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Cluster & Eno
Cluster & Eno

  • Vinyl LP (BB29LP)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Carl Matthews
Call For World Saviours

This LP actually came out in 1984, but given the monstrous mess that we have on our hands in 2018 an album entitled Call For World Saviours is due for a very timely re-release. Carl Matthews’ twinkling ambient synthesiser compositions are equal-parts Tangerine Dream, Tim Blake and the new age sounds that were coming out at the time of the record’s initial release. Calming sounds for crappy times.
  • Vinyl LP (BB313LP)
  • CD (BB313)

Richard Pinhas
East West

Here we have the fourth solo album by Richard Pinhas of Heldon, notable in part for being his only album released on a major label. That means that Mr. Pinhas had some larger resources at his disposal, and also that he scaled back the track-lengths to pop song levels (though the sounds are all Pinhas baby). Reissued now by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB292LP)
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  • CD (BB292)

Richard Pinhas

Chronolyse was first released in 1977 (but only in France), as a sideline to Richard Pinhas’ activities in Heldon, the synth-prog experimentalists whose reputation is growing ever stronger. This is an LP of properly exploratory proportions, Moog arpeggios expanding everywhere. White vinyl reissue from Cuneiform.
  • Vinyl LP (BB291LP)
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  • CD (BB291)

Günter Schickert

Gunter Schickert initially learned the trumpet before making the guitar hsi axe of choice. This led to free jazz and echo guitar experimentation. His debut album, Samtvogel, was released in the mid-seventies. It earned him comparisons to Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd and is highly regarded in the world of Krautrock. It’s 1980 follow-up, Überfällig, was where his signature echo guitar sound really took hold. He has being releasing albums steadily ever since. Nachtfalter, his latest, once again showcases his echo guitar sound.
  • Vinyl LP (BB306LP)
  • CD (BB306)

Emotional Detox

Berlin-based Krautrockers Camera drop their fourth full-length record courtesy of Bureau B (Die Wilde Jagd, Faust). Emotional Detox finds the group using the Motorik groove as a base from which they can incorporate elements of synth-pop, psych-rock and dream-pop. All in all this LP is a pleasant listen full of groove and melody.
  • Vinyl LP (BB312LP)
  • CD (BB312)

Sowas Von Egal: German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985

The excellent Hamburg-based label Bureau B have unearthed more rare synth gems, to compile: Sowas Von Egal: German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985. Not your typical '80s synth comp; this collaboration with the Damaged Goods party DJs has brought to light some remarkable, seldom heard music  ranging from post punk and synth wave -- all originally released in very small quantities, often by the bands themselves and sold at their gigs -- all pressed in the first half of the 1980s. Available as an LP or on shiny new CD.
  • Vinyl LP (BB310LP)
  • CD (BB310)

Eno / Moebius / Roedelius
After The Heat

  • Vinyl LP (BB30LP)

Heldon IV

Presumably the fourth Heldon album, also known as Agneta Nilsson. First released in 1976, this chunky bit of French psychedelic rock has been reissued by Bureau B. The band dart between synth-jams, gentle ambience, and genuine guitar led freak outs. Not sure what's going on on the album art but I hope the baby's okay. 
  • Vinyl LP (BB283LP)
  • CD (BB283)


The third album from French psychedelic rockers, Heldon reissued by Bureau B. Here you'll find two discs (CD or vinyl) of long, dark jams, all heavy on the guitar and synth. On the album Heldon ringleader Richard Pinhas is quoted as saying "dark is not negative to me". No dark without light! Upwards, to space!
  • Vinyl Double LP (BB282LP)
  • CD (BB282)

Der Plan / Schlammpeitziger

Esmark / Brockmann // Bargmann

Moebius Story Leidecker / Andreas Spechtl

Kräuter der Provinz

In 2003 eight musicians started playing together and somehow have managed to stay in touch for one and a half decades to produce this, Kräuter der Provinz. This collectivist krautrock congregation comes from Datashock, and is being released by reliable psychedelic label Bureau B. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BB299LP)
  • CD (BB299)


  • Vinyl LP (BB281LP)
  • CD (BB281)

