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Phase Fatale
Reverse Fall

In a way it’s surprising that Ostgut Ton have never released anything explicitly inspired by J. G. Ballard’s Crash...view item »


It’s been a difficult couple of years for Martyn. Since 2014's The Air Between Words LP, the 3024 boss has narrowly avoided death by heart attack. His good friend Marcus Intalex wasn’t so lucky, passing away in May 2017. These experiences shifted Martyn’s mus...view item »

Waking States

This two-track release from Steffi contains songs that can be played at full blast in a club at 4am, or when you're just wanting to escape for a little while into some atmospheric electronic music. Waking States is a fine balance of party and downtime, and is a limited edition release on Ostgut Ton. ...view item »

Pom Pom

Even by the standards of Ostgut Ton, this is a no-BS affair. Their first release from secretive techno outfit Pom Pom, which comes in a jet-black sleeve, doesn’t have a title and nor do any of the tracks. The music is a similarly straight-down-the-nose affair, with the five entries of Untitled cha...view item »

Vatican Shadow
Rubbish Of The Floodwaters

He’s been working in this direction for a while now, but Dominick Fernow’s military-industrial-themed alias Vatican Shadow is now a certified techno project, as this new 12” is released by the Berghain kings themselves: Ostgut Ton! Rubbish Of The Floodwaters contains three broodingly i...view item »

Answer Code Request

Four years on from the debut Answer Code Request LP Code and the Berghain resident issues this murky, tense follow-up. Gens is a pretty unremitting listen. Most of the tracks here see monolithic four-on-the-floors shrouded in great billows of hissing reverb. Unearthly synths and clanking percussion skulk in the...view item »

Berghain 08

It’s Berghain baby, you know what to expect! In-house label Ostgut Ton’s eighth Berghain mix release series delivers four pitch-black muscular sweat-bangers, from producers Rroxymore, Stefan Rein, Electric Indigo and the pairing of Boris & Fiedel. Lots t...view item »


When a new track emerges and you just whisper to yourself 'yes' as the bass is switched in, anticipating another peak of technoid frenzy... that's what this release is all about. A meeting of scene stalwarts Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems), Steve Bicknell (Lost) and David Sumner (Function). Here exploring the psychedelic reaches of techn...view item »

World Of The Waking State

Having moved to Berlin in 2007, Steffi became a resident at Panorama Bar and soon began to release on the club’s label; Ostgut Ton. World of The Waking State is her third solo album for Ostgut Ton and is an ensnaring mix of heavy club beats and shadowy electronics. The ten tracks across th...view item »

Etapp Kyle

After releasing on Ostgut Ton sublabel Unterton as well as Ben Klock’s Klockworks, Berghain resident Etapp Kyle steps up to the plate with his first EP for the seminal techno label. Unsurprisingly, the four tracks here are the creme de la creme of...view item »

Masse Box

Some minimal club action on Masse Box. This is a series of remixes from these heavy weight producers. They will go wherever their mind takes them, delving deep into techy drums with emotive contemporary poppy-classical styled strings, or perhaps into some 80s distorted synth bass with some modern Brad Mehldau solo pi...view item »

Terence Fixmer
Force EP

French techno producer and Berghain resident Terence Fixmer has releases on Jealous God, CLR, and Deeply Rooted, now he returns home to Ostgut Ton for his second EP with them. Putting a track in each corner of his club’s stylistic needs he goes through dark, menacing, ethereal, and percussively tight....view item »


Berlin based producer Kobosil already has releases on Marcel Dettmann’s label as well as his own and is a resident at Berghain. After releasing his debut full length on Ostgut Ton he returns with four tracks of cold and unforgiving rhythmic tools for DJs working the club floors. Blunt and with a single int...view item »

Dettmann / Klock
Phantom Studies

To celebrate the one hundredth release of Berghain’s in house label Ostgut Ton residents Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann have produced their first collaborative outing in a decade. As well as some sure fire techno killers two tracks feature vocals from the pair of them and a dark and hypnotic half-time spoke...view item »

Nick Höppner

A resident at Berghain’s Panorama bar and label manager at Ostgut until he resigned in 2012 to commit to his solo productions, Nick Höppner has since released 6 EPs and is now on his second full length for Ostgut. Refining his techno production to perfection Work spans all corners of the genre and beyond, fro...view item »

Eyes In The Center

Eye In The Centre is the twelve-track release from Tobias that can be described as a ‘personal philosophy and state of mind, as a mix of science, meditation and rhythm’. Although the sound cannot be pinned down, there is a sure mix of electro and experimental house. ...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
Arc Angel

Big techno man Luke Slater provides Ostgut Ton and yourselves with some more melodically-leaning techno machinations beamed in from the outer heliosphere. We say melody, but you've got deep drones, alien synth lines and haywire arps all tuned to twisted perfection. They've even thrown in a download of the continuous album mix too. The ...view item »

