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Active for over a decade in her native Argentina, Sobrenadar aka Paula García now enjoys an international release for the first time through Sonic Cathedral following a successful collaboration with Jefre-Cantu Ledesma...view item »

Lord Tarquin
Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman

Sonic Cathedral are venturing into publishing books for the first ever time with 'Memoirs of A Shoegazing Gentlemen', the work of Piss-Taker-In-Chief Lord Tarquin (also known as David Quantick). The content of this book of satire and maybe potentially some shoegaze originally found its home in a frequent column for NME. ...view item »


I mean what in God's name is going on here? There's just 250 of these and you get a 12" on 'windscreen' vinyl, with an air freshener, bag of sand etc etc.  The record takes a look back at their previous 'Condition' LP with one track lifted from the opus and a scattering of remixes from the likes of Metrist and Yeah You and Giant Swan folks....view item »

Echo Ladies
Pink Noise

Swiftly following up their much-loved EP which garnered attention from the likes of 6 Music, Radio X, Beats 1, The Line Of Best Fit and Clash, this Swedish dream-pop/shoegaze band drop the big debut. Referencing the old sounds of Cocteau Twins, New Order and the Cure but also the modern day son...view item »

Echo Ladies
Echo Ladies

If you’re looking for the precise intersection of Alvvays, The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order, then Echo Ladies’ EP could be exactly what you need for those late nights lying (alone) on your bedroom floor. Defining their sound as, “the feeling of nostalgia and hope for the ...view item »

The Early Years
The Early Years

Next up on the ever growing shelves is a new signing to Beggars Banquet called The Early Years. If you like Krautrock and more specifically Neu then this is for you as they have wholesale copied the Neu sound completely. Someone should really get some lawyers involved. There's money to be made here I'm sure. Aside ...view item »


Dead is apparently what happens when you submit your music to a whole host of highly creative contemporaries with the request that they “kill” your songs. So Spectre’s material is shaken in all directions by the likes of Giant Swan, Factory Floor, Vision Fortun...view item »

The Early Years

Krautrock-influenced London band The Early Years formed in 2004 and were signed to Beggars Banquet after airplay from Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens. After their debut album received rave reviews, the band embarked on the usual round of tours and festivals before deciding to take a break in 2008. Now, 10 years after their first album, here is the...view item »

Mark Peters

Former Engineers songwriter Mark Peters is finally releasing his first solo recordings from way back when. Treading in the footsteps of large-scale electronic dreamers Hammock and Ulrich Schnauss, Peters’ first recordings will only be available on cassette tapes. ...view item »

Moon Diagrams

Hot pink (!) limited edition 7" of remixes of songs from Moon Diagrams' (Deerhunter's drummer, Moses John Archuleta) debut album from earlier this year. Psychedelic dream pop-ers Happy Meals make the a-side proper funky while fellow Glaswegians, Komodo ...view item »


XAM Duo takes one member of Deadwall and matches him up with a Hookworm. Then the pair improvised their way down some infinite komische highways at high speed, producing shimmering electro-psych that stands comfortably apart from the ‘main’ projects of the members. CD / double LP edi...view item »


Disappearing further down the rabbit hole of noise and feedback, Spectres here lift as much from their recent remix album Dead as they do from any of their own releases. The swaying-at-the-edge-of-the-room dirges here will woo fans of Girl Band, Daughters, Sonic Youth e...view item »

The Early Years

Four track EP of remixes of tracks taken from The Early Years’s 2016 album II. Includes two remixes of Hall Of Mirrors by king remixer Andrew Weatherall, as well as remixes by Andy Bell (RIDE) and XAM (Matthew Benn of ...view item »

Harrys Gym
Old Man

This sounds kinda icy. I guess them being from Norway'd probably explain that one. I guess I'm thinking of a far less idiosyncratic indie pop version of the Knife here. The lady's vocals quite remind me Linda Perhacs whose reissued LP on Mexican Summer everyone should buy RIGHT NOW. Chad Valley is on flipside remix duties and brings some sunshin...view item »

Moon Diagrams
Lifetime of Love

Finally, Deerhunter's sticks-man Moses John Archuleta is releasing his first solo album, as Moon Diagrams. It took Archuleta 10 years to assemble Lifetime of Love. The record sees him reassemble the processes of love and grief in his life, through his unique filter of ambient techno and crafty pop ...view item »

