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The Primals
All Love Is True Love

The Primals sound exciting. They feature members of Darkest Hour, Dead to Fall and the Explosion and are said to be bringing back the visceral thrill of grunge. Their thrilled record label Southern Lord suggest that fans of Wand, Ty Segall...view item »

Sunn O)))

Sunn O)) have a new album out called White 2. I don't really understand this to be honest. It's big guitar riffs and drones and not much else. Reminds me a lot of old Sub Pop band Earth. 3 track totalling 73 mins you know you're in for an aural feast if you can stick it. Most folks would go utterly mental listening to this ...view item »


Crusty hardcore kids Baptists are back with a record of chaotic punk rock that tries to throw in as many riffs and rasped vocals as possible. 'Bloodmines', their second record, does a good job of using melody to clear out the clutter, continuing to show off the band's subtle post-hardcore and noise rock influences. ...view item »

Black Breath
Sentenced To Life

Black Breath really deliver the goods upon Sentenced to Life and fans of the more violent strains of thrash, and obviously old school Swedish death metal need this. Hell, this boasts suitable crossover appeal to fans of crust too, definitely some crusty vibes going on here. This is the kind of album you headbang to from start to finish, and I sh...view item »

Sunn O)))

As any fool know, there’s none more heavy than Sunn O))). They’ve been collaborating a lot recently, both apart with various other projects and together with Scott Walker and Ulver, but at last we now...view item »

Sunn O)))
Monoliths & Dimensions

Hey there music fan, do you like Sunn O)))? I hope you do because they've just rubbed their first full-on, proper new album in four years all over your face, going "Mmmm, sniff that, taste that, it's our new CD and everyone's saying it's the best one ever and you're going to buy it because it's sooo-oo-oooo good". Well yeah, it is pre...view item »

Beacon Of Faith

First of all, beautiful album art. Beacons of Faith is the third record from Baptists. Following pretty much the same sound as the bands' previous records, this is one that you don't want to miss. Atmospheric and apocalyptic, this record is available on vinyl LP and CD, and is released on Southern Lord.&n...view item »

Vitamin X
Age Of Paranoia

So many bands, trends and scenes have come and gone since Vitamin X first surfaced in the late-90s, but somehow the Amsterdam punx have managed to outlast them all. This is probably something to do with an ever-burning fire in their bellies - Age Of Paranoia’s lead single ‘Modern Man’ contains the spun...view item »


Scream’s seminal 1988 LP No More Censorship gets the reissue treatment courtesy of Southern Lord (Earth, Goatsnake). The group’s first album to feature Dave Grohl - on drums, fortunately - NMC17 is as vital a snapshot into the 1980s...view item »

The Clarity

New music from stoner-metal overlords Sleep! The Clarity was recorded in 2009, a decade after previous release Dopesmoker and seven years before now. Let no-one accuse Sleep of being in a hurry. The Clarity is a thick and chewy slab of sludge, presented on a single side of vinyl, with ...view item »

Abandon All Life

This record clocks out after a breathless seventeen minutes, not a single one of them spent idling about. A perfect balance is here struck between the sort of shrieking, close-to-the-brink manic energy of the aforementioned likes of Narcosis (‘Tyrant’, ‘No Surrender’), and an immense capacity for variety in the songcraft....view item »


I've just been to take the washing out of the tumble dryer and completely forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. All I could think of was the latest masterpiece from Om: 'Pilgrimage'. I'm now playing this CD for the 7th time. It's difficult to recall ever revisiting an album so frequently in such a small amount of time....view item »
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Eagle Twin
The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn)

Doom-laden blues duo Eagle Twin are back with their long-awaited third album, out on 30 March on Southern Lord. This is a commanding record, weaving together rumbling vocals—courtesy of Gentry Densley—sky-scraping guitar riffs and powerfully dynamic beats, with nods to classic folklore and searing storytelling....view item »


