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Simple to put this one. A triple LP or double CD anthology which includes literally everything U-Men released from the studio, plus an additional 5 tracks that have never been released, all remastered. Their unique sound paved they way for the grunge generation in Seattle, so if you like your alt-rock punky, avantgarde, frantic ...view item »

Double Negative

Two years on from the excellent Ones and Sixes Low have headed back down Highway 53 to Eau Claire to resume work with producer B.J. Burton (Bon Iver, James Blake) on an album which is said to be an unflinching eleven track quest to be loud, abrasive and commanding. A Low recor...view item »

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Hope Downs

That moment when we say "if you only buy one guitar pop album all year ...." .  Every summer needs a guitar based album we all can enjoy and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have more than delivered here. They are a rough hewn project and much dirtier and grungier than your usual summer fayre of bands like ...view item »


Debut EP from wannabe New Yorker Yuno. On Moodie he finds a weird middle ground between Grizzly Bear's poppier moments and the freedom of Lil Uzi Vert while longingly looking across from the country from his West Coast home. There's also a hint of&n...view item »

Cullen Omori
The Diet

Chicago-born Cullen Omori went through a series of hardships following his debut album, New Misery. There’s always a silver cloud, however, and he was able to pour all of this into the making of his second album, The Diet. He mixes ‘70s art rock with the deftness of a top songsmith and his own specifically adapted gu...view item »

Deaf Wish
Lithium Zium

The fifth LP from Aussie rockers Deaf Wish also marks their second for Sub Pop after 2015’s Pain. Lithium Zion is a fun and frenzied jolt of garage-punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Vocal duties are shared around, which is a nice touch, and overall the thing comes off ver...view item »

Bleach: Deluxe Edition

Nirvana going round for the first time. 'Bleach' was the beginning of the famed grungers infinite ascendency, and it's now reissued as a lovely deluxe edition with more anthemic dejection than you could ever wish for: a live recording of their Portland show in 1990 (with a few surprises and covers), plus an obscenely l...view item »

The Vaselines
Enter the Vaselines

Kurt Cobain bummed The Vaselines and quite rightly so, they're brilliant. Like a gift from a shiny happy New Testament God, Sub Pop (who else?) have seen fit to issue a deluxe collection of basically everything you're ever gonna need by the band. You can buy this one, look at it, go "I never need to buy another Vaselines record in my life" th...view item »

Jeremy Enigk
The Return Of The Frog Queen

In the time between this record being made and subsequently reissued I'm sorry to tell you that Jeremy Enigk has lost his golden hair. Yup those locks that feature on the back sleeve are no more. However this is the only way the record has dated. Bit o' history first. 'Return of the Frog Queen' is one of those records that arrived at me word of ...view item »

Jo Passed
Their Prime

The most surprising thing about the recent Arctic Monkeys album is the realisation that people still actually seem to make records with my personal ear in mind. I'm talking about records with unusual melodies, surprising jumps in dynamics and lyrics that you need to think about a couple of times. It's not a o...view item »

The Shins
Oh, Inverted World

Exactly what you never knew you always needed: a fifteen-year-old album reissued on cassette. Maybe you need an extra copy for your car. Maybe you want to give it to somebody who can’t afford a record player. What do we know? Either way, The Shins’ 2001 classic Oh, Inverted World is finally stepping into the...view item »

Eric's Trip
Purple Blue

Purple Blue was the third album by Canadian indie-rockers Eric’s Trip, originally released in 1996. The band, who are named after a Sonic Youth song, are led by Julie Doiron who has since gone on to have a distinguished solo career. The band split in 1996 but have reformed twice since. The...view item »

Eric's Trip
Forever Again

Eric’s Trip were a Canadian band led by singer/songwriter Julie Doiron. Their initial career lasted six years from 1990-96. They have the auspicious accolade of being the first Canadian band to sign for Sub Pop. Forever Again is the band’s second album and sees them nicely balance melodic hooks with ...view item »