Electronique Guerilla

Heldon’s very first album, from 1974, reissued on CD and vinyl for your spaced-out listening pleasure. Electronique Guerilla lays out the magical Heldon sound straight away, with Richard Pinhas and friends making magic with (mostly) an EMS Synthi and a guitar. Among the guests are, astonishingly, the actual continental philosophy supremo Gilles Deleuze himself, reciting some Nietzsche! That’s got to be reason enough to snap up this reissue right?
  • Vinyl LP (BB280LP)
  • CD (BB280)

Richard Pinhas

Interest in modular synthesisers is at an all-time high, so it’s as good a time as can be for reissues of early standard-setting works. Reenter Richard Pinhas, who bought himself some Moog racks and released Rhizosphere in 1977. Looking for all-new sounds and timbres on each of the five pieces, Pinhas’ results range from sci-fi soundscapes and warm sequences to quite abstract sound design.
  • CD (BB279)

Les Cassettes 1980-1983

A wonderful compilation of tracks from Fondations' early 80s cassette releases. Feeling looser than the strictly metered synth experiments of the time there's a human quality here that works in harmony with the lofi sound. Great for fans of Mort Garson, Tangerine Dream or, why not hey, Jean Michel Jarre's earlier work.
  • Vinyl LP (BB284LP)
  • CD (BB284)

Rudiger Lorenz

Available on either 12” vinyl with download code or CD. Reissue from 1984 Southland is one of 18 releases from the little known Rudiger Lorenz, a German pharmacist, builder of analogue synthesisers and DIY pioneer. Unforunately he died in 2000, but these are excellent examples of the futurist work he did. A definite for fans of NEU!, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klause Schulze.
  • Vinyl LP (BB194LP)
  • CD (BB194)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Kollektion 04: Bureau B By Richard Fearless - Part 2

Richard Fearless, of Death In Vegas, boldly embarks on a very comprehensive compilation of the Bureau B archives, selecting electronic wonders from 200 releases to be pressed to the 2CD or Triple LP collection. This is part two of the series of records, containing the likes of Moebius Plank Neumeier and Thomas Dinger.
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Jochen Arbeit, Günter Schickert, Schneider TM
Tse Tse

Dinner Fur 2

Anyone with the slightest interest in 1980s synthwave ought to be acquainted with Vono, a pair of German brothers active in the late seventies and early eighties. Their weapons of choice: dark, danceable beats, simple bass sequences, metallic synth textures and yelped lyrics. Immaculately stylish for their time, and perhaps rather provocative too. One for your 'Best Reissues of 2017 Part 2' list!
  • CD (BB277)
  • Vinyl LP (BB277LP)
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Just Us

Faust are back to scare the living shit out of us and follow up on the most pressing questions of their career -- like "Why don't you eat carrots?" - with a brand new record. The seasoned krautrock crew plotted, designed, built and tore down three new tracks for j U s t (also known as Just Us, in a confusing court ruling worthy of only this band). This will be weird, I should say.
  • Vinyl LP (BB182LP)
  • CD (BB182)

Lloyd Cole
1D Electronics 2012-2014

1D Electronics 2012 - 2014 is the first solo release of Lloyd Cole’s electronic dabblings. We’ve heard plenty from him in pop mode, and some of his electronics alongside Hans-Joachim Roedelius, but this is the first record of this kind. Each piece is studiously sequenced, moving through subtle modulations as they flourish. On Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB211LP)

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters
Tomorrow Is Another Day

  • Vinyl LP (BB148LP)
  • CD (BB148)

Cluster & Farnbauer
Live In Vienna 1980

Hear Cluster live in performance, taking the stage with percussionist Joshi Farnbauer in Vienna. Now the great thing about Cluster live is that they got really stretched and spaced out, whipping up a noisy free-flowing electroacoustic storm, and Vienna 1980 is a fabulous and lengthy example of this live style. Reissue of a 1980 cassette onto CD and double vinyl. from Bureau B.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BB275LP)
  • CD (BB275)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B


  • Vinyl LP (BB274LP)