In the world of Zeuhl gods Magma, things tend to occur on a large scale, and that’s certainly the case with this remastered Southern Lord boxset. The three volumes of Retrospektïẁ captured a trio of 1980 concerts at the Olympia in Paris. We begin with the debut appearance of Th...view item »

Sunn O)))
Black One

Here we have a reissue of one of the classic Sunn O))) albums, on which the cowled duo set out to go as dark as they possibly could. To this effect, Black One features guest appearances from Oren Ambarchi, John Weise, Wrest and Malefic: the latter was l...view item »

The Cliff

Some weighty business from Pelican. The Cliff is the new EP from these Chi-town head nodders. This is a record of remixes from other sludge lords from ISIS and Godflesh. A combination of a bone crushing low end, melodic guitar picking, gruffly warm vocals and trudging drums. A mixture of post-rock, s...view item »
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Today Is The Day
Animal Mother

Today Is The Day are noise rock aficionados who pay as much tribute to sludgy, sprawling metal as they do to lightning fast, thunder thrashing grindcore. 'Animal Mother' is their tenth record, and to mark that milestone they've made the very wise decision to join with heavy music overseers Southern Lord. Lots of little things to note about the r...view item »


There's always something different about heavy Japanese bands. There's a mystery and ease of approach that makes Corrupted, for example, hold such significance. Friendship, though fuelled by blast beats and grindcore bludgeoning, hold the same esteem and with a home on Southern Lord, are a punishing and unrelent...view item »
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All Pigs Must Die
Hostage Animal

All Pigs Must Die are a ferocious heavy ensemble that features members of bands as notable as Converge, Bloodhorse, and The Hope Conspiracy. Hostage Animal is their newest statement of bleak fury, packed full of metal riffs and crusty hardcore punk punch. Ten tracks and...view item »


It’s the eighth studio album from the NYC noise rockers Unsane and they don’t seem to be letting off steam. Sterilize sees the band still as fiery and gnarly as they were back in 1988, with t...view item »

Au De La

BIG / BRAVE are a trio of rock heaviness, generating a sound that veers between post-rock, blasted grunge, and noise-rock. Au De La is their second full length, and features the highly capable talents of Efrim Menuck on production duties. Released as a no-doubt lusciously packaged CD or LP by Southern L...view item »

Psalm Of The Morbid Whore

Virginia/North Carolina experimental instrumental metal three piece Loincloth are made up of ex-members from Thrash/doom legends Confessor and Gauchiste. Ritualistically laying down their axes on this project Psalm Of The Morbid Whore is their bow out and last ever record. It’s fi...view item »
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Montreal based three piece return to Southern Lord for their third album. With three tracks spanning 40 minutes they go the whole hog in post-rock experimentation from huge domineering heaviness to abstract and delicate. This time with guest in the form of members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt Zion Memor...view item »

The Great Cessation

If you are not familiar with this album, then this is something you need to fix immediately. Yob's "The Great Cessation" delivers 5 tracks of heavy psychedelic doom metal that renders your brain a quivering mess at the end. Throughout the hour long journey Yob's music ebbs, flows and meanders between cru...view item »
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Sunn O)))

Sunn O)))'s first few albums were simply pure drone, but like many bands, you get bored of playing the same sort of stuff again and again, so Sunn O))) started getting more experimental with 'White1', an album that may be drone in nature, but its experimental qualities are interwoven between three completely different tracks. The opener ...view item »

Zakk Sabbath
Live In Detroit

Cover bands are rife but none are done in quite this manner. Following the name pun scheme, Zakk Sabbath is a Black Sabbath cover band made up of Zakk Wylde, Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie), and Joey Castillo (Danzig...view item »


You can count on Finland’s Circle to provide the goods, always pulling together the finest and weirdest bits of rock etc. history into their (surprisingly cohesive) whole. Terminal is full of proggy flair, krautrock space-power, psychedelic flavour, heavy metal heft and much else besides, making for a dense and wo...view item »

