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Daniel Bachman
The Morning Star

Three Lobed Recordings (Hiss Golden Messenger, Six Organs Of Admittance) release a new LP from the highly impressive Daniel Bachman. The Morning Star is an evocative mix of psychedelic organ drones, American folk/blues guitar and found sounds. As the low rumbles slowly ...view item »

Kurt Vile & Steve Gunn
Gunn Vile

This was initially released in limited quantities as part of Three Lobed's Parallelogram series but has since received a deserved wider release. The two musicians combine perfectly on songs by the likes of John Prine, Randy Newman and Nico, each bringing their distinct qualities to the plat...view item »

Bardo Pond & Yo La Tengo
Parallelogram A La Carte

Two meaty side-long cuts are presented here on this split album: one from the psychedelic Bardo Pond and one from New York’s eclectic Yo La Tengo! Both very reliable purveyors of exciting sounds. Parallelogram A La Carte was originally released in 2015, in a five-LP set, but it is now available as...view item »

Tom Carter
Long Time Underground

Tom Carter has played in all sorts of combinations over the years, most notably his veteran duo Charalambides. But Long Time Underground finds Carter recording alone for the first time in his career. Recorded live in the studio, these pieces for his powerfully mournful guitar style are ...view item »

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Bay Head

Steve Gunn and John Truscinski loaded up their guitars, drums and synths once more for their third collaboration as a duo. The pair feel their way through mountains and canyons of electric melody, rumbling rhythms, and gnarlier abstractions, with a great loose organic feel throughout. Bay Head is out on...view item »

Six Organs Of Admittance & William Tyler
Parallelogram A La Carte

This is a re-press of the initially limited Three Lobed Parallelogram series in which they paired two musicians together and watched the sparks fly. This one is where guitar pickers Six Organs of Admittance and William Tyler shared some quality studio time. Three unique tracks lavishly presented.  ...view item »

Thurston Moore & John Moloney / Bishop - Orcutt - Corsano
Parallelogram A La Carte

Some serious talents of wild noisy improv are gathered together on this split album: on the A-side, the drums and feedback-guitar duo of Thurston Moore and John Moloney, and on the B-side, the power trio of Bill Orcutt, Alan Bishop and Chris Corsano! Ferocious p...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger & Michael Chapman
Parallelogram A La Carte

Three Lobed Recordings Parallelogram was a nice five-LP collection released in 2015, putting amazing artists from the contemporary underground scene onto either side of a split LP. This release (now available as a stand-alone album, pairs Yorkshire folk-guitar veteran Michael Chapman with California’s Hiss...view item »

Wooden Wand
Clipper Ship

The new Wooden Wand Clipper Ship is a fine piece of guitar-led songcraft, on which main man James Toth wrote the music before writing the lyrics. With musicians including Darin Grey, Ryan Norris and Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, Clipp...view item »

Jack Rose
I Do Play Rock and Roll

Moving from the outer limits of the universe back to earth with something more organic. Jack Rose had a CD available only as part of the Three Lobed subscription series called 'I Do Play Rock And Roll' and now the label have pressed up a heavy vinyl LP for the analogue freaks. The is a lot less boozy sounding than some of his recent stuff and a lot...view item »

Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachman settles into his good old chair, and lays out another record of solo acoustic guitar. It takes impressive ability to take such an object and make it sound fresh again, but Bachman has that ability, and River wends its way through a number of beautiful tunes old and new. Very nice. On Thre...view item »

Jack Rose
Jack Rose

Originally unleashed in 2006 this is a collection of live and studio recordings by the late finger picker whose influence has only seemed to increase since his untimely death at the age of 38. From his Pelt days onwards Rose had a distinct style which were music to the ears of anyone raised on John Fahey and ...view item »

Jack Rose
Dr. Ragtime & His Pals

From all accounts Jack Rose likes a beer. I don't know many people who don't to be honest but listening to his new album all I want to do is throw things in the air and get pissed. It's proper party time music. For some reason Jack's music is completely intellectualised by people. I'm not one of those people and in favour of being all smart and cle...view item »

Daniel Bachman
Daniel Bachman (2016)

Daniel Bachman is a 26 year old guitarist from Virginia. He has been regarded as somewhat of prodigy making waves with his technical and compositional chops for some years now. He has been recording since 2011 and has worked with Ryley Walker. His new self-titled album is most complete work yet showcases his abi...view item »

