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Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground

Numero Group have gone crazy for the big-haired harmonious sisters of the '60s! Their latest extravaganza -- namely 'Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground' -- compiles 56 tracks (on double-CD, 28 on double vinyl) from various girl groups of the halcyon pop era; fa...view item »

Happy Rhodes

Here's arty US pop singer Happy Rhodes. Ectotrophia is the first properly compiled anthology of her work. Her music blends classical influences, acoustic guitars, synths along with her remarkable and endearing four-octave range voice. It all came to life in upstate New York, away from the hustle and bustle, in the mid ‘80s...view item »

Teen Expo: The Cleopatra Label

There wasn’t much by way of a DIY record label culture in the 1960’s, but Tommy Falcone bucks that trend. Throughout the decade he ran Cleopatra, an imprint that was ahead of its time in both approach and style. Ignoring the narrow genre constraints of many contemporaneous labels, Cleopatra signed everything from gar...view item »

Weird Love

Love a bit of scuzz down the ol’ Numero Group don’t they? Their latest bit of freaky-deaky rawk goodness is a reissue of an album by late Aussie group Scientists. The band have been largely inactive since the 1980s, and 1986's Weird Love was taped in their endgame. An LP comprised of re...view item »

You’ve Got A Woman

You’ve Got A Woman by Lion was revived in early 2017 when Chicago indie band Whitney plucked it from obscurity and covered it. This version, the original, was released in 1975. Lion feature two major players in the world of ‘70s Dutch prog rock - Peter De Leeuwe, the drummer from ...view item »

Express Rising
Fixed Rope II

Express Rising, here expanded beyond Dante Carfagna into a trio, go deep into ambient territory with their instrumental music on Fixed Rope II. The instruments and melodies remain clearly distinguishable, but they are draped in reverb and mystery, perfect for those in-between moods. Fixed Rope II...view item »

Technicolour Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Others Exotic Delights

Numero, everyone's favourite musical archaeologists are back with Technicolour Paradise, a compilation that gives us a close look at the sheer weirdness of music meant to evoke paradise by and for people who likely couldn't make it there. If you ever wanted to know what a mid-20th century American thou...view item »

W2NG 89.9fm

Soft rock klaxon! Thanks to Numero, we're hooked on this blue coloured vinyl, filled with easy glide, pontoon rock and seductive, whispery disco. Expect to hear rollicking gems from Gary Hyde, Marshall Titus and rare cuts from Larry Sanders, Orphans of Love and Lion. A killer listen for long, rainy days....view item »

Hüsker Dü
Savage Young Dü

Something nice for fans of legendary post-punk racketeers Husker Du. 'Savage Young Du' is a journey through the young life of the band including early recordings, sessions and live performances as well as their classic early single 'Statues'/'Amusement'. All housed in deluxe set with book of photos and memorabilia. ...view item »

New Plastic Ideas

New Plastic Ideas was the third album by Olympia, Washington’s post-hardcore noise-rockers Unwound. It was originally released in 1994 on the classic Kill Rock Stars label. The guitar-bass-drums soar with hair-raising speed and indefatigable pounding all served up at the odd angles that were de rigueur back in them there &...view item »

Vision Songs Vol. 1

Laraaji is best known for his blissfully ambient instrumental new age works. This reissue of an obscure cassette release from 1984 see him adding soulful vocals to his hammered dulcimer, keyboard and rhythm machine. At times it’s a little reminiscent of Alice Coltrane’s recently reissued ashram recor...view item »

Pastor T.L. Barrett and The Youth For Christ Choir
Like a Ship... (Without a Sail)

An LP that had been on the 'list' for some time LITA is such a great label. Sunday night's are pretty much wind down and i clicked on to a friends radio show and the first track on was 'Like a Ship' pure Gospel Soul you dont need a second invitation once your ears have heard the opening notes. Sure enough i logged on Norman had it in i ordered i...view item »

Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares

Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares is a compilation of what happened when the 60’s drug dream started to turn dark and demented: rock bands started losing it maaaan, and the good vibes turned heavy. For the listener of course, that means all manner of weird and gnarly fuzz-psych trippiness, and Numero Group have done an excellen...view item »