Darkest Hour
Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora

Not their ninth, but their tenth full length and Washington D.C.’s Darkest Hour are just as angry and just a passionate. Working with Converge’s Kurt Ballou to full effect and releasing through Greg Anderson’s Southern Lord they are sounding bigger and heavier ...view item »
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Lifesick is a new band made up of former members of Spinkick. That band wasn’t exactly lightweight (they tended to sound like they were charging towards you in order to kick your head in), but Lifesick is an even more blackened and ferocious hardcore prospect. 6.0.1. is released b...view item »


Brutalist bludgeoning hardcore from a group that features members of The Hope Conspiracy and Skin Like Iron. No time is wasted here: Lies pummel their way through Plague’s allotted 8 tracks so fast that the whole album fits onto one side of vinyl: the B-side is taken up with an et...view item »

Raspberry Dawn

Hard to pin this one down apart from to note that it is well heavy… Okkultokrati have hard rock at their core, but with plenty of influence from punk, post-punk, metal and black metal. New album Raspberry Dawn even finds them adding a synth player into the mix, for even wider possibilities! Dark forest music on S...view item »


With a self released demo and self titled EP under their belt, Southern Lord have snapped Hissing up for a follow up EP. 2 tracks of disturbing sludge encrusted death metal, capturing elements of Swams, Winter and Incantation. And with the guitarist (Joe O’Malley...view item »

Sunn O)))
ØØ Void

Southern Lord have decided to reissue this classic of the Sunn O))) canon on 2LP in the usual lush packaging. You know what to expect from Sunn O)))...beatless, loud, bassy, distorted doom delivered at a snail's pace for full grimness. An agonised trudge through the filth of your subcons...view item »
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Sunn O)))

Domkirke is a document of a 2007 live performance by Sunn O))) in the atmospheric environment of Bergen Cathedral. Stretching far beyond the usual palette of infinitely-amped riff-crashing, these 4 side-long tracks feature plenty of organ and the dread vocals of ...view item »

What We All Come To Need

Coming at a time when Pelican had made the switcheroo between heavy rawker labels Hydra Head and Southern Lord, ‘What We All Come To Need’ sums up why the band were good for both labels: an emotive, freefalling post-metal band with the self-seriousness of the best Isis records, the band could just as easily...view item »

Black Breath
Slaves Beyond Death

Black Breath have a furious flail of death metal to show to you. Slaves Beyond Death (could they BE any more metal?) is their third record, and the band are proud to be even more unpleasant-sounding than ever on this one. ‘Putrid’, ‘rotting’, and ‘bile’ according to the press release....view item »

1 + Dog Days

Classic Southern Lord fare here, with two records worth of big, fat, fuck-off heavy stoner metal by Goatsnake. Combining the Dog Days EP with Goatsnake Vol. 1 this reissue is presented in typically dark and luscious Stephen O’Malley style, as a weighty gatefold edition. Should blast out y...view item »
Double LP (SUNN34LP, £21.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Black Age Blues

Available as Gatefold 2LP (LP contains two exclusive tracks) or CD on Southern Lord. Ooooof! First album in fifteen years. With original members Greg Anderson (Sunn O)))), Pete Stahl (Scream), and Greg Rogers (The Obsessed) joined by new bassist...view item »

As Heaven Turns To Ash

Not the film to educate teenage girls about the First World War through the medium of horses, but Warhorse, epic doom metal band from Massachusetts. Reissued after 14 years and now on vinyl for the purists, this LP of the album As Heaven Turns to Ash also contains their last song, I am Dying. Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, on So...view item »

Primitive and Deadly

Earth, worshipers of all things slow and the band responsible for Sunn O))), are releasing their new record - it's called, with amazing precision, 'Primitive and Deadly'. It's their fifth release for Southern Lord, and continues their ascent into focusing on building subtle arrangements around the focal point of Dylan Carlson's guitar work. On '...view item »