Luluc have friends in high places. They can count Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney) and Matt Berninger (The National) among their fans, while Sculptor features contributions from J. Mascis, Dirty Three’s Jim White and more. Their secon...view item »

Mark Lanegan
Whiskey For The Holy Ghost

Mark Lanegan’s second solo album is back on the streets again in the form of this double gatefold LP. Whiskey For The Holy Ghost is dark and dramatic and deeply American, pulling away from the grunge sound of his Screaming Trees (although there is a guest appearance from Dan Peters ...view item »

Forth Wanderers
Forth Wanderers

Strong indeed. Forth Wanderers write their music as piecemal parts and then put it all together, but you wouldn’t know listening to this record: it doesn’t feel built from itself but rather symbiotic, as if everything were happening at the same time with nothing more than a knowing nod as direction. This is the band’s second to...view item »

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Talk Tight

Do you still miss the Go-Betweens? Well I might have something for you.  Look, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever aren't as good as the Go-Betweens (who is?)  - they lack the lyrical dexterity, the poetic autumnal hues and that bookish charm but they do something here that at times brings to m...view item »

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
The French Press

This is a pretty nice slab of down to earth unpretentious guitar pop from Australia. In common with Scott and Charlene’s Wedding they have a singer who initially comes across as having nothing much more on his mind than where the next snag for the bar-b- is coming from but this everyman...view item »


This band that named themselves after what my editor does at arbitrary times of the day are pretty good. With that kinda tidy post-punk shred where everything sounds like it exists on an abandoned production line, they storm into a record of sheen fuzz. If Preoccupations had leaned the right ways into the gen...view item »

Hot Snakes
Jericho Sirens

They’re back! Hot Snakes are back! Have they been surfing for fourteen straight years of hiatus? To be confirmed. Are they scheming with Downtown Boys to turn Sub Pop into a full-blown punk label? To be confirmed. Are the snakes still hot? To. Be. Confirmed. All I can really confirm, in reality, is that ...view item »

King Tuff
The Other

King Tuff is the guy who can’t quite stop himself from dabbling in psych rawk pomp due to his part in Ty Segall’s old backing band the Muggers, and, maybe, I don’t know, some other things. His new record, ‘The Other’, starts simply enough, but soon it’s decorated in bombast, a s...view item »

Frankie Cosmos

The main problem I'm having with this third album of fruity indie pop from Greta Kline is the pitch of her voice. Higher than helium. She's released 52 records so far which impressive until you try to work out how many of them are actually any good. What we have here is a kind of cross between Kimya Dawson...view item »

Phase 3 - Thrones & Dominions

Its a damn shame how little recognition this album gets in comparison to its predecessor, the monumental album Earth 2. While Earth 2 pretty much established drone doom as a subgenre and is still cited by many as the only worthwhile album Earth released, Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions is proof that Dylan Carlson is more than a one-trick pony (th...view item »

Iron and Wine
The Sea & The Rhythm

Iron and Wine are here with their ep The Sea & The Rhythm on Sub Pop (on vinyl for the first time with free download inside). These lot are my housemates favourites and listening to them now explains his bouts of seclusion and severe autistic social interaction. Sensitive Folk music making good use of acoustic guitar and banjo. The understated br...view item »


Well, yes, this makes sense. It has Jonathan Meiburg all over it -- he pilots Shearwater, who make wide eyed indie folk for young adults. He’s joined by a duo of musicians from Cross Record, who make wonderfully lo-fi pop at loose ends (Ba Da Bing! Once released one of their records, almost veering out of t...view item »

Pentastar In The Style Of Demons

I have heard lots of negative reactions towards Pentastar, but honestly, I don't see what's to dislike. It has that special Dylan Carlson touch, and it seems much more thought out than Phase 3 (which is amazing in it's own right). It's an album that has rang true for many people I've showed it to, who have all seemed to dig the stoner vibe that ...view item »