Mojave 3
Ask Me Tomorrow

A treat indeed here: the 1995 debut album of Mojave 3 (the reduced and acoustically-refocused three-piece band formed by members of Slowdive) is put back into print on vinyl after more than two decades of unavailability. Ask Me Tomorrow is a gorgeous, stripped-back listen, and it sounds wonderful on thi...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
The Sound Of All Things

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete releasing a new record is a breath of fresh air that is sometimes greatly needed, and thankfully we’ve been given The Sound Of All Things. A great blend of sounds and musical architecture that give a deep and meaningful addition to any collection of shoegaze and indie synth-pop. Availabl...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Guadalajaran kraut/psyche-rock duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete manage to blow some of the cobwebs away, re-energise and bring grit back to the genre with Balance, literally. La Distinción sonically paints a world where Tarantino directed Austin Powers with big band psychedelic groove meeting mexican stand...view item »

Live at the Total Refreshment Centre, London, November 5, 2016

XAM Duo, the Hookworms / Deadwall synth team-up, played an improvised show at Total Refreshment Centre earlier this year. Thankfully the set was recorded, and now lies before you, encased in an orange cassette tape. Shiny kosmische goodness is the order of the day, performed on analogue...view item »

Low: Live In Chicago

Commissioned to cover a whole David Bowie record, the band Disappears naturally chose Low, one of the absolute greats. They manage the challenge pretty effectively, simultaneously sounding close to the original record whilst also being audibly themselves. Their live rendition has been pressed to orange ...view item »

Yeti Lane

Labels Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music have joined forces to bring the new album from Yeti Lane to vinyl LP and CD. For L’Aurore the psych duo built up their ideas for the album through a series of free-form improvisations with their pals, and thankfully their friends i...view item »

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham

Here comes the ex Galaxie 500 frontman with a new album. I wonder if they get offered big money on the table to reform. Probably. Anyway he seems happy to do his own thing these days and in tandem with producer Jim James (My Morning Jacket) he has produced a much more upbeat set of songs this tim...view item »

Black Hearted Brother
Stars Are Our Home

Even though I have a head full of cold today I’m still pretty excited about this release, being an old shoegazer since the early nineties (showing my age now!), Black Hearted Brother is a collaboration between Neil Halstead of legendary Thames Valley footwear enthusiasts Slowdive, ...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Mexican psych-kraut sensations Lorelle Meets The Obsolete return this week with LP number three, and rather a treat it is too. They've got CAVE's Cooper Crain producing this time round so everything sounds crisp and huge as they bound through 10 hypnotic tracks of their hypnotic psychedelic pop. ...view item »

Odd Nosdam
T r i s h EP

cLOUDDEAD’s resident beatsmith Odd Nosdam returns with the T r i s h EP. This collection of abstract boom-bap and psychedelic samples was originally only available as a limited cassette. To mark the anniversary of Broadcast frontwoman Trish Keenan’s death, it’s been pressed as ...view item »

Maps/ M83
To The Sky/ We Own The Sky

Sonic Cathedral have decided to excite matters further with the latest installment in their shoegaze/dream pop series & nobly ignoring the M83 remix of a probably perfectly fine Maps tune, I check the flip to see how much better the Frenchman has been served by the Englo-meister. I prefer it on 33 because it shows how beautiful old synths can s...view item »

Spectres (featuring Ela Orleans)

Spectres thought it wise to capitalise on the latest James Bond theme sharing (most of) a name with them, and they’ve recorded their own, unofficial theme song for Spectre. It has cinematic strings and a moody, noirish vibe: arguably better than the official choice! Pressed to 007” (geddit? ...view item »

Sea Of Trees / Sink

Spectres noisy shoegaze was recently showcased with their debut full-length Dying, and this release subjects two of that record’s tracks to the whims of remixers. On the A-side is Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas, who takes Sea Of Trees in a techno direction. On the B, ...view item »


How about some gruesome shoegaze for when the whole earth has been scorched and salted? Spectres' are buying, if you're interested, their new record Dying belting out a variety of dishevelled noise tactics all at the same time. Like hearing every Sunn O))) or Wold song at once, it ...view item »