God Luck & Good Speed

One of those bands whose name is all you really need to know, Weedeater make grand, morbid and crushingly slow sludge/stoner metal. Steve Albini producing means feedback has never sounded this good and the poetic lyrics debating existence, death, desperation and getting high, sound fantastic. Reissued on vinyl b...view item »
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A Place In The Sun / Black Dust

80’s hardcore fuckers YDI exploded themselves into oblivion within just a few short years, so there isn’t a wasted second in their whole discography, all of which is conveniently gathered for you here on this double LP. A demo, an EP, some compilation tracks and their 1985 album Black Dust. Mighty intense....view item »
Double LP (LORD195LP, £20.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Tierra Y Libertad

Excuse me, are those tanks roaring through a landscape strewn with Mayan temples on the album cover? Yes, yes they are. And those are indeed bionic soldiers firing at each other. No, it’s just the album cover of Terria Y Libertad of Californian death metalheads Xibalba. The album title refers to the slogan of the ...view item »

Torch Runner
Endless Nothing

Crusty old punks Torch Runner pop up again on Southern Lord for their new record, 'Endless Nights'. It's the follow-up to their debut, 'Commited To the Ground', and shows off the same metallic grindcore sound, aiming to be even more chaotic. Torch Runner are giving the most unforgiving and impenetrable hardore acts a run for their money, cr...view item »


Here, on Southern Lord, we have an album of catchy metallic riffs, furious lyrical angst all shot through with classic hardcore-influenced directness. The four piece band recorded the album themselves at the charmingly titled Fvck Life studios and have created an angry, politically-aware album, the blitzkreig assaut will appeal to fans of C...view item »

Poison Everything

This crust punk invention comes from a variety of different bands, including the more psychedelic Black Mountain and Night Horses. Influenced by more straight-up hardcore acts, from the stalwarts Poison Idea to the once canonized Black Flag, Obliterations take us back to when chaotic punk rock was old-school. 'Poison Everything' is for blasting ...view item »

Split Image

A band rather than a Microsoft Office computer app, Excel were crossover punks and/or metalheads who started out in the 80s and released three records -- 'Split Image' is the first, originally recorded in 1983. Excel were raucous, identifying the must chaotic elements of both genres they were interested in, but also self-serious, with ...view item »

The Living Ever Mourn

Nightfell is a d-beat super-group that brings about Todd Burdette of the classic crust bands Tragedy and His Hero is Gone with Tim Call of Mournful Congregation. I feel like I don't really need to go on -- two dudes who have made some of the most seminal hardcore punk in the same room. And it's mastered by Brad Boatright of From Ashes Rise fame!...view item »
LP (LORD190LP, £16.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Till Death

'Till Death' is the ultimate hardcore document from straight edge punks Brotherhood. Originally recorded back in 1988, Southern Lord are proudly presenting the record again with a booklet exposing the scene and atmosphere the record came out of. It's remastered by punk engineer legend Brad Boatright of From Ashes Rise fame. ...view item »
LP (LORD199LP, £16.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Bowl Ethereal
Bowl Ethereal

Hardcore that's in and out the door faster than you can book an appointment for it; Bow Ethereal's self-titled 7" goes for six minutes and then dies out, calibrating its short life-span with methodological obsession worthy of the greatest math rock and metalcore. This is punk that's accurate and well-measured in its brutality....view item »
7" (LORD1905, £5.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Electric Funeral
Total Funeral

Lots of funerals, then: 'Total Funeral' is the collected works of Electric Funeral. One of the cruellest, most unforgiving d-beat groups out there, the band climbed out of the crusty remnants of Warvictims, continuing what they started with more rough-edged, delightfully gross hardcore. There's fifty odd tracks on this definitive double record....view item »
Double LP (LORD188, £18.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Sweden’s d-beat crust gods, MARTYRDÖD, return with their second full-length for Southern Lord. Once again they entered the infamous Studio Fredman (At The Gates, Amon Amarth, Opeth) to record their new full-length, entitled Elddop, the crushing follow-up to 2012’s Paranoia LP. ...view item »

