinyl (limited to 1000 copies), standard black vinyl and CD on Merge.

The Rock*A*Teens
Sixth House

20 years ago The Rock *A* Teens played a small part in the history of the Atlanta, Georgia indie scene with a few EPs and albums. Some were released on the Superchunk-owned Merge label. This led to a reunion appearance at the Merge 25 festival and now a new album, Sixth House. Previously blurred by reverb, their sound is sharpened up and the songs are more anthemic. Limited translucent green vinyl, standard black vinyl and CD on Merge.

Crooked Fingers
Red Devil Dawn

Eric Bachman was the driving force behind ‘90s American indie dudes Archers Of Loaf. After four albums the band called it quits and Bachman formed Crooked Fingers, a more singer/songwriter-y affair that told stories of people down on their luck with a poetic turn of phrase. Their third album, Red Devil Dawn, is the one where those tales are deemed to be the most poignant. Limited edition red vinyl LP, standard black vinyl and CD on Merge.

Tracyanne & Danny
Tracyanne & Danny

This is a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin collaboration between Tracey Anne Campbell of Camera Obscura and Danny Coughlan (Crybaby).  A classic get together story, they liked each other's music then decided to collaborate. This took a number of years to sort out but they hooked up at Edwyn Collins' highland studio with the great man himself producing.  

Wye Oak
The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs

Wye Oak are a duo made up of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack. They formed in Baltimore but after two albums moved apart to North Carolina and Texas, respectively. Their long distance working relationship has now produced three further albums. The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs was made as they wrote apart and recorded together. It sees the pair introducing more electronic elements into their music following on from their earlier guitar-led work. Available on limited edition beige/blue split coloured vinyl, black vinyl LP and CD on Merge.

I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: All Hail West Texas

A niche but nice one - covers album and companion to the Night Vale Presents podcast I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats, curated by podcast evangelist Joseph Fink and Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle. Featuring covers from the likes of Ibibio Sound Machine and Andrew Bird. Out on Merge, on opaque pink and blue vinyl.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MRG617LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Titus Andronicus
A Productive Cough

Pretty much the world's most preposterous band 'A Productive Cough' could well be seen as the album Titus Andronicus went too far. These haughty singalongs sound something like the Pogues channeled through Bruce Springsteen but even more rambunctious than that sounds. Features an extremely pointless cover of Bob Dylan's 'Like a Rolling Stone' which was the moment we (finally) switched off.  

What a Time to Be Alive

Although Superchunk leader Mac MaCaughan rightly says he would swap eight years of terrible music for having his country not run by a child, much great art is coming out of the Trump years. Superchunk have a lot to say but have tried to make an album that is uplifting and not depressing to listen to. It also features more guest backing vocalists than any other Superchunk record.  

Room Inside the World

For their third album, Room Inside The World, Canada’s Ought have allowed previously alien elements into their tight post punk sound. Here, frontman Tim Darcy’s aping of Ian Curtis, and the spiky guitars and frantic drums are interspersed with the obligatory vibraphone, synths, drum machines and a 70-piece choir that bands apply when they get a bit of coin behind them. Will it spoil the brilliant sound of before? Time will tell though the band haven’t mellowed out, maybe things may have just got a whole lot more interesting? We doubt it.  

Hollie Cook
Vessel Of Love

After a VERY auspicious start in music, joining The Slits aged 19 when they reformed in 2006, Hollie Cook is now releasing her third album. She’s moved up the genre family tree, Vessel Of Love is a vivid selection of soaring reggae tracks released by Merge on CD and limited edition transparent pink vinyl.

H.C. McEntire

Lionheart is the debut solo album by indie/country band Mount Moriah frontwoman H.C. McEntire. The album is personal and autobiographical in terms of people and places and mixes her own slants on country, pop and gospel. It came about through her wish to rescue country music from the hideous stereotypes which are synonymous with the genre. The album was recorded at home and on the road when she was part of Angel Olsen’s touring band. LP and CD on Merge.

Hiss Golden Messenger
Heart Like a Levee

New material from Hiss Golden Messenger, written during challenging times, like all the best country-derived music is. Heart Like A Levee is available in regular and fancy editions of both the CD and the vinyl versions: the deluxe ones add grand packaging, a poster, and a CD of a whole extra album, named Vestapol. On Merge.

Introduction to Escape-ism

Like Jon Spencer, Ian Svenonius is one of the hardest working men in contemporary rock 'n' roll. Over the years he's amassed an awesome discography with The Nation Of Ulysses The Make-Up, Chain & the Gang, XYZ, Weird War etc. but hasn't stepped out on his own. Until Now. Here he is, but naked and armed with a guitar, drum box and cassette player.

Hiss Golden Messenger
Hallelujah Anyhow

Imagine having the self confidence to have that as your album sleeve. MC Taylor certainly isn't lacking in a belief in his own ability something that must have been even further boosted when David Bowie once said he liked him. This new album is a rather quick follow up to 'Heart Like a Levee' and comes with his own impenetrable sleeve notes. Check press release to see if you can make head nor tail.   

The Clientele
God Save The Clientele

The Clientele are one of those bands that not too many people know about but those that do treasure as if they were an old jumper full of memories of colder days and better times. Their sound is a yearning, romantic remake of the more thoughtful music that emerged from the 1960s. God Save the Clientele is their 2007 era album, forgotten by some but not by the good people at Merge who have re-issued it so it doesn't become another forgotten classic. 

A Giant Dog

The fourth full length record from A Giant Dog entitled Toy. A solid mix of indie-rock and percussion pop that combines nicely with joint male and female lead vocals. The band continuously refuses to lose any of its charm and spontaneity that has kept the fire burning oh so bright. Available on vinyl LP and CD.  


Merge bring us this reissue of North Carolina based Superchunk’s self-titled debut full length. Available on vinyl for the first time since 1990. It’s their first album, so it is suitably raw, messy, fun filled and damn pleasing. What more do you want from punky indie-rock? Includes download code for an 11 track live recording called Clambakes Vol 9.

William Tyler
Modern Country

William Tyler’s music actually is a kind of Modern Country: although his songs are instrumental, and thus not about your wife leaving you, they feel essentially of contemporary rural America. His backing band is fantastic here, including Glenn Kotche of Wilco and frequent Jim O’Rourke collaborator Darin Grey. On Merge.

Out In The Storm

Waxahatchee presents her fourth album Out In The Storm, which is borne out of the ashes of a relationship collapse. As ever, music and songwriting provide a vehicle to self-love and renewal. With a mostly live-in-the-room production, Out In The Storm is a strong indie-rock record with a real personal punch behind it. Out on Merge.

Mikal Cronin

Prolific garage rock character and Ty Segall associate Mikal Cronin returns with his third proper solo record, its properness signified by the official-sounding title MCIII. It is also ‘proper solo’ in another sense, in that Cronin himself plays virtually every scrap of sound here himself, with the exception of a string quartet. Whaddaguy.

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