Brockmann // Bargmann

'Licht' comes as a somewhat refreshing concept in the world of improvisation. The album eschews the skronk and scree one might expect and instead carves out arcs of colour and expression you might expect from a technicolour psyche dance troupe. Totally entertaining, delightfully restless and unpredictable.
  • CD (BB269)
  • Vinyl LP (BB269LP)
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Moebius Schneider
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Available on 12” and limited to 500 copies, Bureau B releases the only collaborative effort between Dieter Moebius (1947-2015), and Stefan Schneider; a performance at Düsseldorf Sounds Festival at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in 2007. Having met only once before the performance to quickly discuss their approach, the material on this record is entirely improvised. Individually, both artists have released some seriously influential electronic music; Moebius as one half of krautrock/ambient duo Cluster, and Schneider as an ex-member of To Rococo Rot, and Kreidler. Expect texture-focused sonic experimentation from two expert German synthesists. 
  • Vinyl 12" (BB268)
  • Limited edition

Moebius Story Leidecker

Familiar is the result of what sounds like a gorgeous couple of days of recording in a remote chalet studio by Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia), Jon Leidecker (Wobbly and also of Negativland and Tim Story. The three electronic tinklers improvised these materials together, and the distilled results are fabulous. Familiar is released by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB224LP)
  • CD (BB224)

Camera / Richard Pinhas

Two decent-sized chunks of exclusive sound from Camera and Heldon hero Richard Pinhas. Both artists are experts in out-rock, and both bring their A-game to this Split. Pinhas’s side was recorded in the same sessions as his album Reverse, so if you enjoyed that you should certainly go for this. 12” on Bureau B.

Der Plan
Gefährliche Clowns

German New Wave pioneers Der Plan began revolutionising synth pop with their 1980 album Geri Reig. Gefahrliche Clowns, or Dangerous Clowns in English, appeared on that album. The avant garde band, who do everything with a hefty dose of humour, have reconvened after more than 20 years to record their classic song. This 7” also includes the original 1980 version and the 1988 version from their album Fette Jahre.
  • Vinyl 7" (BB257)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Mara II

Second part of Esmark’s double debut release. Mara II  contains more hauntingly isolated minimal electronics, groaning out of an array of analogue equipment manned by Alsen Rau (On + Brr/Scheich in China) and Nikolai Von Sallwitz (Karachi Files/Taprikk Sweezee). Think of a minimal, less noise focus Nate Young. LP on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB273LP)
  • CD (BB273)

Eberhard Kranemann & Harald Grosskopf

Two huge contributors of the German electronic music scene team up for the first time. Eberhard Kranemann (Fritz Müller) who co-founded Kraftwerk and NEU! And Harald Grosskopf of Ashra, Synthesist, and Klaus Schulze. Krautwerk journeys into the influences of German music, from Krautrock to electronic experimentation, mixing man and machine. Equal parts a reflective and a futuristic vision.
  • Vinyl LP (BB271LP)
  • CD (BB271)

Mara I

Esmark is a new collaborative project from Alsen Rau (On + Brr/Scheich in China) and Nikolai Von Sallwitz (Karachi Files/Taprikk Sweezee). Working together on analogue equipment they created a huge catalogue of minimal experimental pieces, enough to cover a two parter debut release. Dark, isolated and hypnotic, there are element of Nate Young esque dread to it.
  • Vinyl LP (BB272LP)
  • CD (BB272)

Schneider Kacirek
Radius Walk

Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek team up for their second full length collaboration Radius Walk. Taking their joint influences from Kenyan music and mixing a krautrock love of repetition and growth with analogue synthesizers. Four tracks feature Swedish singer Sofia Jernberg of Fire! Orchestra taking the minimal and hypnotic to another plain.
  • Vinyl LP (BB261LP)
  • CD (BB261)

Der Plan

After 25 years the German experimental electronic pop group Der Plan return with a new album Unkapitulierbar. Whilst many say you can’t compare them to anyone else, and they are certainly pioneers, you could take some of Laibach, Kraftwerk, and some of the madness of Yello. Proper synth-pop for you, yo.
  • Vinyl LP (BB270LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl LP (BB266LP)
  • CD (BB266)

Fresh Air

Brand new music from the avant-heroes that are Faust. Fresh Air, which was recorded during a US tour with various musicians on board, is really genuinely weird, which is exactly what you want from these old hippies. The LP edition comes with a bundled CD. Plus, if you are quick off the mark, you might be able to order one of the exclusive editions that come with a 7” of bonus material! On Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB267)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (BB254LP)
  • CD (BB254)

