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Like a few of the great U.S. indie imprints, Sub Pop began life as a zine. After a few years chronicling Washington state’s underground rock scene in the early 80s, Sub Pop head-honcho Bruce Pavitt decided that the right thing to do was to have a more »

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Don't Shy Away

Loma, a three piece featuring Emily Cross, Dan Duszynski and Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater, were about to call it a day following the satisfactory success of one album and various gigs, but  when Brian Eno got in touch and told them he liked them, things changed. This led to encouragement and an offer of mixing their new work and Don’t Shy Away was born. Includes guest appearance from Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak.

Kiwi Jr.
Cooler Returns

Kiwi Jr. are a three-piece out of Canada who, as the name suggests, take influence from their antipodean cousins on the Flying Nun label and beyond. The name of Pavement looms large in their catchy slacker-rock style, one which has already spawned a well-regarded LP 'Football Money'. Sub Pop picked them up for this second effort - one which, on the basis of immediately hummable single 'Undecided Voters', could brighten up all our Winters.
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TV Priest

Yet another promising post-punk band to have emerged from these isles in the last few years, London-based quartet TV Priest unleash their debut studio album. Off the back of two BBC 6Music-championed singles in 2020 alone - ‘Runner Up’ and ‘House of York’ - 'Uppers' is a ferocious, politically conscious headlong charge drawing down on industrial and classic punk influences.
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Jon Benjamin
Jazz Daredevil : The Soundtrack Collection

Jon Benjamin voices the title roles in Bob Burgers and Archer. He also seems to be a musician. He released a jazz piano album in 2015 despite not being able to play the piano. Once again he’s not letting little things such as musical ability stand in his way and has recorded another one - Jazz Daredevil: The Soundtrack Collection. On Sub Pop.
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Visions of Bodies Being Burned

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is the fourth album by experimental hip-hop trio, clipping. The material for two, inspired by horror fiction as much as classic  hip-hop, was divided into two parts. The first, There Existed an Addiction to Blood, was released last year. Visions of Bodies Being Burned was supposed to follow pretty quickly but with the pandemic ruining everyone’s plans the release was delayed until now.

Bleach: Deluxe Edition

Nirvana going round for the first time. 'Bleach' was the beginning of the famed grungers infinite ascendency, and it's now reissued as a lovely deluxe edition with more anthemic dejection than you could ever wish for: a live recording of their Portland show in 1990 (with a few surprises and covers), plus an obscenely long booklet of once-private photos. In summary: Nirvana, Bleach, deluxe.

Atlas Vending

The fourth studio album from Canadian punk rockers Metz arrives to kick off the second decade of their existence. In comparison to the relentless energy exuded by their earlier output, Atlas Vending holds back in terms of pace and aims more for subtlety, making for a very different experience but no less emotionally honest. 

METZ / Mission of Burma
Good, Not Great / Get Off

Once a RSD item, now just a simple item, this 7" sees post-hxc tinged noise folk Metz go toe to toe with post-punk legends Mission of Burma. They do a punk swap by covering each other's tunes, with the former going in on "Good, Not Great" and the latter having a crack at "Get Off". A classic fairplay split in celebration of loud music sportsmanship. 

Smell the Magic

Originally released as a six-track EP in 1990 but then re-issued with three more songs the following year to convert it to a full album, Smell The Magic by American underground heroes L7 gets remastered for its 30th anniversary. It saw the band beginning to discover their latent melodic talents, and is a crucial step in explaining 1992's breakout Bricks Are Heavy.

Washed Out
Purple Noon

Ernest Greene brings his Washed Out project back to Sub Pop for the project’s fourth studio album. On Purple Noon, the chillwave pioneer teams up once again with producer Ben H. Allen and ventures even further into hip-hop and R&B territory, with bright, sharply-defined sounds the order of the day. 
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Man Man
Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between

Ryan Kattner takes his Man Man project out of deep-freeze for the project’s first album in half a decade. Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between is the project’s debut for Sub Pop, and over its 17 tracks achieves a level of intimacy and introspection that Kattner (a.k.a. Honus Honus) had only hinted at in the past. 

