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Berlin techno imprint Ostgut Ton was established in 2005 as the in-house label of arguably the planet’s most famous/infamous nightclub - techno mecca Berghain. It arrived shortly after the genre had practically imploded. A great deal of techno had ...read more »

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Steffi x Virginia
Work A Change

Sparks fly every time Steffi and Virginia get together. Two of Ostgut Ton’s longest-serving and most beloved artists, the previous collaborations between these two DJ/producers have given us bangers for the ages. The friends repeat the trick on new EP Work A Change, another set of primo Berlin-school house and techno. Outstanding work yet again.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (O-TON122)
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Pitched somewhere between IDM and straight house music, Utility is the debut solo album from producer Sam Barker, following up on his well-received EP Debiasing last year. The record spans nine tracks of inner-space travel, beginning as psychedelic thumbnail sketches and thrashed out into electronic epics. 

Ben Klock
Before One

Before One, logically enough, is the immediate precursor to Ben Klock’s full-length album One. You know Ben Klock, and you know his reliable brand of big-room Berlin techno: endlessly compelling for the body, and sometimes even the mind. What a pro. Re-pressed 12” on Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label.

Odds Against Us

In 2018 Martyn suffered from a heart attack in his studio. He managed to take that horrific moment and channel it into Odds Against Us, a record that draws from drum'n'bass to gqom, and from post-dubstep to UKG. Despite all the touch stones, Martyn is much less married to BPMs than those genres can be across these three tracks.
  • Vinyl 12" (O-TON121)
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  • Ostgut Ton

Vatican Shadow / Various
Berghain 09

Dominick Fernow’s noise / music / sound journey has taken him all the way from the self-loathing feedback howls of early Prurient to compiling a mix as Vatican Shadow for Berghain, that most noted of Berlin techno institutions. A great mix of powerful bangers and gnarly noise textures, including several locked grooves on the D side of this double LP set. On Ostgut Ton.

Vatican Shadow
Rubbish Of The Floodwaters

He’s been working in this direction for a while now, but Dominick Fernow’s military-industrial-themed alias Vatican Shadow is now a certified techno project, as this new 12” is released by the Berghain kings themselves: Ostgut Ton! Rubbish Of The Floodwaters contains three broodingly intense tracks.
  • Vinyl 12" (O-TON104)
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Ryan Elliott
Paul's Horizon

Berghain resident Ryan Elliott has been a bit quiet on the release front these past few years, so it’s great to see him back on Ostgut Ton with a new EP. Paul’s Horizon is Berlin club fare par excellence, all relentless techno rhythms and icy synth pads and slightly wistful bass licks. Fellow O-Ton-ers like Norman Nodge are the related artists you're looking at. Let’s hope we’re not waiting so long for Elliott to follow up Paul’s Horizon.

New Atlantis

It’s techno baby. New Atlantis is a new full album from Berghain institution Efdemin, and it delivers plenty of heavy 4/4, deep-bass action, as befits a producer with such rich Berlin experience. However New Atlantis also leans out of the club here and there, with acoustic instrumentation, voice samples and psychedelic drones getting involved as well. That makes it a full journey of a listen. On Ostgut Ton.

Rise And Shine

Substance is Berlin dance legend Peter Kuschnereit, who has also been known simply as DJ Pete. He is marking his 30th year in the biz with Rise & Shine, his debut solo EP for Ostgut Ton. Pete’s influence has found its way to the Berlin dance scene through his other job as an employee of the Hard Wax record store and as one of the DJs contributing to the Wax Treatment Party series, as well has his own releases and DJ sets where he draws from dubstep, grime, house and techno, adding a few twists along the way. 12" 5-track EP on Ostgut Ton.
  • Vinyl 12" (O-TON 115)
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Norman Nodge

Lawyer and DJ Norman Nodge has been a resident of Berghain since 2005. Yes, that’s what they call their captives. Here’s the new Norman Nodge record anyway, available right here on Norman Records. This is his first release in some time but it packs a reliable Berlin punch with four deep, minimal excursions into breaks, acid, dub stabs and that.

Planetary Assault Systems
Arc Angel

Big techno man Luke Slater provides Ostgut Ton and yourselves with some more melodically-leaning techno machinations beamed in from the outer heliosphere. We say melody, but you've got deep drones, alien synth lines and haywire arps all tuned to twisted perfection. They've even thrown in a download of the continuous album mix too. The techno never stops.

Terence Fixmer
Through The Cortex

Terence Fixmer’s back on Ostgut Ton with a new LP. Through The Cortex is the producer’s sixth full-length (though first for the Berghain’s label) and having been around the block a few times the Frenchman is trying something a little different this time. It’s still techno, for sure, but there’s also a synthwave influence in here that has more than a whiff of Suicide to it.

Phase Fatale
Reverse Fall

In a way it’s surprising that Ostgut Ton have never released anything explicitly inspired by J. G. Ballard’s Crash, such is the label’s affinity for all things dark and doomyful. Still, better late than never. Reverse Fall is Phase Fatale’s debut release on the Berghain’s in-house imprint after graduating from its Unteron sub-label, and he nails both Ton and Ballard’s dystopian aesthetic first-time. Four wedges of foreboding and cinematic Berlin techno to write off a car to.


