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Famine / Art Of Burning Water

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Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

Two of the UK's finest heavy boy bands release a 7" smattering of sludgy, commiserating powerviolence. Fresh off their release with Leeds legends Ona Snop, Leicester's fast punks Nothing Clean doing battle and/or friendly collaboration with renowned noisemakers The Art of Burning Water, fresh off their recent release with other Leeds legends Famine. They get a side each and the water burners even do a Negative Approach cover for good measure.

Screen Wives

Screenwives exist in a particular group of Dischord-influenced, DIY rooted bands that have made up vibrant scenes dotted around the UK for years now. Often confined to criminally short-run CDr releases and playing shows to 20 people, some bands do indeed creep out of obscurity, and this London outfit are deservedly making those waves now.

The Process
The Covenant Of The Cosmos

Made up from the remains of fellow Scottish hardcore punk bands Shank, Scatha and In Decades Decline, The Process make metallic edged hardcore with the relentless fury of previous tour and release mates Iron Lung whilst keeping the beat-down pit-pummeling “stay true” epicness of Integrity. With 9 years since their last full length, this one may cause bruising.

The Death Of Money
Ghost Pains

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Birushanah present their fourth album, Makyo. This doomy Japanese post-hardcore outfit are a heavy proposition, with their guitars and drums fiercely linked in pulverising riff-rhythm structures. Extra percussion and wild vocals add a lot of flavour. Makyo is a double LP made up of 5 lengthy songs, released by SuperFi.

Good Throb
Fuck Off

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Whitehorse / Hot Graves

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A Bao A Qu

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The Mock Heroic
Dignified Exits

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