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Hope Downs

Summer’s coming, which means that we must brace ourselves once more for a deluge of new records featuring pretty guitar riffs and nice singing. Getting in there early are Melbourne group Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Their debut LP Hope Downs features more of the sunny jangle-grunge that characterised their buzz-building 2017 EP The French Press. Hit play if you find it uncomfortable to listen to Surfer Blood or Real Estate but want similar kicks. Out via Sub Pop.
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Jon Benjamin
Well, I Should Have...*

Comic actor Jon Benjamin set out to make a jazz album with him playing the piano, despite the fact that he didn’t know how to play the piano. Well I Should Have…* features Scott Kreitzer on sax, David Finck on bass, and Jonathan Peretz on drums. It also features fellow comic actors Aziz Ansari and Kristen Schaal guesting on the track Deal With The Devil. On Sub Pop.


SUGAREGG is the third album from Nashville band, Bully. Very much going against the grain of the city’s musical heritage, Bully make indie rock just like it was in the ‘90s. They have been described as a highly charged version of My Bloody Valentine but also have plenty of grunge touchstones in their sound. It was mostly recorded in Minnesota with John Congleton with additional tracks produced by Graham Walsh (Alvvays, Metz) in Toronto. 

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Sideways to New Italy

Having scored one of the sleeper hits of the indie scene in 2018 with their debut Hope Downs, Australian quintet Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever waste no time in making a follow-up. Sideways To New Italy concerns how their relationships to their home country have changed in the aftermath of relentlessly touring the world over the last few years.

Dum Dum Girls
I Will Be

You know Dum Dum Girls, right? I'm guessing you probably do. Well, this here record, 'I Will Be' happens to be the Los Angeles indie-popsters' debut LP which introduced itself to the world back in that there year we called 2010. Dee Dee Penny's merry band made a highly infectious, hook-laden record when they put these tracks down. Rollicking tunes led by rattling guitars, cracking choruses and loping, tinny drums, just like 1987 never ended. Bouncy, fun-time pop larks ahoy! LP or CD, on Sub Pop.

Shabazz Palaces
The Don Of Diamond Dreams

Shabazz Palaces were the first hip-hop group to sign for renowned indie rock label Sub Pop, their debut album, Black Up (2011), was regarded by many as one of the best albums of the last decade. Ishmael Butler, once of Digable Planets is one half of this impressive duo. The Don of Diamond Dreams is their fifth album. It features contributions from Purple Tape Nate, Stas THEE Boss, Darrius Willrich, OCnotes and Carlos Overall.
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Uneasy Laughter

The 2018 self-titled debut album by LA trio Moaning rocked with echoes of goth and grunge running through its veins. For their new outing, Uneasy Laughter, on Sub Pop, they’ve put down the guitars and picked up, or stood in front of, synths and laid down some beats. It’s an album about going through anxiety in the modern age. Undoubtedly a bunch of people will find a friend in this LP.

The Homesick
The Big Exercise

Having established a fearsome reputation as a live band that’s gotten them signed to iconic indie label Sub Pop, Dutch outfit The Homesick have taken a bit of a left turn on second album The Big Exercise, infusing their intense post-punk with a much wider range of instruments, from piano to clarinet. 

Wolf Parade
Thin Mind

Having released the caustic Cry Cry Cry shortly after their reformation three years ago, Canadian post-punk revivalists Wolf Parade have wasted no time on their next project. Due for release in January, Thin Mind was produced by the celebrated indie aesthete John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Death Cab) and contains a loose narrative framed with post-apocalyptic themes. 

The Deep

Containing the title track which was originally commissioned back in 2017 for This American Life about Afrofuturism, and which earned the group a Hugo nomination this following year, hip-hop experimentalists Clipping. present a new EP titled The Deep, to tie in with a novel of the same name by Rivers Solomon. Vinyl version contains exclusive instrumental versions of the three original tracks. 


Now as much of a christmas standard as "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" by Mel and Kim. Low are the perfect band to soundtrack Christmas, coming as they do from the snow-bound city of Duluth which glistens like Christmas half the year round. This short album combines lovely originals "Just Like Christmas" and "Long Way Around the Sea" with spooky versions of traditional song. It's the perfect soundtrack to my Christmas tradition of driving around the less salubrious neighbourhoods, checking out the houses all ridiculously lit up.  