Jenks Miller & Rose Cross NC
Blues From WHAT

Freewheeling psychedelic travellin' man Jenks Miller contributes to the wonderfully confused guitar sounds of Three Lobed Records with the maybe a little aggressively titled 'Blues From WHAT'. While he's making that kinda meandering experimental psych rock where the drums tumble out of place and the distortion sounds like a grum...view item »

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Sand City / Ocean Parkway

On guitar, Steve Gunn! On drums, John Truscinski! Together, this duo lock in together for some mind-expanding improvisations, covering a broad range of territory. Delicate sonic meditations, explosions of noisy ecstasy, and much in between. Sand City / Open Parkway gathers together 2 out-of-print albums...view item »


A deluxe vinyl LP boxset of harsh and angular guitar music released to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Three Lobed Recordings. The label, who specialise in experimental post-punk and screeching art-rock, have collected five albums of incredible never before released material. Parallelogram includes m...view item »

Golden Gunn
Golden Gunn

2015 repress of record store day 2013 release, limited to 660 copies on 140 gram silver 12” vinyl with download code. Golden Gunn is the collaborative efforts of Steve Gunn and Hiss Golden Messenger. Gentle psychedelia, with layers of phasing guitars, plodding relic drum machines, and shim...view item »

Hagerty-Toth Band

Limited copies on vinyl in gatefold packaging on Three Lobed Recordings. Qalgebra Is the collaborative result of Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux, Pussy Galore) and James Toth (Wooden Wand) jamming it out late last year. It is unashamedly happy throghout, reminiscent of the hap...view item »

Piedmont Apocrypha

Horseback is the musical medium of Jenks Miller (previously of artful, personal storytellers Mount Moriah). ‘Piedmont Apocrypha’ is their fifth full-length studio album which documents the bands joyous and at times whimsical exploration of their relationship with Western spiritualism and penchant for heaviness....view item »

Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Various
Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them

Magnificent looking 12" box set featuring Bardo Pond, Comets on Fire, Eternal Tapestry, D Charles Speer and The Helix, Steve Gunn, Sonic Youth, Sun City Girls, Wooden Wand containing 4 slabs of vinyl, prints, an essay and e...view item »

Bardo Pond
Shone Like A Ton

Psychedelic post-rock veterans Bardo Pond have some reissues out this week, one of which is this cassette from way back in 1992! These are not the lushly grandiose meanderings you'd expect from the band nowadays, more like a glimpse into their teenage practice space while they get down and dirty with some buzzy stoner jams, teasing trails of fee...view item »

Wooden Wand
Wooden Wand & the World War IV

I have to admit I’ve always somewhat been in the “what’s all the fuss about” camp when it comes to James “Wooden Wand” Toth. It’s not that his work is bad, it’s certainly not offensive, but he churns it out at such a pace that I sometimes wonder if he stops to li...view item »

Chuck Johnson
Crows In The Basilica

This is finger-pickin’ good (you can have that one for free). This is an album of beautiful guitar evocations that most closely recall the very talented Michael Chapman. The compositions rattle along at the pace of a steam train, yet have an innate sense of beauty. ‘Albion Source’ i...view item »

MV & EE (Matt Valentine & Erica Elder)

Absolutely stunningly packaged new album from the psych/freak/folk twosome. Beautiful silk screened sleeve, downloadable coupon thingy and...AND...a ridiculously limited edition CD including a whole extra album! They seem to have veered slightly over into laid back, outrageously stoned Laurel Canyon folk since last ...view item »

Impale Golden Horn

These guys are called Horseback, they have a black metal-style logo and the album is called ‘Impale Golden Horn’...this has to be an album of hissy, fuzzy, creaking darkness, right? Well, wrong, actually - although from what I can tell t...view item »

The Emerald Tablet

You know, I never knew that Rhyton is someone who used to be in the No Neck Blues Band and someone who was in Psychic Ills...view item »

On Jones Beach

Three drones in a row for me today! Aren’t I the lucky one? The drones on this record here have been constructed by some pretty illustrious names, though, with Kiwi bagpipe hero David Watson bagging his pipes, ...view item »

Steve Gunn
Boerum Palace

Steve Gunn steps out on his own for a second full length entitled 'Boerum Palace'. Best known for his work with GHQ as well as his affiliations with Sunburned Hand of the Man and Magik Markers. Here we see him exploring psyche infused americana and folk, performed primarily on acoustic guitar and accompanied by Marc Orleans on Pedal Steel. Opener '...view item »

Basalt Fingers
Basalt Fingers

Basalt Fingers: 'S/T' (Three Lobed) Another beautifully silkscreened, hand numbered edition of 845 from the intriguingly titled Basalt Fingers. A trio of guitars envelops the soundscape across the two pieces included on 180 gram vinyl (there's a CD included too). At times murky and dissonant this is the sound of heads in a spin, whether through ove...view item »