The Vacant Lots
Remixed by Alan Vega + Anton Newcombe

The Vacant Lots were never too big fans of peaceful tracks, but Alan Vega’s (of Suicide) remix has definitely added a new layer of energy to 6 AM. Then on the other side, there’s Anton Newcombe (of Brian Jonestown Massacre), whose remix of Never Satisfied ...view item »

Psych For Sore Eyes 2

Six completely exclusive tracks of modern day psych from Morgan Delt, White Fence, Damaged Bug (John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees' fame), Psychic Ills, Hills and Prayer Meeting. Comes on double 7" and you also get a badge of which there are many designs. You lucky people.  ...view item »

Season Sun

Debut album by the new band formed by Super Furry Animals’ Guto Pryce and his wife Lindsey Leven. Folky female vocals atop ’60s-influenced psych-pop and motorik synth-prog. Like a shinier Stereolab or a more bucolic Broadcast, ‘Seasoned Sun’ also features contributions from fellow Super Furry Animals Cian Ciaran a...view item »

The Vacant Lots

This psych-rock duo from Burlington, Vermont seem to have been doing everything right so far. They've already got singles on Mexican Summer and Reverb Appreciation Society and an appearance on the cult 'Psych for Sore Eyes' 2x7" comp alongside Hookworms and Lorelle Me...view item »

Neil Halstead

I used to love Slowdive when they came out. I got flack for liking them (not sure why) and these days it’s cool to like them, though I’ve kinda moved on now being generally older, more miserable and massively fat. We’re all just waiting to die and filling in the time in between with stuff. Fuck knows where that came from. ...view item »

Disappears/ Cloudland Canyon
Kraftwerk? Ja Bitte!

Transcending novelty is a hard thing when you’re an indie band doing a Kraftwerk cover. I even find Big Black’s version of ‘The Model’ to be more annoying than they probably originally intended. Not that Steve Albini would g...view item »

Dean Wareham
Emancipated Hearts

Debut solo album from former Galaxie 500 mainman Dean Wareham, out on the uber-cool Sonic Cathedral label. With only six tracks and a remix I’m inclined to call this a mini-album as opposed to a full-lengther. This is Dean in his usual miserablist territory...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
What’s Holding You?

Guadalajaran psych-heads Lorelle Meets the Obsolete are riding high on a wave of popular opinion after a tasty contribution to the highly sought after ‘Psych For Sore Eyes’ 2x7” comp followed by their first two LPs finally becoming available on these fair shores. Now they capit...view item »


The amazing Sonic Cathedral label release the debut album by Younghusband.   Produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Wild Nothing) ‘Dromes’ is a perfect indie pop record with splashes of shoega...view item »

Dean Wareham
Love Is Colder Than Death

The former Mr Galaxie 500 is back with this latest single on the Sonic Cathedral imprint, Dean Wareham as we know and love him is not one for happy bouncy music, and this little country ballad is definitely not one of those. ‘Love Is ...view item »

Happy Families
New Forgetting

Debut single on the mighty Sonic Cathedral label from Happy Families, feedback-drenched shoegaze from Lawrence Chandler of Bowery Electric fame, Side A ‘New Forgetting’ is a wall of sound with barely audible vocals in the style of bands like ...view item »

Cheval Sombre
Mad Love

The sad horse himself Cheval Sombre is back with another album of slow psychedelic pop, once again with buddies Sonic Boom and Dean Wareham in tow, among others. T...view item »

Gravenhurst / Beach Fossils
Neil Halstead Tribute

Got a 7” here where two of indie’s brightest sparks, Gravenhurst and Beach Fossils, each pay tribute to Slowdive’s...view item »

Neil Halstead
Palindrome Hunches

Musing as I do late at night, with the help of a couple of Mark Kozelek videos I started pondering the art of the singer songwriter and how, sometimes, it just catches you but then the next guy comes along and it’s all...view item »

Dead Mellotron

Comes in amazing sleeve where the name of the band and the title is written in glitter and is on white vinyl with a download code. From there things get less interesting; the music is a 2012 version of shoegaze influenced by Chapterhouse, Revolver and the like - the opening track is a semi...view item »