The Expression Of Power

Bl'ast are one of the few pioneering '80s hardcore bands who have continued through to the present day without becoming slightly embarrassing or going insane. I guess they've earned this incredibly thorough reissue of their iconic debut LP 'The Power of Expression'. One thing I didn't realise about this album was that it was actually recorded th...view item »

Endless Struggle/ We Must Rebel/ I Hate Myself/ Bad Times

Classic Texan hardcore reissued by Southern Lord. Endless Struggle / We Must Rebel / I Hate Myself / Bad Times compiles two albums and a single. Therefore you can get yourself most of Offenders discography on two sides of vinyl. Team Lord have polished up the sound a bit, so this hardcore has an even harder core than be...view item »
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The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome

In a parallel of one of those employee exchange programs which sees the managing director sweep the floor for a day, I’ve been given this monolithic slab of crushing sonic endeavour featuring Mike Scheidt (YOB) and Tad Doyle (Yup, thats the lesser spotted Tad...view item »
LP (LORD186LP, £12.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Sunn O))) & Ulver

I'm coming to the home stretch of this week's review marathon and running out of time so I have to make the frankly jarring aesthetic leap from the earnest '80s tweepop of Helen and the Horns straight over to this slow-burning slab of theatrical dirgery from Sunn O))) and Ulver. Thankfully this is one of the records where you already know what i...view item »

Noothgrush / Coffins

I first heard that this split may happen 18 months ago. I was talking to Noothgrush guitarist Russ before the band's show in Hamburg, and he told me that Uchino from Coffins had mentioned to him the possibility of touring together when both bands played the inaugral Heavy Days In...view item »
LP (LORD183LP, £13.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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A Storm Of Light
Nations To Flames

Cruel sonic doomers A Storm of Light continue to drop their music from great heights onto the unsuspecting mass of people underfoot. Nations To Flames has a couple of most metal features on it, with Neurosis' Josh Graha and Kim Thayil from Soundgarden. A no...view item »

The Secret
Agnus Dei

Vicious, unrelenting, and cathartic. The sonic equivalent of snorting a line of gunpowder and then flying a tank into the Vatican....view item »

Eagle Twin
The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale

Salt Lake City doom duo Eagle Twin's first album, The Unkindness of Crows, was apparently inspired by Ted Hughes’ poem Crow. At the end of the album crows fly into the sun, burn, and fall back to the Earth as snakes. That's some pretty metal imagery right there! Fittingly, the Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale picks up the story there, and ex...view item »


LP (LORD160LP, £16.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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High On Fire
The Art Of Self Defense

From the crumpled remains of an hour plus long doom/stoner masterstroke crawls Matt Pike. A love child of Tony Iommi and Lemmy Kilmister with no tolerance for hip-hop sensibilities, mall grooves, or memorable guitar solos, but he plays them anyway because only solos are real. "The Art of Self Defense" is not only a great excuse to dig out a high...view item »

From Ashes Rise
Rejoice The End / Rage Of Sanity

Got a bit of epic hardcore-tinged rock’n’roll business on this here seven from crust veterans From Ashes Rise on Southern Lord, doing their whole sponsor a classic band thing. It’s pretty goofy for a crust record really, ...view item »
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All Pigs Must Die
God Is War

LP (LORD130, £16.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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CD (LORD130CD, £13.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Ataraxia / Taraxis

Pelican is a post-metal band in the vein of Isis and Scale the Summit that holds down its airy atmosphere with some sludgy guitars in this short four-track EP. The big meaty growling of the guitars is lent memorable varying rhythms and though you might not be compelled to perk up your ears through every second of each song, every progression amb...view item »

Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II

Earth is one of my favourite discoveries this year. Feels so calm yet so heavy and emotional. This record is great when played loud through a good sound system. So hypnotic and textured. However, I've listened to this album many times now, and find it stumbles out of the blocks every time, with the first track, "Sigil of Brass". This song seems ...view item »
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Black Cobra

