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Tim Linghaus
Memory Sketches

Last seen in 2016, debuting Vhoir on Moderna Records and turning a few heads, East German Tim Linghaus readies his next batch of tunes for Tokyo’s Schole Records. And Sweden’s 1631 Recordings. As before, Tim offers up a number of plodding, wistful piano pieces, laced with strings and delicate electronics....view item »


Kuala Lumpur’s Euseng Soto has been playing with his electroacoustic instruments since 2005 and here he is with ‘Sub:Side’, his fifth record to date as Flica. Soto’s work is highly melodic and can push on at a fair lick -- as he does on ‘Waver’, where notes jump out as if w...view item »

Akira Kosemura
In The Dark Woods

Akira Kosemura’s new release is called In The Dark Woods, and it lives up to its name by creating a powerfully intimate atmosphere. These words are not dark in a scary sense (this isn’t an album with...view item »

Quentin Sirjacq
Far Islands and Near Places

Quentin Sirjacq is a French composer and performer on multiple instruments. At the core of this new record are his stately piano figures, which can recall, at times, both the neo-classical sweep of Nils Frahm and the minimal melodicism of Erik Satie. But electronics and beats have their place on...view item »

Akira Kosemura
One Day

A new sleepytime CD via Schole sees Akira Kosemura improvise fluid piano pieces, procuring a warmth after Frahm and Thomas Koner albeit with a very different approach. These pieces were recorded on Kosemura's old family piano and connect to his musical excursions as...view item »

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq

This will haunt you. It’s an album of Dakota Suite and pianist Quentin Sirjacq reworking some of the nicest bits of the Dakota Suite's bleak but beautiful back catalogue. A simple and pure set of piano and vocal arrangements composed on the twosomes Japan tour of 2015. Unfold your hanky's and ge...view item »

Schole Collection Box

Check this out Schole fans: the label is celebrating its tenth birthday with this hefty five CD box-set! The Schole Collection Box contains highlights from across the label’s substantial catalogue, arranged chronologically by release date. Artists represented include Daisuke Miyatani, Quentin Sirjacq...view item »

Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura

Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura: 'Afterglow' (Schole) Ten track lushness on this Japanese imprint specializing in contemporary electronica/pop and modern classical. On 'Afterglow' Kosemura and Hakamura hang their light, playful melodies and glowing soundscapes on serial piano refrains, looped vocals and cool atmospherics. Some of the titles ev...view item »

Akira Kosemura

Japanese melancholy pianist Akira Kosemura is known for his touching, introverted compositions. For the original soundtrack of the movie Embers (2014), he added a string quartet to the mix, creating a bit more of an orchestrated sound to emphasize the simple, emotional themes that characterize his work....view item »

Itoko Toma
When The World Will Mix Well

Itoko Tama presents an album of her piano and voice pieces, her second solo release after a rich period working with Masakatsu Takagi. When The World Will Mix Well is written and performed with a delicate touch: ...view item »

Haruka Nakamura

Haruka Nakamura: Grace (Schole) On the ever so quaint Japanese imprint Schole and housed in a case with some beautiful images of sunflared landscapes, this set, like much of releases on this label, takes in the pastoral ease of long stretched out-days and lazy days of next to nothing to do but listen to softly lilting music. If only most of our liv...view item »

Akira Kosemura
Niji no Kanata – seven colors variations

Some more Japanese niceness on the Schole Records label, here we have Akira Kosemura and the first single to be lifted from his new album. Featuring vocalist Lasah, it’s the usual cosy sweet Japanese dream pop. The vocals are so sweet that it could be sung by...view item »

Akira Kosemura

The master of simple, unpretentious melancholy, Akira Kosemura, rearranged some of his older work for piano, cello and violin. The compelling result was performed live, resulting in a captivating record that skips around between calm introspection, subtle modernist classical transitions and simply joyful eruptions....view item »

Akira Kosemura

Phil said “twinkly electronica” but this is much more varied than that, coming across much more like soundtrack work with gorgeous piano pieces, accordion workouts and string-laden chamber music battling for superiority. A typical example of the hugely emotive pull of this albu...view item »

Dom Mino
Time Lapse

A fifteen track collection of elegantly produced melodic electronica that immediately brings to mind the work of that other Japanese master of software and plug-ins Takagi Masakatsu. From the opening track it's apparent which direction this set will take you - smoothly defined keyboard lines, lilting strings and lullabye atmospherics are set amongs...view item »


I'm starting the day with this soothing new CD from Akisai on Schole. The press release is full of brow-wrinkling auto-translate gobbledegook, but the impression that I get is that this was made as a collaborative audio-visual piece. There are ten tracks here of beautifully constructed electro-acoustica with lots of piano, acoustic guitar, subtl...view item »

Windvane & Window

Haven't reviewed anything from over in Malaysia before I don't think. 'Windvane & Window' is a lush CD of twinkly, hazy, sun & paradise electronica by Flica who is most definitely schooled in the Post Arovane 'Tides' college of thought. The beats sound like Fizzarum at one point but the overall sheen couldn't be less Icy Russian if it ...view item »


