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Kamasi Washington
Heaven and Earth

Oh my God he is walking on water whilst carrying a saxophone. To some Kamasi Washington is the sort of person who could walk on water with his blend of psychedelic cosmic jazz and horn workouts. His first album 'The Epic' was a hell of a thing and 'Heaven & Earth' which is split into two bits ('Heaven'/'Earth') is bound to be ju...view item »

Kamasi Washington
Harmony of Difference

The first new music from cosmic jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington since his much lauded 'The Epic'. This follow up also seems to be epic despite it's short length being a six part suite exploring the musical technique known as 'counterpoint'. There are 5 unique components which when blended create a sixth track. Clever lad.&nbs...view item »

Jamie xx
John Talabot Remixes

Jamie xx gets remixed by big boss John Talabot, not once but twice. ‘Loud Places’ (featuring a vocal from Romy of The xx) gets both a high energy and a chill-out variation. Jamie has managed to avoid the dilemma of nearly running out of variations on...view item »

FKA Twigs

Following on from the critical success of her debut album, LP 1, FKA Twigs goes all Aphex Twin with the title of her new EP, M3LL155X. Lyrically she deals with feminist and political issues. FKA Twigs has directed videos for four of the songs on the EP which are to be viewed as...view item »

The xx
On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) / A Violent Noise (Four Tet Remix)

Elliott School alumni remix project here as The XX's Jamie XX remixes the XX's 'Hold On' whilst on the flip slightly older former pupil Four Tet brings his remix skills to 'A Violent Noise'. Very, very limited release and we've only got a handful of these 12"s so you'd better be...view item »

FKA Twigs

Think back to 2012, when the remarkable FKA twigs made her debut release. You probably didn’t pick up EP 1 at the time because of it’s highly limited nature, but now you can grab it once more. The slinky four-track EP has been re-pressed to wax by the Young Turks label, and it sounds entirely high-grade. The...view item »

Process Remixes

12-inch with three remixes of tracks from Sampha’s 2017 Mercury-winning LP Process. Featuring remixes from head of the Timedance label Batu, London-based Parris, and the Parisian artist Bambounou. Dreamy vocals, new beats - one of 2017's mos...view item »

Holy Fuck

I am totally taken by this record. When it started I wasn't convinced as its starts with a drone/ambient composition. I don't have the beard to like drone. Or a miserable demeanor. How I was wronged. The ugly head of drone isn't reared again (well not too much). These guys, over the duration of about 40 mins, took me on a much loved musica...view item »

Jamie xx

Very exciting little sneak preview of the album that is soon to come from Jamie xx. Gosh has a typically Jamie clippedness to the rhythm, overlaid here with a suitably ‘oh my gosh’ vocal sample. Halfway through an almost organ-like drone-melody joins the party.  Proper one-sided white l...view item »


Heavy doses of noise, hip hop, and hardcore (both electronic and punk origins) are clear influences for New York based based producer NOLIFE. If you like Arca, Death Grips, and Techno Animal you’ll have a feeding frenzy. These are dark, heavy and chaotic beats with grindin...view item »

The xx
On Hold

It looks like The xx are at it again, ready to do to dance music all that they did to indie. The iron grip of Jamie xx tightens even more as the group moves to increasingly dancier territories, this time over a chopped Hall and Oates vocal. This tale of a relationship gone awry comes in a silver mirror sleeve so you can watch yo...view item »


He's had his finger in an impressive selection of pies for the last 5 or 6 years, and that's why it may come as a surprise that South London-born producer/singer/songwriter Sampha is only just releasing his first full length LP. After an outstanding recent feature on Solange's "A Seat At The Table", Proc...view item »

The xx
I See You

Are you ready to weep? Here come sad Londoners the XX with a brand new album and following on from Jamie's solo success it sounds like they've brought some upbeat dance floor energy into their misery. Hall and Oates sampling lead single 'On Hold' shows them sounding relatively upbeat.  Comes on all sorts of different format...view item »

Jamie xx
All Under One Roof Raving

"I made All Under One Roof Raving whilst on the tail end of another year on the road with The XX. I was missing life in London and trawling through any music and videos that reminded me of home. One in particular I found very inspiring, Mark Leckey's 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore.' I made this track in order to play out back home as I knew ...view item »

FKA Twigs

This is the one innit? The much sought- after EP that continued the road from the debut 'EP1' to the recent album everyone's banging on about. Liking this better than the album, its dark and ethereal dubstep and twisted R&B. Sorta scary. Anyway this is a re-press of a record you could buy absolutely nowhere in recent months. Get it before it...view item »