M83 / Fairewell
Midnight City / Wild Meadow/I've Been Locked Away

Not quite sure what's going on here. We've got Team Ghost remixing both M83 (who I think are related to M83 in someway though I'm not entirely sure) and Fairewell (who I've no knowledge of at all), both of which are mad decent. The M83 'Mightnight City' is vocodered to the max with ethere...view item »

Yeti Lane
The Echo Show

Starting with bubbling analogue synths, clean guitar lines and Neu inspired motorik drums, immediately Frenchmen Yeti Lane have a sound that is recognisable but also hugely enjoyable proving once again that obvious influences can lead to something fresh and exciting. The blokes vocals are...view item »

The Early Years
Complicity / Fallen Star

The Early Years have been knocking about for a fair few years. I believe they used to be on Beggars Banquet and harboured ambitions of being the next Spiritualized. Well now they are kicking it on the Sonic Cathedral label and making straight-up spaced out Krautrock. It doesn't take a gen...view item »

School Of Seven Bells
My Cabal

School Of Seven Bells: 'My Cabal' plus Robin Guthrie mix (Sonic Cathedral) A big beat driven chugger in the mode of State Of Grace (according to our man at the helm). It's anthemic in scale and delivery, with a chorus of female vocals and constantly elevating keyboard lines and fx. The flipside's mix by Mr Cocteau-Robin Guthrie takes the ...view item »

Soon (James Rutledge Mix) / Touched (Ricardo Tobar mix)

Japancakes ruined one of my favourite albums last year by covering My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. Here there are on a 7" on Sonic Cathedral. This time they're being remixed! Pedro remixes them destroying 'Soon' and fortunately he's made it more his own and it's actually pretty good. Certainly not a patch on the original but as far as the Japa...view item »

Sarabeth Tucek
Get Well Soon

Funny one for Sonic Cathedral, this, as it's quite traditional misery girl stuff with added Neil Young like humongous guitar solo's. Lauren Laverne has apparently written about this in her Grazia column no less (I remember her buying records from a 555 records stall at a Remote Viewer show not overly long ago) so should we sit up and take no...view item »

Team Ghost
Celebrate What You Can't See EP

A four track 7" plus a download code so you can get the whole thing onto your computer/personal music player AND gain an extra track. The musical genre is French digital shoegaze. I was going to say the main comparison would be M83 when I looked at the press release to find that this is the project of M83 co-founder Nicolas Fromageau (English tr...view item »

Sad Day For Puppets
When You Tell Me That You Love Me

'When You Tell Me That You Love Me' is a wordy title for a single, almost as 'wordy' as my review style. Anyway, it's by Sad Day For Puppets and sounds very much like Belly and those mid-nineties 4AD bands....well Fort Apache. B-side 'Withering Petals And Dust' does actually sound a bit like Dinosaur Jr. (it's mentioned in the press release but I c...view item »

I Was A King
Norman Bleik

Sonic Cathedral present I Was A King as their new post-shogaze style signing. They've a nice hazy, dreamy Rickenbacker drenched sound that recalls a Scandinavian Byrds on 'Norman Bleik', perhaps a paen to the singer of Teenage Fanclub - for sound-wise this is an excellent, more feline, take on prime Fannies. I loved writing that. The flip is a tumb...view item »

Sad Day For Puppets
Marble Gods/ Big Waves

I like the band name Sad Day For Puppets. Not that I like seeing anyone being sad, especially puppets but I'm attracted to the name. So the 7" gets whacked onto the platter and the sound coming from the speakers is a super tuneful indie pop fuzz tune that's reminiscent of Lush, The Darling Buds and the vocals of Kirsty MacColl. Apparently some...view item »

Sad Day For Puppets
Pale Silver & Shiny Gold

Sad Day for Puppets is one of those groups that I was lucky enough to run across. Debut from Swedish shoe-gaze dream-pop band who have added a guitar-driven sound that's invested with a raw, melodic, gleeful psychedelic pop fervour. A great combination of soft-to-bouncy pop energy & cranked-up feedback churning led by fragile female vocals. ...view item »

The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral: A Tribute To Roky Erickson And The 13th Floor Elevators