Hang on. I was thinking that Omni only released a new album earlier this year when in reality Multi-Task came out in 2017. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself.  Networker is their third album and their first since signing for Sub Pop. Theirs is a taut and wiry sound with nods back to Gang of Four and fellow Georgians Pylon and they have an ex Deerhunter in guitar ace Frankie Broyles. Networker turns up the 'fi' on their twisty turny sound but retaining the catchiness and freshness of their earlier work. 


According to the press release the third album from Quebec's Corridor was recorded yesterday which means it's still as fresh and vital as a brand new tub of humous. Sub Pop got so excited by it that they released it a day after which is good going. It may be bang up to date but their sound is timeless, a mixture of guitar burn and jangle, some post-punk, some psych, lots of fun. What did you do yesterday? Corridor made an album and we'd better get on it before time runs out. 

Morning In America

You wait years for a new Mudhoney LP and then two come along at once. After the Seattle grunge veterans returned to the fray back in 2018 with the excellent 'Digital Garbage', the band now offer up another set of tracks less than a year on from that record. Not everything on 'Morning In America' is new - ‘Vortex Of Lies’ was on a hyper-limited tour 7” while ‘Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again’ and ‘One Bad Actor’ are re-workings of older material - but by and large this is fresh meat. All of the cuts on 'Morning In America' date from the 'Digital Garbage' sessions.

Frankie Cosmos
Close It Quietly

Fourth album proper from Frankie Cosmos, Greta Kline's project that has slowly become a fully fledged band. Close It Quietly, sees the once anti-folk act morph fully into something more like the weirdo-pop of Broadcast and Stereolab. Lyrically we find Kline reflecting on herself, and the state of the world. Who isn't nowadays?

Shannon Lay

August, the third album by Shannon lay, sees her take on folk music drift from lo-fi Vashti Bunyan-style quietness to an Dry-era PJ Harvey rawness. It was recorded with her pal Ty Segall and features his pal, Mikal Cronin (presumably her pal too!) playing sax on the opening track. It includes a cover of Karen Dalton’s Something On Your Mind.

Ones and Sixes

A bloke called Alan who’s a member of Low says of One and Sixes; “I'm not going to tell you what this record is about because I have too much respect for that moment when you come to know it for yourself”. He goes on to talk about “the moment” and all that. All I know is that they continue with their slow sleuthing indie rock, which also has hints of traditional folk. They're singing well known tunes and just giving you a generally good time. Don't let up on the harmonies, y'all. Available on 2LP or CD.  


Those of you clamouring for the fourth METZ LP will have to wait a little longer, but Automat should be more than enough to tide you over. This rarities compilation spans the band’s career to date. Taking in demos, B-sides, hard-to-find singles and releases previously only available on YouTube, Automat is a testament to the consistency of one of our hardest-working noise-rock bands.

Kyle Craft
Showboat Honey

The third LP from Sub Pop’s Kyle Craft is also the first he’s made with a full-time backing band. They’re called Showboat Honey, and the album that they’ve helped create is also called Showboat Honey. Craft cuts a charismatic figure here, presenting an impassioned rocker schtick ala Ezra Furman but with a bit more grungy bite in his grooves.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
That's It!

Preservation Hall Jazz Band were formed in New Orleans the early ‘60s by Alan Jaffe and carried forward since the early 90s by his son, Ben Jaffe. Myriad influences feed into their life story from the different musicians who’ve passed through their ranks to the sounds passing through their home city and their willingness to embrace change. That’s It was produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
So It Is

Preservation Hall Jazz Band were formed in New Orleans in the early ‘60s. Many musicians have been through their ranks through the years, as well as many different musical influences. So It Is takes its inspiration from the band’s trip to Cuba in 2016. Their sound is stretched further by the presence of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek in the producer's chair.

Minor Poet
The Good News

Remember the days when seeing the Sub Pop label on a record meant that you were buying some sort of lo-to-mid-fi rock produced by Jack Endino or Steve Fisk? Those days are long gone. Sub Pop’s roster has expanded in all directions so you don’t know what you’ll get. With Minor Poet they have a bedroom artist, Andrew Carter, who makes music that seemingly mixes Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, ‘70s pop and Animal Collective. The Good News is his new EP and follows on from 2017’s And How! LP.

The Gotobeds
Debt Begins at 30

There are many reasons to like Pennsylvania band The Gotobeds. Chief among them are the noisy racket they make, another is that Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich loves ‘em. Their new album, Debt Begins At 30, which is their third, has guest appearances all over the place, most notably from members of Protomartyr and Silkworm.