Jamie xx

Of course  - its ‘I.O.U’ by Freez thats being sampled. Luckily to stop me going insane the sleeve credits the samplees  - its not everyday you see Brian Wilson credited on anything post dub-step and I can’t easily hear where ‘Our Prayer’ fits i...view item »

Jamie xx
Loud Places: Remixes

Enjoyed Loud Places from Jamie xx’s latest album? Well then you’re in luck, as it’s been remixed by four illustrious producers, including Herbert and John Talabot. This in addition to the vocals already present on the original, from The xx’s ...view item »

Amnesia Scanner

It's worth noting that Berlin duo Amnesia Scanner collaborated with Holly Herndon on ‘An Exit’, a track from her 2015 album Platform. That interest in digital-biological development and wild electronic detritus comes through on AS, a 6 track release that vibes like a strange future ...view item »


There is very little known about Unknown by Unknown. The facts that we are aware of are that it is techno, it’s a white label, it’s on the XL Recordings imprint Young Turks, home of The XX, FKA Twigs and SBTRKT, among others. Everything else is a mys...view item »

TT / Love

Koreless turn out two new tracks on the Young Turks label. TT / Love finds the Koreless sound sidestepping away from the big sweeping cinematic nature of recent releases, instead delving head-first back into the club environment. These are two big tracks, though the radically cut-up vocal on Love...view item »

Jamie xx
In Colour

In Colour is the debut album by Jamie xx, from the Mercury Music Prize winning band, The xx. Over the past six years Jamie xx has worked with and re-worked the likes of Radiohead, Alicia Keys and Florence & The Machine but his crown...view item »

Young Turks 2014

And what a year it was for the Young Turks label: 2014 saw immense success for SBTRKT, Jamie xx and (especially) FKA twigs, and this nice little vinyl release grants you rare and/or unreleased tracks from all these artists and more! Works well as either a memento or an introduction to the work o...view item »

Wonder Where We Land

Electronic musician and conjurer of dubstep/future garage tricks Aaron Jerome returns for 'Wonder Where We Land', his second full-length record as SBTRKT. As per his self-titled debut, the record is a gleefully collaborative affair, featuring lots and lots of Sampha, as ever, along with old friend Jessie Ware. There's also a track...view item »

FKA Twigs
LP 1

Former Jessie J dancer releases her debut prosaicly titled album. Is it the future of r&b or a trendified Beyonce rip off? Mike will be along soon to tell you.   Preface Lights On Two Weeks Hours Pendulum Video Girl Numbers Closer Give Up...view item »

Transitions I

• Since the release of his debut album in 2011, SBTRKT has cemented his role as one of the most acclaimed electronic artists and performers around. What began as praise in his hometown of London has now reached to every corner of the globe. • SBTRKT launches ‘Transitions’, a collection of six instrumentals written a...view item »

Transitions III

This reminds me of a library soundtrack record I bought not so long ago. It was called 'Achievement' and had tracks called things like 'Success' 'Aim higher' and was full of upbeat, motivational 80's synth tracks that conjured up images of men in loose fitting suits and big hair toasting deals in wine bars as adoring ladies (not birds) looked om...view item »

Transitions II

I really enjoyed SBTRKT's debut album, itcseemed pretty fresh, there was a consistency about the album, perhaps helped by Sampha's regular presence, so I come to this with favourable expectations. That are swiftly crushed. This is a sorry release. Never judge a book by its cover they so.....view item »

Acid Beth

Hey, you know what would be a good idea? Printing the speeds of records somewhere on the artwork so that hapless reviewers like me might not have to go into their 32nd review of the week not knowing whether they've got the speed right. The first song of this 12" sounds too slow and the second one sounds too fast. That is my first world problem...view item »

Lost Scripts / Koreless
Young Turks 2013/1

That rarest of objects a split 12”. Koreless is Bangor’s top notch melancholy dance merchants. Mixing clubby electronica and melancholy they sound not unlike the Junior Boys. Hints of mid period New Order here and there, sounds like getti...view item »

Invisible / Amenaza

Feel the air, the very air, move. Put simply I've not come across a more infectious 'curl-up- inside-your-inards-and-ear-fuck-you-brainless' track than Invisbible/Amenaza for a long, long time. The ability of the (sub)bass notes to move air rivals any of my plump dj's 12"s, but in a gentle stomach-rumbling way and leaving me with a hunger that o...view item »

The xx / Sampha
Reconsider / Without

I like this Sampha dude. From time to time, a track of his appears on the wireless and my ear pricks. I’ve already reviewed his debut mini album ...view item »