For the Maples

It's gone totally insane here as 6 boxes just arrived all at once after the delivery's went AWOL. Gown's 'For The Maples' is providing the soundtrack to the hectic atmosphere in the office. Scorching psychedelic prog-ish guitar wail and relentless drum pounding. Gown is Andrew MacGregor (AKA one-half of the Bark Haze with Thurston Moore) and also f...view item »

Howlin Rain
Wild Life

The most surprising aspect of this record is the production duties were handled by none other than studio guru Rick Rubin. Rubin brings a very natural, organic sound to the record. You feel like you're listening to a lost gem found in the bargain bin at the local record store, rather than a bunch of hipsters wearing mom and dad's musty 70's duds...view item »

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Sand City

This is the duo of guitarist Steve Gunn and percussionist John Truscinski both of who play together with GHQ as well as numerous other projects. Halfway through 'Takism II' Phil has dashed over to the turntable to see what's playing and rightly so for this is a treat to behold. The pair gel brilliantly which has come through six years of playing...view item »

Gunn-Truscinski Duo
Ocean Parkway

Comprising of Steve Gunn (guitar) and John Truscinski (drums), these two conjure up a semi improvised psychedelic swirl. The opener on one side (I can't figure out which is which)  has a cymbal heavy percussive sound and twangy electric guitars sounding like Real Estate taking loads o...view item »

Eight Trails One Path

Three Lobed are second to none with their compilating skills - whenever they put out a box set, subscriber series or a collection like this it's a total treat, and the quality and pedigree rarely dips. On this comp they've...view item »

D. Charles Speer And The Helix

Members of Sunburned Hand of the Man, No-Neck Blues Band, Enos Slaughter and more make up D. Charles Speer & The Helix. Initially I was a bit taken aback by the straight-up country boogie of the first tune given the players involved but things do get a little farther out from there with the merest hints of an avant garde sensibility in the star...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
A Grand Tour of Tunisia & The London Zero CD!

Now for an ultra deluxe looking Sunburned Hand Of The Man heavyweight gatefold double long player on weapons grade heavy wax with spiffing collage artwork and bonus 'London Zero' CD. So there is like two and a half hours of material. All hand numbered of 878 copies on 3 Lobed. Not sold yet??? Okay this was recorded in late 2007 (a period when Ron f...view item »

Jack Rose
The Black Dirt Sessions

I'm not particularly familiar with the work of Jack Rose but first impressions suggest that this guy is a genuine virtuoso of the six and twelve string acoustic guitar. The guy's got pure skill and with the help of recording wizard and good friend Jason Meagher has produced a memorable collection of hauntingly beautiful acoustic instrumentals in th...view item »

Bardo Pond

I like a little bit of Bardo Pond from time to time and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I like a bit of Peri, their new one, too. Apparently it's the sister album to that Batholith LP they put out a little while back which was all like rarities and stuff I think? In any case it's dead tasty and shows off some sides to them I've not encountered bef...view item »

Pete Swanson
I Don't Rock At All

You know Pete Swanson right? From Yellow Swans? Well then you'll be pleased to hear the lad is still alive and kicking in this awful post D(a) Yellow Swans world. Originally released as a bonus give away with Three Lobed's 'Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them' 4LP boxset, a few individual copies of  'I Don't Rock At All' ha...view item »

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder
Country Stash

I like these guys a lot. I got a bit obsessed a while back and had to hunt down as much vinyl as possible and it got a bit much so I stopped. They've released a lot of music! This is their first for a while though... ages in fact and I had no idea it was coming out until yesterday. I'm well in the loop me. If you're not familiar with the...view item »

Bardo Pond + Tom Carter

Nearly ten years ago, Bardo Pond got together with their friend Tom Carter of Charalambides fame and spent a single day in April putting together two and a half hours of drawn-out psychedelic meditations. This is totally relaxing, bong-fuelled astral madness from start to finish. It's rem...view item »


500MG: "Apocatastisis" is a seven track mini LP recorded in what sounds like a big old house. One man with his guitar, effects, tabla and violin on some out-there free-folk/blues type open ramble, complete with field recodings and gothic sounding titles like: "Stray thoughts on death & satan". For those that don't know &...view item »

Country Stash

I like these guys a lot. I got a bit obsessed a while back and had to hunt down as much vinyl as possible and it got a bit much so I stopped. They've released a lot of music! This is their first for a while though... ages in fact and I had no idea it was coming out until yesterday. I'm well in the loop me. If you're not familiar with their ...view item »