We've had a few CD's in by Flica who are one of the few Malaysian artists we sell. I think he's quite possibly the only Malaysian artist we sell! Here's his new album on Schole called Nocturnal. As you possibly know Schole do the more twinkly floaty drifty side of things with micro electronics, pianos and the such. This is pleasant pretty music whi...view item »

Motohiro Nakashima
We Hum On The Way Home

Motohiro Nakashima releases his (3rd I think??) album following two on the LO/ Loaf label. This new one is on the Schole label of Japan so it's a wee bit more local (to him anyway!). We Hum On The way Home is a delightful mix of pastoral sounding acoustic neo classic lovelyness. There's guitars, pianos, trombones, violins, cellos and percussion all...view item »

Dom Mino
Unknown Coordinates

I've only touched on bits of Dom Mino's work in the past so i was pleased to see a brand spanking new rekkid sitting in the review box. Dom Mino specializes in soft, glitch infused electronica of the kind you might have heard The Remote Viewer or Four Tet touch on in previous releases. Enhanced by the participation of Akira Kosemura as producer, 'U...view item »

Akira Kosemura
How My Heart Sings

Yes, this Japanese master of the ivories returns with an album stuffed to buggery with his particular take on sentimental flourishes, sudden lurches into delirious waltzes & more contemplative outings, like 'Gray', all delicately glazed with the sorrowful tug & drape of violin. It's an album often infused with a dreamy melancholy like th...view item »

Various (Akira Kosemura, Motohiro Nakashima etc.)
Note Of Seconds: Schole Compilation Vol 2

Schole have been knocking 'em out for a while now and they're up to their second label comp now. Yikes doesn't time fly.... Tempus fugit and all that. Yeah I did Latin... In pictura est puelle, est nomine Flavia... The spelling's all wrong but it's still in there should they invent a time machine so I can go back to Rome and speak rudimentary La...view item »


25 year old Nao Kakimoto aka [.que] releases his long awaited debut on the Schole imprint, typically packaged in a minimal gloss slipcase featuring some lovely city landscape photography by Shin Kikuchi, this is exactly what I need for this rainy Thursday morning, gorgeous twinkly folktronica led mostly by Kakimoto’s crisp acoustic guitar ...view item »

Akira Kosemura

My dinner parties are legendary. Full of the most erudite doctors, dentists and lawyers hobnobbing on my polished wooden floors as I mingle, flirt outrageously and pass round the vol au vents. Echoing around the drawing room will be the most beautiful sounds. “Clinton,” they’ll say, “my, you do have the most exquisite tas...view item »

Ghost and Tape

I’m pretty sure I reviewed this chap’s last album but looking on the site there is no review there. That’s officially mental. Or maybe there’s some weird cyber ghostly stuff going on that I can’t explain? Well whatever it is I can’t explain it so I may...view item »

Yoshinori Takezawa
Dream Line

More dreamy ambience from the Schole label in this week. This time around it's 'Dream Line', the debut album from Japanese composer and pianist Yoshinori Takezawa. Takezawa's style is very classical and soundtrack-esque with dreamy, almost magical piano lines lulling me into the state of...view item »

Quentin Sirjacq
La Chamber Claire

Okay, I don't know much about this guy aside from I can never spell his name. Try as I might I'm just too stupid to spell it right. Thank you mr cutty and pastey. Anyway, I lie...I do know a little bit about this chap. He's minced about with Dakota Site on a number of releases and he's wh...view item »

Teruyuki Nobuchika

Another chappie from those exotic Eastern shores is Teruyuki Nobuchika. We have a lovingly packaged CD called 'Morceau' through Schole for your delectation. 12 tracks of totally blissed "folk-tronica" underpinned with warm, woozy field recordings that sound like they've been taken in a park or a nature reserve on a lazy, sunny day - birds...view item »

Sawako + Daisuke Miyatani
Hi Bi No Ne

Schole Records from Japan produce some fine twinkly electronica and here's another fine example of the lovelyness that prevails from their twinkly wonder label. Sawako & Daisuke Miyatani are the artists and the CD is called Hi Be No Ne. Sawako has done stuff on the 12K label whilst Daisuke has collaborated with folks like Haruka Nakamura, Akira...view item »

I'm Home

Paniyolo sounds like some sort of delicious bread product to me. Maybe one with some sort of dried fruit and perhaps a dash of icing... Oh yes and the bread would have to be glazed. God I'm hungry now..... It's actually the working name of a Japanese musician called Muneki Takasaka and here's his CD on Schole called 'I'm Home'. It's all very Schole...view item »

Akira Kosemura

Just to confuse matters there's two different versions of the new Akira Kosemura album. There's a regular single CD version which contains all the kinds of things you'd find in that kind of package (ie cardboard sleeve and shiny musical face mirror thing). There's also a CD/DVD version which is six quid more and features the aforementioned good...view item »

Cokiyu, Lullatone, Various
Schole Compilation Volume 1

Schole Compilation Vol.1 by Various Artists (Schole) A fourteen track round up from the same label that brought us the ace 'Afterglow' CD. Pastoral moods, warm ambient thrills and childplay electronica from a roster of artists including the often very good Lullatone, office faves Cokiyu, .tape. Motoro Faam, Haruka Nakamura amongst many others. If y...view item »