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Dean McPhee
Son Of The Black Peace

We've been waiting on this one for ages, as have many of you who pre-ordered it, because ol' Dean's a bit of a stickler for detail and wouldn't put up with anything but the finest pressing of his new LP for you, the fans. A very fine pressing this is, too, with no crackles or blemishes in...view item »

A Way Of Life

In terms of pure sound this is probably Suicide's least dated work and constituted a brilliant update of the group's signature in 1988. Unfortunately, it's always been pretty underrated, usually because of the enormous degree of mythologisation that their two first records have enjoyed in the underground scene throughout the years. A Way of Life...view item »

American Supreme

Now to the delightfully named Suicide who have a brand new cd and dbl vinyl elpee out on Mute. If this is the same band i think it is they must be 452 years old now and have gone 'funk' for some bizarre reason. This is what i expected Shaun Ryder's solo project to sound like if the first listen is owt to go by.Very strange, quite amusing, inter...view item »

The Exploited
The Massacre - Special Edition

Formed in Edinburgh in 1980, The Exploited rode a wave of extreme ennui that imbued many in 1980s Britain. The Massacre is their sixth and most successful album and sees the band introducing elements of thrash metal to their undiluted, visceral punk rock. Available on limited edition 180g double vinyl LP and lim...view item »

E Luxo So

Those who like the new Anjou LP might want to check out some of Labradford's back catalogue, and aside from their masterpiece 'Mi Media Naranja' this is the best place to start. Six untitled tracks, which proceed from the gentle ambient opener, via piano and strings on '3', through to tracks that echo the grainy nature of Anjou's stuff on side 2...view item »


I think I'm right in saying that this was the final release from post-rock legends Labradford before new projects, including the excellent Anjou took shape, and it's a pretty decent way to bow out. Opener 'Twenty' fills the whole of side one, and features the trademark bass sound coaxing you ever deeper amongst the shimmering hum and cli...view item »

Losing My Grip

hey are limited to 1000 and only available from your local Chain With No Name Store of which Norman Records is a good example. Terrashima is up first Its horrible noise to me but it reminds Fats of the old Amphetamine Reptile type stuff. Losing My Grip is 7" only...view item »

Big Black

Atomizer was the very first full-length album released by Steve Albini’s original group, Big Black. The band arrived fully formed, with trademark violent lyrics and violent production, grinding and growling vigorously along. Contains their particularly classic track ‘Kerosene’. The rei...view item »

Erase Errata
At Crystal Palace

New one by The Slits.....sorry....Erase Errata. Well their last one was a cracker and this one is more of the same  - crazy time changes, Beefheartian guitar plucking, lolloping rhythms, noise  and yes the ghost of The Slits even down to the slightly German sounding vocals. At Crysta...view item »


Another cracking single is the new EP from Kaito who have recently signed to Blast First. Fresh from touring with Erase Errata they have a shouty four track EP of guitarry pop which is bold brashy and very entertaining. Stoppy, starty, shouty and noisy....... dead good! I guess the Yeah Yeah Y...view item »