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Will Z's Amazing Flying Clock
Shambhala Album

Ooh, this is lovely. Will from the Cosmic Trip Machine had an enlightening Shambhala Meditation Experience and, blissed out on life, made this gorgeous album of smooth, floaty vibes so we can all share in his inner p...view item »

Demo Tape

We’ve got more limited CDs from Senor Linney from his Reverb Workshop this week, and one of those is this long-player of fuzzed out stoner rock by Owl, which I have picked to review because I like owls, as anyone who has visited our shop can attest to. Anyway, as you would imagine from a CD called...view item »

Experimental Architect

This is the continuing project of Tomokazu Date which has been going since 1993. It's a well executed blend of live instrumentation and electronics kind of like somewhere between chill out, electronica and Krautrock or something. The songs are pretty stra...view item »

Heidi Harris

Brooklyn’s super prolific Heidi Harris came out with her first vinyl release a few weeks ago, ‘Cut The Line’, in which she introduced some more intricate tape-loopery to her skeletal alien post-folk songwriting style. This ‘Sk...view item »

Heidi Harris
Dream Fodder

Brooklynite Heidi Harris is back with another CD of her haunted minimal neofolk/weirdpop stylings on Reverb Worship - her fourth in the less than nine months! Phil thinks it’s fuller and more produced-so...view item »

Jon Scullion

class act this chap,reminds me off the days when music was played and written by musicians......view item »

Creature Breath
The Giveaway

Here’s the second CD from Brooklyn’s Shawn Marie Westendorf, aka Creature Breath, in another of those limited numbered editions from Reverb Worship. This one comes with an old cigarette card mounted on the front of the sleeve which is a nice touch. Once again here, Ms Breath is offering a se...view item »

The Floating World
We Hunted

This is a superb album of hauntingly beautiful "ether folk".Containing elements of ambient texturing, flutes, zen like chimes, funereal doom (courtesy of Grey Malkin) and wailing electric guitar solos."We Hunted" contains eight superb tracks featuring Amanda Votta (flute, bells, arrangements, mixing & mastering), Neddal Ayad (guitar & ar...view item »

Die Geister Beschwören
Those Who Came Before...

Die Geister Beschworen are not a German band as I assumed when I first grabbed this CD off the review pile, but is in fact the brainchild of a certain ‘Oryan Peterson-Jones’ of Portland/Austin, who used to live with Ben Chasny a...view item »

The White Meadows
The Silk Line

Here’s the second super-limited offering on Reverb Worship from London’s The White Meadows, a duo playing a peculiar brand of haunted neofolk-drone using tape loops, samples and field recordings...view item »

Bird Songs In A Deep, Hollow Tone

Japanese drone-queen Sachiko has a very limited CD here from Linney’s ever-prolific Reverb Worship workshop, recorded and mastered by long-time collaborator Rinji Fukuoka, which has four lengthy pieces. Opener ‘Rajin Song III’ has looped d...view item »

Creature Breath
I Am Creature Breath

Creature Breath is the alter-ego of Shawn Marie Westendorf, who has eight songs of dreamily-paced ethereal neofolk on this super-limited new CD for Reverb Worship. She accompanies her sparse, haunting laments with guitar, glockensp...view item »

Heidi Harris
Storm Story

We’ve had a couple of CDs in from this lady already which Brian and Mike were rather taken by so I’m quite curious to check this out and happily it looks like it’s my turn to review her so that’s two birds with one robot. It’s one of those really...view item »

Sou En

"Sou en" is a "live" album recorded in japan at Namba Bears, on the 8th april 2012.Beautifully recorded, the album contains two tracks, "Kulichiah" and "Ash And Holy River".Sarry are Fujiyuki (voice) and 821 (bass).These two make the most amazing, unique and atmospheric music together.Although this is a live recording, you don't actually realise...view item »

Kawabata Makoto
Kiss Me Goodbye Before Sunrise

Here is the 200th release on Reverb Worship.Its been a long strange trip.Who better to celebrate this occasion than Kawabata Makoto.Here he presents his fourth exclusive work for the label entitled "Kiss Me Goodbye Before Sunrise".A live recording captured at Groove (Urasoe Okinawa) on 30th July 2011.Running for just over thirty six minutes and ...view item »

Lou Baumann
Performances Sonoras

Earlier this year I was contacted by Lou Baumann.Lou comes from San Miguel,Argentina.Not only is he a musician, he also runs the Postales label.His labels style and musical ethic plus the creative style reminded me very much of when I began RW.It was decided that I would release a very limited version his solo album "Performances Senoras" via Re...view item »

