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Slow Crush
Ease (Deluxe Edition)

With their debut album Aurora doing splendid business and with the band touring the US and Europe this year, the Holy Roar imprint re-issues Ease, the four-track 2017 EP from punk newcomers Slow Crush, bundled up with the Part Time Punks live session the group recorded in Los Angeles in April this year. 
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  • Holy Roar


A.A. Williams is an intriguing sounding songwriter who straddles both the metal and folk genres in her dark and evocative sound. Indeed she has been compared to Moonpix era Cat Power yet is shortly off on tour with Sisters of Mercy. What gives? I'm not sure but this is a re-press of her long sold out debut EP with several new songs added including a slow moving take on Dolly Parton's Jolene.  

Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It

From humble roots as teenagers totally surprising audiences in small venues with their mature, brutal take on hardcore, this now legendary group show no signs of slowing. Further adding progressive and psychedelic elements to their bruising metallic core, this new album is a further progression of their enormous sound.


To be fair, Aarhus seems like the exactly sort of place that a shoegaze band would come from. The snappily titled I/II collects the first two EPs by Danish shoegazers MØL. Both EPs show off the bands interest in heaving intensity, in buzzing soundscapes, and uh, guitar pedals. Inspired by, who else, My Blood Valentine. On Holy Roar.

Boss Keloid
Herb Your Enthusiasm

Wigan prog-sludgers Boss Keloid’s 2016 album Herb Your Enthusiasm was so good that they’re releasing it again. This time it’s on gatefold vinyl, so you can have your sludge and spin it too. Bursting with well-produced riffing, randy cover art and enough puns to sink the HMS James Joyce, your enthusiasm for this one is doubtless very herbed indeed.


A cold Winter’s night in Manchester. Post-rockers Pijn turn up, cold and shivering, at the doorstep of Holy Roar Records. Mr. Roar peels the door open a crack, oil lamp in hand. Pulling their thin blankets tightly around their shoulders, the quintet outside humbly offer the rights to their debut LP Loss in exchange for a little cheese and a hunk of bread and, if it wouldn’t be too bold sir, maybe a drop of whisky to steel them against the wicked night ahead. Mr. Roar’s eyes dart up and down the street. Then without speaking he opens up and hurries the group into the house. With an expectant twinkle in his eye Mr. Roar quietly clicks the door to. The last thing we see before he blows out the flame is the beginning of a grin curling the corners of his mouth...


OOHMS are here with their second album which should be a right favourite in our office.  They make heavy heavy prog with nods way back to the '70s likes of Pink Floyd and the Soft Machine and the more bang up to date the Mars Volta. Tin hat time for those too fainthearted for wiggly, wibbly progressive rock. 

We All Know

Instrumental fancy dans Talons show off their compositional, structural and dynamic chops with their third long-player, We All Know. The album takes the listener through myriad mood changes with cold and bleak soundscapes that are tempered by warm tones, and uplifting passages. LP and CD on Holy Roar.

It's Hard To Have Hope

It’s Hard to Have Hope. Indeed it is, Bristol-based crust/hardcore quartet Svalbard. Indeed it is. From revenge porn and unpaid internships to pro-life campaigners, the group take square aim at the injustices of such controversial topics in a heavy, dramatic and deeply frustrated bunch of cathartic outbursts.


Denmark hasn’t really the reputation of its neighbours in the Nordic metal camp, but there new names do crop up once in a while. Here we have MØL (‘MOTH’) giving it a go. Following two EPs, the debut LP JORD (‘EARTH’) sees the Aarhus quintet going at it hard with the black metal theatrics, as well as nods to shoegaze in their reverb-heavy climaxes.

Rolo Tomassi

Experimental rock heroes dabbling in the short-lived genre known as ‘mathcore’, Rolo Tomassi hired the much sought-after Diplo to assist in producing their second studio album Cosmology. Originally released by Hassle in 2010, this half’n’half cream and bright orange with pink splatter vinyl comes via Holy Roar. 

Auburn Rule

London based four piece Wren ready their debut full length album for Holy Roar records after releasing their EP with them in 2016. Imposing bleak slabs of post-metal inspired and experimental sludge. Definite comparisons to Neurosis, Isis, Pelican, and Cult Of Luna can be made here, hugely detuned and foreboding.
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  • Holy Roar


I / II is an album by Bossk first released in 2008 that resides at the pinnacle of the post-rockers catalogue. These are thoughtful compositions that take their sweet time building up intricate webs of guitar and rhythm. I / II is reissued on vinyl by Holy Roar, available in both standard and ‘Seafoam Green In Snot Green’ (yum!) coloured vinyl, while limited stocks last.

One Day All This Will End

One Day All This Will End is the eagerly anticipated debut album from Svalbard, a band devoted to most of the genres that could be described as ‘heavy’. Eight tracks of howling post-hardcore with lashings of crust-punk, black-metal, and maybe even some post-rock (especially on ‘The Vanishing Point’). On Holy Roar.

Chronicles of Adam West
We Walk Unbalanced

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Rolo Tomassi

Rip-roaring Sheffield powerhouse Rolo Tomassi are back with new album Grievances. The fourth studio album progresses further into melodic realms complete with Tortoise-esque drums and jangly post-rock guitar lines leading to a quintessentially epic Rolo Tomassi finale. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Holy Roar.


As one of longest slow-burn artists on Pink Mist and Holy Roar, the glacial unravelling of Brontide has been a consistent, fascinating tease.  Following a momentum-stoking 12” single (‘Coloured Tongues’) and tours in America, Europe and the UK finally the band settled down to write and record ‘Artery’. In time honoured fashion we are now three years since the release of ‘Sans Souci’, and anticipation for music from this band is at fever pitch.If ‘Sans Souci’ was (as exemplified by its cover-art) dark and expansive, ‘Artery’ displays a classy, concise vibrancy. Kaleidoscopic in it’s evolution of sound for the band and in terms of new influences - shards of R’n’B and electronica are now beginning to show through - without ever deviating drastically away from their trademark math/instrumental rock sound.

More Than Life
What’s Left Of Me

What’s Left Of Me is the new album by More Than Life, or MTL to their friends. More Than Life have been operating successfully as part of the UK underground scene for while now, piling up YouTube views and having their vinyl repressed to cope with demand of shifting units. What’s Left of Me sees the band extend out from their dark yet melodic hardcore roots into alt-rock territory. Available on vinyl LP and CD


Flies by Enabler came about after two unexpected and hastily arranged sessions on either side of the globe. The six track EP was partly recorded in Minneapolis and partly in Australia. With Flies being Enabler's third release this year they are gaining a reputation for being the most prolific of bands. The EP was mastered by Brad Boatright, which is a good thing because he knows about this stuff. Flies is available on 12” vinyl.
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  • Holy Roar


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The Ergon Carousel
Dead Banks

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  • CD (HRR017CD)
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