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What the actual fook… Sonic Cathedral has gone all out on a stonking lickle package for this record. If you’re a bit squeamish then you might wanna stop reading… The story goes that the song ‘Welcoming The Flowers’ was inspired by a conversation at a wedding where a family friend told a band member a shocking and ...view item »

Echo Ladies
Pink Noise

Shoegaze so user-friendly that even Radio X are on board, Echo Ladies are the place where Pinkshinyultrablast meets Chvrches. All the usual influences are very quickly on board  - bits of the Cocteau's, New ...view item »

The Early Years
The Early Years

Next up on the ever growing shelves is a new signing to Beggars Banquet called The Early Years. If you like Krautrock and more specifically Neu then this is for you as they have wholesale copied the Neu sound completely. Someone should really get some lawyers involved. There's money to be made here I'm sure. Aside ...view item »


Dead is apparently what happens when you submit your music to a whole host of highly creative contemporaries with the request that they “kill” your songs. So Spectre’s material is shaken in all directions by the likes of Giant Swan, Factory Floor, Vision Fortun...view item »

The Early Years

2008 seems a long time ago but that is in fact the last time the Early Years dipped their heads above the precipice. This is their first album in ages and they burst out of the traps on the title track as if those years of pent up energy have exploded in a five minute burst of kraut influenced psych rock. The track is an absolute blitzkrieg of a...view item »

Mark Peters

First things first. Mark Peters isn't toilet brush haired former the Alarm rocker Mike Peters.  This is Mark Peters who used to be in Engineers, might still be for all we know. Here he steps out solo for the first time and you can only get it on tape. It's a series of g...view item »

Moon Diagrams

Hot pink (!) limited edition 7" of remixes of songs from Moon Diagrams' (Deerhunter's drummer, Moses John Archuleta) debut album from earlier this year. Psychedelic dream pop-ers Happy Meals make the a-side proper funky while fellow Glaswegians, Komodo ...view item »


Really glad this one fell on my plate because I get to use the singular form of Hookworms, which I love doing. This kosmische duo contains a Hookworm, okay, we’re done, and a member of Deadwall, who both use time away from their guitar-oriented mains to make sparkly synth diora...view item »


Spectres have declared that they are still interested in experimenting with guitars on this their third effort and show no signs of truncating their earlier blueprint of making a right royal racket. It’s blindingly obvious that they worship classic era Sonic Youth. This is especially evident o...view item »

Harrys Gym
Old Man

This sounds kinda icy. I guess them being from Norway'd probably explain that one. I guess I'm thinking of a far less idiosyncratic indie pop version of the Knife here. The lady's vocals quite remind me Linda Perhacs whose reissued LP on Mexican Summer everyone should buy RIGHT NOW. Chad Valley is on flipside remix duties and brings some sunshin...view item »

Moon Diagrams
Lifetime of Love

Moon Diagrams is the solo work of Deerhunter drummer Moses John Archuleta and he’s concocted a pleasant album of hypnogogic pop music that often sounds like he’s fallen asleep at the console. It has a severely blessed out vibe with hints of techno and house in the compos...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
The Sound Of All Things

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete releasing a new record is a breath of fresh air that is sometimes greatly needed, and thankfully we’ve been given The Sound Of All Things. A great blend of sounds and musical architecture that give a deep and meaningful addition to any collection of shoegaze and indie synth-pop. Availabl...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete make light psych rock for pure hearts. Their music might get fuzzy, but only insofar as your heart might after a nice compliment. The distortion is bright and joyous, the melodies are nice and sweet and the synths are a treat. There is, occasionally, a kinda industrial drumbeat (damnit, “Ching”), but we&rsq...view item »

Yeti Lane

Parisian Yeti Lane join forces with the Sonic Cathedral team to eat you slowly. “Delicat”, this record’s opener, toys with miasma before going all in for the crunch, using a rolling, almost groaning feedback shared with follow-up “Good Word’s Gone”, like their teeth are made of clouds, like they’re tryin...view item »

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham

Here comes the ex Galaxie 500 frontman with a new album. I wonder if they get offered big money on the table to reform. Probably. Anyway he seems happy to do his own thing these days and in tandem with producer Jim James (My Morning Jacket) he has produced a much more upbeat set of songs this tim...view item »

Black Hearted Brother
Stars Are Our Home

Even though I have a head full of cold today I’m still pretty excited about this release, being an old shoegazer since the early nineties (showing my age now!), Black Hearted Brother is a collaboration between Neil Halstead of legendary Thames Valley footwear enthusiasts Slowdive, ...view item »

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Mexican psych-kraut sensations Lorelle Meets The Obsolete return this week with LP number three, and rather a treat it is too. They've got CAVE's Cooper Crain producing this time round so everything sounds crisp and huge as they bound through 10 hypnotic tracks of their hypnotic psychedelic pop. ...view item »

Lord Tarquin
Memoirs Of A Shoegazing Gentleman

Sonic Cathedral are venturing into publishing books for the first ever time with 'Memoirs of A Shoegazing Gentlemen', the work of Piss-Taker-In-Chief Lord Tarquin (also known as David Quantick). The content of this book of satire and maybe potentially some shoegaze originally found its home in a frequent column for NME. ...view item »

Sea Of Trees / Sink

Spectres normally make noisy shoegaze but here they’ve been reworked by Death in Vegas’s Richard Fearless and serial remixers Factory Floor. There’s no original track on the release to compare this to so I’m straight info Fearless’s mix which h...view item »


A bit of world-bending shoegaze never hurt anybody, but Spectres are maybe hoping they'll knock you backwards anyway, mirroring the aggressive tactics of A Place To Bury Strangers, the skramz twang of the Men circa 'Leave Home', and of course ...view item »

Season Sun

I’ve been looking forward to this one as so many of you have been pre-ordering it. You often know stuff we don’t so it would be daft to ignore the excitement. This is a someone from Super Furry Animals plus their spouse playing music comparable to Broadcast...view item »

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