Peter Baumann
Peter Baumann / Conrad Schnitzler

The material presented here comes from the same sessions as Peter Baumann’s Machines Of Desire album and the posthumous-collaboration Conrad Schnitzler album Con-Struct, although everything here is new and exclusive to this release. So if you liked the electronic activity on either of those records, this split should be well up your street. 12” on Bureau B.
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Konzerte 1972/1977

Absolutely wonderful live material from Cluster here, captured at two 70’s performances. There is a real sense of joyful play here, with our heroes Roedelius and Moebius dabbling and tinkering intuitively with their equipment, The 1972 performance here is particularly heady, transcending the (less than totally hi-fi) sound quality through sheer power. Konzerte 1972 / 1977 is out on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB240LP)
  • CD (BB240)

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters

Conrad Schnitzler / Pole

German electronic legend (and member of both Tangerine Dream and Kluster) Conrad Schnitzler died a few years ago, but his voluminous synth archives are still being mined by a series of invited artists. On this Con-struct release, club music engineer Pole duets with Schnitzler’s sounds, making brand new compositions. Out on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB243LP)
  • CD (BB243)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Faust / Ulan Bator

  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

European Song

We might see a lot of this in the coming year: albums riven with shock and rage at the election of Donald Trump. Kreidler apparently had a rather playful record all recorded and ready to go, but the darkness of European Song quickly took over after the election. Repetitive and nervy electronic rock, improvised in the studio and presented in defiance. LP / CD editions on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB260LP)
  • CD (BB260)


Bureau B (Die Wilde Jagd, Conrad Schnitzler) drop the debut LP from Berlin-based Krautrockers Camera. Radiate has a pretty to-the-point sound - there’s only three in the band, after all, so don’t expect anything too Amon Düül. Besides that, the Motorik grooves motor with a muscular intensity here that makes one think of Can on steroids.
  • Vinyl LP (BB116LP)
  • CD (BB116)

Ulan Bator

Ulan Bator have been creating avant-garde rock music from their base in Paris since 1993: Stereolith is their twelfth album. Stereolith is full of full-on krautrock rhythmic drive and inventive electronics, but notably keeps things tight, with no track exceeding five and a half minutes. Released by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB255LP)
  • CD (BB255)

Xao Seffcheque
Ja, Nein, Vielleicht Kommt Sehr Gut (A Selection of Electronic Beats 1980–82)

As an Austrian national dwelling in Düsseldorf circa 1980, Xao Seffcheque was well placed to get real electronic with it. Ja, Nein, Vielleicht Kommt Sehr Gut (A Selection Of Electronic Beats 1980-1982) is a compilation of the man’s sharp and deconstructive solo work, some of it previously unreleased, taking a satirical sideswipe at some musical contemporaries. On Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB256LP)
  • CD (BB256)

Magnetband (Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR, 1984-1989)

Bureau B continue an incredible run of reissuing unheard electronic rarities from behind the Iron Curtain, with Magnetband (Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR, 1984-1989) on CD and vinyl LP. This compilation captures a vibrant East German scene where DIY electronics combine with post-punk aggression and industrial drones.
  • Vinyl LP (BB253LP)
  • CD (BB253)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Conrad Schnitzler
Filmmusik 2

German electronic legend (and member of both Tangerine Dream and Kluster) Conrad Schnitzler produced his Filmmusik tracks in 1975, without bothering to wait for any particular films to come along for the music to fit to. Consequently this music was mostly lost, until Bureau B’s excellent archive-digging skills were deployed. Now, they present Filmmusik 2.
  • Vinyl LP (BB245LP)
  • CD (BB245)

Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik, Dusseldorf 1982-1989

Sammlung: Elektronische Kassettenmusik, Dusseldorf 1982-1989 is an astonishing compilation of ultra-rare early electronic experiments, industrial clangers and heavy drone created in Cold War Dusseldorf. Cheap synthesizers, disaffected young people and crushing modernist architecture helped create an incredible range of powerful and abrasive post-punk electronics. On CD and vinyl LP from Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB236LP)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Richard Pinhas