When tribute albums are done well it's always a pleasure sifting through the thrills & spills provided by ecstatic devotees who've built their own careers on a love & understanding of the particular band they're playing homage to. The best example i've heard in a while is The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral: A Tribute To Roky E...view item »

Yeti Lane
Lonesome George

New on Sonic Cathedral is a single by Yeti Lane called 'Lonesome George'. Its chirpy indie pop with some very busy drumming that pushes it along nicely. Not a care in the world this - breezy. Kind of a cross between Can and Camera Obscura. Very indie-pop. Sign up the drummer immediately. B side has that Spiritualized thing going on. Rhythmically ex...view item »

Various (School of Seven Bells, Maps, M83 etc.)
Cathedral Classics Volume 1

Sonic Cathedral have released some wicked singles over the last few years and the label have compiled them on one nice priced CD for you. Cathedral Classics Volume 1 is here in it's 17 track glory! In case you don't know what the label have done before, they have released folks like The Tamborines, Mark Gardener, Ulrich Schnauss, Sarabeth Tucek, Sc...view item »

Sad Day For Puppets
Unknown Colours

I quite like this new Sad Day For Puppets CD on Sonic Cathedral called Unknown Colours. It sparked a bit of a debate in the office as we couldn't decide if it was any good or not and I thought it was pretty good for what it is. Sweden's latest new indie poppers have created a slightly shoegazey indie pop opus taking in influences like Catatonia, Lu...view item »

Miranda Lee Richards

Miranda Lee Richards: 'Life Boat' inc Neil Halstead mix (Sonic Cathedral) This is one of five new titles in a series of seven inch singles from shoe gazing revisionists Sonic Cathedral. Pressed on acid yellow vinyl, this is a country/folk styled slow waltz with slide, steel guitar complete with hazy delayed vocals. Fans of Mazzy Star will appr...view item »

Mark Gardener
The Story Of The Eye

Mark Gardener: 'The Story of The Eye' plus Ulrich Schnauss mix (Sonic Cathedral) Ex-Ride man coming on like Tim Burgess of The Charlatans, maybe it's the upfront vocals. Its like a strum and hum tune that goes a bit falsetto and almost gospel like when the backing vocals kick in. Mr Schnauss's mix plies the reverb for some cinematic inter...view item »

The Early Years
Like A Suicide / The Computer Voice

The latest 7" on Sonic Cathedral comes from The Early Years and it's a hypnotic tune with a bit of a krautrock groove. For 'Like a Suicide' The rhythm section provide a head nodding and foot tapping repetitive element that carries it along with a vocal that's kinda new wave. Some of the synths remind me of Gary Newman, Phil is reminded of Holy Fu...view item »

Daniel Land and The Modern Painters
Within The Boundaries

Let's all go to Daniel Land, Daniel Land, Daniel Land, let's all go to Daniel Land and The Modern Painters. The general consensus here in the office is that 'Within the Boundaries' sounds exactly like The Cocteau Twins minus Liz Fraser (who Brian just did a terrifying impression of to help prove the point). Mark Peters, Ulrich Schnauss and Haddaway...view item »

Dean & Britta
White Horses

Dean & Britta: 'White Horses' (Sonic Cathedral) w/ Sonic Boom mix. Anyone with a mid 1960's to 1970's retro television fixation will immediately locate this tune as the opening theme tune to the tale of one girl and her horse. It's beautiful and achingly blue in mood and is sure to bring back happy childhood memories for those that heard i...view item »


Kyte: 'Planet' / 'Secular Ventures' Maps mix (Sonic Cathedral) This one's a slow burning, chiming affair, it tinkles in the way those stadium friendly Icelandic bands chime, in their elegiac overtly emotional way. The Maps mix on the flipside, overloads the o's and ones in a digital frenzy of squashed beats and chiming keyboard lines. The mix ...view item »

Sarabeth Tucek
Something For You

Sarabeth Tucek is a new name to me but here's a her debut 7" on Sonic Cathedral on white wax. It's gorgeous sounding singer songwriter stuff along the lines of Beach House. pretty timeless sounding stuff and her voice is well melty and sexy sounding. We're impressed!! 'Something For You' is it's name! ...view item »