Heavy Winged
Fields Within Fields

I had a nightmare the other night. I was on a bus that was stationary. I was sitting near the window side, minding my own business when a man with a really small face appeared outside and looked right at me. I was taken unawares and the small faced man looked right into me. Panicked, I threw myself to the floor trying to avoid his beady eyed gla...view item »

Ragas Of The Culvert / Total Loss Songs

MV & EE (Matt Valentine and Erika Elder) seem to be on fire at the moment (well not literally as I imagine playing super stoned sounding music whilst aflame would be difficult to say the least) with a 180g vinyl issue of their limited to 50 copies CDr and cassette 'Ragas Of The Culvert' that you missed when you blinked. Fortunately Three Lobed ...view item »

Heavy Winged
Alive In My Mouth

Christ almighty, this is excellent. Heavy Winged have chucked out 'Alive In My Mouth', an LP they recorded a couple of years back that's only now finding it's way into the world, lovingly pressed on to 180g vinyl and packaged with a CD including the full album plus an extra bonus track. This is probably the best new release I've heard since being...view item »

Evan Caminiti
West Winds

I loved this guy's last album on Digitalis so I quickly nabbed this so I could be first to check it out (I can be terribly sad/super lame sometimes depending on which side of the continent you're from). I didn't even know this beast was coming out. Well exciting! Evan is half of Barn Owl who have signed to Thrill Jockey now and he makes these am...view item »

Hans Chew
Tennessee & Other Stories

Immediately on playing the first track this catches the ear with a nagging melody and a laid back country feel. This is the piano man from D. Charles Speer & the Helix and features members of Sunburned Hand of Man and No Neck Blues Band. The first two tracks blast along in unstoppable style, reminding me of ace country thrashers such as...view item »

Sarin Smoke

Sarin Smoke: 'Smokescreen' plus 'Live At The Yacht House' CD (Three Lobed) Completing our limted edition, hand numbered, silkscreened collectors goodness from the triple eared purveyors is a more contrasting affair to the latter's 'whirling pits' nightmare. The guitars 'n' FX style meandering wall/wails and ambient styled drift/drone could be consi...view item »

Heavy Winged
Blacc Last

Winging over to Heavy Winged now (ha!) with their new CD on the rather cool Three Lobed Recordings label. 'Blacc Last' is a cute 3 track EP (reasonably long) in a nice cardboardy fold out package hand numbered of 500 copies. It's noisy 'n all. Ant says it's for fans of Death Unit. The first track reminded me a bit of Shit & Shine. It's a right ...view item »

Eternal Tapestry
Palace Of The Night Skies

Eternal Tapestry i'm unacquainted with even though we gradually sold shedloads of 'Mystic Induction', it never seemed to get a play whilst I was in da room. Now is my chance to achieve a higher mantric state or some such cerebral enlightenment 'cos the 'Palace of the Night Skies' LP is busting out the speakers, into my eager beaver ears. I dig hear...view item »

Crystal Healing

Ant here excited about the new GHQ long player called Crystal Healing that arrived yesterday from the ever reliable ...view item »

Enos Slaughter

We also have another Sunburned related project from Enos Slaughter. This features David Shuford (No Neck Blues Band, D. Charles Speer and The Helix), Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand Of The Man, D. Charles Speer and The Helix) and Carter Thornton (Izititiz, Zashiki Warashi). 'Beisbol' is a double album on Three Lobed of free flowing avant/ improv that ...view item »

Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond are back on Three Lobed with a long player of 70's sounding progressive psychedelic rock. 'Batholith' kind of wanders along pretty gently with smatterings of blues/garage rock and cool female vox that I haven't got a clue what they're saying. Mingus made me laugh yesterday when we were listening to this when he declared "It sounds l...view item »


Turnstone: "S/T" (Three Lobed) Recorded a couple of years ago, this limited edition, hand numbered CD collects five tracks culled from a session recorded one warm, no-doubt sunny, August Californian day. After consuming one or two Guinness', Tom Carter (who forms part of the duo that produced "A Rather Solemn Promise" on The Gre...view item »

Backyard 1-111

Hassara: "Backyard I-III" Is an eight track CD on Three Lobed collected together from three separate CDRs originally released in micro editions in 2005-2006. Starting out with a spun-out guitar solo. Quasi mystical in appearance this collection goes off on a bluesy instrumental rock-out that develops along the lines of a The Sunburned Hand Of The M...view item »

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