Kyle Craft
Full Circle Nightmare

It’s glam. I don’t know how exactly but it is: there’s a dude wearing a hat on the front cover and Kyle Craft has a fuzzed-up hair thing going on. He’s about to answer a phone. His suit, a kind of mustard-white, is captivating. There’s a table. There are cards. The scene is set: it’s rock music for the world&r...view item »


Live album that documents Mudhoney’s 2016 European tour. LiE's release coincides with the 30th anniversary of the band and features eleven tracks from across those three decades. After all that time the superfuzz is still super, the bigmuff is still big and the riffs... hoo-boy the riffs. ...view item »

Hot Snakes
Audit In Progress

Man, few albums provide an immediate jolt like Hot Snakes' third album. For a rocking good time, this band is pretty tough to beat. Audit In Progress is aggressive, in-your-face, and extremely fun to listen to, coming off sort of like Nirvana with loads of swagger instead of self-conscious angst. While Hot Snakes' sound is loosely classifiable a...view item »

Hot Snakes
Suicide Invoice

Next, please say hello to Hot Snakes who number John Reis (Rocket from the Crypt/Drive By Jehu) and Rick Froberg (Drive by Jehu) amongst their ranks. You know that style of American rawk where the drums are hit very hard and the guitars are played sideways but aggressively? Well this is i...view item »

Hot Snakes
Automatic Midnight

The concise opening double shot of "If Credit's What Matters I'll Take Credit" and the title track proves the band to be noise merchants of the highest order, with Froberg's fierce shout joined by a pummelling wall of guitars, pile-driving drums, and bass lines that sound like nukes going off. It doesn't let up from there, either: Automatic Midn...view item »

Flight Of The Conchords
Flight Of The Conchords

This is perhaps the best piece of comedy vinyl (on this webpage). Flight of the Conchords’ debut album Flight of the Conchords (not to be confused with the tv-show Flight of the Conchords) is finally back out on vinyl, thanks to the kind folks over at Sub Pop. Featuring classics like Business Time, In...view item »


Now as much of a christmas standard as "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" by Mel and Kim. Low are the perfect band to soundtrack Christmas, coming as they do from the snow-bound city of Duluth which glistens like Christmas half the year round. This short album combines lovely originals "Just Like Christmas" and "...view item »

Iron and Wine
The Shepherd's Dog

While Sam Beam (aka Iron and Wine) has gone in a different direction from his magnum opus, The Creek Drank the Cradle, he's decided to go back to some basics on The Shepherd's Dog. It has a perfect mixture of traditional folky Sam Beam, such as on "Resurrection Fern" where it almost borders on country music, with haunting new Sam Beam, especiall...view item »

Bob’s Burgers
The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

Look: forget everything I ever said about music up until this point. Forget any high-minded bullshit about miserable ambient music. This is the only non-worthless album we have ever stocked. This is it. This is all I care about. The nigh-on a hundred plus songs on this monolithic and dubiously cash-grabby soundtrack for Bob’s B...view item »

The Afghan Whigs
Uptown Avondale

Originally released in 1992, Uptown Avondale is a cover album by Afghan Whigs paying tribute to the soul and Motown songs that influenced their rock sound. Containing covers of the Holland/Dozier/Holland classic Come See About Me and Beware by the Rev. A...view item »

The Afghan Whigs
Up In It

Sub Pop are reissuing a number of out of print Afghan Whigs vinyl and Up In It has not been available for over 25 years on the format. The 1990 album was the band’s second full length LP and became a must-play on college radio at the time. This album was the band’s debut on Sub Pop a...view item »

The Afghan Whigs

Album the third from Sub Pop alternative heroes The Afghan Whigs, reissued on vinyl for the first time for your listening pleasure. Released in 1992, Congregation is popular with fans and 90’s music historians alike, being viewed as the moment where grunge intersected with soulful R&B influences. Sub Pop doubl...view item »