Dual EP

And the hits just keep on coming. Sampha has been out and about of late touring and collaborating with SBTRKT, helping Jessie Ware do something or other. This debut EP starts in tremendous style, the very brief ‘Demons’ and the tremendous ‘Beneath the Tree’ are shi...view item »

The xx

So, big news! Young Turks have finally figured out that they need to shrinkwrap these xx 7”s. Happy dayz. Now, I’m not offended by The xx but I’ve never really got into ‘em. This is mainly down to the fact that they used to advertise their war...view item »

The xx
Angels / Chained

I desperately want to be irritated by The xx. That second album is just more of the same but that’s fine by me. I’d get more angry if they TV On The Radio’d it by over egging puddings and ruining their ...view item »

The xx

Well well well. I knew I was right about these being something special like, but I never expected their post-modern take on the sensitive indie-soul of Everything But The Girl to be quite the world-beater it has been. Then again the vocalistic dynamic between the girl Romy and ...view item »

Hold On

I can’t decide on SBTRKT. He seems a nice enough lad and some of his instrumentals are pretty decent but he has that James Blake style of singing (though admi...view item »


Chairlift's debut album 'Does this Inspire You?' has one of those titles begging for a one word review. Their follow up has a bland catch all title designed to stop idiots like me doing a 'shit sandwich' with it. The music is no less aiming to please. It might as well wag its tail. Its po...view item »

Jack Penate
Second, Minute or Hour

Jack Penate with his new single 'Second, Minute or Hour' on XL. I think he sounds like the Kooks this fellow. A pretty high paced cheeky strum along with fast lyrics and a radio friendly chorus to make the traffic jams slightly less painful. Not unlike my hero's The House Martins but that aint to say I like this Jamie T style camp of quirky new pop...view item »


Zane Lowe-endorsed dubstep, that's what I like. Not heard this bass-felching monster before but I like the voodoo-tinged sleeves. It opens up well with some nice chinkling effects and a powerful all enveloping sound......then it goes all Jamie Woon. I don't understand this music. I don't like divas singing on records never mind some bloke who th...view item »

Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX
I'll Take Care Of U

I'm fairly sure most interested parties will have heard this tune already from the album. I reckon it has a bit of club appeal with its Balearic/tropical house grooves. Not for me I must admit but I can appreciate what's happening. The 'Special DJ Version' on the flip is the one that's gonna have have them crying their faces off over in Ibiza. I...view item »

Step In Shadows EP

Nw 12" frm Sbtrkt n Yng Trks rcrds. Ts xllnt bss hvy pst dbstp wth chrmng rchstrl strngs lk Mssv Ttck f thyd grwn p n dt f Hyprdb. Vry mprssd by th strdnt drms nd nfcts mlds. Bsd hs bd vcl smpl tht hs th blndnss f th rcnt Drkstr vcl. H wll bt trck 4 bck t hnting glcil db tchn....view item »

El Guincho
Piratas De Sudamérica

This is wonderful. It's what you might call dub-tastic if you are the kind of person that says "Glasters" instead of Glastonbury. They have a production sound that is pretty hard to pin down. Its like being sandwiched between two different sound stages at some dub festival, with plenty of space echo and bass frequencies that make the teats swell...view item »

You Drive Me To Plastic

Not heard Bullion before but this is the follow up to his acclaimed debut “Get Familiar” and 2009's “Young Heartache” EP, both released on One Handed Records. 'You Drive Me To Plastic' is one continuous 29 minute party mix (broken up into nine tracks for easy listening) that merges elements of 80's pop, jazz, hip-hop, tro...view item »

The xx

Fucking obsessed with this album. True, bits are a bit samey, what with the ultra minimal stripped back style they employ, the harmonies are lush and the dinky guitar lines are so emotive, can't get these simple, smoky, mellow tunes out of my head. At last, a true marriage of soul & indie that doesn't make you balk at the idea. The sleeves ...view item »

El Guincho
Pop Negro

Hey the vinyl version of this is lovely. It's a big gatefold jobbie with a massive booklet inside full of stuff to keep you entertained whilst you're listening to the album. Genius... I liked this chap's last album. It was so infectiously happy and upbeat I couldn't but help fall for its busty charms. The first thing you'll notice about 'Pop Neg...view item »

The Barker Band
Heart Like Mine

Again on Youngs Turks we have a limited debut by the The Barker Band with a banjotastic knees up bance dance of a song entitled 'Heart like Mine'. Very much in the country school of popular music with a positive bevvy of choral support bigging up the chorus and geeing up the straw lined barn dance. It's quite a traditional nice tune. Great front co...view item »