Infinite Particles
Infinite Particles

We’ve already reviewed a couple of the Reverb Worship titles this week and that was enough for Phil but then these guys came on twitter asking for a review, all polite like, and deep inside my cold metal heart I’m a big sof...view item »

The Echoes Of A Place

Reverb Worship is all up in my grill with a solo effort from Joseph Taylor a.k.a one half of The Rain Drinkers. This is the usual hand constructed, super limited fare from the label and features...view item »

Hulaluna Bonfire
A Pillbox Called Freshminths

Hulaluna Bonfire is a superb new musical project which morphed from the ashes of Cone.This is Hulaluna Bonfire's debut recording called "A Pillbox Called Freshminths".Played, written, mixed and mastered by Hermann Blaupunkt.The cd contains seven tracks of progressive and rather psychedelic space rock guitar overload set to percussive dr...view item »

Los Ojos Del Sobremundo

This is a funny one. It’s basically pretty J. Rose/J. Blackshaw-like in its yearning hypnotic execution but I’m weirdly sat there thinking…....view item »

Heidi Harris
Sand In The Line

Another Female Brooklyn resident and prodigy here, the lovely Heidi Harris. Her last UK-released collection was only a few weeks ago and now Reverb Worship unleash a second long playing instalment of her little-known work from last year, previously only seen online as far as I'm aware....view item »

The White Meadows
A Time For Drunken Horses

The album title makes me think of that old joke "a horse walks into a bar..."* There is an interesting mix of recordings here all quite gently folking and ambiently droning. Peter Taylor plays violin and percussion with Maria Thompson's folk harp embellishing taped found sounds and field recor...view item »

Heidi Harris
In The Lee

We've got some more of those outrageously limited CDs in from the ever-productive Reverb Worship this week, and this one I've got here is an album of experimental minimal pop by New York songstress ...view item »

Mark Bradley
The Future Has Passed

'The Future Has Passed' is the latest recording from Mark Bradley.This comes in the form of a rather cool six track 3' cdr.Thats not all though.Each copy comes with a unique code to download a further twelve track album called 'The Other Side'.So in total you get eighteen new tracks.The sleeves are made from blue metallic gold shimmer paper.Each...view item »

Sproatly Smith
The Yew And The Hare

Sproatly Smith's 'The Yew and the Hare' is the second installment of three albums recorded especially for Reverb Worship (Reverb Worship are raining down the releases this week!!!) that explore the world of pyschedelic folk. Sproatly Smith have a preference for pagan-esque folk and they do a fine job of invoking a haunting atmosphere/spirit within ...view item »

Eomaia Nam

You know I sometimes think it's pointless reviewing something there's only 50 copies of in the world. Hardly anyone will get to hear it as they'll more than likely sell out quickly so why bother? Well I guess if we didn't then labels who just release tiny editions wouldn't get any coverage and...view item »

The Artichoke House
When The Carnival's Gone

I always enjoy a Reverb Worship release these days. I struggled with a few of the sound-art ones from earlier days but now the feller who runs it has his massive ear to the ground hunting for the best in underground folk, both roots and progressive. This couple hail from Cornwall and provide us with some really sweet, lilting folk infused with w...view item »

Ester Elster

First up, I hate reviewing records with earphones on, especially when I'm stuck between the office hi-fi speakers and can hear the record Mikey is reviewing as loudly as my own. Don't know when we turned into a review factory but there you go, apologies if my evaluations are a little agg...view item »

Book of Shadows
Hanged Man

We've got some more CDs on the mysterious short-run Reverb Worship imprint, and I've been pretty impressed with the last few we got in from them so I'm pretty interested to hear what's going on with this one. There's tranquil keyboard drones and ethereal vocals and twinkly guitars, often ...view item »

The Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Stella And Astrophel

Oh, hello. The collective we here at Norman Towers have affectionately dubbed the “Penis Amputee Travelling Band” are back with a CD on Reverb Worship which originally came out in an edition of 32 on Larkfall. This Reverb Worship version is in an edition of 45 so I guess they'r...view item »

The Inaugural Meeting Of The Glasgow Temperance Society

Gayle Brogan (a.k.a Pefkin) is a name I've not heard before yet according to her Last FM page her contribution to the experimental/improv scene is highly significant due to her output as a fanzine writer (she published Boa zine) and dealer in underground tunes via her Boa Melody Bar distri...view item »

Behold The Beast For Which I Have Turned Back
Behold The Beast For Which I Have Turned Back

Behold The Beast For Which I Have Turned Back is israeli musician Oren Ben-Yosef.His previous musical projects include Seven Morgues and Tome Drones.He is also responsible for House Of The Last Light Records label.Behold The Beast For Which I Have Turned Back is Oren's personal tribute and musical lament for the horse.Here Oren's uses drones, th...view item »