Flight of The Conchords
I Told You I Was Freaky

I Told You I Was Freaky is the second album by New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo Flight of the Conchords featuring songs from the second series of the show of the same name. It includes such classics as Hurt Feelings, Sugarlumps and Too Many Dicks (On The Dancefloor).

This Mess Is a Place

Is it a taco? Is it a cat? Is it both - or perhaps … neither? Whatever a Tacocat is, we can say with confidence that it’s from Seattle, contains four humans (‘Tacopeople’?) and has just made its fourth LP in the form of This Mess Is A Place. This record is a peppy thing that polishes the group’s lo-fi grunge-pop sound with some pop influences, warm vocal harmonies and great production. It kind of reminds us of The Long Blondes actually.

Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising

Winning the award for most confusing, convoluted press release of the decade is the new album from Weyes Blood. It turns out her fourth album is influenced by things as disparate as Bob Seger, madrigal choirs, Hoagy Carmichael and scholar Joseph Campbell. It's also influenced by the Titanic -  a boat which sunk once. Her last album was just great so here's hoping those array of influences allow something equally magical here.  

Orville Peck

New album from the incredibly named Orville Peck (presumably named after a bite by green be-nappied 80s puppet). Mr Peck makes the sort of strung out Americana that also catches a kind of shoegaze drift. It's all love and loss croons, desert highways, no good hustlers, dogs in lying in dust,  pylons glinting in the late afternoon sun.      

Iron and Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days (Deluxe Edition)

He was oh so quiet then as if the beard was somehow muffling the sound of his voice and guitar. 15 years later and we are granted a deluxe edition with new artwork, a booklet and crucially 8 previously unreleased demos. A classic of its kind this was the first album Sam Beam used musicians other than himself but it still remains the quietest of journeys.   

Perfect Son

My mum tells me that I’m the Perfect Son, so I’m not really sure what this fella’s playing at. Get off my turf, Perfect Son! Anyway, the artist born Tobiasz Biliński and known for a few years as Coldair has come out swinging on Cast, his first LP for Sub Pop. Cast is a record of brash, confident electro-pop of the Gary Numan/Depeche Mode school.

Dear Hamlyn

I think it’s fair to say that Luluc make genuinely beautiful music. Dear Hamlyn was the duo’s debut album, originally released in 2008. This melancholic set of songs was written following the death of Zoe Randall’s father. The pair have drawn praise from the self-proclaimed 'journal of roots music', No Depression magazine and Legendary folk producer Joe Boyd. LP on Sub Pop - limited edition pearlescent silver vinyl version available if you’re quick.

Flight of The Conchords
Live in London

The Flight Of The Conchords TV series finished its run way back in 2009 - that was 10 whole years ago. Since then Brett McKenzie has become an Oscar-winning songwriter and Jermaine Clement has been adding his voice to films such as Despicable Me, Moana, and The Lego Batman Movie.  The duo reunited to tour the UK in 2018. Their London show was recorded for an HBO TV special, and now it’s available on LP, CD and Cassette via Sub Pop. Includes two bonus tracks that were not included on the TV special.

Green River
Rehab Doll

Mark Arm? Stone Gossard? Jeff Ament? Mudhoney? Pearl Jam? You love those bands, right? Well this is where it all started, Rehab Doll, the first and only full length LP by Seattle’s Green River. (It actually started with an EP and a mini LP shortly before this, but y’know what I mean.) The band featured all the above people and some other guys.You know what happened in Seattle and the music world after this, but check out what was the nascent Seattle music scene by buying this LP, or CD on Sub Pop.
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Double Negative

Two years on from the excellent Ones and Sixes Low have headed back down Highway 53 to Eau Claire to resume work with producer B.J. Burton (Bon Iver, James Blake) on an album which is said to be an unflinching eleven track quest to be loud, abrasive and commanding. A Low record that fights against itself....shades of 'Drums & Guns' perhaps? Once again Low move with the times. Truly always different, always the same. 