Holy Fuck
Latin America

Yo yo yo, so I heard that these guys are gonna tour with Public Enemy (which I'm sure should be the best of all possible times) and apparently they might be doing a tune with Chuck D on vocals. Hopefully it'll go a bit better than the Anthrax job (way to mangle one of the best songs of all time, you knobs). Thinking about it it's not hard to ima...view item »

South Central
Castle of Heroes

South Central with a limited 12" called Castle of Heroes on Young Turks (home to the well expensive Jack Penate first single). A-sides a techno trance cut up gurn- fest with pounding bass drum and repeating sythn action to make epileptics nervous. Enough drop outs, drum fills, tempo & pitch experimentations to keep the party...view item »

The xx

"Ok" band in Mercury Music Prize win shocker. It was reasonably pleasing to see a fairly good band win the Mercury wasn't it? They seem like very nice people and their music certainly has its moments, I mean, they aren't brilliant but I've heard worse definitely. So while the winsome threesome go back the studio and panic about what on earth the...view item »

The xx

It was inevitable The XX would eventually succumb to the Dubstep treatment on one of their classy remix twelves. I'm unsure what to make of the Untold re-rub of 'Islands'. I can tell it's good but i'm still thrown by the arrangement. The cool, morphing sub-bass textures and clip-clop beat are entwined with vocal snippets from the original which jus...view item »

El Guincho

El Guincho is one of these master blenders of warped pop-laden tropicalia soundscapery who wanders a similar path to High Places but infuses his music with a more Afro sensibility like Vampire Weekend and all of them. His new 12" on Young Turks has landed, namely 'Antillas' and it's a perky, celebratory carnival of a tune, very repetitive &...view item »

The xx
Basic Space

The xx 'Basic Space' 7" has found its way onto the turntable and is rotating and gyrating slinky boy/ girl (or man/woman) vocals at me. The song is fairly minimal in its construction and centers around simple percussion and a warm melody. It's a moody tune that is really well executed. Brian has piped up that he wasn't mad keen on the first si...view item »

The xx

The press release for 'Crystalised' by The xx is totally baffling. It mentions all these people that they couldn't possibly sound any less like, barring The Cure or Cocorosie at quite a push. It's not like Mariah Carey or Missy Elliott or Rhianna and god only knows what their MPC-playing 'beats' guy is doing on this one. It's quite like The Durutti...view item »

Jack Penate
Tonight's Today

Jack Penate looks well fit on his new record sleeve. Gone are the colourful sleeves which fold out into tents or whatever and they've been replaced with black and white photos of Jack with stubble looking all sensitive and sensible. Well hunky... A bit like those Adele sleeves.. Hey you can see for youself and see if you'd want to bang him. He does...view item »

El Guincho

I really like this CD it has a lot of influences but overall it has a Caribbean/tropical/festival feeling which is something I haven't really heard before. The songs are mostly up beat and depending on the listener all that comes to mind is bright colours & excitement like a kaleidoscope on every listen. Try to give it a good listen to see i...view item »

Holy Fuck
Lovely Allen

Holy Fuck release a 7" and 12" called 'Lovely Allen' on the Young Turks label. I missed these when they came out and I only heard the album recently which quietly blew me away... Super nuts futuristic space rock which I wasn't expecting. Lovely Allen is one of the more commercial tunes from the album and it's an anthemic thing which build...view item »

Kid Harpoon
The Second EP

I can't but help feel Kid Harpoon is a bit rubbish. Listening to his Second EP I can now confirm I do think he is a bit rubbish. We'll that's probably a bit unfair cos he's probably all talented everywhere but listening to this makes me want to buy 100 bags of crisps and kid myself life is actually alright. I'm sorry this ain' t for me....view item »

Kid Harpoon
The First EP

Kid Harpoon- The First E.P- CD on Young Turks... Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this... Something about the funky acoustic guitars that kept me listening. Musicaly its superb but lyrically it sounds alot like the rest of the northern indie scene that's around at the minute. Still an excellent E.P if you ask me though. Double 7" to follow.......view item »

Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance are an excellent band. Gods Money is a great album and they've obviously pricked up a few ears as they've got an EP out on double uber trendy Young Turks label. Who'd have thought that? Anyway this band sound like no one else. Trying to pigeonhole them is as pointless going out for a drink with a dead bloke. Well I suppose t...view item »

White Rabbits
The Plot

Limited White Rabbits 7" now with 'The Plot' on the Young Turks records label (home of the much sought after Jack Penate debut single). It's kind of Indie rock with Turin Brakes style close harmony and whine with stomping marching beats and understated chorus. B-sides sounds like Supergrass and is the better song. Neither song ever really pick...view item »