Hooks and fuzz: so good they need not one more thing to complete a rule of three for them. Bully make terse, punky pop music that leaves itself sparse just so it can fill up on distortion and discordance at its catchiest moments, one-two punching with grunge in the way all good bands should. Take note: ‘Losing’ makes sure it’s ...view item »

Pissed Jeans
King of Jeans

.....Pissed Jeans!! 'King of Jeans' is a smart follow up to the collapsing gutter squall of 'Hope For Men'. If you ain' t heard this dirty, brooding psychotic punk mess of a band then you'd better get whip smart fucking quick. A frankly unhealthy blend of Jesus Lizard, 'Bleach' era Nirvana & The Stooges, they're genuinely unnerving & feral ...view item »

Wolf Parade
Cry Cry Cry

Hi. Um. Could this be a little better, please? Thanks. I’m not about ready to let go of one of my favourite indie rock bands yet, even if their discography has already been detailing a steady decline into uselessness. Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug made one of their genre’s most exciting ever records in ‘Apologies to Queen Mary&...view item »

Strange Peace

The good thing about Metz is that they will literally be writing the same song until they break up. This is not a slight: it’s the realest praise I’ve ever given out as a gatekeeper of this stupid website. Both propulsive and mind-numbing, with throughlines and middle fingers, theirs is an endlessly listenable song. It’s noise-...view item »

Chad VanGaalen
Light Information

Grotesquely gentle, Chad VanGaalen’s handcrafted records have always dealt with tensions of the self, arguing over aggressions and kindnesses in different musical hues. Slime guitars marked ‘Diaper Island’, electronics metamorphosed the grit of ‘Soft Airplane’ and country music prettied up the sonic burps of ‘...view item »

Iron and Wine
Beast Epic

He’s just doing his thing. Folksy guitars, a supplementary string section of one, the occasional piano chord and the odd thrum of a drum. ‘Beast Epic’ is Iron & Wine at its most basic, and yet its most complete; this is a band Sam Beam has been nurturing into quiet contemplation for a good fifteen years now. A lovel...view item »

Downtown Boys
Cost Of Living

Wasting a sum total of zero time, Downtown Boys’ Victoria Ruiz jumps in and picks up from where ‘Full Communism’ left off: “How much is enough, and who makes that call?” she asks, before supercharging what seems like a rhetorical question with real life fury: “Fuck it”. As...view item »

Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines

It’s double the cosmos from avant crew Shabazz Palaces, who announced one record, put the release cycle on spin and then announced another. A deep and detailed lore binds this record and its sibling ‘Born On A Gangster Star’ together, the two centred around the “musical abassador” Quazarz and his journey to earth an...view item »

Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star

One of two Shabazz Palaces albums out this week. I don't know which is meant to be the 'one' and which the companion. They may both be the 'one'. You can have more than one 'ones' can't you? Aaaaaanyway that's given me enough time to worm my way into the futurist afro funk influenced hip-hop on view here. Hip-hop records are normally har...view item »

The Afghan Whigs
Do to the Beast

It seems that comebacks are the in thing at the moment what with My Bloody Valentine’s triumphant return last year and The Pixies disappointing new album, here we have Sub Pop veterans Afghan Whigs first album for 16 years and with amazing albums like 1993’s &lsqu...view item »

Band of Horses
Everything All The Time

Everything All the Time by Seattle's Band of Horses is not an overly complex record but its simplicity adds to its charm. A little bit rock, a little bit emo, and a little bit country, it wears its influences on its sleeve. Almost like a fine wine, you can distinguish the key ingredients as you swish it around in your mouth and after giving this...view item »

Damien Jurado
Rehearsals for Departure

The 1999 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Rehearsals For Departure is Jurado’s second full-length, and rather more (indie) folky than his debut. Each song feels long lived-in and heavy with melancholy, although Jurado...view item »