Glad Hours In The Green Lanes Volume One

Big news for all you Reverb Worship fans this week as the label hit us with six new releases. Sedayne's 'Glad Hours In The Green Lane' is just one and sees folky experimentalist (and master storyteller) Sean Breadin wiggin' out on seven epic tunes composed and recorded at the back end of 2...view item »

Illegitimate Nephew

Thought I was in for another ambient treat when I fired up this Baron CD. It begins with the most blissful arpeggiated chimes of the like I could happily listen to unaccompanied for hours. Though not totally unfortunate, I was a little disappointed when the vocals and traditional songwr...view item »

Sproatly Smith
The Minstrel's Grave

Opening with a chorus of clanking and grating, I initially thought this would be a straight drone-noise type offering from Reverb Worship (who are also offering up a mind-melting newie from Baron this week), but moments later it goes all minimal pastoral folk on me with a girl singing a si...view item »

The Xenis Emputae Travelling Band
Goat Willow

This is a reissue of a 3"CDr which originally appeared back in 2005 on the Barl Fire label and is the first in a series of reissues of Phil Legard's back catalogue via Reverb Worship. This is one extended nineteen minute number...view item »

Rain Drinkers

Rain Drinkers return with a third offering on Reverb Worship. As with previous releases, 'Springtide' comes with artwork and photography by Dani Dahlke and is limited to just 100 pieces! That's not a lot of pieces my friend. So, if you enjoyed Rain Drinker...view item »

Selene Heliotrope

I like the sound of this! Temple Music was Alan Trench's last vehicle for ambient and neofolk-ish style outings but here the man has partnered up with a lady, the enigmatically-named Lisa. That's all you need to know of her identity as her sinister yet enticing vocals draw you in, all...view item »

Denied By Character

This is a brand new project featuring James Brewster (Mole Harness, Make Mine Music, etc) and Andreas Beraha. On the CD (limited to 50) is one long epic 25 minute drone track which is incredibly dense. It was mostly recorded live using guitars, pedals, laptop and metal objects. I'm five minutes in now and it's go...view item »

Mark Bradley
Cathedral Sound Ritual

These just landed in the mail this morning and they look pretty sweet in oversized 6" sleeves which aren't gonna fit neatly on a CD shelf but I'm guessing you've maybe got an oversized section so it's just gonna have to go there. On the album you get 12 tracks of blissed out ...view item »

Black Church

Despite The Guardian now telling us who tells us what music to listen to (London twats basically), we go on our merry way ignoring the hype of the overrated bullshit that clogs up the magazines at the mercy of their advertisers and sales figures. Not to blow our own trumpet or anything but bloody HMV aren'...view item »

Rain Drinkers

For this release, Rain Drinkers have created a beautiful one track odyssey lasting a little over half an hour. I checked it last night as a going-to-bed soundtrack & it were divine, I tell thee! I was thinking along the lines of Godspeed & Dirty Three basically because of the swooping, mournful strings but beneath, once more, the spirit ...view item »


'Roshara' is a stunning sounding CD from the ever-busy Reverb Worship. Not what I was expecting at all. A female vocalist & a bass player who build up their remarkable sound using looping & sampling techniques and some physical avant-garde techniques. The relatively brief opening track comes across like an ethereal choral piece. Almost l...view item »


Today is officially drone day. Although Ophibre might take exception to me saying that, since he describes himself as a 'sound artist' he'd probably rather I compared him to Botticelli or someone rather than La Monte Young or some other mere music person. Having said that, I can actually do both in one sentence.. He's not as good. Who says men can'...view item »

Lady Space
Long Lost In A Twilight Head

This is the debut release for things Swedish Psychedelic folk trio, which is kind of hard to beleive as they are extremely accomplished in their artform. They combine both acoustic and electric guitars with mandolin, organ and flute. Edition of 50 hand numbered copies....view item »

Mortuus Auris And The Black Hand
Nous Somme Les Enfants D'Un Monde Devaste

Mortuus Auris and his Black Hand is actually a chap called Peter Taylor and this is this alter ego. Not like in a mad schizophrenic way but more in a kind of way that you just have a different name to do things. Eg Hulk Hogan wouldn't be anywhere near as popular if he he used his really name of Terry Gene Bollea, so if you're in the biz I guess ...view item »

Remember Sometimes

Another limited one. Only 48 of this one. I can't remember if I've heard this guy before so I thought I'd whack it on and see what happens. It wasn't what I expected..... I thought it would be a big psychedelic sprawling rock-a-thon but it's more of a noodley jazzy experimantal album. But there's all kinds of things in there... I'm just listenin...view item »