J Mascis
Elastic Days

J Mascis writes a new album, a new album writes J Mascis. Elastic Days is his third solo studio LP away from the daily grind of being in Dinosaur Jr. As with previous albums Several Shades Of Why and Tied To A Star, this one finds The World's Slacker Dad focussing on the acoustic side of life. There’s a bit of a Woods vibe to numbers like ‘See You At The Movies’.

Still Corners
Creatures of an Hour

  • Vinyl LP (SP940)
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Rick and Morty
The Rick and Morty Soundtrack

Aww geez. Wubba lubba dub dub. Eek barba durkle. And so on. This Rick And Morty tie-in album was only a matter of time, given the popularity of the show and the general high quality of the soundtrack. Whatever format you buy the Rick And Morty Soundtrack on, you’ll be getting twenty-six tracks, eighteen of which are by Ryan Elder and others that range from the Blonde Redhead bit they use as the ‘Evil Morty’ theme to Belly and Mazzy Star, plus exclusive new tunes by clipping. and Chad VanGaalen.

Digital Garbage

Apparently, Mark Arm wanted to write an album with lyrics akin to early Beach Boys records - a more holiday-ish vibe. The leader of Seattle grunge….can we still use the word grunge?....okay, garage rock legends, Mudhoney has instead decided that powerful social commentary suits their music better for new album Digital Garbage. Please Mr. Gunman and Next Mass Extinction both reference problems in America’s recent political and social history. LP, CD and Cassette on Sub Pop.

Knife Knights
1 Time Mirage

Given that the pair of Shabazz Palaces LPs that dropped in 2017 really stank out the place, it’s probably a good thing that Ishmael Butler has found a new project to focus on. Here he teams up with Erik Blood - who, among other things, was engineer for SP’s Lese Majesty - for a new record as Knife Knights. 1 Time Mirage is much better from Butler. Blood’s electro-hop production focusses the George Clinton-esque musings that sounded so aimless on the Quazarz records.

Drums and Guns

Before they went full on leftfield with Double Negative, Drums and Guns was probably seen as the most experimental Low album. Like Double Negative it was full of glitchy surprises most notably the mix in which instruments were panned hard right and left. It contained some of their most bold productions to date and lyrically it dealt with war, poverty and divisive American politics. Could have been made yesterday. 


Debut EP from wannabe New Yorker Yuno. On Moodie he finds a weird middle ground between Grizzly Bear's poppier moments and the freedom of Lil Uzi Vert while longingly looking across from the country from his West Coast home. There's also a hint of Len's 'Steal My Sunshine', which in my books, is always a good thing. 


Their post-punk almost clocking in at ‘normal’ punk BPM, Moaning are releasing their debut self-titled album. Expect catchy singalong self-deprecating lyrics accompanied by very fuzzy basslines. Moaning is available on CD, cassette, vinyl and super-sexy special edition pink ‘Loser’ vinyl, if that’s what you want to be called by artists whose work you’re buying.

Kyle Craft
Full Circle Nightmare

Simpering Southern glam-rock warbler Kyle Craft returns to Sub Pop with a second diner jukebox-ready long player, Full Circle Nightmare. Painstakingly faithful to the seediest, most regretful and wistful sentiments of the genre, the music sounds precisely as Kyle looks: as if generated by some sort of Americana algorithm. Does he actually exist? I think we should be told! Available nonetheless in limited LP, unlimited LP, CD or cassette formats.

King Tuff
The Other

Despite being a recording artist in his own right, King Tuff AKA Kyle Thomas has also performed as part of Ty Segall’s backing band, The Muggers. The Other is King Tuff’s fifth album and first since 2014’s Black Moon Spell. LP, CD, and Cassette on Sub Pop. There’s also a limited ‘indies only’ coloured vinyl version if you’re quick enough.

Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos leader and chief songwriter Greta Kline has an impressive 52 releases under her belt in just seven years. Vessel is her third under the Frankie Cosmos name and sees her looking back at the effect this artistically prolific time has had on her through her particular brand of pleasingly melodic indie-pop. LP, CD and Cassette on Sub Pop, with a limited translucent blue vinyl version if you're quick!

Iron & Wine
Weed Garden

Sam Beam & co return as Iron & Wine to follow up their Grammy-nominated LP released in early 2018, 'Beast Epic'. Weed Garden is a collection of songs to complement the aforementioned record; its writing has been an evolving process the past three years. The six-song album was a smaller but significant part of the process, all unfinished at the time; includes the fan favourite 'Waves of Galveston'.