The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

Greg Dulli’s veteran alt-rock outfit The Afghan Whigs have a brand new album to share with the world! In Spades offers up a fresh angle on the much-loved soulful hard’n’punky Whigs sound, with even a bit of brass sneaking into the mix. The record is available on CD, LP...view item »

Porter Ray

Discovered by Shabazz Palace's Ishmael Butler, Porter Ray has here documented his early life in Seattle via as series of innovative hip-hop snapshots which combine the classic boom-bap sound with a sort of dreamy post chill wave. Opener ‘Waves’ provides one of the more innovative hip-hop tracks of...view item »

Ultramega OK (Expanded)

What more needs to be said about Soundgarden’s Ultramega OK? The grunge rockers debut blended elements of psychedelic rock, heavy metal and hardcore, with the raw, rough edges of the first explosion of grunge in Seattle. Sub Pop bring this incredible record back with a heavily expanded edition available on a range of...view item »

Pissed Jeans
Why Love Now

Look, I’d love to write something of dazzling insight about this album, but all I can think about is how much I want Tom Waits to front a noise rock band. That rasping, wobbling, gurgling vocal our screaming Pissed Jean is bringing to the table has opened my eyes to Waits’ true calling and that’s...view item »

Jesca Hoop
Memories Are Now

Hot off the heels of a collaborative record with Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam -- which our entire staff roster, one by one, failed to listen to -- the longtime folk-experienced Jesca Hoop returns with another solo record that perfectly shows off her cavernous musical style. You can throw that homogenous singer-songwriter des...view item »

Live in Paris

Let’s skip the usual “live albums, huh?” pleasantries and assume they’re fairly pointless cash grabs that can at best be argued away as proof of a band’s rock chops. Sleater-Kinney essentially have one because they made a wonderful comeback on ‘No More Cities To Love’, their best record to date, and now ...view item »

Mark Lanegan
The Winding Sheet

Mark Lanegan’s first solo album is back on the streets again. The Winding Sheet dates back to 1990, when Lanegan was still immersed in the murky heart of grunge with Screaming Trees. His solo work mixes the dark weight of that music with a true songwriter’s dramatic touch. ...view item »

Return To Love

As you like it, Sub Poppers: this record has so many indie rock comparison points it feels like a total mutation of the genre, shredding through the chilly pop-punk of the Thermals into the distorted folk lewdness of Neutral Milk Hotel, borrowing the nasal narratives of ...view item »

Salt Lick

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! The Steve Albini-recorded EP Salt Lick is a big ugly noisy thing, and this reissue of it includes a bundle of bonuses from singles and EPs. Available on ...view item »

God's Balls

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! God’s Balls is TAD’s debut album, and it seethes with chugging weight. Both CD and LP editions are rounded out with some bonus tracks, some o...view item »

8-Way Santa

Gnarly 90’s alt-rock / grunge band TAD are, it has been decided, due a reappraisal and reissue campaign. So Sub Pop have stepped up to the mark! 8-Way Santa, produced by Bruce Vig, was released in 1991, prime time for grunge. Both CD and LP editions are rounded out with some bonus tracks, taken fr...view item »

Splendor & Misery

Abrasive noise hip-hop, etc: you know the gimmick by now, so we can rest assured that clipping. are worth their hype, make pulse-altering and occasionally ear-splintering music while remaining extremely hard to type words about on account of their format-punctuating name. They don’t sound like Me...view item »

Morgan Delt
Phase Zero

Hell hath no fury like a chilled out psych rock album. Or... hell just hath no fury. There’s no fury. As far as escapism goes, Morgan Delt makes ‘Phase Zero’ the best in town, flying into a fantastical pop paradise on his fluorescent blimp to make sure everything’s okay, no one’s sad, nothing’s real. It’...view item »

Sunny Day Real Estate
How It Feels to Be Something On

Hey! They're finally reissuing this one! The secret favourite of many a Sunny Day Real Estate fan, 'How It Feels To Be Something On' started as something of a cashgrab project via Sub Pop (who were looking for a B-sides record to flog) but the band decided to record new material instead -- the result being this monolit...view item »