Answer Code Request
Neume EP

Deep in the heart of post-industrial techno temple Berghain, ace producers work day and night to supply the world with stern techno killers. Answer Code Request is one of those producers, and he’s excelled himself with the Neume EP, which even works some UK garage vibes into the techno brew at one point. Out on th...view item »

Matthew Styles
Metro EP

The press release opens "chances are you've already danced to one of his sets at Panorama Bar", which, no, we're based on an industrial estate in Leeds, but Matthew Styles is none the less releasing an EP we can listen to called Metro. The three tracks here give house and disco a look-in, as per...view item »

Terence Fixmer
Beneath The Skin EP

Terence Fixmer releases his first solo record for the renowned Berliners. Slicing synths, plunging bass and crisp hi-hats will keep you up in this set of deep, throbbing techno movers. Four tracks of electronic body music for the heads, the hips and the feet. A 12" E.P. full of immersive grooves on Ostgut Ton......view item »

Helium Sessions

Helium Sessions is a deliberately gaseous set of tracks: Tobias planned to evoke the invisible creep of leaking gas when he sat down to craft this material. Although the music is often grounded by a solid beat-pulse (this is an Ostgut Ton release after all!), it does feel hard to pin down and somewhat oozy: everything i...view item »

Gonno & Nick Hoppner
Fantastic Planet EP

Nick Höppner invited travelling Japanese producer Gonno into his Berlin studio while the latter was over to DJ at the mighty Berghain. The resulting 3 tracks that make up the warm Fantastic Planet EP were spun together in just 3 days, and they certainly do have a spontaneous fun-time bounce to them...view item »

Funkert / Raverd

Preview the forthcoming Virginia full-length with these 2 tracks, Funkert and Raverd. Stone-cold dancefloor killers both. For extra value, you even get 2 different versions of each, an extended form of the original album versions and a dub rework. 12” vinyl on Berlin’s techno overlord label, Ostgut ...view item »

Fierce For The Night

Virginia drops a full-length album on Berlin’s techno overlord label, Ostgut Ton. Unusually for these keepers of the Berghain, Fierce For The Night is made up of actual, vocally-driven songs, albeit songs grounded firmly in the sound of techno. Working with co-producers Martyn, Steffi...view item »

Dinky / Nick Hoppner / Virginia
Zehn / Vier

The fourth vinyl 12” in Ostgut Ton’s ten year anniversary reissue project. The original Zehn compilation is already impossible to find, so make sure you don’t miss these minimalist techno represses. Zehn/Vier takes diverse work from Dinky, Nick Hoppner...view item »

L.B. Dub Corp / Function / Substance
Zehn / Drei

Minimal techno label Ostgut Ton continue to reissue each part of their Zehn compilation, a ten year anniversary celebration which sold out phenomenally quickly. The Zehn/Drei vinyl 12” compiles work from Function and Substance as well as a remix of  ...view item »

S/D / Norman Nodge / Boris
Zehn / Eins

Ostgut Ton’s 10th birthday celebrations have centered around a 10 LP monolith of a box set, which swiftly sold out. So the individual LPs are now seeing individual release, so as to get these crucial tunes into the ears of those who need them. Tracks from Boris, Norman Nodge and the duo of Luke Sla...view item »

Marcel Dettmann / Efdemin/ Kobosil
Zehn / Zwei

The Ostgut Ton label returns with more heavyweight techno. In 2015, to celebrate a decade releasing forward-thinking electronic music, the label released a compilation. This vinyl 12” is the first in a series reissuing that sold-out release, titled Zehn/Zwei. This entry contains new music from Efde...view item »

Ben Klock
Before One

Before One, logically enough, is the immediate precursor to Ben Klock’s full-length album One. You know Ben Klock, and you know his reliable brand of big-room Berlin techno: endlessly compelling for the body, and sometimes even the mind. What a pro. Re-pressed 12” on Berghain’...view item »

We Grow, You Decline

First full-length album from Berlin’s rising techno star Kobosil, off the back of 12” releases for RK, Unterton and Marcel Dettmann Records. We Grow, You Decline is landing (where else?) on Ostgut Ton, and finds Kobosil using the album format to try some more abstract and songlike constructi...view item »


Having previously released on Marcel Dettmann Records, and recently remixed Terence Fixmer, young producer Kobosil circles in even closer to the core of the techno matrix with this 12” on Ostgut Ton. Three tracks of direct peak-hour techno thump, and one track of with more of a droning atmospheric vibe....view item »

