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Project Pablo
Inside Unsolved

Inside Unloved is the new energetic four-track EP from Project Pablo, AKA Canadian electronic artist and maker of irresistible dance music Patrick Holland. Inspiration for the EP comes from Canada’s past electronic music glories, the sounds of labels such as Steel City and Map Music. A euphoric moment on the dancefloor at Montreal’s MUTEK festival provided inspiration for one track, too. 12" on Spectral Sound.
  • Vinyl 12" (SPC-143)
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  • Limited edition

No Resurrection

SEER are an electronics duo who like the titular beer and the National hail from Brooklyn, New York. They are possibly more fun than both, honing left field dance floor techniques in their studio taking the rhythm of the clubs and injecting it with some studio wizardry. The result is a kind of freeform underground dance psychedelia majoring in electro but blending the possibilities of techno and house into one kinetic splurge.   
  • Vinyl 12" (SPC-147)
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  • Limited edition
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Indigo, Flesh and Fire

Electronic musician and Bopside label owner Tadd Mullinix has historically recorded under a range of aliases during his career, each to signify a different aspect or influence of his sound. With this new five-track EP Indigo, Flesh and Fire, he re-activates his JTC moniker that he’s often used to indulge in acid house stylings. 

Why Me?

Ciel returns, this time on Spectral Sound. As much an important figure as a DJ and producer as an activist and empowerer of female and non-binary representation in electronic music, Cindy Li’s latest is an EP of four sputtering techno compositions. The two made in collaboration with Colin “Wiretapping” Sims are a touch heavier, but the overall sound is soft beats with lovely watery synths. ‘Hipwrecked’ even recalls Time Tourist-era B12.


Spectral Sound, sister label of Ghostly International (Mark E, Matthew Dear), bring Osbourne back into the fold for their latest drop. Fools is the first thing that the one born Todd Osbourn has dropped on Ghostly since 2013’s Joe Goddard collaboration ‘Hold Up'. However, it’s clear from these tunes that the intervening years haven’t robbed him of his knack for crafting buoyant, funky leftfield house jams.
  • Vinyl 12" (SPC-142)
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  • Limited edition
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  • Spectral

Russell E. L. Butler

Four tracks on twelve inches of wax, from Bermuda artist Russell E.L. Butler. Petty is probably the closest that Butler has yet come to real floor-filling techno, though don’t worry, there are still plenty of sonic and conceptual details to revel in from this experimental producer. 12” EP on Spectral.
  • Vinyl 12" (SPC-141)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Fort Romeau

Ghostly International sub-label Spectral Sound (Matthew Dear, DMX Krew) are promising that there’ll be no re-press of this new Fort Romeau EP, so best get SPC-140 while it’s still hot. Not that you needed any incentive, mind. FR’s on a hot-streak at the moment - his single ‘Pablo’ was recently named ‘Best New Music’ by Pitchfork - and it continues with these three tracks of melodic, moody tech-house.

Mark E
Product Of Industry

Mark E hails from the West Midlands, and identifies the industrial background of the area as an influence on his sound, particularly on this album, Product Of Industry (obviously). But, refreshingly, this isn’t just a byword for ‘heavy’ and ‘dark’ music. Mark E takes the mechanical relentlessness of industry, but tempered with warm analogue synth sounds. Its a strong combination.

Several Shades Of The Same Color - Part 1

Making sense of some of these press releases makes my brain want to turn itself inside out. Luckily the one phrase 'multifaceted techno trip" pretty much describes the music of Patricia (actually a man  - whoda thunk?) and from the earlier work by this shadowy composer I deduce that this will be well worth waiting out for for fans of dark techno, miserable synth, Demdike Stare and Stotty.  

Lines+ Colours

This new material from Moiré has all his playful movement between different dance subcultures, but it’s also more refined and elegant; these are minimal and thoughtful house bangers. Lines + Colours also reveals a jazzy and experimental side that reminds us of his pal Actress. But they're still best played loud.
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  • Spectral