It’s been a difficult couple of years for Martyn. Since 2014's The Air Between Words LP, the 3024 boss has narrowly avoided death by heart attack. His good friend Marcus Intalex wasn’t so lucky, passing away in May 2017. These experiences shifted Martyn’s musical horizons greatly, causing him to reassess his psychedelic take on classic American and European club stylings. On Voids, he is still Martyn, but not as we knew him, using the record’s techno/house/garage flex as a way to both rediscover and reshape his artistic voice. ‘Manchester’ is a touching tribute to the late Intalex. Out via Ostgut Ton.

Answer Code Request

Four years on from the debut Answer Code Request LP Code and the Berghain resident issues this murky, tense follow-up. Gens is a pretty unremitting listen. Most of the tracks here see monolithic four-on-the-floors shrouded in great billows of hissing reverb. Unearthly synths and clanking percussion skulk in the fog. Only on the likes of the mournfully weightless ‘Orarum’ does the haze clear.
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Eyes In The Center

Eye In The Centre is the twelve-track release from Tobias that can be described as a ‘personal philosophy and state of mind, as a mix of science, meditation and rhythm’. Although the sound cannot be pinned down, there is a sure mix of electro and experimental house. Available on Vinyl Double LP and CD.

Berghain 08

It’s Berghain baby, you know what to expect! In-house label Ostgut Ton’s eighth Berghain mix release series delivers four pitch-black muscular sweat-bangers, from producers Rroxymore, Stefan Rein, Electric Indigo and the pairing of Boris & Fiedel. Lots to love here. 12” from Ostgut Ton.
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  • Ostgut Ton


When a new track emerges and you just whisper to yourself 'yes' as the bass is switched in, anticipating another peak of technoid frenzy... that's what this release is all about. A meeting of scene stalwarts Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems), Steve Bicknell (Lost) and David Sumner (Function). Here exploring the psychedelic reaches of techno, with a firm grip on the hot rhythms that underpin them.

World Of The Waking State

Having moved to Berlin in 2007, Steffi became a resident at Panorama Bar and soon began to release on the club’s label; Ostgut Ton. World of The Waking State is her third solo album for Ostgut Ton and is an ensnaring mix of heavy club beats and shadowy electronics. The ten tracks across this LP differ in mood and tempo but keep an inflective and refined approach throughout, marking Steffi with her own distinct style. Available as a vinyl LP or CD.   

Masse Box

Some minimal club action on Masse Box. This is a series of remixes from these heavy weight producers. They will go wherever their mind takes them, delving deep into techy drums with emotive contemporary poppy-classical styled strings, or perhaps into some 80s distorted synth bass with some modern Brad Mehldau solo piano vibes. Also some straight up dark 3am stuff. Diversity is the game here and each producer shows their worth. Out on vinyl LP box set from Ostgut Ton.
  • Vinyl LP box set (MASSEBOX1)
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  • Ostgut Ton

Terence Fixmer
Force EP

French techno producer and Berghain resident Terence Fixmer has releases on Jealous God, CLR, and Deeply Rooted, now he returns home to Ostgut Ton for his second EP with them. Putting a track in each corner of his club’s stylistic needs he goes through dark, menacing, ethereal, and percussively tight.

Nick Höppner

A resident at Berghain’s Panorama bar and label manager at Ostgut until he resigned in 2012 to commit to his solo productions, Nick Höppner has since released 6 EPs and is now on his second full length for Ostgut. Refining his techno production to perfection Work spans all corners of the genre and beyond, from playful to lighthearted and uplifting to deep and dance floor focused.

Dettmann / Klock
Phantom Studies

To celebrate the one hundredth release of Berghain’s in house label Ostgut Ton residents Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann have produced their first collaborative outing in a decade. As well as some sure fire techno killers two tracks feature vocals from the pair of them and a dark and hypnotic half-time spoken word piece. Underline’s why they were the first release and are still at the forefront.

Fierce For The Night

Virginia drops a full-length album on Berlin’s techno overlord label, Ostgut Ton. Unusually for these keepers of the Berghain, Fierce For The Night is made up of actual, vocally-driven songs, albeit songs grounded firmly in the sound of techno. Working with co-producers Martyn, Steffi and Dexter, Virginia has achieved something special here.

Nick Höppner

On his full length album, Nick Hoppner is still making techno. With a style that sounds like it would be just a little too heavy for legendary minimal label Kompakt, but still similar, Folk is a new take on sturdy 4/4 beats. At first listen, the kick is too heavy for the amount of ambient ambiance going on, but then you realize it’s actually catchy as hell.

Answer Code Request

Code is the debut LP from Berlin producer Patrick Gräser in his Answer Code Request alias. Over the course of twelve tracks, Gräser deftly references the ghosts of techno past and serves them up with a zeitgeist-pleasing twist. Nods to the likes of Higher Intellegence Agency and mid-Nineties Berlin floors give proceedings a satisfying retrospective glow. Not forsaking his techno obligations, there's more than a fair share of forward-thinking dancefloor pleasers amongst the bleeps, tones and textures. CD and vinyl on Ostgut Ton.

A Series Of Shocks

‘A Series Of Shocks’ is Berlin based producer Tobias Freund’s second album. Following in the footsteps of the rich, yet at the same time almost puritanical sound of his first album ‘Leaning Over Backwards’ this new record delves even further into his ever evolving “non-standard“ exploration of electronic music.