Mass Gothic
I've Tortured You Long Enough

Husband and wife duo Mass Gothic drop their sophomore LP via Sub Pop. If a title like I’ve Tortured You Long Enough has you imagining brutal metal breakdowns or claustrophobic industrialism, then fear not! For in this instance it’s actually quite a wry choice. The tunes here are more Bat For Lashes than Cancer Bats, albeit with a bit of that quirky Brooklynite flavour that is all the rage these days. Available as CD, LP and tape.

Cullen Omori
The Diet

Chicago-born Cullen Omori went through a series of hardships following his debut album, New Misery. There’s always a silver cloud, however, and he was able to pour all of this into the making of his second album, The Diet. He mixes ‘70s art rock with the deftness of a top songsmith and his own specifically adapted guitar set-up to create an album of original, modern indie rock. Limited edition opaque purple coloured vinyl, black vinyl, CD and cassette on Sub Pop.

Wolf Parade
Cry Cry Cry

This first album in seven years from these reconvened indie rockers showcases their energetic brew of glam prog and synth rock with their signature rousing choruses and chaotic arrangements firmly in place. The years off seem to have given them a new lease of life resulting in an uplifting blast for uncertain times. 

The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

Greg Dulli’s veteran alt-rock outfit The Afghan Whigs have a brand new album to share with the world! In Spades offers up a fresh angle on the much-loved soulful hard’n’punky Whigs sound, with even a bit of brass sneaking into the mix. The record is available on CD, LP and cassette while stocks last. Courtesy of Sub Pop.

8-Way Santa

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! 8-Way Santa, produced by Bruce Vig, was released in 1991, prime time for grunge. Both CD and LP editions are rounded out with some bonus tracks, taken from a 7”, an EP and some demos.

Salt Lick

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! The Steve Albini-recorded EP Salt Lick is a big ugly noisy thing, and this reissue of it includes a bundle of bonuses from singles and EPs. Available on CD or on two different kinds of vinyl.

God's Balls

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! God’s Balls is TAD’s debut album, and it seethes with chugging weight. Both CD and LP editions are rounded out with some bonus tracks, some of which haven’t previously been released!

Ultramega OK (Expanded)

What more needs to be said about Soundgarden’s Ultramega OK? The grunge rockers debut blended elements of psychedelic rock, heavy metal and hardcore, with the raw, rough edges of the first explosion of grunge in Seattle. Sub Pop bring this incredible record back with a heavily expanded edition available on a range of formats.

No Cities To Love

They called Carrie Brownstein home from Portlandia; they politely asked Corin Tucker to stop making her quite excellent solo albums; they pointed out that the Shins aren't cool to Janet Weiss. Sleater-Kinney, one of the most important punk rock bands of the modern era, are back, and No Cities To Love is their new document. It's been ten years. We made it.

Jet Plane and Oxbow

Surprise surprise from Shearwater, who seem to have unleashed a full-blown 1980’s synth-rock album right here. Jet Plane and Oxbow is a collection of big, widescreen songs, designed with the help of Brian Reitzell and Jesca Hoop among others. CD, double LP, or a special, independent-stores-only blue vinyl ‘Loser’ edition. On Sub Pop.

Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star

Afrofuturist, cosmic hip-hop experimentalists Shabazz Palaces release their third full-length for Seattle’s Sub Pop label. Here, the group’s lore is at its most dense and intriguing, their sound resides in both the past and the future simultaneously, and their list of collaborators continuously expands; Julian Casablancas and Thundercat are just two of the acts along for the ride. Available on limited coloured as well as classic black vinyl, CD and cassette.

Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines is a summer 2017 release from a hip-hop artist with a galactic sense of ambition and grandeur. Ishmael Butler, aka Shabazz Palaces, creates an otherworldly universe in this highly creative expedition through a mind realising the depths of his own imagination. Interstella rap at its most futuristic.

Shabazz Palaces
Black Up

Not written in reference to Justin Trudeau's party antics but the 2011 debut from American rap duo Shabazz Palaces. The group features the vocals of Ishmael Butler formerly of Digable Planets alongside multi-instrumentalist Tendai "Baba" Maraire. Black Up was a lean and forward thinking hip-hop record which was notable for pushing boundaries forward rather than pander to the more nostalgic view of the genre that was more popular at the time. First ever hip-hop group on previously guitar-led label Sub Pop too.  

Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop
Love Letter For Fire

Love Letter For Fire by Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop is an eclectic collection of unique folk and pop. Beam brings the wit and melancholic guitar of his Iron & Wine project, whilst Hoop contributes her experimental songwriting. The male-female harmonies are beautiful and an all-star band, including Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, flesh out these delicate folk-rock ditties.

Pissed Jeans
Why Love Now

Sludgy, punky noise-makers Pissed Jeans have been churning out their brand of gnarly rock for thirteen years now. On Why Love Now, their fifth album, they focus their lyrical wit on the more humdrum events of modern life such as office supply deliveries along with the more uncomfortable such as fetish webcams. Why Love now was produced by no wave legend Lydia Lunch along with Arthur Rizk from Eternal Champion and Goat Semen.

Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans are a noise rock group from Philadelphia who create misanthropic punk tunes inspired by all your favourite loud and brash guitar groups of the late 80s and early 90s. Grumbling bass meets pummelling drums, razor-sharp guitars and nihilistic vocals. The obvious musical reference point is The Jesus Lizard, though there are shades of all sorts of post-hardcore, punk, sludge and grunge in their sound. Bristol's IDLES owe a lot to this band. 
  • Vinyl LP (SP1029)
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Strange Peace

A new record from probably North America's loudest band promises to be ear-shredding, particularly when recording genius/grump Steve Albini has allowed them into his lair. This live-to-tape recording tries to grasp the full racket of the band in the flesh, resulting in an accessible yet terrifying ride. 


Absolute rager of a debut from Canadian noise-rock outfit METZ. This is visceral, caustic music that lights a fire under Sub Pop’s classic grunge sound until it becomes something altogether more feral. The Jesus Lizard and Mission Of Burma spring to mind as points of reference for METZ, comparisons which do neither band an injustice.


Toronto grungers METZ return with their appropriately titled second album II. If 2012’s self titled release sounded like Nirvana’s Bleach then... well... so does this. Clattering drums and scrawling guitars aplenty. Out on limited ‘Loser’ edition vinyl LP, standard vinyl LP and CD from Sub Pop.

Mark Lanegan
I'll Take Care of You

Of course he long as you can cope with a little alcohol and being woken by the snuffling that is the preserve of the whiskey-soaked. This was Mark Lanegan's fourth solo LP and sees his gravel voice being deployed to grunt a selection of covers from the likes of Tim Hardin, Booker T Jones and Tim Rose. Lanegan makes them his own though so the sound and feel isn't altogether different to one of his albums of originals. 

The Invisible Way

We moaned that Low were playing it just a little too safe on their 2013 album The Invisible Way. Ha! After Double Negative maybe we could do with some predictable Low as contrast. This was produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and is a warm, acoustic sounding album that contains a bigger slice of Mimi than you usually get. All Low records are worth listening to and this is no different. 


While touring together, Texans Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski (Cross Record) became chummy enough with Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater) to start a band; and so it was that Loma (which happens to mean ‘holiday’ in Finnish) came to be. If lead single ‘Black Willow’ represents the entire self-titled debut, we’re in for a fair whack of smokey, unhurried indie melancholy.

J Mascis
Tied to a Star

Dinosaur Junior frontman J Mascis opts for a laid back and acoustic feel with his new offering, featuring guest appearances from Cat Power among others. The prolific singer / guitarist's output has been particularly impressive over recent years, with his 2011 debut solo album 'Several Shades of Why' gaining critical acclaim, and more recently Dinosaur Junior's excellent 'I Bet on Sky'. Available on pink vinyl (exclusive to independent retailers) or just your usual black, complete with download code. 

Iron and Wine
Beast Epic

Ol’ big beard Sam Beam is back with a record that he says harks back to his earlier works such as ‘The Creek Drank the Cradle’. This brings Beam’s work a full circle as he seems to be rediscovering the simplicity that made those records such hushed delights. This his his 5th album and contains the type of songs that Beam hinself admits he does best. 