Ostgut Ton - Zehn

Berlin’s hard-techno authority Ostgut Ton is ten years old, and they are celebrating in style. Zehn collects original tracks from producers old and new, from Ben Klock to Kobosil. Totalling a mighty 30 tracks, Zehn is available either as a triple CD set, or as a mammoth 1...view item »

Falling For You

Martyn aka Martjin Deijkers is Dutch-born DJ and producer now resident in Washington DC. His music mixes 2-step, house, dubstep and garage and has released music on legendary labels such as Ninja Tune and Warp. After remixing tracks for Shed and Miniluv on the ...view item »

Nick Hoppner

Nick Hoppner recently turned over four of his tracks to other artists so that they could perform remix duties on the. The results are in, and, if anything, these new versions are even more techno than the originals! The producers involved are The Black Madonna, Aardvarck, Herva ...view item »


Steffi steps up to the plate once more with the utilitarianly-titled JBW25. This record shows off her tight techno skills, a nervously jumpy rhythm pushing on past skipping synths. Got me jittering in my seat. Her track is backed by one remix by Further Reductions and two by Answer Code Request...view item »

Len Faki
Basement Trax Vol. 2

Entirely Berghain super-techno on the in-house Ostgut Ton label, from Len Faki. Apparently the contents of this three-track collection (Volume Two of Faki’s Basement Tracks series) were pieced together right on the back of a session at the club, and the residual energy can still be felt simmering ...view item »

Terence Fixmer
Aktion Mekanik Theme Versions

Back in 2003, Terence Fixmer released his track Aktion Mekanik Theme into the world of techno via the legendary Ostgut Ton label, and boy did it go down well. The proof of this is in the fact that Kobosil, Norman Nodge, and Marcel Dettmann have all seen fit to remix it:...view item »

Nick Hoppner

On his full length album, Nick Hoppner is still making techno. With a style that sounds like it would be just a little too heavy for legendary minimal label Kompakt, but still similar, Folk is a new take on sturdy 4/4 beats. At first listen, the kick is too heavy for the amount of ambient ambiance going on, but the...view item »

My Fantasy EP

Some movers and shakers from Virginia. My Fantasy EP is the new three tracker from this Berlin singer, DJ & producer. This EP is a cracker, with golden-era drum machines, cosmic synths, hot bass lines and sensual vocals. It's a total trip back to the Detroit and Chicago tech and house s...view item »

Power Of Anonymity

With 'Yours & Mine', house DJ Steffi attempted to make one of those electronic records that's malleable to our own experience, played in a sweaty, dark room for a collection of entranced strangers or heard in the privacy of your own house. 'Power of Anonymity' isn't quite as interpretive, as Steffi attempts to make dancefloor cuts that leave...view item »

Anthony Parasole
My Block EP

Anthony Parasole's new collection of tracks has shades of sound and industrial echoes backing it, but it's dominated by percussion, traipsing through different drum patterns and beats over its three dynamic tracks. 'My Block EP' also includes some ethereal piano motifs and the odd splash of colour, but it's driven by beats. Techno is just drummi...view item »

L.B. Dub Corp
Unknown Origin

One of my all time favourite techno producers finally unleashes a full length as LB Dub Corp, seven years after he debuted the alias on his own Mote-Evolver label. LB Dub Corp differs to the fierce sci-fi techno he creates as Planetary As...view item »

Panorama Bar 06 Pt. 2

I really don't think you need me to tell you what an Ostgut Ton release is going to sound like. This 12” is Part 2 of Volume 6 in the Panorama Bar EP series, and it contains exclusive tracks from Berghain luminaries including Marcel Dettmann and Deadbeat. Roll up, roll up, get you...view item »

Panorama Bar 06 Pt. 1

Continuation of Ryan Elliot's Panorama Bar series, this taster 12" features contributions from Newworldaquarium, Roman Flugel, Terrence Dixon, Tuff City Kids and Borrowed Identity. This limited edition 5-track vinyl is out on Ostgut Ton records. The full 35-track mix is available to download free from the Ostgut Ton website now....view item »

The Remixes

The Mathew Jonson & The Mole remix spans the whole A side of the 12“. The track is constructed over 9 minutes. An arc of suspense is built by the gently rising percussion and the mix of the hi-hats. The trademark Tobias. sound completes this excursion and a completely new track emerges. The original elements of “If“ remain ...view item »

Answer Code Request

Code is the debut LP from Berlin producer Patrick Gräser in his Answer Code Request alias. Over the course of twelve tracks, Gräser deftly references the ghosts of techno past and serves them up with a zeitgeist-pleasing twist. Nods to the likes of Higher Intellegence Agency and mid-Ninet...view item »

Marcel Dettmann

There are only few producers that represent the essence of techno and the hardness and gloom of Berghain as perfectly as Marcel Dettmann, the founding member of the Ostgut Ton family. After the release of the limited 12“ “Dawning/Dawning (Revisited)“ with Ben Klock, his long awaited second LP “Dettmann II“ emerged o...view item »