The Hare And The Moon
The Grey Malkin

Bloody hell. What are Reverb Worship doing to me? After the smashing Rain Drinkers CD last week (an instant sell out, natch!) He's throwing a new Hare & the Moon CDr at our heads, like a delectable musical arrow aimed straight for our eager ears! The last outing by these lot played the pagan folk trump card so knowingly & confidently I w...view item »

Rain Drinkers
Bore Upon The Breath Of Dawn

Now I especially like this sort of music if some extra consideration is applied concerning where it's recorded, only if to attain the maximum levels of atmosphere. This Madison, WI duo have an utterly magical sound that merges dark/light ambience & fascinating field recordings with much loved bedfellows such as ponderous piano & sublime ...view item »

High Aura'd
Third Life

I guess this is gonna be one of those things that render the sound clips a tad pointless, being one long track and all. Or perhaps these droney boys tell more of a story than most in such brief periods as they enable you to see if you like both the intrinsic sound of it and the idea of spending more time in its company as it builds and devel...view item »

The Twisted Book

This sounds too good to be in a limited edition of 40. From the sounds of the opening track it deserves a much bigger audience. Its very ethnic sounding with simple zither type sounds, indian drums and superb operatic vocals. It sounds almost the type of thing the Third Eye Foundation might like to sample. The album is musical interpretations of...view item »

The Hare And The Moon
The Hare And The Moon

In this week we've got tons of releases on Reverb Worship. About 10 or 12 or something. I lost count.... we've found the time to review a handful of 'em! I randomly picked one by The Hare and The Moon which is already into it's 2nd edition as the edition sold well quickly apparently. On the S/T CD you get 14 songs of medieval pagan-esque sounding f...view item »

Dead Black Arms
Caretaker Cherry Bird

This is an odd recording. I was expecting more relatively chilled stuff but then again the artists name isn't all that pleasant. This is ace submerged noise, derived from wavering frequencies of the more mid range to low-end variety - chuntering, wonky, sinister & sludgy waves of wobbly aural filth built from drones & "a preachers voice"...view item »

Mariano Rodriguez
Cypress Shadow

Here's another ludicrously limited Reverb Worship CD. This 'un is limited to 50 copies and it's by a Patagonian chap (that's Argentinean to you) called Mariano Rodriguez. The press release sums this one up perfectly so I don't really need to add too much to this one to be honest. Mariano is an excellent guitarist following in the Fahey/Basho tra...view item »

Brother The Cloud

Mountainhood: Brother The Cloud (Reverb Worship) Limited to fifty copies, these hand made editions come spray painted in dayglo, sulphorous tones, clock in at over seventy five minutes of music across a huge song count of nineteen tracks. Like the packaging, the production errs on the lo-fi and somewhat shambling in attitude. That said, it's wha...view item »

Whispering Wood

Have enjoyed VOTSW's stuff in recent times. But an even better sound is spilling from the home of The Reverb Worship who have a CD out by Siddhi called 'Whispering Wood' that emulates such drifting, droney delights but adds a subtle neo classical/spooky ambient twist to proceedings. The meandering, hypnotic guitar picking on T2 is beautifully ren...view item »

LSD March

The title on Reverb Worship I landed to review is from LSD March who you may know have had releases on Important Records, Archive and Tequila Sunrise. The duo here are Michishita Shinsuke on vocals and guitar and Ikuro Takahashi (Fushitsusha/Kousokuya) on drums which exited me immensly as I was a lover of Fushitsusha's brutal rock assault. 'Jurando...view item »

Venereum Arvum
A Pentacle of Pips

Got a CDr affair here called 'A Pentacle of Pips' by Venereum Arvum - a hubbie/wifey collaboration - this 5 tracker birthed in Lancashire earlier this Summer. These songs have their heart in chamber/choral folk with this mad selection of instruments responsible for their realization - "Black Sea Fiddle, Indian Harmonium, Electronic Shruti Box,...view item »

Book of Shadows
Cosmic Sovereignity

This is the second offering from Book Of Shadows on Reverb Worship and it's a mammoth beast of a record. Six tunes clocking in at 80 minutes is way too much to review in one sitting (I usually get about ten mins per release) but from what I'm hearing now it sounds great. Ambient vocal chants wrestle it out with abstract noise attacks and bizarre...view item »

Underwater Wind
Death of Sorrow

We got a bunch of things in this week from Reverb Worship. I randomly picked up this Underwater Wind CD mainly 'cos I liked the name as it conjured up amusing (recent) memories from bathtime! Still the less said about that the better! It's only been on for 2 minutes while I've been writing my opening gambit and already I'm sucked into it's odd l...view item »

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