Active since 2001 or so, Invernal is the guitar-and-drums duo's fourth full-length. In contrast to more stoner/doom-style bands, the riffs are sludgy, noisy, and nearly always mid-tempo to fast, and the influence of D-beat/crust type hardcore is quite obvious, though this isn't exactly Dystopia worship either. The energy level rarely if ever fla...view item »
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LP (LORD1465, £17.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Burning Witch
Box Set

Deluxe LP box set (SUNN2LP, £131.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Iron Balls Of Steel

Following the demise of Confessor comes forth Loincloth. Insane technical rhythms that will drive you out of your mind. Instrumental heaviness of short songs. If you dig Confessor, Gore or even The Melvins, you must pick this up. The perfect soundtrack for cold and dark winter mornings. I cannot believe that I missed this little gem of a 90’s ban...view item »

Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method

Earth... aside from it being the beautiful green and blue planet which you're sitting on right now reading these great reviews. It's also the name of a band. A seminal band consisting of men and dirge. Now on Southern Lord their 6th album (I was surprised they'd done that many) is here and boy is it slow.... My gran could play the...view item »
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Oren Ambarchi
In The Pendulum’s Embrace

Oren Ambarchi has a new LP out called 'In The Pendulum's Embrace' on Southern Lord. This is beautiful atmospheric gear made with strings, bells, guitars, piano, etc and it's very soundtrack sounding. It's a bit like a more reduced stripped down version of the recent Earth stuff. It's certainly very listenable.... moorish like biscuits....view item »
Double LP (SUNN78LP, £17.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Dead In The Dirt

Ever since Phil realised I'm secretly punk he's been giving me all the most brutal stuff that comes in to review. This time round it's a ten-song 33rpm 7” from Atlanta, Georgia's Dead in the Dirt. Given its length I thought it was going to be a straight powerviolence record but it's actua...view item »
7" (LORD1305, £4.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Live For Nothing

Noothgrush may be reinterpreting Black Sabbath as having a more hardcore attitude and a more up-to-date political / social consciousness or grim outlook on humankind. Much of Noothgrush's music is very deep doomy metal with evil-sounding slow riffs. In a perfect world, Noothgrush would not only still be around but they would be bigger than Bob G...view item »
CD (LORD143, £13.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Double LP (LORD143LP, £21.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I

Earth are one of those bands who have had a long an distinguished career without having the good fortune to regularly pass by my sumptuous ears. About a year ago I heard one song by them which earnt itself repeated plays on my battered old gramophone. This new LP is almost exactly what I would expect given that first encounter, compris...view item »

Flower Of Disease

An overdue reissue of a long out-of-print favourite! A perfectly-formed album of sludgy, doomy, riffy, Sabbathy rockers that's as heavy is it is ridiculous (and it's definitely pretty ridiculous). The title track is a thing of glorious, chugging beauty and the rest ain't bad either. I remember around the time this album came out they played a sh...view item »

Black Breath
Heavy Breathing

Black Breath are a difficult band to categorize. The vocal approach is pure crusty hardcore, the riffs are sometimes crusty but more often indulge in a tremolo-heavy sort of death-thrash. The guitar tone is pure Sunlight Studios worship and the drumming has enough d-beats to please and Discharge fan. This debut album wouldn't sound out of place ...view item »

Punctuated Equilibrium

When I first heard "Release Me" I must say I was a little worried. It was included on a sampler I received and it didn't really grab me - luckily it's grown on me. If you're looking for Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan or The Hidden Hand then you will be disappointed. But if you're looking for signature Wino then you won't be disappoint...view item »

The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull

Earth are back in action on Southern Lord. yes between sipping pints of methadone they manage to get it together to release records. The interesting thing about this incarnation of Dylan Carlson's ever-evolving project is the surprise added line up of guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Don McGreavy and Steve Moore from Zombi playing hammond organ a...view item »

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