Damien Jurado
Ghost of David

The 2000 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Ghost Of David is Jurado’s third full-length, and it finds the man shedding a lot of the indie folky textures of the previous album in favour of some spiky indie guitars. Just as effective at...view item »

The Shins
Wincing The Night Away

Listening to The Shins' album, Wincing The Night Away, is like falling into an oceanic daydream. The music is sleepy, the lyrics are poetic, and the sound is rich and harmonious. The album cover depicts organisms that have tentacles and baleen mouths, revealing the ocean theme that lies beneath. The song titles such as Sea Legs and Girl Sailor s...view item »


For their second album, Donkey, the raucous Brazilians are back, once again trying to party their way into my heart. Though my first listen was rather un-noteworthy (I was admittedly, pretty distracted), every listen since then has been an exciting, infectious affair that I just can't get enough. The punchy drums and bouncy bass line that herald...view item »

Cansei De Ser Sexy

A lovely, fresh little number of an album that would appeal to lovers of odd, Polysic-esque, pidgin English electro pip-pop. ...view item »

The Gotobeds
Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic

That title, though. That title. Is it good or bad? How good or bad is a piece of string? Worse than the Gotobeds, who make pleasant angry music under the guise of jagged guitars and smirking vocal pouts. From the off, you’d have more of a fun time comparing this band’s quick, quirky shred to Husker Du ...view item »

Arbor Labor Union
I Hear You

Do they rock or do they rock? They… I... somewhere in between. Chugging your way, Sub Pop debutantes Arbor Labour Union are making music that hasn’t quite decided whether it’s gritty and weathered or lucid and happy to be here. The chord sequence is rugged and played edgily, the drummer throws out the odd tinkering curveball, ...view item »

Comets On Fire

The latest COMETS ON FIRE Album is here. I gave this a whirl earlier in the week and had mixed feelings. I like elements of their sound but then the guitars wonder off into super over widdly metal/prog/ cock rock mode which is a shame. I was under the impression that these guys made kick ass stoner rock so I'm a little disappointed. Th...view item »

Kristin Kontrol

Kristin Kontrol used to helm Dum Dum Girls, but now steps out under this new moniker for some new vibes. Where Dum Dum Girls drew on tweaked-nostalgia for the girl-groups of the 1960’s, X-Communicate...view item »

Mike & The Melvins
Three Men and a Baby

Here are the Melvins, everybody’s favourite stoner shrug band, well known for their slow songs and rash decisions (“Prick, let’s just call this record Prick, kay?”). They’re joined by guest doom merchant Mike Kunka, best known for playing the bass bits and the singy parts in godheadSilo...view item »

Heron Oblivion
Heron Oblivion

Sitcom idea number twenty eight: some folkies get together and just make a fuckin’ psych rock record, man. I know it’s been done a hundred times before but that didn’t stop How I Met Your Mother, so let me present ‘Heron Oblivion’, a record that brings together the brilliant guitar-picked mind of ...view item »

Jet Plane and Oxbow

I’m not sure what has happened to Shearwater on this album. Why is it so big? Opener ‘Prime’ is a stall setting widescreen epic that sounds like a cross between War on Drugs in vogue Springsteen-isms and Midnight Oil’...view item »

Ones and Sixes

If I was going to write the press release for ‘Ones and Sixes’, it would be to the point: “literally none of these songs are about pissing into a cup”. Over the past two Low records, the world’s most sonorous lullaby pop band have been developing a wicked sen...view item »

Deaf Wish

Cuddling the many eras of noisy grunge, the kinda-amusingly-but-not-really titled Deaf Wish feel some sort of way about ‘Pain’. Or maybe they don’t: this record has real punk indifference stamped onto it, the guitars dissonant and furious, often as refusing as Sonic Youth on ...view item »