French experimento-prog legend (and Heldon member) Richard Pinhas has been collaborating left right and centre for the last few years, and for new solo record Reverse, he’s brought many of those heavyweight friends into the mix. We’re talking Oren Ambarchi, Masami Akita, William Winant: serious stuff. Released by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB249LP)
  • CD (BB249)

Conrad Schnitzler / Schneider TM

Members of two different generations of talented German experimentalists are brought together via posthumous collaboration. Schneider™ was granted access to the huge audio archive of Conrad Schnitzler, and decided to make an album by live-processing the Schnitzler synth signals into cool new forms. Con-Struct is released by Bureau B
  • Vinyl LP (BB252LP)
  • CD (BB252)

Kollektion 06 :1971-1981 Compiled By John McEntire

John McEntire of Tortoise and The Sea And Cake was given free reign to compile his choicest Cluster cuts from the years 1971-1981, and what cuts they are. The magical komische sound of Cluster floats lighter than air, but these electronic spirituals seep deep into the mind of the listener. Kollektion 06 is released by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB242LP)
  • CD (BB242)


The three musicians who comprise Automat are not only Berlin based, but also seeped in the musical history of that city. From krautrock, to dub techno and early electro, OstWest is a showcase for the group’s musical versatility, combining post-rock acoustic elements, with taut drum machine programming and modular synthesis. Available on CD and vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (BB246LP)
  • CD (BB246)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Conrad Schnitzler
Filmmusik 1

At this point in the archival trawlings of Conrad Schnitzler’s back catalogue, tracks are being released that almost nothing is known about: the material presented here is taken from two tapes which are simply labelled ‘Filmmusik 1975 A’ and ‘Filmmusik 1980 B’ (begging the question: what films?). But whatever the provenance, this is typically wonderful Schnitzler-synth musik. Reissued by Bureau B.
  • CD (BB244)

Phantom Of Liberty

If you are a fan of the 70s kraut thump of the likes of Neu and early Kraftwerk then Camera could well be the band for you. These Germans (natch) have a propulsive drummer in the shape of the aptly named Michael Drummer and add in lots of bleeps and bloops and fizzing early computer sounds. They have a manic energy too that suggests they could be well suited to soundtracking some terrifying pursuit video game.  
  • Vinyl LP (BB235LP)
  • CD (BB235)

Rolf Trostel
Der Prophet

On his third album now, the Berlin School's Rolf Trostel branched out into electronic pop territory, linking trademark wavetabling with minimoog, analogue strings and slinky rhythms. Roland bass synth and 808 drums drive these more polished productions with spatially layered, airy sounds. Incidentally, it was about this time that Rolf lost his luscious locks. Super duper reissue LP on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB232LP)

Rolf Trostel

Rolf Trostel keenly followed late '70s Tangerine Dream and released his first album Inselmusik way back in 1981... 35 years ago. Blimey. Naturally, he liked tinkering with synths and here he tested his new toy, the PPG Wave Computer 360. Expansive with feel-good harmonies and fluttering flutes, he called it "Klangfarbenkompositionen" - a cool word for chill, tonal and textural. Reissue on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB230LP)

Michel Banabila
Early Works : Things Popping Up From The Past

Michel Banabila is a busy musician, contributing to theatrical plays, documentaries and all sorts over the years. It can be hard to keep track of such an artist, which makes Early Works: Things Popping Up From The Past a valuable release. True to the title, it picks up an array of tasty, subtle and hard-to-find material from the 1980’s. Out on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB227LP)

Die Krupps

Stahlwerkrequium is a resurrection of the spirit of the 1981 Die Krupps album Stahlwerksinfonie, a thick grind of industrial rock (‘Stahlwerk’ translates to ‘Steelworks’). But better yet, this time the band has 2 key members of Faust on-board, guaranteeing a beautifully monolithic sound. Out on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB213LP)
  • CD (BB213)

Structures: Unreleased Material 1985-1989

These heady krautrock jams from Circles have never previously seen the light of day, due to shockingly low levels of commercial interest back in the day. Those 80’s record purchasers don’t know what they missed… But we do! And Structures: Unreleased Material 1985-1989’s synthed-up experimental joy music proves to be well worth the wait. Out on Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB223LP)
  • CD (BB223)

Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid)
Wave: Electronic Music 1984-1988

Dennis Young is part of Liquid Liquid, meaning that his place in the electronic musician's history books is already assured (they provided the backbone to Grandmaster Flash’s ‘White Lines’). But as a solo artist he also embarked his own shimmering electronic explorations, first released as cassettes in the 80’s and now reissued here as Wave: Electronic Music, thanks to Bureau B!
  • Vinyl LP (BB219LP)


  • Vinyl LP (BB165LP)
  • CD (BB180)
  • Indies-only

ESB / Die Wilde Jagd
Mos Eisley

Peter Baumann
Machines Of Desire

Peter Baumann was a part of Tangerine Dream during most of their 70’s heyday, granting him a high position on the pantheon of space-synth explorers (he also produced some Cluster and Conrad Schnitzler records!). He hasn’t released any solo music since 1983, so Machines Of Desire comes as a very pleasant surprise! On Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB234LP)
  • CD (BB234)


Something of a motherload has landed for fans of classic komische music: Cluster 1971-1981 provides the whole of Cluster’s output during that period, which adds up to 9 albums. Included are the 2 LPs they made with Brian Eno, as well as some never-previously-released live recordings! 9CD or 9LP box-sets available, each with a comprehensive booklet. Lord. On Bureau B.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (BB222LP)

Dieter Moebius

Dieter Moebius, the recently-deceased member of Cluster and Harmonia and one of the founding fathers of komische, recorded Nurton late in his career, in 2006. It finds him allowing the dreamy smoothness of a lot of his work to impacted on by noisy occurrences and jarring textures: even a beat! Reissued by Bureau B on CD and, for the first time, vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (BB210LP)
  • CD (BB210)


Three pianists playing at the same time: Can any good come from such megalomania? Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Onnen Bock, and Armin Metz, known together as Qluster, are out to prove that yes, indeed, something great can happen. The trio’s album Taster shows exactly what three pianos can do for minimalist modern classical music.
  • Vinyl LP (BB206LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Qluster is the third formation of minimal kosmische pioneers Kluster and Cluster. Original member Hans-Joachim Roedelius brings the group’s techno-futurism actually into the future, sharpening the rich synthesizer compositions of the original group with the newest technology. Echtzeit focuses on extended, improvised electronic and ambient music.
  • CD (BB212)

Dieter Moebius

In honour of the recently-departed Dieter Moebius of Cluster, Bureau B are now reissuing his 4 most recent solo albums. 1999’s Blotch is a set of electronic compositions that loop loops upon loops, resulting in some fine hypnotic semi-ambient atmospheres. Available on CD or, for the first time, on vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (BB209LP)
  • CD (BB209)

Baumann / Koek
Baumann / Koek

Bureau B reissue Baumann/Koek’s self-titled 1978 kosmische synth workout on vinyl LP and CD. ‘Reissue’ doesn’t do justice to the label’s discovery of this dense and psychedelic drone album, which was originally pressed to only 1000 copies. The glistening arpeggios and drum machines were so far ahead of time, that now they deserve to be considered alongside contemporaries such as Klaus Schulze and Dieter Moebius.
  • CD (BB217)

Bernd Kistenmacher
Wake Up In The Sun

Bernd Kistenmacher grew up a little too late to roll with the Tangerine Dreams and the Klaus Schulzes of the German electronic music world, but he didn’t let that stop him: he just got hold of the same sorts of analogue synthesisers and got involved, ignoring the digital 80’s world around him. Wake Up In The Sun was first released in 1987, now reissued by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB215LP)

Tiersen / Laquerriere / Poli

ESB (you may know them as Elektronische Staubband) are a French trio. Funnily enough, the Tiersen of Tiersen / Laquierre / Poli is actually Yann Tiersen of Amelie fame, but here he puts down the violin and dives into the world of analogue synth-joy with his partners. Spacey and thoughtful jams on Bureau B.
  • CD (BB207)