Henrik Schwarz
Masse Remixes III

May 2013 saw the premiere of the choreography “Masse“: A co- production between Berghain and the Staatsballett Berlin. At the venue “Halle am Berghain“ several producers explored in collaboration with different choreographers the various meanings of the subject “Masse“ (English: mass): DIN, Dettmann / Wiedeman...view item »

Dettmann / Wiedemann
Masse Remixes II

May 2013 saw the premiere of the choreography “Masse“: A co- production between Berghain and the Staatsballett Berlin. At the venue “Halle am Berghain“ several producers explored in collaboration with different choreographers the various meanings of the subject “Masse“ (English: mass): DIN, Henrik Schwarz, Det...view item »

Masse Remixes I

May 2013 saw the premiere of the choreography “Masse“: A co- production between Berghain and the Staatsballett Berlin. At the venue “Halle am Berghain“ several producers explored in collaboration with different choreographers the various meanings of the subject “Masse“ (English: mass): Henrik Schwarz, Dettmann...view item »

A Series Of Shocks

‘A Series Of Shocks’ is Berlin based producer Tobias Freund’s second album. Following in the footsteps of the rich, yet at the same time almost puritanical sound of his first album ‘Leaning Over Backwards’ this new record delves even further into his ever evolving “non-standard“ exploration of electronic...view item »


I’m not sure I even heard that last Function album. I can barely keep up with the speed my housemate gets through bottles of squash, never mind staying abreast of the current techno scene. Everyone's making techno these days. You’ll get home from school, you kids, I tell yer, and yer Mam won’t be ...view item »

Marcel Dettmann
Dettmann II

As the title indicates this is the second album from one of the Resident DJ's at Berlin techno mecca Berghain, on their in house label Ostgut Ton. I think in a lot of ways his productions mirror his tastes as a DJ and are mainly functional club tools although he does sometimes wan...view item »

Marcel Fengler

Phil, our master, our leader, a man short on leg but long on know-how was most enthusiastic this morning when shoving this album into my sweat drenched palms. It’s a rich and varied album of high intensity techno, concentrating on the bleepy dancefloor friendly side rather than the bleak evocative shapes of the dub techno genre. ...view item »


David Sumner has been recording and releasing records as Function  since 1996 when he first emerged on fellow NYC techno don Damon Wild's Synewave label and later went on to spawn his Infrastructure New York label in 1998 with the release of  'The Dielectric Coefficient' which really blew me away a...view item »

Panorama Bar 04

Okay, this one here is a four-piece compilation on Ostgut Ton. Starts out with The Mole dropping a big fat bit of bouncy house with a repetitive bassline and some fun bits of clicky production and the odd touch of smooth syn...view item »

Yours & Mine

There was a time (BA*) when Norman Records was not a joint where you guys & gals could purchase house records. We didn't really like the genre all that much, being old Indie Rock kids from the suburbs. Then electronica started branching out, dubstep got infused with shades of classic house & as you grow older you begin to forge a love af...view item »

The Traveller

Once again i'm getting my head gorgeously smashed in by the future of German techno - this time the record is all the work of one man - the incredibly gifted René Pawlowitz. After the soulful, sublime & uber-deep grooves of 'Shedding the Past' blew everyone's minds a couple of years back it's a pleasure to report another classic-in-th...view item »

Planetary Assault Systems
The Messenger

This is Luke Slater's latest blast of non conformist absurdest techno. Aimed at both club and home listening it's a veritable barrage of bleeps and bloops, micro beats, eerie outer space type futuristic sounds and thumping bass kicks. The aim is apparently to use sounds not normally prese...view item »

Ben Klock
Compression Session

Ben Klock's one of the residents at Berghain and his recent mix CD went down a treat in my ears and I'm glad to say this 12" is now doing the same. 'Compression Session 1' kicks off with nary more than a dull, thudding kick pounding away in the midrange - as though through a wall - and hints of light, twinkly synth work up above before proceedin...view item »

Marcel Fengler
Enigma EP

You can always rely on Ostgut Ton to serve up a bit of forward-thinking techno and they've been on particularly good form recently what with the Shed album, the L.B. Dub Corp 12" and others. Now Marcel Fengler can add himself to the list with this three-tracker that's a fine example of what I guess could loosly be referred to as the house style:...view item »

Barker & Baumecker
Candyflip EP

This is Sam Barker, the guy from Voltek along with nd_baumecker and together they've come up with a track that harnesses all the essential elements of a good club track with tension and release, big breakdown and kick in and deep house/techno vibes, the beat shifts from 4/4 to being more broken with lush pads and metallic piano motif/hook. I can...view item »

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