Fucking weird one this. It got missed last week, possibly because it's a slightly abrasive, startling and forward thinking hip-hop album. On perusal at home rather than the office (where CLPPNG was starting to righteously piss Auntie Norman's babies right off) the vowel-devouring CLPPNG is much easier to handle and dissect as you're not staring ...view item »

The Invisible Way

There is no such thing as a bad Low album, just good, very good and mediocre. Their last effort ‘C’mon‘ had a few killer songs but also a fair few forgettable ones. It seems since the wild experimentation of the very good ‘Drums and Guns’ they have retreated into a safe Low-shaped ho...view item »


Low are one of those bands that very often seem to do no wrong and even when they do misfire everyone seems to be so happy to have them around that they get away with it. Following on from Robert Plant covering a couple of their tunes on his last album, there certainly seems to be a bigger push around Low this time. Whereas their previous long p...view item »

The Lucky Ones

Unsure whether Mudhoney are still quite as relevant these days but they have turned into the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on trk 1 of their new long player (but just a bit which is no bad thing) There's still a heavy demand for quality, fuzzed-up 60's style garage rock so long as it's done with a bit of panache. Which Mark Arm and Co. do with aplomb...view item »

Sunny Day Real Estate

In a word LP2 is a lot less "gritty" than Diary; some emo music fans may take that to mean that it's a weaker album seeing as the whole appeal of "emo" music to come off as raw as possible, but I feel that it works out better in this case. Either way, both albums are must-listens for any well-rounded music connoisseur. In the case of LP2 the ins...view item »

Iron and Wine
Around the Well

Iron and Wine followers are in for a real treat with the release of 'Around The Well' which is a value for money collection of rarities. B-Sides, and previously unreleased material. The triple vinyl pack comes with a download code and a poster and the CD is a double disc set. I'm probably preaching to the converted here but if you're not familiar w...view item »

Earth 2

This is not an album that you listen to like most albums. The idea isn't to actively listen to it song by song; you start with track one and just let it fill the room/headphones while you go about doing whatever you do. It's like a piece of furniture or a new colour of paint on the wall - it's essentially gigantic, powerful background music. For...view item »

Band of Horses
Cease To Begin

Fronted by the otherworldly voice of Ben Bridwell, Band Of Horses make dreamy folk music ala Fleet Foxes and My Morning Jacket. Alternating between cushiony pop, unabashed folk and guitar rock, Cease To Begin cuts a wide swath musically. Sometimes the jumps can be jarring,...view item »

Mark Lanegan
I'll Take Care of You

This is Mark's fourth solo record and he's as consistent as it gets, without growing tiresome or predictable. All of the songs are covers but sound like a natural extension of his own writing from the three previous records. I'll Take Care of You came out roughly a year after Scraps at Midnight. This is incredibly prolific compared to his normal...view item »


Bleach was the 1989 album where it all began for Nirvana. The group, later to become world-slaying, are on especially negative, raw and grungey form here. Bleach has been remastered, and is reissued to vinyl and also to cassette tape: probably an ideal format if you want to simulate the original experience....view item »

Wolf Parade
Apologies To The Queen Mary

I like zis Wolf Parade album I've been enjoying for a good few weeks now. There's not too much that yanks my hat off from Sub Pop these days but occasionally something good comes along and this is that something good. They're Canadian (from Montreal) and sound a hell of a lot like Arcade Fire. Not as classy or orchestral...view item »

The Woods

And lastly the new Sleater Kinney album is more of the same but less so as it sounds like more cash has been thrown at 'em. Still there's some decent tunes on there (notably the recent single) and it's on 2LP with a silk screened side 4 or a CD with a bonus DVD all on Sub Pop Decisions decisions eh.......view item »

The Hot Rock

Sleater-Kinney's fourth record kept up their knack for iconic artwork, with that classic picture of the dejected-looking band of punks hailing a cab. Other than that, though, it continued their conscious detachment from punk rock as an art-form, the band transitioning into a more indie rock sound with intricate guitar duelling and personal lyric...view item »

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