Bernd Kistenmacher

Bernd Kistenmacher grew up a little too late to roll with the Tangerine Dreams and the Klaus Schulzes of the German electronic music world, but he didn’t let that stop him: he just got hold of the same sorts of analogue synthesisers and got involved, ignoring the digital 80’s world around him. Debut album Head-Visions was initially released in 1986, and is now reissued by Bureau B.
  • Vinyl LP (BB214LP)
  • CD (BB214)

Conrad Schnitzler
Kollektion 05: Compiled By Thomas Fehlmann

Conrad Schnitzler was a vital member of Germany’s kraut / komische exploratory synth generation, playing with Tangerine Dream and forming Kluster, not to mention an ocean of other solo and collaborative works. With so much material, we should be grateful to Thomas Fehlmann for compiling Kollektion 05, which he has montaged into a seamless and remarkable whole.
  • CD (BB188)

Schwartz (Eruption)

  • CD (BB112)

Kollektion 04: Bureau B By Richard Fearless

Richard Fearless, of Death In Vegas fame, bravely embarks on a very comprehensive compilation of the Bureau B archives, paring electronic wonders from 200 releases down to a 2CD or Triple LP collection. This, the CD edition, contains the whole lot, with a tracklist to die for, including Faust, Cluster and Günter Schikert.
  • CD (BB184)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Kollektion 04: Bureau B By Richard Fearless - Part 1

Richard Fearless, of Death In Vegas fame, bravely embarks on a very comprehensive compilation of the Bureau B archives, paring electronic wonders from 200 releases down to a 2CD or Triple LP collection. This is part one of the series of records, containing the likes of Günter Schikert, Ougenweide and Asmus Tietchens.
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Kollektion 04: Bureau B By Richard Fearless - Part 3

Richard Fearless, of Death In Vegas, boldly embarks on a very comprehensive compilation of the Bureau B archives, selecting electronic wonders from 200 releases to be pressed to the 2CD or Triple LP collection. This is the final part of the series of records, containing the mighty Faust, Roedelius, and the duo of Moebius & Renziehausen.
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B


On CD or CD and LP pack from Bureau B. This is an interesting one, one for the dub AND techno heads, with members of Einstürzende Neubauten, Phillip Boa, and Sovetskoe Foto they draw on elements of both but successfully keep them separate. Deliciously leftfield, with a live feel throughout, it keeps the grooves of Detroit and the heavy stagger of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.
  • Vinyl LP (BB205LP)
  • CD (BB205)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Roedelius Schneider / Schneider Kacirek
Roedelius Schneider / Schneider Kacirek

Automat & Schneider TM

Populare Mechanik
Kollektion 03: Compiled By Holger Hiller

Deconstructivist jazz, post-punk project Populare Mechanik was created by Wolfgang Seidel, founder member of German language rock band Ton Steine Scherben as well as friend and musical partner of prolific German experimental electro musician Conrad Schnitzler. ‘Kollektion 03’ was curated by Holger Hiller, vocalist for Hamburg new wavers Palais Schaumburg and features recordings from productions which were previously released by Seidel in the 1980s.
  • Vinyl LP (BB186LP)
  • CD (BB186)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Schneider Kacirek
Shadow Documents

African rhythms make their way into a dark electronic world in Shadow Documents. Following the release of two albums of African field recordings, Stefan Schneider and Sven Kacirek take this experience to new depths supplanting these complex styles into a Western electronic template. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Bureau B.
  • CD (BB175)

Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Tape Archive 1973-1978

Krautrock pioneer Hans Joachim Roedelius drove the engine for Harmonia, one of the genre's most drone-oriented acts, and was responsible for helping popularise Komische music. The 'Tape Archive' illustrates the extent of his creative energies through a period in the mid '70s where he was practicing and experimenting with tape machines, synth and an organ. 'Tape Archive' is a surprisingly personal and intimate collection of tunes from a musician who made clinical, often detached sounds. It's the kind of electronic music where you can hear hands hitting the keys. 