Hot Snakes
Suicide Invoice

Hot Snakes are a kind of post-hardcore all stars band formed by John Reis (Rocket From the Crypt/Drive By Jehu) and Rick Froberg also of Drive By Jehu. They play that kind of tight American avant rock where things are hit very hard and guitars are jagged and unpredictable. Suicide Invoice was their second studio album and comes out again as a re-issue of the entire Hot Snakes back catalogue on Sub Pop.  

Hot Snakes
Jericho Sirens

After fourteen whole years with no new Hot Snakes recordings, the drought is finally over! Hot Snakes got back in the studio to blast out some more of their righteous post-hardcore, with a line-up that now includes both of their notable past drummers. Jericho Sirens sounds precisely as rad as the cover image would suggest. Out on Sub Pop.

Hot Snakes
Automatic Midnight

Released pretty much 20 years ago to the day, Sub Pop presents CD, cassette and special orange-coloured vinyl re-issues of Automatic Midnight, the 2000 debut album from American post-hardcore/garage rock heroes Hot Snakes. The record kicked off a short but hugely celebrated initial career arc before their untimely split in the mid-Noughties. 

Hot Snakes
Audit In Progress

A re-issue on vinyl, CD and cassette on their new label Sub Pop, Audit In Progress would be the last Hot Snakes album until they reformed and released Jericho Sirens some 14 years later. A short, sharp collection of lithe and focussed garage-punk, it displayed the cult San Diego band in all their glory. 

Earth 2

This album is confusingly entitled ‘Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version’ despite the facts that this is Earth’s debut LP and that there are no other versions of it out there. This 1993 album is one of modern metal’s most influential records, drawing up blueprints for the more ambient and abstract turns that the genre would take in subsequent years. Across three tracks and seventy-three minutes we find guitarist Dylan Carlson and bassist Dave Harwell chugging away, piling chords upon chords to create towering walls of fuzz. Sunn O))) were listening.
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Downtown Boys
Cost Of Living

The brilliant Downtown Boys made an absolutely monumental record a couple years back in Full Communism, a hardcore record with skronking sax, righteous politics and an abiding love for Bruce Springsteen. Their new record, Cost of Living, sounds like a structural upgrade to their sound, the lead single "A Wall" more dynamic but no less thrilling. A compassionate strike against the racism and Islamophobia present in American life, it continues the band's necessary fight against what they describe as "the whitewashed world of rock".

Deaf Wish

Noise is scattered through the songs of Deaf Wish. It wallows through their sighed grunge tunes and their no frills punk shitshows, feedback wailing as if it wants nothing more than to be part of a pop song for once. Pain reconciles the twin forces of melodious songwriting and nauseating dissonance, a blend that best explains how a band stretched across different continents would sound coming together. 

Comets On Fire
Blue Cathedral

Comets on Fire are a Californian group who play a noisy and heavy take on psychedelic rock. There's also a heavy dose of blues and stoner rock here on their third album 'Blue Cathedral' too. Their sound is similar to outfits like Dead Meadow, Bardo Pond and Colour Haze and they feature a member of Heron Oblivion. You may have even seen them feature on the ace documentary 'Such Hawks Such Hounds', a feature length film documenting the heavier and weirder end of psychedelia, metal and drone rock. 

Chad VanGaalen
Light Information

Chad VanGaalen was of course the man who recorded those brilliant Women albums and also made the spectacular Diaper Island as well as a bunch of other excellent solo albums. Here he is with his first since 2014's Shrink Dust and has been inspired by bringing up his kids who even sing on one of the songs. Nice. 

Band of Horses
Cease To Begin

Cease to Begin was the second album from gorgeously dreamy USA lot Band of Horses. Their debut Everything All the Time had been a runaway success and Cease to Begin continued to solidify their likeable sound with a blend of country rock, psychedelia led by the keening voice of Ben Bridwell. Listen if you like Fleet Foxes, Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips.  

Damien Jurado
Rehearsals for Departure

The 1999 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Rehearsals For Departure is Jurado’s second full-length, and rather more (indie) folky than his debut. Each song feels long lived-in and heavy with melancholy, although Jurado’s delicate constructions of guitar, voice, harmonica, and occasionally a fuller band, make the album a compelling experience.

Damien Jurado
Ghost of David

The 2000 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Ghost Of David is Jurado’s third full-length, and it finds the man shedding a lot of the indie folky textures of the previous album in favour of some spiky indie guitars. Just as effective at conveying weighty melancholy.

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