Jackie Shane
Any Other Way

A pioneering figure who is thoroughly deserving of the retrospective interest in her career, Any Other Way is the first collection of Jackie Shane’s work approved by the artist herself. Though at the time her work barely got beyond the clubs of Toronto, Shane’s strong voice and stronger presence as a transge...view item »

Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht

Numero Group really know their way around the strange underworld of America’s private press music, putting them in the perfect position to curate compilations like this one. Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht is a selection of smooth soft-rock from the 1970’s: leisure rock from an array of near-unknown bands. CD and double L...view item »

Noise Addict
10,000 Kids With Guitars

Noise Addict is what happened when some Australian teenagers saw a Nirvana gig and decided to try and do it themselves. Wahey! They actually ended up making a decent impact with their noisy punk-pop, and Numero Group now present two LPs worth of their best cuts. 10,000 Kids With Guitars comes with a cha...view item »

Los Alamos Grind!

Los Alamos Grind! is a compilation of the old-style rock’n’roll, put together with extra attention paid to lesser-known artists and sleazy-sounding tracks. This stuff just flies out of the stereo, inducing dirty boogies and cool retro-futuristic reveries. Bands like A.C. Jones & The Atomic Aces and ...view item »

Wayfaring Stangers: Ladies Of The Canyon

Numero Group present a thrilling collection of rare private press music from California-based female folk musicians circa the early 1970’s. Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies Of The Canyon captures the particular milieu of that time and place, via the strange and particular songwriting of these amazing lesser-known women. Vinyl compilati...view item »

Syl Johnson
My Gift

Syl Johnson reckons that he’s been sampled more than any other artist, and it could well be true. The tracks gathered here are packed with funky breaks and slick-hot grooves. My Gift is a compilation of the R&B / soul man’s 45’ singles from his early days, with B-sides to boot. All remastered, of c...view item »

Shanghai’d Soul

A big bundle of old soul tracks of the absolute highest quality, assembled by reissue maestros The Numero Group. Shangai’d Soul will delight everyone who loves them some soul, but the tracks have also been picked with their later use in mind: plenty of these productions have been mined for hip-hop samples over the years, see what ...view item »

Blonde Redhead
Masculin Feminin

Here’s an excellently in-depth archival release for Blonde Redhead, one of 90’s New York’s finest outfits. Masculin Feminin contains the band’s first two albums in full, plus all the surrounding extra material from the time (singles, radio sessions, demos etc.). Also, for a little perspective, tw...view item »

Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music

Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music looks at the extremely commercially successful genre of 70’s US country-rock through a less familiar prism: private press labels. So less familiar artists like Plain Jane and The Black Canyon Gang get their chance to showcase their style. CD / double LP c...view item »

The Edge Of Daybreak
Eyes Of Love

Eyes Of Love is a rare proposition: it was recorded by four incarcerated artists, imprisoned in Virginia, USA in the 70’s. But this is not prison blues: instead, The Edge Of Daybreak sounds like it could have poured forth from un-impinged freedom, such is the bright beauty that is played here. Reissue on Numero Gr...view item »

Ork Records: New York, New York

Ork Records: New York New York is a compilation that could well change people’s perceptions about the origin of punk. Terry Ork, a movie obsessive and fan of Andy Warhol’s Factory owned a movie memorabilia shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He set up Ork Records along with Charles Ball which gave rise, not onl...view item »

Express Rising
Fixed Rope

Express Rising are a trio made up from Kevin Blagg, William Suran and Dante Carfagna. Fixed Rope is an album of ambient pieces all recorded in one take. The spontaneous exercise took place in rural Arkansas and fragments of the state’s musical heritage such as banjo and pedal steel sounds made their way on to the ...view item »

Royal Jesters
English Oldies

Royal Jesters were a group of 1960’s Texan-Mexicans who brought joy to the teenage populace in their locality. Their blend of doo-wop and R&B sizzles with the feeling of groovy fun, and with English Oldies containing a full 28 tracks, there is plenty to enjoy here. Released on The Numero Group....view item »

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