Alexander Hacke
The Cut - Original Score

The original score for the film The Cut from German Turkish filmmaker Fatik Akins - an exploration of the Armenian genocide through the eyes of a father desperately searching for his children in the aftermath of one of the most-overlooked atrocities of the 20th century. Intense and emotional, as you’d expect... Vinyl.
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Conrad Schnitzler

Electronica has a friend in Conrad Schnitzler. The krautrock pioneer has carved out a bit of history for himself being one of the key players in ambient electronic crew Tangerine Dream, and he also played in Kluster with members of the quite bizarre Harmonia. Occasionally, he hid away from the scene to tinker with soe of his own tunes, and 'Grun' is one such example. Originally surfacing in 1981 and containing songs from years before, it's now available through Bureau B. Comprised of two tracks, 'Grun' still offers a plethora of experiments -- you can play the second track at either 33 or 45 RPM. Because, you know, krautrock.
  • Vinyl LP (BB195LP)
  • CD (BB195)

Conrad Schnitzler
Gelb (Bonus Version)

Krautrock's tangerine darling, Conrad Schnitzler, loved to make solo records and then name them after colours, and this was a long time ago, so take that, Weezer. 'Gelb', or yellow to us ignorant Brits, is comprised of recordings from 1974, and shows him out of sorts with a far less disciplined approach -- here, he improvises a bunch of shorter tracks with simple keyboard work.
  • Vinyl LP (BB196LP)


New release from Tarwater out on Bureau B. The Berlin duo showcases a range of styles and influences on Adrift. Expect expansive delights from down tempo krautrock, to psyche trip-hop and the Diablo II Act II soundtrack thrown in. Adrift blends electronics and acoustics in a seamless fashion, leaving no sonic stone unturned. Out on vinyl LP and CD.

Kollektion 02: Roedelius Compiled By Lloyd Cole

Hans-Joachim Roedelius was the overlord of Komische act Harmonia, as well as being one of the bandleaders for Krautrockers Cluster. 'Kollektion 02' is a celebration of his work courtesy of mega-fan Lloyd Cole, who hand-picked his favourite Roedelius' synth/organ compositions for all to behold. Get on this, my kraut nerds.
  • Vinyl LP (BB187LP)

Kollektion 01: Sky Records Compiled By Tim Gane

Hamburg's fine electronic label, known as Bureau B, wants to introduce itself. So begins the 'Kollektion' compilation series, which attempts to look at all the different genres and aesthetics the label has mastered. 'Kollektion 01: Sky Records' offers up many different types of loopy electronic sounds, as compiled by ex-Stereolab member Tim Gane. Krautrock 'n' roll!
  • CD (BB185)
  • Label(s):
  • Bureau B

Harald Grosskopf

Berlin, Germany, summer of 1979, Harald Grosskopf, then 30 years old, was at a personal and creative crossroads. His girlfriend just left him, and Ashra (Manuel Göttsching's "solo" project) was on temporary hiatus. Harald always considered himself a rhythmic accomplice to his numerous collaborators' lead, until prompted by some fellow musician friends to pursue a singular creative vision.Armed with a MiniMoog and Revox reel-to-reel, Grosskopf set off for the West German countryside that fall and isolated himself in a home studio for almost two months to record Synthesist. The temperamental analog synthesizer and sequencing technology created a long learning curve eventually resulting in a harmonious union of man and machine.The human response undeniably colors the eight songs of Synthesist and aligns the album with some of the more melodic output of the Berlin School of Electronic Music. The title track and "Transcendental Overdrive" almost take on pop qualities. Harald's live percussion opens up tracks like "So Weit, So Gut" and "Emphasis" for jammed out exploration. Where the album veers into the ambient space clusters of "B. Aldrian" or "Trauma", it's hard not to consider Synthesist the nexus of Krautrock, Kosmische, and New Age.

Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide

Come on, don't you remember when I was carbon dioxide? You don't? I was wearing the green jumper, remember? Yes that was it. Camera are a Berlin band who have a penchant for playing in public places without permission. The little rat bags. They play a form of kraut-rock but are not overly reverential to their forebearers, instead they hit on a motorik-driven beat and go with the flow adding in keyboards and guitars and seeing where it gets them. They believe in repetition but are not seeking to solely re-create Can or NEU!.
  • Vinyl LP (BB176LP)
  • CD (BB176)

Zwei Osterei

  • Vinyl LP (BB111LP)
  • CD (BB111)

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters
Underrated Silence

  • Vinyl LP (BB94LP)
  • CD (BB94)
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